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Frasi con expend (in inglese)

If the more energy they expend.
They should expend time, effort.
If he wanted to harm us, why expend.
Want to expend more energy you need more.
He needed something to expend his nervous energy.
If she did, Laura would have to expend precious time finding her.
Why should any organization expend billions of dollars to build a.

We need to expend as few of our resources as possible, Wren said.
They have no enemies on the surface and therefore see no need to expend.
He was like pushing against a wall and allowed him to expend less energy than me.
I can assume that I don’t need to expend any more energy convincing you of that.
Freedom is the capacity to expend energy in excess to the needs of transient survival.
To fully appreciate why the Romans would expend such extensive effort to steal from one.
So it was that the crew sat about listlessly, trying to expend as little energy as possible.
Letting Jazzy outdoors where she could expend her abundant energy was not an option either.
Before you spend the money for software and expend the time and energy to track and document.
Before he could expend, a Spooky pilot had to have clearance from 7th Air Force, the regional U.
And, the pursuit of a beauty can cause men to expend all of their resources to capture her heart.
We will not expend valuable resources just to be eventually evicted on the whims of a versatile king.
It is hardly to be expected that individuals will expend all these merely to see the right thing done.
Capitalists expend a part of their capital on educational, artistic, philanthropic, and other public institutions.
Olin said, You must realize that we will of necessity expend a significant number of billable hours on this task.
The guys had to expend because they were low on fuel and didn't want to drop unexpended ordnance over the jettison area.
Another ethically contentious facet of Bitcoin is that miners expend enormous amounts of energy when mining for bitcoins.
Furthermore, these areas tend to expend a lot of stored-up energy and we do not often see strong moves out of these patterns.
Capitalists expend a portion of their wealth on educational, artistic, and philanthropic institutions for the public benefit.
Sticking with our diet book example, there's only one way to lose weight, and that's to take in fewer calories than you expend.
Using the excuse of parliamentary duty he proceeded to expend his energies and good looks on the fleshpots of London and Europe.
Just the thought of knowing that there was a potentially fatal disease lurking inside him, managed to expend his daily energies.
Insurrection, which is speedily exhausted, has only a certain number of shots to fire and a certain number of combatants to expend.
Part of the remainder she was obliged to expend in winter clothing, leaving only a nominal sum for the whole inclement season at hand.
I particularly like the fact that the attacking battleship will expend much of its store of munitions beating up on an inert asteroid.
There was no term of abuse known to the Huron vocabulary that the disappointed women did not lavishly expend on the successful stranger.
Once you decide on a catered wedding you have to be prepared to expend lots of time and money in getting the best catering service available.
The higher you go, the more focus you will need, the more energy you will expend and the more results and benefits you can expect to achieve.
However, we need to extract and expend more energy—and use more information and technologies—than they did, just to achieve identical goals.
By moving them into extension headers, the intermediate systems don’t have to expend the time and processor clock cycles needed to process them.
McKee opposed the passage of the bill, on the ground that the President has no authority to expend the public money in gratuitous grants to individuals.
Sir, I will not consent to waste one drop of pure American blood, nor to expend a single dollar, to protect, on the high seas, all the vagabonds of Europe.
That is what we call ease after expending energy.
The result of expending the energy in the fat cells would mean the.
It was so far away that expending the flares and dye was questionable.
That also causes both corals to lose in a situation like that since they are expending.
She did a quick sum in her head and realised that she would be expending a lot of money.
What sense is there is expending precious energy doing anything? Unless you have a good reason for it.
Not that I could help doing so, given the immense magnitude of the psionic energy he is expending.
They know nothing of border conditions, and are averse to expending any more money in this direction.
He had persisted for three years, expending in these explorations the little money which he had laid by.
So we are expending more and more energy, and running faster and faster, just to stay in the same place.
All of which explained the sweat and worry he was expending over the new Emeraldian ammunition manufactories.
The instructors inspected everything Avi turned in and verified that Avi was expending the proper amount of effort.
If the situation is not worth expending more time and effort, you probably should either abandon the task or try an easier task.
At the beginning of your recovery, you should only use 50 per cent of the energy you are capable of expending before you become tired.
She had to keep reminding herself that she was using forty-eight weapons grade lasers and that maybe she did not need as much power as she was expending.
And the whale soon ceasing to sound, for some time they remained in that attitude, fearful of expending more line, though the position was a little ticklish.
Sparks spanged and ricocheted as the jacketed bullets hit metallic parts and bounced around, expending their considerable kinetic energy in creating mechanical mayhem.
If the more energy they expend, the less interesting their experiences are… they stop expending energy because it is a waste of energy and become lazy, do not move-think-feel.
He had also fought with his own brothers for a vain imperial crown that was now next to meaningless, expending much time and resources on that quest rather than on his own people.
In the mode of collecting and in that of expending the public revenue, though in both there may be still room for improvement, Great Britain seems to be at least as economical as any of her neighbours.
Perhaps the enemy was expending his powers on the scribe and had less time for other battles? She hoped so, especially as Simon Hartstongue appeared to have abilities greater than they’d credited him with.
You should always check very carefully how you're expending your energy: will it make you happy or not? That's a big responsibility, don't you think? It's your choice: the path of wisdom or the path of ignorance.
His equally hard glare at the Patriarch with eyes like fiery pinpricks of unyielding light, indicated that he was expending huge amounts of patience and self-restrain in order for him not to lunge at the Patriarch right then and there.
In the Pacific in the summer of 1945, with the United States expending her atomic arsenal against Germany and Stalin free to transfer his armies from the German to the Japanese front, the Red Army would have invaded the northern Japanese home islands.
It had one drawback, however, which was calculated to reconcile his victims to their losses: Though he could for a time have all his needs supplied without expending either labor or money, there was always the possibility of his methods being discovered; and this result was sure to be followed by a long term of imprisonment.
I can‘t help wondering whether free enterprise isn‘t better suited for the demands of energetically robust societies rather than thoroughly exhausted ones content on living off their remaining capital; expending what little energy is left on meeting the custodial requirements of its aging populations rather than the urgent requirements of its younger citizens.
But the American Missionary Association of New York City, the almoner of funds received from the Congregational churches of the United States, has already, since the war, disbursed more money in the South for educational purposes than the entire gift of George Peabody, and is expending for the prosecution of the same work, every year, more than twice as much as the interest of the Peabody Fund.
This is so out of character for them that it seems almost impossible, but apparently they even assist in the most mundane and distasteful of labors with as much stoic military discipline as any commander could ask! Imagine Dark Dragons expending their flame in flaring latrine pits! I would have thought that any of them would gladly die before submitting to such malodorous drudgery, but our witnesses have seen it with their own eyes, and reported that it was accomplished with no more griping and complaint than one would expect from any other soldiers!.
I expended a lot of energy.
Sighs were expended on the wish.
The time expended hath been thus;.
They expended great effort over a very long.
I’ve gone to great lengths and expended much.
Their eloquence and ingenuity were expended in vain.
They had expended all their missiles on the first one.
I will most gladly spend and be expended for your souls.
Conversely, others have expended great effort over the.
The fire was out of the bamboo tubes and he was expended.
The squeals stopped to indicate the minelets were expended.
The more effort expended, the more results you can expect.
FDBs have expended a fair amount of energy and wouldn't mind.
She expended all her best efforts to search for that stranger.
On this character the author had expended much thought and care.
We have expended very little of our munitions in that skirmish.
All wasted energy that should have been expended somewhere else.
When he was done, he had expended all his strength and was sweating.
Worst of all, the energy expended on this work was not simply wasted.
As far as all but her husband knew, his ardor was expended unrequitedly.
After he pushed, he discovered that the both of them had long expended.
Every summer a great quantity of ochre was expended in brightening it up.
We save 440/574 or 77% in gas expended for the average commute per average.
They expended great efforts over the centuries in the hopes of preventing.
Energies expended by the medical care team on end-of-life patients in the.
But all profit that is out of proportion to the labor expended is dishonest.
Patiently listening until Bingham had expended his venom, Stacey calmly spoke.
Approximately half the total energy of the explosion is expended in this way.
Prana is expended by thinking, willing, acting, moving, talking, writing and so on.
Tony was going crazy and he had expended all the company money on social projects.
They have expended time, money, and health to rear you, and make you what you are.
Since that time it has expended between $3,500,000 and $4,000,000, ninety per cent.
They walked back toward the house, today's ten practice rounds having been expended.
When the momentum was finally expended, he slowly rose to his feet, bruised and beaten.
The building-rent is the interest or profit of the capital expended in building the house.
And we would like to have the missiles we expended in your defense replaced, Greg said.
Of these, that of Washington alone has cost nearly one-half of the sum expended on them all.
Tracker, am I correct that we have expended all the exterior mounted missiles? Wren asked.
We also expended a total of only 90 tons of bombs and sixteen torpedoes to sink those warships.
When the energy was expended, Simon saw that he was not finished and realized what he had to do.
The body constantly expends energy and uses up a lot of vital nutrients to neutralize and eliminate these harmful substances.
When the population suffers, when work is lacking, when there is no commerce, the tax-payer resists imposts through penury, he exhausts and oversteps his respite, and the state expends a great deal of money in the charges for compelling and collection.
The Bible expends one chapter on the final setting of the earth in order as man’s abode, the last of the animal ascending series, the first of the sub-angelic, and two chapters on his loss of eternal life by sin; and then adheres closely to man's work and business under the sun, his history, his destiny, throughout its remaining pages.

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