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Frasi con pay (in inglese)

  1. To pay for a $1.
  2. I can't pay you $.
  3. The pay is not al-.
  4. He would pay a price.
  5. You can pay me back.

  6. I had to pay my life.
  7. The pay ranges from $.
  8. Pay no heed to others.
  9. She will have to pay.
  10. I want to pay for gas.
  11. I pay my own bills.
  12. A price she would pay.
  13. I pay for the beauty.
  14. I would make them pay.
  15. All ready to pay more.

  16. The guy could not pay.
  17. He will pay for that.
  18. You pay for the shoes.
  19. I’ll go pay for this.
  20. There are bills to pay.
  21. They pay a heavy price.
  22. The pay off is great!.
  23. There are men who pay.
  24. I came back to pay my.
  25. Indians and to pay taxes.

  26. Price is what you pay.
  27. We pay the rest of the.
  28. I wasn’t going to pay.
  29. Pay for half of the date.
  30. They will pay you what.
  31. It's enough to pay the.
  32. I'll pay for any damage.
  33. The price you have to pay.
  34. Will you pay the price?
  35. You will have to pay him.
  36. It often shows pay rises.
  37. You pay dearly for Rabbi.
  38. So I let her pay for them.
  39. Someone was going to pay.
  40. They pay half the salary.
  41. Because he had to pay.
  42. You get what you pay for.
  43. To pay for the lessons.
  44. They gonna pay me back.
  45. DNA has a big debt to pay.
  46. The pay ranges from $5-$50.
  47. A small price to pay for.
  48. Pay in currency or blood.
  49. Pay a few credits to the.
  50. And he couldn’t pay them.
  51. It is a small price to pay.
  52. We've to pay its heavy cost.
  53. I didn’t pay Dale a dime.
  54. I'll make him pay for this.
  55. B was going to pay for this.
  56. Pay Attention to These Two.
  57. But they will pay for this.
  58. Everyone has to pay taxes.
  59. So now it was pay back time.
  60. Yet, you still have to pay.
  61. You can pay it off tomorrow.
  62. Forced to pay for their sin.
  63. Why would she pay that?
  64. His take-home pay was just.
  65. That’s what I pay him for.
  66. Did she offer to pay?
  67. Have to pay dearly for that.
  68. When I go huntin’, I pay.
  69. It could even pay dividends.
  70. They were able to pay it off.
  71. He offered to pay me $500 a.
  72. You guys will pay for that.
  73. Pay attention to the heart.
  74. The pay ranges from $5 to $50.
  75. You will pay for this!.
  76. I wanted to pay them a visit.
  77. Or pay later, when all those.
  78. He didn’t pay in advance.
  79. She has to pay a fine?
  80. The king will pay the tribute.
  81. I am willing to pay the price.
  82. Failed sales don’t pay you.
  83. Always look to pay the least.
  84. He had to pay for all his sins.
  85. And they had the money to pay.
  86. You pay the cashier with a $10.
  87. Pay attention to that intui-.
  88. You’ll only have to pay $15.
  89. It was a small price to pay.
  90. It was too big a price to pay.
  91. The McCoys would have to pay.
  92. Now it is time to pay it back.
  93. Low pay, and I'm on probation.
  94. This made Hunter pay attention.
  95. No, need to me pay me anything.
  96. Running Horse would pay and he.
  97. And he would make this man pay.
  98. Now that I would pay to see.
  100. She would pay the price dearly.
  1. And I'm paying for it.
  2. That is, paying back U.
  3. Will you be paying in.
  5. Who was paying the rent?
  6. Monica was paying for it.
  7. By paying more than the.
  8. So he was paying attention.
  9. The gamble was paying off.
  10. A horse should be paying.
  11. So you are paying the price.
  13. He was paying attention too.
  14. Yeah, and we're paying them.
  15. By paying attention to the.
  16. I’m paying her a visit.
  17. Without paying mind to what.
  18. They’re paying for the call.
  19. I was barely paying attention.
  20. I knew what I was paying for.
  21. I insisted on paying the check.
  22. You stop paying attention to.
  23. They are not paying attention.
  24. This is determined by paying 2.
  25. While paying the price of the.
  26. Paying cash for a modest house.
  27. If you were paying the market.
  28. Paying the bills and expenses i.
  29. So paying higher wages to the.
  30. A customer was paying her bill.
  31. Neither one is paying any bills.
  32. After paying the cabbie, Jimmy.
  33. Ma wasn’t paying any attention.
  34. Thank you for paying Blackstone.
  35. However, instead of paying a $6.
  36. I nodded without paying attention.
  37. He’s also paying for the hotel.
  38. After all, wife is paying for it.
  39. He has to know who’s not paying.
  40. He hadn’t been paying attention.
  41. For example, if bonds are paying.
  42. Tony was paying attention to the.
  43. We checked in, paying cash, as Mr.
  44. It is paying attention to what is.
  45. No more paying dues for his wrath.
  46. For example, if you were paying 0.
  47. So they had to justify paying out 1.
  48. Who’s paying for all this?
  49. But no one is paying attention to us.
  50. Marcus, you’ll be paying for that.
  51. He had been paying wages for months.
  52. Apparently, she was paying for the.
  53. But they weren’t paying attention.
  54. Rather than paying to download some.
  55. She asked not really paying attention.
  56. However, some costs are worth paying.
  57. YOUR money that's paying for all that.
  58. He was paying no attention to us now.
  59. I lingered silently, paying attention.
  60. I'm paying for this expedition, and.
  61. We stop paying rent, he explained.
  62. Not my cup of tea, but he’s paying.
  63. He had strong views on paying bribes.
  64. It was his method of paying attention.
  65. Nope, I’m not paying for anything.
  66. You’re paying for this round!.
  67. You haven’t been paying attention.
  68. They will be something she is paying.
  69. That's what I'm paying you to avoid.
  70. They offer the high paying affiliate.
  71. I have sinned and am paying the price.
  72. Irritated, checking no one was paying.
  73. Are you paying attention to me?
  74. Paying the repair bills was killing me.
  75. Perhaps the chess was paying dividends.
  76. We found the guy who's been paying her.
  77. I can do without paying extra for that.
  78. Subscribers are paying anywhere from $9.
  79. After all, we were paying for the event.
  80. How will you be paying for the rooms?
  81. I’ll be paying for this on my card.
  82. He then got up and left without paying.
  83. After all, he was paying for it and it.
  84. Mingalle insisted on paying for her own.
  85. It is the paying customer the rich need.
  86. What you can do when paying the Trustee.
  87. Mind paying for our lunches, Scout?
  88. Ears tell you what the horse is paying.
  89. That is the IT, I, We, Z are paying for.
  90. You could end up paying more in the end.
  91. Everyone is paying attention to the media.
  92. Hell no they’re not paying me enough.
  93. So, stop paying so much attention to the.
  94. That’s why she was paying the huge fee.
  95. What’s she paying you with anyway?
  96. Okay, he said, but we are paying.
  97. Bulstrode, paying a morning visit to Mrs.
  98. I thought he was paying you though?
  99. He is not paying for these dishes himself.
  100. What About Simply Paying the Penalty Tax?
  1. And I paid for it.
  2. We had paid $ 175.
  3. And I paid the price.
  4. I have not been paid.
  5. She paid it no mind.
  6. Bills had to be paid.
  7. The state paid us $2.
  8. I paid you to attend.
  9. But as I paid close.
  10. He had paid for the.
  11. They paid me to kill.
  12. She came in and paid.
  13. He paid a rare visit.
  14. He wanted to get paid.
  15. I paid for the month.
  16. Not so with paid media.
  17. He also paid no more.
  18. Her bluff had paid off.
  19. It was a low paid job.
  20. She paid a heavy price.
  21. The hard work paid off.
  22. They paid for the air.
  23. She paid the bills on.
  24. I paid the waiter and.
  25. We never paid any mind.
  26. But he paid little heed.
  27. Aiden paid for the cab.
  28. He paid the cabbie and.
  29. Jesus paid our debt in.
  30. No one paid any atten-.
  31. You get paid very nicely.
  32. We paid for that ship.
  33. They had paid the price.
  34. It never paid to be last.
  35. And you will be paid $10.
  36. I paid for my own dinner.
  37. The man paid for the coat.
  38. I do, what I am paid to.
  39. She thinks she has paid.
  40. I paid half the bills now.
  41. No one paid any attention.
  42. I get paid for this order.
  43. I paid the price for that.
  44. It had paid out in the end.
  45. And you've paid the price.
  46. Debts that must be paid.
  47. Cost a packet but it paid.
  48. Meeting with Don Paid Off.
  49. The practice has paid off.
  50. The demon paid him no heed.
  51. Would you have paid more?
  52. He paid their wages anyway.
  53. As she paid for them, the.
  54. What I would have paid to.
  55. Anyone who has paid close.
  56. But they paid a great price.
  57. A price paid for the taste.
  58. She paid me no attention.
  59. He paid to ride on the boat.
  60. You are paid weekly as an.
  61. He paid the bill with cash.
  62. Isaac paid dearly for the.
  63. So Steve paid them no mind.
  64. I paid the fare for the cab.
  65. He’d paid over $300 for.
  66. He was also paid for this.
  67. They paid him no attention.
  68. He really should have paid.
  69. She paid no attention to me.
  70. I paid him and ran all the.
  71. Nobody paid attention to me.
  72. For the price that you paid.
  73. And we paid the price with.
  74. I’ve already paid for him.
  75. I hardly paid any attention.
  76. Jesus has already paid the.
  77. So you haven’t even paid.
  78. The driver paid him no mind.
  79. After we paid the producers.
  80. Too late, you paid the price.
  81. Except for the pipes I paid.
  82. You’ll be paid as agreed.
  83. Cory paid no attention to Jax.
  84. Also I paid off my Visa card.
  85. Paid options include a full.
  86. No one paid attention to him.
  87. The insurance claim was paid.
  88. When she also paid her gro-.
  89. It paid me thirty-five marks.
  90. The doctor paid the money.
  91. The fee is paid directly to.
  92. After all, I was being paid.
  93. He had paid 10 euros for this.
  94. Not bad! Who paid them?
  95. Debts are easily paid or made.
  96. No one paid any attention to.
  97. Nobody paid her any attention.
  98. Tammas paid his respects and.
  99. He paid attention to her and.
  100. My bills were being paid and.
  1. He pays her no heed.
  2. If a trader pays $3.
  3. My new bank pays a.
  4. She pays him no heed.
  6. She pays ten an hour.
  7. It pays to be careful.
  8. They tell me it pays.
  9. It pays only a single.
  10. He pays me no attention.
  11. He pays her no attention.
  12. The public pays for this.
  13. He who doesn’t, pays it.
  14. But who pays a high price.
  15. He usually pays for eve-.
  16. Dad usually pays the bills.
  17. You know, he pays me a lot.
  18. Vince pays us chicken feed.
  19. Each pays according to his.
  20. One TNI pays for a few busts.
  21. Crime pays for the elite that.
  22. If Stock A pays a dividend of 1.
  23. It pays to always be prepared.
  24. With those pays, Josh said.
  25. Yes, but who pays for all this?
  26. If they buy, the merchant pays.
  27. It pays to keep one’s ears open.
  28. You done it; now you pays for it.
  29. You see some one pays me a visit.
  30. The ETF pays a small dividend, 1.
  31. Crime pays so there has to be a.
  32. The investor pays the sales load.
  33. That is the guarantor pays when.
  34. Who pays the piper calls the tune.
  35. A natural typically pays out at 1.
  36. The employee pays $30,000 in taxes.
  37. The land which pays it produces it.
  38. Her grandfather Mike pays her bail.
  39. The weary footman pays no attention.
  40. He pays 36 second per dollar and 40.
  41. It pays to know your market history.
  42. Persistence pays in the longer term.
  43. It pays the hearing double recompense.
  44. Mark Webber pays the rent on time.
  45. That part’s simple: he pays for it.
  46. Yes, it pays off, but it’s worlds.
  47. Even the Lord of Death pays his debts.
  48. It pays for these chiefly in two ways.
  49. They operate consistently and it pays.
  50. If they’re good for credit, he pays.
  51. Dad Anything will do as long as it pays.
  52. He pays you more if you ask, dumbass.
  53. It pays to have the mayor for an uncle.
  54. Guess who pays for that? The taxpayers.
  55. Vindale pays on average anywhere from $.
  56. But none pays heed except the repentant.
  57. The Bank pays for it, thank goodness.
  58. Furthermore, assume this trader pays $0.
  59. It barely all pays for itself these days.
  60. It pays to wait and listen to the market.
  61. The business owner pays $18,000 in taxes.
  62. Let’s suppose an option trader pays $3.
  63. Once your customer pays you, you should.
  64. Dear, if he pays in advance, he can have.
  65. The job pays fifty thousand, Miss Maxwell.
  66. Water stream never pays attention to sand.
  67. The insurance company pays the Space Force.
  68. This is stupid, but what the hell, it pays.
  69. The ETF pays an annual dividend yield of 6.
  70. That Either way, it pays to be honest from.
  71. Often, this split leadership approach pays.
  72. So it pays for a woman to barter her favors.
  73. It pays the wages of productive labour only.
  74. No, my wife has a job, she pays for it all.
  75. I’m in town looking for a job that pays.
  76. It pays ten thousand dollars, she added.
  77. Pays homage to us--thou mayst not coldly set.
  78. This is where working in a team really pays.
  79. Each one pays for their own sin of hating God.
  80. They learn if lying pays off more than honesty.
  81. A minute's success pays the failure of years.
  82. Sin is a master of his servants and pays wages.
  83. What are transaction costs, and who pays them?
  84. At the beginning of a new trend, patience pays.
  85. Pays the trader if all options expire worthless.
  86. As I write this, the average one-year CD pays 0.
  87. This pays a path to improve a creative thinking.
  88. I hope that someone pays the dentist bill of my.
  89. Nobody pays no attention to me, said Hazel.
  90. That is, if he pays any attention to you at all.
  91. It pays to check out the action Danny, I would.
  92. It pays to trade with the upper Directional line.
  93. He can do as he pleases, so long as he pays the.
  94. It pays to trade with winners and against losers.
  95. We are witnesses of God who pays without knowing.
  96. Thus, if a company pays an annual dividend of $1.
  97. This here is a man that pays for what he gets.
  98. It pays what we cannot payin wealth of knowledge.
  99. Typically, the buyer pays but this is negotiable.
  100. It is your degree, regardless of who pays for it.

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