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    1. Five of my friends have them, (yes, I do have some friends) and will mail the pre-addressed envelopes with the attached exposition, if anything nasty happens to me

    2. Confident that, like the rest of the material, once digested he would be able to make a more critical exposition of it

    3. Between the Exposition Universelles of 1878 and 1889, Paris was in a state of continual transformation, they relished every excursion and view

    4. profound or abstract, the more the clarity of exposition

    5. thorough and convincing exposition

    6. He paused again, briefly winded by the effort of exposition

    7. Published shortly after the „Glorious Revolution" of 1688, his „Two Treatises of Government, and „Letter of Toleration," helping to set the stage, along with Montesquieu"s exposition on the requirement of three separate and equal, co-ballancers of government, for the evolution of the American Constitution

    8. " For a fuller exposition by Bastiat on this subject, see his „The Law and Cliches of Socialism

    9. Nonsense! His major work, „A Theory of Justice," is perhaps the most unjust exposition that has been given this century in regard to man"s relations with his fellow man

    10. We have here our stalwart band of adventurers, bogged down in hopeless exposition and conjecture

    11. exposition, he asked Jeremy if he had any help with the material

    12. Jason had a feeling, listening to Kosmo, that a clear exposition of this part of his country’s history might come in handy someday

    13. He then goes on to give his exposition of what is a remnant

    14. An Exposition, with Practical Observations, of The Third Book of Moses,

    15. Below: The midway at the Tri-State Fair Exposition is

    16. Lago ends his exposition adding: “In any event, it is lamentable that in this hour of crisis of

    17. Then follows an exhibit of a war canoe, a large exposition of local green stone known as “mere pounamu”, all types of delicate and refined wood carvings among writings such as “women: the thread to continuity”

    18. I will mention them only as is necessary in the course of general exposition

    19. exposition of what the Jewish Left has in mind for us in the United States

    20. " She finished her exposition of the tower

    21. Nevertheless, a clear exposition of the true nature of a socialist society most probably would have dampened the enthusiasm of the masses that have accepted the ‘religion’ of Socialism

    22. In all reality, there is no need to subvert a bad institution in order to overcome its corrupt basis; exposition of it is sufWHY ficient

    23. other religion could be as full an exposition of the truth as her own

    24. as necessarily a perfect exposition of it, but is simply that which now remains

    25. She was half expecting some laborious exposition concerning fairy god mothers or what it was like to be under the knife

    26. ‘You’ve made a brilliant exposition of the case,’ said Sir Stanley

    27. Third, the congress made a motion in its minutes inviting church members to attend the Cotton States and International Exposition that presented “trades and handicrafts,” which stood as “magnificent object lessons of the capacity and ability of the Afro-American” and “which speak so eloquently for the race

    28. Remember that Bowen held his missionary convention during the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition

    29. Washington did not appear in Bowen’s minutes from the Congress of Africa, but whites had chosen him to speak as a representative of African Americans at the same exposition

    30. So the Lord brought this mummy on board of the Titanic, planning to display the body of the prophetess at the exposition of archeological finds in Los Angeles

    31. (Meditation) have been forwarded to me for exposition by the saints

    32. It appears that there is no need of any further exposition of the Geeta

    33. will find in this exposition belongs to me

    34. learned exposition, I venture to place before you in all humility only

    35. Swami Adgadanand’s exposition of the Second Chapter of the

    36. See the interpretation of the word in Chapter 6, in the exposition of the eighth verse

    37. their exposition in Chapter 7

    38. As was observed in the exposition of the fourteenth verse of Chapter 6,

    39. in Chapter 3 (See the exposition of tenth verse in Chapter 3) If we recall

    40. See the exposition of twenty-ninth verse in Chapter 4

    41. As for the present exposition, it is called Yatharth Geeta because it is

    42. God says: ((And We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur’an) as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves (to Al’lah as Muslims)

    43. ] So, there is everything in the Book of God the most High, It contains an exposition and a solution of everything

    44. tossing resourced grain alcohol cocktails with a salvaged spray can as its incendiary device into an ammunition and gun exposition after it closes

    45. still torn open to exposition

    46. It is much more than an exposition about our true nature as infinite consciousness, it offers an experiential exploration of who we really are, not only through the transmission in the words, but through the many thoughtful questions it raises

    47. followed by the long exposition of attendantcircumstances that

    48. And frankly, the Carroll County Farm Museum’s exposition of the candy cane is as half-assed as a lop-sided mule cart

    49. But hopefully more to the point, in my limited exposition to the practices mentioned

    50. So that was basically the exposition of the reforma-

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