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Exposition in a sentence

1. Here is a very crude exposition.
2. So that was basically the exposition of the reforma-.
3. The above exposition illuminates some important facts.
4. See the exposition of twenty-ninth verse in Chapter 4.
5. Below: The midway at the Tri-State Fair Exposition is.
6. In this chapter we shall attempt a novel form of exposition.
7. It was not malice her boney hands intended, but exposition.

8. He then goes on to give his exposition of what is a remnant.
9. He paused again, briefly winded by the effort of exposition.
10. Swami Adgadanand’s exposition of the Second Chapter of the.
11. The New JOHN GILL Exposition of the Entire Bible For in the.
12. At any rate, it is a grandiloquent exposition of the imperial idea.
13. Then he abused her, and went into passionate exposition of his stuff.
14. It appears that there is no need of any further exposition of the Geeta.
15. As for the present exposition, it is called Yatharth Geeta because it is.
16. Paul employs it in exposition of the death, which is the curse of the law.
17. But I deny that this is a correct definition, or exposition of sovereignty.
18. I will mention them only as is necessary in the course of general exposition.
19. It will aid our exposition if we classify this study under three headings, viz.
20. Remember, this is an exposition of souls, a bartering of extraordinary revelations.
21. But hopefully more to the point, in my limited exposition to the practices mentioned.
22. Exposition that opened in Paris that year, Rodin erected a pavilion of his own –at.
23. See the interpretation of the word in Chapter 6, in the exposition of the eighth verse.
24. A hastily prepared supper was brought in, and Clare made further exposition of his plans.
25. The New JOHN GILL Exposition of the Entire Bible: For in the day thou eat thereof thou shalt.
26. Whatever argument they come to you with, We provide you with the truth, and a better exposition.
27. We have here our stalwart band of adventurers, bogged down in hopeless exposition and conjecture.
28. Lago ends his exposition adding: In any event, it is lamentable that in this hour of crisis of.
29. The New JOHN GILL Exposition of the Entire Bible For in the day thou eat thereof thou shalt surely.
30. Kissinger’s exposition of the American political situation presently and as it would be six months hence.
31. Remember that Bowen held his missionary convention during the Atlanta Cotton States and International Exposition.
32. Their training in the science of exposition had been neglected in youth, and had not been attended to in riper age.
33. We have already discussed this point in our exposition of the normal-stock basis of inventory valuation (in Chap.
34. And frankly, the Carroll County Farm Museum’s exposition of the candy cane is as half-assed as a lop-sided mule cart.
35. Confident that, like the rest of the material, once digested he would be able to make a more critical exposition of it.
36. She was half expecting some laborious exposition concerning fairy god mothers or what it was like to be under the knife.
37. I quite believe that you may by this exposition have to a great extent ' re-educated yoxirself,' to use your own expression.
38. The refusal was founded on a novel and unfortunate exposition of the provisions of the constitution relating to the militia.
39. OUR EXPOSITION OF THE TECHNIQUE of security analysis has included many different examples of overvaluation and undervaluation.
40. We should like to try a novel approach here and give a reasonably detailed exposition of one such exercise in stock selection.
41. This exposition of the commandments of Moses seems to have been made for the especial purpose of teaching men not to obey them.
42. But we have another authority upon this point, which is, in truth, a cotemporaneous exposition of this article of the constitution.
43. Everything seemed so simple and clear in Speranski’s exposition that Prince Andrew involuntarily agreed with him about everything.
44. Jason had a feeling, listening to Kosmo, that a clear exposition of this part of his country’s history might come in handy someday.
45. Everything seemed so simple and clear in Speránski’s exposition that Prince Andrew involuntarily agreed with him about everything.
46. A special mind and gifts are not needed for the cognition and exposition of the truth, but for the invention and exposition of the lie.
47. In all reality, there is no need to subvert a bad institution in order to overcome its corrupt basis; exposition of it is sufWHY ficient.
48. I was struck by the significance and profundity of its contents, the beauty of the exposition, and, above all, the sincerity of this book.
49. Between the Exposition Universelles of 1878 and 1889, Paris was in a state of continual transformation, they relished every excursion and view.
50. And who do you think they were? said Caleb, taking a pinch of snuff and holding it up between his fingers, as if it were a part of his exposition.
51. He also saw the report before it was made to this House, and must have heard the exposition of our ulterior measures, as explained by our Chairman.
52. But they sometimes stopped short of the complete exposition of their thought, and then sought to invent a phrase that might express it all the same.
53. Catechism Tolstoi called that systematic exposition of his philosophy in the form of questions and answers which he had begun about this time.
54. On the contrary, it does appear to me, that the opposite exposition has an inevitable tendency to consolidation, and affords just and serious cause of alarm.
55. The third part, "Concerning Love," contains an exposition of Christian duties, based not on the commandments of Jesus, but upon the ten commandments of Moses.
56. So the Lord brought this mummy on board of the Titanic, planning to display the body of the prophetess at the exposition of archeological finds in Los Angeles.
57. But I had hardly begun an enthusiastic exposition of the principles of a four-cylinder, gear-driven, twenty-horse-power, French touring car, when she checked me.
58. Ippolit Kirillovitch had chosen the historical method of exposition, beloved by all nervous orators, who find in its limitation a check on their own eager rhetoric.
59. Five of my friends have them, (yes, I do have some friends) and will mail the pre-addressed envelopes with the attached exposition, if anything nasty happens to me.
60. He would have liked to interrupt Metrov, to explain his own thought, which in his opinion would have rendered further exposition of Metrov’s theories superfluous.
61. If we must have an exposition of the doctrines of Republicanism, he should receive it from the fathers of the Church, and not from the junior apprentices of the law.
62. Nonsense! His major work, „A Theory of Justice," is perhaps the most unjust exposition that has been given this century in regard to man"s relations with his fellow man.
63. A citation of his argument will serve as an exposition of the position of the Pharisees in Palestine, for his opinion and theirs, if we may rely on Josephus, are identical.
64. Washington did not appear in Bowen’s minutes from the Congress of Africa, but whites had chosen him to speak as a representative of African Americans at the same exposition.
65. Hardly in any sphere of philosophic science can we find such divergent methods of investigation and exposition, amounting even to self-contradiction, as in the sphere of æsthetics.
66. In their exposition, an historic character is first the product of his time, and his power only the resultant of various forces, and then his power is itself a force producing events.
67. In our first edition (1949) we found it necessary at this point to insert a long exposition of the case for including a substantial common-stock component in all investment portfolios.
68. Nevertheless, a clear exposition of the true nature of a socialist society most probably would have dampened the enthusiasm of the masses that have accepted the ‘religion’ of Socialism.
69. God says: ((And We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur’an) as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves (to Al’lah as Muslims).
70. For was it not," said Joe, with his old air of lucid exposition, "that my only wish were to be useful to you, I should not have had the honor of breaking wittles in the company and abode of gentlemen.
71. One smallest new fact obtained in the laboratory, one brick built into the temple of science, far outweighs any second-hand exposition which passes an idle hour, but can leave no useful result behind it.
72. Above all, he always expressed himself gently, and showed no indignation even in his disapproval, but confined himself to logical exposition of her hero's worthlessness ; but there was irony in this very logic.
73. An abbreviation of this work and an exposition of it written in simple language for plain readers was made by an American, Bolton Hall, and was approved by Tolstoi and printed under the title, Life, Love and Death.
74. Then follows an exhibit of a war canoe, a large exposition of local green stone known as “mere pounamu”, all types of delicate and refined wood carvings among writings such as “women: the thread to continuity”.
75. For the correctness of this exposition, an appeal is made to the restriction which immediately follows it, which restrains the right of the States to make anything but gold and silver a legal tender in the payment of debts.
76. In this new posture of our relations with those powers, the consideration of Congress will be properly turned to a removal of doubts which may occur in the exposition, and of difficulties in the execution, of the act above cited.
77. The only strange thing here is that we know so little of the teachings of our church that we receive an exposition of its fundamental dogmas as a new revelation, said Selenin, as though hastening to tell his former friends his new views.
78. Bunákov explains how children ought to be educated, and, having given an exposition of all the methods, which in my opinion and experience lead to results which are diametrically opposite to development, he says frankly and definitely:.
79. Therefore, this short sketch of Tolstoi’s life at the end of the nineties, which deals not only with his outer but with his inner life, does in no way intend to give an exhaustive exposition of his varied and complicated spiritual states.
80. I wanted to expound my views to the meeting in the most concise form possible, but I see that I should need to add a great many verbal explanations, and so the whole exposition would occupy at least ten evenings, one for each of my chapters.
81. It is much more than an exposition about our true nature as infinite consciousness, it offers an experiential exploration of who we really are, not only through the transmission in the words, but through the many thoughtful questions it raises.
82. A style of exposition that falls into none of these three defects but it is truly concrete, and, having important matter, expresses it in clear and popular philosophic language, can nowhere be found less frequently than in the domain of æsthetics.
83. Porter said that the House were probably expecting from the Committee of Foreign Relations some explanations of their views in reporting the resolutions now under consideration, in addition to the general exposition of them contained in the report itself.
84. Being opposed to the principles of this bill, and having no confidence in the reasons or pretences by which it is attempted to be justified, I shall not trouble you with an exposition of its particular details, however novel, arbitrary, and impolitic they may appear.
85. The second part is made up of an exposition of the Pater Noster, and the first eight verses of the fifth chapter of Matthew, which serve as an introduction to the Sermon on the Mount, and are called (I know not why) Commands for those who would possess the Beatitudes.
86. This mode of reasoning may answer the purposes of gentlemen, but is surely unfavorable to fair investigation; it tends to abridge the freedom of debate, and prevent that firm, decisive, and candid exposition of those measures, which we conceive may vitally affect the happiness of the people.
87. Published shortly after the „Glorious Revolution" of 1688, his „Two Treatises of Government, and „Letter of Toleration," helping to set the stage, along with Montesquieu"s exposition on the requirement of three separate and equal, co-ballancers of government, for the evolution of the American Constitution.
88. Third, the congress made a motion in its minutes inviting church members to attend the Cotton States and International Exposition that presented “trades and handicrafts,” which stood as “magnificent object lessons of the capacity and ability of the Afro-American” and “which speak so eloquently for the race.
89. The teaching of some Millennialists that there will for all eternity be some living on earth, "A perpetual continuance of the church upon earth" to raise and train more for heaven but just as it is now most will die without being saved (Lord, Exposition of the Apocalypse, page 535, 1847; also Bickersteth, Birks and others).
90. The position recommended by the Executive made its first appearance in a short paragraph in the President's Message, recommending such a modification of the law of May last, as would remove all doubts as to its exposition and execution; for the details of such modification we are referred to the report of the Secretary of the Treasury.
91. After the select Committee on our Foreign Relations had made their report, it seemed to me to be their particular duty to give to this House a full exposition of their present and ulterior views and objects, and of those of the Administration, as far as they had ascertained them, founded on the information which, it is presumed, they possessed.
92. Of the three conditions: (1) a correct, that is, a moral relation of the author to the subject, (2) the clearness of exposition, or the beauty of form, which is the same, and (3) sincerity, that is, an undisguised feeling of love or hatred for what the artist describes,—Maupassant possessed only the last two, and was entirely devoid of the first.
93. The honorable Chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs is entitled to the thanks of this House, and of the nation, for the able and lucid exposition he has given, of the plan intended to be pursued by the Government in the prosecution of the war in which we are engaged, and of the objects for the attainment of which an increase of the Military Establishment is deemed necessary.
94. And all the religious teachers, like Moses and the Prophets, Confucius, Lao Tze, Buddha, and Christ, preached their doctrines, and their followers adopted them, not because they divined and loved the truth, but because the political, social, and, above all, the economical conditions of the nations in whose midst these doctrines found expression were favorable to their exposition and development.
95. In contributing to the good of the United States by an exposition which cannot (I think) fail to solve and melt all division and disunion among its citizens, I flatter myself with the fond expectation that when it is made public in England it will add one great motive to the many that already exist, to induce that nation to withdraw its confidence from men whose political career is a fruitful source of injury and embarrassment in America; of injustice and misery in Ireland; of distress and apprehension in England; and contempt every where.
96. But, as we have no such thing, are we to suppose that there are certain gentlemen in the House who are organs of communication of the Executive wishes? Have we any other evidence of the disposition of the Executive in relation to this bill than that certain gentlemen are in favor of it? If, on this subject, the opinion of the Executive should properly decide our judgment, ought we not to have had some official exposition of the views of the Government? As we have no such information, we are to examine whether this bill comports with the arrangement made with Great Britain.
97. Now, sir, upon the most critical review of this exposition, is there a single gentleman present, who is not prepared to say, that the facts stated in the resolution are fully justified by the correspondence? And if they be, sir, what inducement can possibly prevent unanimity on the present occasion? Surely those, who wish peace with Great Britain, will find unanimity upon this occasion the most likely to deter from war; and surely, sir, every gentleman must feel and see that the declarations contained in the resolution are imperiously due to the dignity and honor of our own Government, as well as to our respect for the people and ourselves.
98. On the one hand, we have elegant phraseology without any substance, characterized in great part by most one-sided superficiality; and on the other hand, accompanying undeniable profundity of investigation and richness of subject-matter, we get a revolting awkwardness of philosophic terminology, infolding the simplest thoughts in an apparel of abstract science, as though to render them worthy to enter the consecrated palace of the system; and finally, between these two methods of investigation and exposition there is a third, forming, as it were, the transition from one to the other, a method consisting of eclecticism, now flaunting an elegant phraseology, and now a pedantic erudition.
99. President, to inquire whether the facts stated in the resolution are supported by the correspondence upon which it is founded? In performing this task, I propose to read the whole of the correspondence which I conceive bears any material relation to the subject of the resolution, and no other; although the whole may not be entitled to, nor receive any animadversions from me, yet as my sole object is to get at the true exposition and meaning of the correspondence, if I should unfortunately omit, misconceive, or misinterpret any material part of it, I shall have the consolation to reflect, that, by presenting the whole, the means of my correction in either case will be presented to the Senate and the world, if the observations I propose now to make should ever find their way out of the walls of this Chamber.
100. An Exposition, with Practical Observations, of The Third Book of Moses,.

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