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Frasi con finalise (in inglese)

  1. As you finalise your theme you should recall the purpose or mission for.
  2. On the Sunday, Jack decided to hold a meeting with his to finalise arrangements.
  3. Telecommunications and the Ministry of Finance would discuss and finalise Spec-.
  4. Before he left, Nick had another word with Moscow station to finalise arrangements.
  5. Sitting here looking at the froth and bubbles, I realised it was time to finalise this most interesting case.

  6. I want to finalise the transaction by the New Year, thought the funds won't be available for a couple of weeks yet.
  7. Pon and Kim went back upstairs to phone Banti to tell her they would be coming home soon, and then Pon called Taksin to finalise the arrangements and requested him to arrange for Vitchae and Cenat to visit him and help with some spiritual matters.

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