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Frasi con finalize (in inglese)

  1. Try to finalize your answers now….
  2. Now that I knew the tour dates, I could finalize my.
  3. We apply the following rules to finalize the sample:.
  4. Its purpose was to finalize the company’s plans to steal the boys’ game.
  5. He ended his report stating, ‘It is only a matter of time to finalize answers.

  6. Once more architect Peroba did his work on time, and he was able to finalize the.
  7. If necessary, select a smaller team to work offline to finalize the Vision Statement.
  8. We need to measure the crystal, so that we can finalize the setting by the end of this week.
  9. I am an actress and I found my name a handicap, she said in the hearing to finalize the name change.
  10. Now, as soon as they could finalize the contracts, they would immediately start ordering Lazano�s ships.
  11. He had to have a brand new CDL and pass a big-rig-driven obstacle course before they could finalize the deal.
  12. After dinner, I had to meet with Jebongo and make some calls so we could finalize our plans for the next day.
  13. Now Park had the hard information to finalize the price he would offer in cash, and how much he would need to borrow.
  14. Last, the sixth step: Is to finalize your essay according to the correct style and format requested by your instructor.
  15. But for now he had to finalize the designs, which had been through the committee appointed by the project’s contractor.

  16. Continue through the order process filling in all your necessary information and finalize the purchase of your hosting account.
  17. The Feast of Tabernacles is commanded by God to finalize the harvest season which is traditionally called the feast of ingathering.
  18. To finalize this strategy you’ll need to have a few guidelines to follow to both help increase your odds of success and also limit your risk.
  19. When he finally decided he couldn’t do any more at this stage from the bridge, he went to finalize the connections on the other end, outside.
  20. The Team was able to finalize its Business Unit map by itself, and to revise the new processes based on the new understanding of the business unit.
  21. Dragons have a great deal of patience for things like that, though I doubt she would have to blast you more than five or six times at most in order to finalize your death.
  22. She was English, keeping to the tradition of the Anglo-French alliance, and though she’d spent considerable time on the estate, the moment had come to finalize the couples’ arrangement.
  23. He had to give her the $250,000 left over from his winning streak over at the horse track and finalize the deal with the Shoshone Indian Nation by delivering them the goods that Big Jim wanted.
  24. He knew a guy was going to be coming over to meet him here to finalize the deal between Big Jim Dailey and the Chicago Mafia, bringing guns and ammunition into White Horse through an untraceable source.
  25. Either he would meet his contact and finalize the deal, or if he ended up having to stay in town for a while, he would have to find a place that rented rooms on a weekly basis with little questions asked.

  26. By means of these current forms of commissioned àgentsìnvoices could be presented out in order to finalize out any sort of transaction to be contracted out over a chart that relates what had been agreed beforehand.
  27. By means of these current forms of commissioned `agents` invoices could be presented out in order to finalize out any sort of transaction to be contracted out over a chart that relates what had been agreed beforehand.
  28. Just make certain you get me those robots! He hung up on her, not caring about her feelings in the matter nor that she was upset by the number of deaths that had occurred as a result of trying to finalize his plans.
  1. I’m still finalizing it, Ka Rudy, I replied.
  2. Always consider your budget before finalizing the design.
  3. Knume was already down at Myimpaden finalizing plans for next Nightday.
  4. Here are the factors to consider before finalizing your Site Concept….
  5. Go through the ins and outs of their pricing policies before finalizing.
  6. Over the next couple of weeks Trom and my father worked tirelessly on finalizing deals.
  7. It would be useful to know of conditions there before finalizing the decision to contact them.
  8. Although it certainly wouldn’t since by then the Kinnaras were finalizing the setup of their trebuchets and ballistas.
  9. Before finalizing your resume, you should thoroughly check its content, so that you can ensure that it is free from errors.
  10. And that was where Gerd was headed tomorrow, under the guise of finalizing his speech before the G-8 gathering in San Francisco next week.
  11. She’d double checked her numbers before finalizing the information, knowing that the man had a brain that could retain the most minute details.
  12. The rest of my day was spent writing and responding to various emails, starting to pack up in readiness for the flight back to Phuket tomorrow and finalizing my diary.
  13. Attorney was apparently hours away from finalizing an immunity deal with a second informant anyway, and once that happened, Daddy’s chance at a plea bargain would expire, along with the symbolic power of refusing it.
  14. Knowing what’s involved in the process will not only make you a good customer to the vendor and it will show that you’re informed and give you a little more creditability when it comes down to finalizing the details.
  15. It was obvious from his tone and syntax that he was able to relate quite well to Faye Underwood and was saddened by her death, but he had been more than unenthusiastic to attend this inquest in order to assist in finalizing the cause of her death.
  1. So is not finalized yet whether I'll go or not.
  2. As soon as the deal was finalized, Karen tugged on Steve's.
  3. I have finalized the details of my plan, she announced.
  4. We finalized our plan late in the evening, when most humans.
  5. Over the next three hours we finalized our play list and sets.
  6. The issue price will be finalized after an anlysis of these.
  7. I will need to depart once we have finalized the battle plans.
  8. CONCLUSION: On January 11, 2001, the two firms finalized their merger.
  9. My house was soon sold and in early December that sale was finalized.
  10. After your cables have been run, hooked up and finalized, you should put.
  11. With Charles’s divorce finalized, perhaps they would get their CEO back.
  12. I couldn’t find anything that stated the loan was studied before being finalized.
  13. And before the thought can be finalized, he is moving to cut off lines of approach.
  14. It will be finalized by the end of the month and you will be able to breathe easier.
  15. When a person dies, his/her will must go through a formal process of being finalized.
  16. I promptly paid the lady, finalized all the documentation, and she showed us to our cabin.
  17. This transaction was approved by Lubrizol’s shareholders and finalized in September 2011.
  18. Not in Carl’s mansion, but the small apartment they occupied until everything was finalized.
  19. Their report is still being finalized but I saw their preliminary findings and recommendations.
  20. He explained that their divorce had been finalized only six months before Crossed Wire hit the stands.
  21. As I finalized the process, I asked friends and family to look at it and let me know what they thought.
  22. After I’d signed the divorce papers, there were sixty-one days to wait for the motion to be finalized.
  23. Anyway, by the time they got done with it, and I finalized it, (a project that took a couple of months to.
  24. Coincidentally, just before Christmas, Marilyn finalized her new will—which would be signed in January 1961.
  25. It will be two weeks tops before your mother’s estate is finalized, and I won’t leave you alone in the house.
  26. Just before the contract with 20th Century-Fox was finalized, Norma Jeane Dougherty was called into Ben Lyon’s office.
  27. He and Ellen were now relieved that their guest list was finalized and arrangements for the reception could be concluded.
  28. Changing your relationship status to single is not an easy task, even though a separation can be finalized in mere seconds.
  29. Having finalized the arrangements to leave in two days’ time for Cairo, Max and Carla left Sam’s office and collected Amy.
  30. I had just finalized my choices and was composing an e-mail to the candidates, inviting them to interview with me for positions.
  31. In this one and a half month, a formal initiative petition for a state statute had been finalized and filed with the Secretary of State’s office.
  32. WE FINISHED UP our field hearings and finalized our bill, which we decided to name boldly by invoking the name of the late Senator Paul Wellstone.
  33. I gave Principal Norbert my final decision and despite his ill attempts to convince me otherwise, my drop out was finalized after a few quick signatures.
  34. No, perhaps when the matter was settled, if it was to be finalized, she would make that recommendation in her intentional correspondence with the young woman.
  35. Well, Lorna, has everything been finalized? Did you enjoy spending my hard-earned money? He said it with a smile in his voice to show that he was not serious.
  36. During the last couple of days of his stay Joe answered as many questions as he could about their seemingly inevitable move but added that nothing was yet finalized.
  37. Denaleal’s gaze came back to mine with directness as he finalized his previous statement by saying, They always have a way of completing their creators tasks despite the good intent of others along the way.
  38. The morning before the meeting began, the bank put out a news release announcing it had finalized a deal with a Texas billionaire, whereby he would give them a large capital infusion that diluted existing stockholders.
  39. We can accomplish more without the additional interruption, and if we schedule it then, you can begin your tour of your properties as soon as your security arrangements are finalized, which should only take a few minutes.
  40. Lena Pepitone, her maid and sometimes seamstress, once recalled that while Marilyn’s divorce from Joe DiMaggio was being finalized, she went to live with Sinatra for a couple of weeks so that she could regain her emotional bearings.
  41. Inflation risks began to dominate real risks, especially after the end of the postwar Bretton Woods regime in 1971 (which finalized the shift to fiat money) was followed by large fiscal deficits, productivity slowdown, and two oil crises.
  42. All of you will in fact be involved in helping me produce those two manuals, which will have to be written up and finalized as quickly as possible: our future air operations, both in the Pacific and in Europe, will be based on those manuals.
  43. What’s better than having a Well of the Eternal located in a cavern formed by God when he created the earth and finalized in its construction by the ancient Central American Indian tribe of the Aztecs? Nobody knew just quite how the cavern had come to be with its spiral staircase, the gold brick walls lining the troth of the well, the most beautiful circular dome and hand painted crystal and diamonds, and a gold-riddled mural that shines as the wavy beams of light dance across the placid waters of the Living Well of the Eternal, which reflects upward at the beautiful mural depicting the position of the stars in the sky.
  1. This finalizes his belief in the inevitability of his doom.
  2. There will ultimately be a difference of opinion on the final value of the business as one finalizes the acquisition, and the other watches from the sideline.

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