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Frasi con firmness (in inglese)

  1. There was firmness in his reply.
  2. I embraced Sue with equal firmness.
  3. There was firmness and compassion in her.
  4. His moral backbone leaned on that firmness.
  5. Officer Williams, he said with firmness.
  6. Of this dispute; with all thy wits and firmness.
  7. The firmness in his voice made me obey instantly.
  8. And the firmness in her step meant my dorm-mates.
  9. He was saying these things to give himself firmness.
  10. Trent’s arms closed around her with a gentle firmness.
  11. For many years I have adopted "pleasant firmness" as my.
  12. The same kind of firmness it must have taken to save her.
  13. No, sir, she replied with firmness, I shall NOT stay.
  15. A look of firmness and intelligent purpose had developed in her face.
  16. He was still quiet but there was no mistaking the firmness in his voice.
  17. The soft firmness of Hadaen Maruj's kiss landed on the side of her neck.
  18. Firmness of will in this case is concerned primarily with the dischar-.
  19. Not now, she said at last, with a firmness that surprised even her.
  20. Just the reverse! He approached his problems with firmness and determination.
  21. The firmness of Barclay’s grip on it had turned the skin of his hand white.
  22. He remembered the touch of her cool lips and the firmness of her flat breasts.
  23. Then he clasped her with a renewed firmness of hold, and descended the staircase.
  24. He ran his finger down one of the indentations, testing the firmness of the side.
  25. You’ll never know, she told him with a firmness inspired by an old lesson.
  26. Usually, wrinkles appear when the skin has already lost its elasticity and firmness.
  27. Chairman, which renders firmness in the councils of the nation peculiarly requisite.
  28. He annuuncod with great firmness his intention to marry Liza and as soon as possible.
  29. A firmness slowly became apparent above his arm as it stroked her still tense abdomen.
  30. When she had been with Rhett in New Orleans and Charleston she had necessary firmness.
  31. Not at all—by firmness; only by firmness! I have dealt with men of that sort before.
  32. The bishop militant had reacted to the threat to his flank with his customary firmness.
  33. After that Anna Pavlovna led up to the courage and firmness of the King of Prussia, in.
  34. The existence of the Government seems almost to depend upon their firmness and decision.
  35. He lost his habitual firmness, and his sorrow, usually dumb, found vent in bitter lament.
  36. This is usually performed in cases where there is sagging and loss of firmness in the skin.
  37. Lust for the hotness of his breath, the wideness of his chest, the firmness of his buttocks.
  38. His whole person breathed lowliness and firmness and an indescribable courageous despondency.
  39. We are now living in a world where truth is questioned at every step, not because the firmness.
  40. Though the latter held on tenaciously, her voice lost none of its honeyed firmness and softness.
  41. In his walk, in his gestures, in the sound of his voice there was a determination and firmness.
  42. God gives firmness to those who believe, with the firm word, in this life, and in the Hereafter.
  43. Chastity is one of the greatest disciplines without which the mind cannot attain requisite firmness.
  44. The strength of the warrior is not measured by reference to his weapons but by his firmness of mind.
  45. In spite of her sorrowful expression, she gave the idea of possessing considerable firmness and decision.
  46. If the Captain wasn’t happy with her replies he tried to change her answers with firmness and kindness.
  47. Remember, our Alice is not gifted with all your firmness, and God only knows the terror she might endure.
  48. Truth (Satya) implies love, and Firmness (Āgraha) engenders and therefore serves as a synonym for force.
  49. Alexey Alexandrovitch smiled coldly, with his lips alone, meaning to signify to her and himself the firmness.
  50. He went in front of Joey and adopted the defensive stance himself with impressive speed and visible firmness.
  51. The kiss lasts only seconds, her tongue digging deep into his mouth as she squeezes his firmness in her grip.
  52. The Sister of Mercy with great firmness asked the general's wife not to trouble the sick man with her presence.
  53. He could feel her unbuttoning the front of his jeans, and the firmness of her breasts pressing against his back.
  54. This value varies in value depending on the type of design and kind of racket and the firmness of the string area.
  55. He was loved by his fellow-prisoners for his cheerfulness, liberality and firmness in dealing with the authorities.
  56. He was now a very energetic man indeed, with great firmness of purpose, strength of resolution, and vigour of action.
  57. Knowlan took the offering and shook, surprised at the firmness of the stranger’s grip, then gave his name in return.
  58. Farebrother, and this, in relation to a man who is much honored, is always dangerous to the firmness of a grateful woman.
  59. With her right hand she caressed the steering wheel, which became pliable in her grip, a smooth hoop of coiling firmness.
  60. I have a few thoughts about these events which I would like to offer, he said with respect, humility, and firmness.
  61. From its relative situation then, I should call this high hump the organ of firmness or indomitableness in the Sperm Whale.
  62. With a great show of will, he resumed his position and effort that brought them finally into contact with the firmness of land.
  63. Rising without assistance, and seemingly without an effort, he demanded, in a voice that startled its auditors by its firmness:.
  64. After that Anna Pávlovna led up to the courage and firmness of the King of Prussia, in order to draw Borís into the conversation.
  65. The Genie looked at us with such firmness that we experienced the sensation that we had said something wrong, after that he spoke:.
  66. Meekness, submissivene-ss, self-abasement, and at the same time firmness, strength, real strength, that's 3'our mother's character.
  67. When Heyward briefly explained the meaning of the words they heard, Hawkeye halted and spoke with quick decision and great firmness.
  68. Her father answered, with a cheerful firmness of conviction he could scarcely have assumed, "Quite sure, my darling! More than that,".
  69. His frank acceptance of the situation marks him as either an innocent man, or else as a man of considerable self-restraint and firmness.
  70. It suddenly occurred to her to try persuasion; and accordingly she whispered in his ear, with as much firmness and decision as she could.
  71. But her husband objected with firmness, and when she tried to go despite his arguments, he did not feel he could survive the embarrassment.
  72. That, within the rationale of time, the ferocity of her passion would not have paled and the firmness of her flesh would not have slackened.
  73. You’ll feel better about your whole life after having done this! said Wolfensberger with fatherly firmness and the driver nodded shyly.
  74. This is the kind of planning you do with an adolescent girl who needs guidance, friendliness and firmness, and she seems to take it very well.
  75. I should never dare to say that I know the truth, said the Mason, whose words struck Pierre more and more by their precision and firmness.
  76. This salt gradually combines with the flesh, gives it firmness, renders it imputrescible, and incapable of being attacked by insects and worms.
  77. Again I rose, and exerting all the firmness of which I was master, removed the planks which I had placed before my hovel to conceal my retreat.
  78. The same firmness, if persevered in, which has carried us thus far with success, will, as our cause is just and moderate, end in final victory.
  79. I struggled vainly for firmness sufficient to answer him, but the effort destroyed all my remaining strength; I sank on the chair and sobbed aloud.
  80. I now related my history briefly but with firmness and precision, marking the dates with accuracy and never deviating into invective or exclamation.
  81. During this difficult journey Mademoiselle Bourienne, Dessalles, and Princess Mary’s servants were astonished at her energy and firmness of spirit.
  82. The Earl Marshal, completely taken aback by Stan’s firmness, could only pale and stutter as he tried to find a polite answer to Stan’s challenge.
  83. He was three quarters of the way to the safety station, with about fifty meters to go, when he suddenly felt the firmness beneath his feet giving way.
  84. By the time that he reached his mid forties, Tom’s good looks and the firmness of his buttocks were on that inevitable, gravitational slide southwards.
  85. He’s not always fatal, Cecilia gave out, dryly; and she shut her little mouth with a firmness that even in the dim moonlight made itself visible.
  86. The contrast between kindly smile and firmness of tone gave Shipley the strange impression Parker was a sorcerer handing him some sort of hypnotic potion.
  87. When Agraphena Petrovna came in, he told her, with more firmness than he thought himself capable of, that he no longer needed this lodging nor her services.
  88. The same decision and firmness was to be observed in her face as in her mother’s, but her strength seemed to be more vigorous than that of Nina Alexandrovna.
  89. As this sex goddess took him in a quick embrace, he felt the firmness and suppleness of her shape, even the hardness of her nipples thru both sets of clothing.
  90. These words, uttered with firmness and aplomb, and expressing an exceptional presence of mind, for the first minute so astounded us that we could not believe our ears.
  91. Let us then, with firmness, persevere in the contest in which we are engaged, until it can be terminated on principles compatible with the rights and honor of the nation.
  92. Sir, act so as to give a vigorous prosecution to the war, and act promptly, and the people will support you with manly firmness, independent of the consideration of expense.
  93. But even here a monotonous sharpness is too dead a thing, and although a firmness of run will be allowed to be felt, subtle variations will be introduced to prevent deadness.
  94. If the mind is freed of these impurities, it will be pliant and wieldy, will have radiant lucidity and firmness, and will concentrate well upon the eradication of the taints.
  95. Major Butt helped those poor frightened steerage people so wonderfully, so tenderly and yet with such cool and manly firmness that he prevented the loss of many lives from panic.
  96. Notwithstanding his rising resentment, his natural firmness, and his anxiety on behalf of Uncas, Heyward felt sensibly relieved by the absence of so dangerous and so subtle a foe.
  97. A marked firmness was about his mouth and chin; and when he seized the oars and rowed to counteract the boat's leeway caused by the tide, the grip of his hands was as that of a vice.
  98. Though the cheeks of Cora were pale and her countenance anxious, she had lost none of her firmness; but the eyes of Alice were inflamed, and betrayed how long and bitterly she had wept.
  99. As he began feeling the softness of her belly, she felt fascinated by the firmness of his touch and as his hands probed the contours of her bottom, she found herself rollicking in anticipation.
  100. But great dramatic or even great rhetorical power is hardly consistent with firmness or strength of mind, and dramatic talent is often incidentally associated with a weak or dissolute character.

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