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    1. failure of resolution and will, to see such frailty, still shocked him

    2. His words present a determined resolution to follow

    3. To look into the eyes of a God and see the flaws, to witness the failure of resolution and will, to see such frailty, still shocked him

    4. Riding along beside Black Hofnarr took a lot of resolution, especially as JJ so closely resembled his uncle

    5. listening and resolution without involving third parties in the fight

    6. A fair fight is also left in the past after resolution

    7. Fair fighting leads to resolution in most cases

    8. economic methods of problem resolution had irked Jack and Jill

    9. writhing mass of perfect, simple, harmonic resolution

    10. There was calm resolution in his eyes

    11. Spelman and I have, I think, landed upon a satisfactory resolution to insure that Miss Spelman shall receive her proper training with the Royal Shakespeare Company, an aim we can all agree is in her best interest

    12. resolution to their mission and for the safety of Pippi

    13. and confident of a speedy resolution now that the

    14. Resolution of the monitor, how they compared

    15. Were altered by microscopes, and telescopes, and What the “ultimate” resolution might be: atoms?

    16. The late resolution of the Quakers in Pennsylvania, to set at liberty all their negro slaves, may satisfy us that their number cannot be very great

    17. Had they made any considerable part of their property, such a resolution could never have been agreed to

    18. To dream that you are in an orchestra represents inner integration, resolution, and harmony

    19. To prevent the stock-jobbing tricks which those opposite interests might sometimes occasion, the bank has of late years come to the resolution, to sell at all times bank money for currency at five per cent

    20. In consequence of this resolution, the agio can never either rise above five, or sink below four per cent

    21. Before this resolution was taken, the market price of bank money used sometimes to rise so high as nine per cent

    22. ” Her growing wicked smile of resolution overshadowed any hint of her previous malaise, and it was infectious

    23. But the Dutch government soon began to oppress the Portuguese colonists, who, instead of amusing themselves with complaints, took arms against their new masters, and by their own valour and resolution, with the connivance, indeed, but without any avowed assistance from the mother country, drove them out of Brazil

    24. In war and negotiation, the councils of Madras and Calcutta, have upon several occasions, conducted themselves with a resolution and decisive wisdom, which would have done honour to the senate of Rome in the best days of that republic

    25. It was enacted, that the resolution of two-thirds of these creditors in number and value should bind the rust, both with regard to the time which should be allowed to the company for the payment of their debts, and with regard to any other agreement which it might be thought proper to make with them concerning those debts

    26. By a resolution of the house of commons, for example, it was declared, that when the £1,400,000 lent to the company by government, should be paid, and their bond-debts be reduced to £1,500,000, they might then, and not till then, divide eight per cent

    27. In the red-shift example, if we had freedom of movement in the Universe, it would have contributed immensely to the resolution of our measurements and assisted us in obtaining more certainty from the conclusions that scientists are drawing

    28. He renewed his resolution to himself that no matter what, he'd never abandon this poor troubled

    29. He values the human will to execute decisions, with absolute resolution - whether they are right or wrong

    30. I do believe that in his latest novel, „The Dead Town," Dean Koontz had it just about right when he had one of his seedier characters declare: „We think different from what a bunch of pencil neck Ivy League professors of conflict resolution think

    31. The resolution to intervene was passed by a majority vote of only two

    32. resolution filed and put away in the city archives

    33. The resolution to provide every poor child in the city with a stocking

    34. “Oh?” Normally, Amaranthe would applaud the resolution, but having one of her few resources incapacitated for days with the shakes would not be convenient

    35. An international court case followed which South Africa actually won but still the UN adopted a resolution calling for South Africa to withdraw and hold fair elections on the one man one vote principle

    36. This was called resolution 435 and a curse word for us

    37. waking form as an unconscious way of seeking resolution

    38. “And that is why he wants to hear the resolution, or have you return

    39. She drew in a long breath, then nodded at him, sending him every ounce of her love and belief and resolution

    40. Three times he screamed, and each scream generated a renewed strength, a renewed resolution

    41. Resolution 1441 is already specific enough

    42. If the United Nations does not approve the new resolution (which is already number 18, with respect to Iraq), the bombing will start backed by Resolution 1441

    43. Quite different is, however, the case with the countries opposed to full compliance of Resolution 1441 that was unanimously adopted just four months ago

    44. I do not think I am mistaken by maintaining that France, Germany and Russia have encouraged Saddam’s present haughty and defiant behavior with their inflexible posture of resistance to compel faithful compliance of Resolution 1441 and the new resolution, number 18

    45. Overlooking the fact that such information emanated from the United Nations and from many other sources of intelligence of other countries such as England, France and Germany, and disregarding furthermore the fact that Saddam had used those very same weapons against his own people killing thousands of Kurds, for example, it is fitting to remember that non-compliance of Resolution 1441 did not limit itself to “weapons of mass destruction” and did not consist, of course, in finding them

    46. He would state the Queen Bee's case and ask for a peaceful resolution

    47. It was like anger and resolution, but at the same time something very vulnerable

    48. “Religion is the platform upon which those things [have been, and] can be contemplated, where surmise can lead to a seemingly logical conclusion, the foundation of which lies far enough beyond current ability to verify as to seem without resolution

    49. At some point in Man’s early development an appeal was thought to have been made to this Presence (there have been many representations for this entity who we now call God),to arbitrate between equally demanding claims to leadership in order to avert the chaos inherent within a physically contested resolution

    50. “In their enthusiasm for conflict resolution, the Amity have apparently forgotten that meddling creates more conflict,” says Tobias

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    resolution solving firmness firmness of purpose resoluteness resolve resolving closure settlement declaration answer result solution solvent resolving power proclamation decree judgment verdict pronouncement spunk tenacity determination fortitude steadfastness answering outcome denouement issue end result explanation visibility brightness focus crispness