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    1. She felt it entirely fitting that Raw Sex Object should be bought as a gift

    2. Tahlmute here has a big plumbing fitting of some kind in a security container he needs delivered

    3. A genuine spiritual practice isn't about beliefs, nor is it about fitting in with others, nor is it anything to do with being 'saved' by anything other than your own effort and basic goodness and honesty

    4. Thought it would be fitting for

    5. In the middle of the wall opposite the mattress I traced at head height the outline of a caged light fitting

    6. He remembers she called him her son which was baffling at first, but then the pieces started fitting together

    7. Thought it would be fitting for the guests

    8. Is there any crown more fitting for Him to have? Maybe something that we need to examine would be what the thorns represent

    9. Over the course of her first week in residence Annie, who was naturally quiet even in happy times, impressed her great-aunt with her obvious inner sorrow, which the old dear thought only fitting for a woman of the Craig line, and the next Saturday afternoon Annie received her first invitation to call on her relative in her own apartment

    10. ” She smiled remembering; “My teacher said it was fitting for me to weld it since I embodied all that he stood for

    11. He was nurtured and raised as my younger brother, and so it was fitting that he should become my First

    12. The Captain came into the room, “my Queen, they named their ship “Myranaria, that means Myra’s Truth in Scather, doesn’t it? It is a fitting name

    13. charge most fitting for the crime—he could have

    14. We try to assess their capacity for fitting in with the others, as you may imagine - the dynamics of the group changes from month to month - and their drive to use the time fruitfully – sadly, we do have applicants who are too damaged by their history to cope with that

    15. her obvious inner sorrow, which the old dear thought only fitting

    16. Most of her life has been spent fitting herself into oddly shaped spaces and her new friend has a certain naïve, if deadly, charm

    17. All I got was a note saying there was a need for a shonggot victim fitting this description and one had been found

    18. “Was there a reward for bringing in a shonggot victim fitting my description?”

    19. I have confirmed that there is no record of a Tdeshi fitting your description

    20. The route into town is as worn as Ted's shoe leather, his feet fitting the grooves and shallows in the pavement sweetly and snugly

    21. “I can’t think of a more fitting end for you,” Johnny said, his face red with

    22. 'Nevertheless, it’s only fitting that you are kept

    23. A fitting end to the eye-opening journey, and with more steps and inclines than Mont Saint-Michel

    24. Bessamer was delighted after the initial fitting session and promised the completed wardrobe for the following day

    25. "Jim's," Shelly quickly responded, fitting it into her rendition of what happened after Emma's fight with the doors

    26. Harold was so taken by the descriptions of the Sierras and of the Great Tahoe, he wondered aloud how fitting a Honeymoon destination it would make for Chloe

    27. She thought it was only fitting to send them a blind copy of it

    28. and was busy fitting one of his keys into the door

    29. Then he got lost in wondering why are girls pretty at all? What is pretty? Desa explained it had to do with fitting patterns dictated by hormones and took all the fun out of it

    30. She had no objection to the emerald color, or the full skirt that fell below her knees, but the strap less tight fitting bodes made her feel self-conscience about her muscular arms

    31. In the one state, a great part of them is thrown away as useless and the price of what is used is considered as equal only to the labour and expense of fitting it for use, and can, therefore, afford no rent to the landlord

    32. ceasing, unending physical conscious torture for 50 years would not be a fitting

    33. The Elf admitted, “Fitting, truly fitting

    34. Sometimes in life, what you do seems so purposeful and so fitting to your skills that you describe it as a calling

    35. What is a fitting object of meditation? Different schools of meditation may require specific things

    36. Both of the dog's bodies started fitting from the shock of the sudden occupation

    37. For once she didn’t care about looking unkempt in her lounging clothes; it somehow seemed fitting in her situation

    38. This limits the flexibility one would have in fitting words into the passage that would suit the requirements as mentioned above

    39. "This is just a fitting," replied Eric

    40. This was a fitting contrast to the frozen Arctic and a sailor’s fare of “salt horse

    41. If something appeared within strike range, fitting the parameters such as a meteoroid, he had the authority fire upon it

    42. He continued to steer south and thought it would be more fitting to intercept merchant shipping on the routes from San Francisco to

    43. Therefore, it is only fitting for us to ask just which of these two men showed more class at the time

    44. It was traditional in the language, traditional for a Christian wedding, which would seem only fitting in Carl’s opinion

    45. “As you have behaved more like a greedy child, rather than a strong-willed young woman, I feel the most fitting punishment is to take something away from you, like taking the rattle away from the baby

    46. Wearing a long flowing robe, open and loosely fitting over his shoulders, he was bare chested and wore white baggy trousers and leather strapped sandals

    47. “I thought it more fitting to allow him some dignity, and to help reassure him that this negotiation was safe to attend

    48. Overlooking the fact that such information emanated from the United Nations and from many other sources of intelligence of other countries such as England, France and Germany, and disregarding furthermore the fact that Saddam had used those very same weapons against his own people killing thousands of Kurds, for example, it is fitting to remember that non-compliance of Resolution 1441 did not limit itself to “weapons of mass destruction” and did not consist, of course, in finding them

    49. It would be fitting to include here that during our encounter at Caja España, José Diego served, without his knowing, as an angel of reconciliation between the editor of his book, Amparo Carballo Blanco, and me

    50. On the other hand, with reference to the present situation, it is fitting to emphasize here that during a period of about fifteen years, many local residents had lamented the disappearance of the Little Church, which was replaced by a simple Cross-Bearer

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    fitting try-on trying on appointment accommodation adjustment meet decent connection attachment fixture bracket appropriate proper fit becoming due apt