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    1. "It may not fit into physics, but she is so much like Tdeshi in so many baffling ways

    2. and therefore could not find any other form of hat to fit

    3. ” They are offering shelter for the poor and hungry as long as you change your beliefs to fit their expectations

    4. The first day he had ever met Kira, she had been wearing a pair of large clown trousers and a combat jacket, hair having been cropped off with scissors in a fit of self-protective misery after being the victim of yet another sexual assault

    5. He was due to fly back to NYC that evening, to stay in his flat before joining Tatania for Valentine’s day, but he was sure he could fit in some more pleasurable socialising

    6. They fit in the ground and when set properly, will have their entrance holes at ground level

    7. “I just don’t seem to fit in well there with my other colleagues

    8. If Liz was going to attack Joanna she would have done it in a fit of temper … not shot her in the back … if there is one thing about Liz, it is that she is always straight, if she was going to do something like that, she would just storm in there, point the gun and shoot

    9. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    10. The young bride could hardly contain herself, bubbling fit to burst with

    11. Filling in the Raised Bed: The following should fit just right into the raised bed

    12. He wondered if a press that could print this magazine on paper could fit in that crate

    13. ‘It’s not fit to live in at the moment

    14. They were both fit and healthy and extremely happy

    15. None of his dollies could fit thru the narrow aisle to the space Ilumvi was storing these

    16. ‘You fit in anywhere, Mum

    17. "I've seen some of your cases in the news and when I saw this body it seemed to fit your profile

    18. ‘But the furniture won’t fit into a car

    19. Villages became haunted places, fit

    20. It was raining fit to flood the

    21. They had said to just 'take care of him' as best he saw fit

    22. Ditton was terribly worried about Liz – said that he really needed her to go down to the station with him but that if she wasn’t up to it, he would understand, but she insisted that she was fit

    23. ‘We left her car at the house – she was in no fit state to drive, but all the same she had some loopy idea that I was going to allow her to … honestly! I put paid to that, Mum, in no uncertain terms

    24. By the time Liz has cried herself out, she is fit for nothing but bed

    25. I bury my head in my hands … where did this fit of the blues come from?

    26. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit

    27. ‘It seems there’s an outside chance he might be fit enough to stand trial

    28. He was armed and fit

    29. "That's not a curse," Herndon told her, "That is a religious classification that ours does fit into in the native language

    30. Since Herndon had long had a mistress back in Sao Luis, she fit into his life without undue bother, except for the fact that Jalloo would ask Elond if she might borrow him and they might discuss him the next day and be distressingly matter-of-fact about it with 'why don't we do it like that's?' going back and forth

    31. They'd had to use motors and pumps meant for industrial use, but they were able to fabricate a hull and a burner thin enough to heat a high-tech flash boiler that could run two big water-park pumps and fit in the bilge under the helm

    32. Villages became haunted places, fit only for wraiths and fools

    33. It was raining fit to flood the world, a storm brewing up with the wailing mewl of legion cats being chased by battalion dogs

    34. How long would she have to stay in this hospital? The doctor she’d seen that morning was muttering about her not being fit to be discharged to a hotel … but was she safe here in the hospital? Had any news of her survival hit the local news? If the men who’d attacked her knew she’d been found …

    35. “When it is complete, this basket will be fit to carry my child after I give

    36. Her heart raced, thumping against her ribs fit to split them asunder

    37. She was still trying to actually believe it and finding more details helped if they fit together

    38. my classical piano teacher would have had a fit! I was ruining

    39. You have nothing to defend and nothing to fit the Scripture into

    40. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit them together in any one of a thousand combinations, only one of which would form the shape of a man

    41. I am not the prophet to be able to discern which peoples fit into which “generations,” but I know that God will sift all nations (generations/peoples) and separate them like a Shepherd separates the sheep from the goats (Matthew 25:32)

    42. The transfer had been scheduled for the Saturday by which time Kara was fit to be tied

    43. If it was to cinder them or warp them into a bloody mush, or whatever starships did in a fit of pique, so be it

    44. “What do you have that would fit them” asked Joe

    45. "How can you even think such a thing and just sit there dry eyed, telling me you've killed our son like you would tell me a remote probe went dead!" She went into a hysterical fit of tears, beating her fists against his shoulders

    46. It might be dead, in which case someone was poaching his territory, or it might be too gorged from a kill to fit thru it's bolt hole

    47. This fit of depression is purely the result of overdoing things both on a physical and emotional level … okay, so that makes perfect logical sense … but doesn’t actually alleviate things one iota

    48. ‘You think you might be fit to go in about ten days …

    49. Finding something small enough for me is difficult – most of the garments are for men and far too large, but eventually, we come across a set of leggings and jacket intended for a teenage boy which fit reasonably well

    50. It is controversial, but it just seems to fit with the biblical narrative

    1. I can confirm to you that, subject to formal ABC accreditation, it easily fits in the category of [0 – 10] copies [and sadly I do mean easily!]

    2. Ma did that sometimes when she was real fired up over something or when she was having one of her fits

    3. It fits his image

    4. It also fits in all the right places

    5. "So are they supernatural or are you trying to tell me this fits within the bounds of reality?"

    6. The reason that we can’t understand or express where the Spirit fits in or how the trinity works is because we have no need of either concept in our daily lives

    7. reduce to fits of vehement coughing till she coughed out

    8. sinking in fits and starts down the outside of the bowl,

    9. With every step she fits herself into

    10. "The only spectroscopy that fits this plume indicates that it is a hydrogen plasma at over fifty million degrees

    11. "Nothing else fits it

    12. He is in exceptionally high spirits and soon has the pair of us in fits of laughter, playing the fool and generally clowning around

    13. she fits her new shapes together and I watch

    14. They sat watching mindless garbage on the television late into the night while they consumed more alcohol and smoked so many cigarettes that they regularly exploded in apoplectic fits of coughing

    15. He was also deeply impressed by the sheer opulence on display inside his friend’s sumptuous motor car and in between fits of pique about the riff-raff who walked today’s streets, he wondered whether he could get a car like this as a perk of his new job

    16. Nikos kept the rugged and desolate coast of northern Stephanos at a safe distance and whenever a wave broke over the bow and showered me with salty balls of foam Alexis would collapse in fits of laughter at my cringing and groaning

    17. ‘Oh, darling! If you could see your face! You didn’t honestly think he’d just say ‘Oh good!’ and leave it at that, did you, Anna? I’d have had fifty fits if my mother had phoned me and told me she was getting married again

    18. "But with that we have something possible that fits the facts

    19. "Always that," he said, "but something possible that fits the facts as we know them

    20. It fits with the rest of the house nicely

    21. I start breathing again when it fits – that was the only thing I wasn’t sure about

    22. that they regularly exploded in apoplectic fits of coughing

    23. Jo, who’s sitting close by, overhears this and bursts into fits of laughter

    24. sumptuous motor car and in between fits of pique about the riff-raff

    25. throwing; she could have fits that would last for 2

    26. fits, she might cry a little bit, but that’s about it

    27. “A large but still a finite number, it fits easily in a sixty four bit integer

    28. hobgoblin, a wraith, which moved, in vengeful fits and starts on

    29. I’ve checked that my dress still fits too

    30. Soon the whole troop disintegrated into fits

    31. ‘Chas has been having these fits since his accident … it wasn’t your fault, Mickey

    32. ‘She’s throwing up and having fits

    33. ‘Yes, she said something about him having had an accident of some sort … that it had started off these fits

    34. It hardly fits with Jock's external persona

    35. She’s a lovely girl and fits in with my two

    36. He starts to shout for help, and as he does so he reaches out for the metal bar and inserts one end into the lip where the plastic cover fits snugly into its hole

    37. 'That fits in with what we know of the man,' agreed

    38. He did struggle on, with fits and starts, to the end of the second book, but he wasn’t getting much more out of the book by then

    39. that fits well with our philosophies here

    40. In this last chapter we will learn to refine our gift and find how it fits in the place of worship

    41. The next morning, he went with it to the King, and said to him, "No one shall be my wife except for the one whose foot fits this golden shoe

    42. Sleep came in fits and starts accompanied by nightmares of such vividness that at times she was unsure of where reality ended and nightmare began

    43. moment, then began falling about in fits of laughter

    44. only beautiful, but fits perfectly in the

    45. The situation of all the three is extremely advantageous, and naturally fits them to be the entrepots of a great part of the goods destined for the consumption of distant places

    46. If a project comes up that fits with your key strength when you’re busy with a

    47. GUN FIRE explodes in fits and spurts as others around them fire at paper targets

    48. The perfect pitch -- personalized greeting, story angle, where it fits in 437 the media outlet, call to action

    49. ” Ravena took a deep breath, “The other marginally reasonable assumptions---that still fits the facts at hand---aren't as innocent

    50. If you decide that Buddhism is your path, it is important to recognize that there are differences that you must take into account when choosing the school that best fits your personality

    1. and a packet of Sigaro Toscano, fitted the holder onto the butt of his cigar and the

    2. The crate was a swollen collection of planks, but framed out with good heavy timbers and fitted with lifting eyes that could have held a long suspension bridge

    3. From what we have seen of the way the young man lived, I was rather relieved when Stephen told me that he had fitted bolts to the doors … just in case those keys had gone wandering

    4. Standing at more than six foot tall, with a broad expanse of muscled chest revealed beneath his snugly fitted black shirt, the creature epitomised vigour and action, an unstoppable force made flesh

    5. Although the home was fitted with an upto

    6. The helmet fitted perfectly

    7. There was also a strap that fitted under the jaws

    8. How will we be fitted for such a seat if we are not willing to be changed in this life? God has given us everything we need in order to achieve this here and now

    9. ‘Possibly, that’s why I have fitted hobbles

    10. The house had the latest in modern kitchen appliances, a brand new corner bathroom suite, fitted wardrobes in all three bedrooms, and a lovely garden in which the businessman had a swing, a climbing frame and a sand pit installed

    11. The boots fitted Karen perfectly

    12. It was a big house of rough stone in big blocks, but pretty well fitted and chinked where it had to be

    13. It wasn't that she was bullied as such, but she didn't feel she fitted in

    14. he had been fitted up, and in the far from private world of lock-

    15. He wants the kitchen tiling finished and the final units fitted

    16. As the work progresses, as tiles are grouted and kitchen units are fitted, Ken edges ever closer to his bar in Ibiza

    17. It was smooth in detail, rough in bulk, but the floor was smooth and polished, the walls were deeply carved with heroic scenes from Elven history and the ceiling was fitted with good bioluminescent lighting, bright enough to keep Gnome’s hoods up

    18. She’d been hoping that, if Masa let her off, she could have fitted in a week at her parents’ home somewhere in the north of England

    19. These menial tasks fitted in between the practical and

    20. Attached to the keel pocket they fitted a mast step and installed the necessary hardware around the gunwales to secure the intended mast

    21. Perhaps a modern electric siren was fitted

    22. Contour formed brass balls for feet were fashioned onto the corners as added protection from idle scuffing and a brass locking latch was fitted to the front center

    23. Adjustable straps were fitted into the sides to secure whatever might be stored there

    24. within the arch were carefully fitted together, but looked as if the

    25. While he pounded and sweated, his father fitted other timbers together and raised the skeletons of walls around the edges of the box

    26. He removed the cover over the hole in the ground and fitted a slim wax ring on top of it, then set the pump shaft neatly onto the rim plate protruding from the hole, and bolted the connection together

    27. He bid Harry fetch the rest of the pile as he carefully fitted the base pieces into their elongated oval shape

    28. When Harry had brought the last of the stack from the storeroom, George bid him hold upright the fitted ribs he had begun to place

    29. After each couple courses were fitted in this manner, his father would take straw and pack it into the spaces made by the studs and the two wall sides

    30. It was the last week of August, he had trenched, laid pipe, fitted and made connections, run a drain to the existing out house, installed two pumps and a few fixtures, and was ready to test the system

    31. And none of his friends particularly fitted the standard model of ’hero’ either

    32. Often these are fitted around the work schedule, which could be anywhere

    33. on run-of-the-mill tourists, I felt – and fitted out with a

    34. She sat down on a stool, pulled her foot out of the heavy wooden shoe, and put it into the slipper, and it fitted her perfectly

    35. However, on the second time round, she came upon a low curtain she had not noticed before, and behind it was a little door about fifteen inches high: she tried the little golden key in the lock, and to her great delight it fitted!

    36. She wore a deep blue dyed leather dress that was tightly fitted from her hips to her neck where it split into a sharp V, revealing a great deal of her full, round breasts and continued to plunge past her firm stomach to end just inches below her navel

    37. I re fitted the rear covers and tried to move the side slid, it would not move even though I pressed it in several directions

    38. This value was antecedent to, and independent of their being employed as coin, and was the quality which fitted them for that employment

    39. In my opinion, oligarchy is the fitted word for the

    40. fellow that they are the fitted men to be their guides

    41. England, on account of the natural fertility of the soil, of the great extent of the sea-coast in proportion to that of the whole country, and of the many navigable rivers which run through it, and afford the conveniency of water carriage to some of the most inland parts of it, is perhaps as well fitted by nature as any large country in Europe to be the seat of foreign commerce, of manufactures for distant sale, and of all the improvements which these can occasion

    42. Needless to say, it fitted Helez like a second skin

    43. Song pointed out, “She's got the sturdiest exoskeleton ever fitted to a space yacht

    44. It fitted him perfectly, not a seam out of place

    45. Drawbacks were, perhaps, originally granted for the encouragement of the carrying trade, which, as the freight of the ship is frequently paid by foreigners in money, was supposed to be peculiarly fitted for bringing gold and silver into the country

    46. The gown fitted a little more tightly than the garments she normally wore

    47. These had orally activated switches that were fitted for Danny and little flashing rows of lights

    48. fitted out with thrusters for ‘space

    49. The curved blade was painted red and the metal head was fitted into a solid wooden handle that tapered into a point at the bottom, making both ends dangerous

    50. That produce, those manufactures, instead of being almost entirely suited to one great market, as at present, would probably have been fitted to a great number of smaller markets

    1. She felt it entirely fitting that Raw Sex Object should be bought as a gift

    2. Tahlmute here has a big plumbing fitting of some kind in a security container he needs delivered

    3. A genuine spiritual practice isn't about beliefs, nor is it about fitting in with others, nor is it anything to do with being 'saved' by anything other than your own effort and basic goodness and honesty

    4. Thought it would be fitting for

    5. In the middle of the wall opposite the mattress I traced at head height the outline of a caged light fitting

    6. He remembers she called him her son which was baffling at first, but then the pieces started fitting together

    7. Thought it would be fitting for the guests

    8. Is there any crown more fitting for Him to have? Maybe something that we need to examine would be what the thorns represent

    9. Over the course of her first week in residence Annie, who was naturally quiet even in happy times, impressed her great-aunt with her obvious inner sorrow, which the old dear thought only fitting for a woman of the Craig line, and the next Saturday afternoon Annie received her first invitation to call on her relative in her own apartment

    10. ” She smiled remembering; “My teacher said it was fitting for me to weld it since I embodied all that he stood for

    11. He was nurtured and raised as my younger brother, and so it was fitting that he should become my First

    12. The Captain came into the room, “my Queen, they named their ship “Myranaria, that means Myra’s Truth in Scather, doesn’t it? It is a fitting name

    13. charge most fitting for the crime—he could have

    14. We try to assess their capacity for fitting in with the others, as you may imagine - the dynamics of the group changes from month to month - and their drive to use the time fruitfully – sadly, we do have applicants who are too damaged by their history to cope with that

    15. her obvious inner sorrow, which the old dear thought only fitting

    16. Most of her life has been spent fitting herself into oddly shaped spaces and her new friend has a certain naïve, if deadly, charm

    17. All I got was a note saying there was a need for a shonggot victim fitting this description and one had been found

    18. “Was there a reward for bringing in a shonggot victim fitting my description?”

    19. I have confirmed that there is no record of a Tdeshi fitting your description

    20. The route into town is as worn as Ted's shoe leather, his feet fitting the grooves and shallows in the pavement sweetly and snugly

    21. “I can’t think of a more fitting end for you,” Johnny said, his face red with

    22. 'Nevertheless, it’s only fitting that you are kept

    23. A fitting end to the eye-opening journey, and with more steps and inclines than Mont Saint-Michel

    24. Bessamer was delighted after the initial fitting session and promised the completed wardrobe for the following day

    25. "Jim's," Shelly quickly responded, fitting it into her rendition of what happened after Emma's fight with the doors

    26. Harold was so taken by the descriptions of the Sierras and of the Great Tahoe, he wondered aloud how fitting a Honeymoon destination it would make for Chloe

    27. She thought it was only fitting to send them a blind copy of it

    28. and was busy fitting one of his keys into the door

    29. Then he got lost in wondering why are girls pretty at all? What is pretty? Desa explained it had to do with fitting patterns dictated by hormones and took all the fun out of it

    30. She had no objection to the emerald color, or the full skirt that fell below her knees, but the strap less tight fitting bodes made her feel self-conscience about her muscular arms

    31. In the one state, a great part of them is thrown away as useless and the price of what is used is considered as equal only to the labour and expense of fitting it for use, and can, therefore, afford no rent to the landlord

    32. ceasing, unending physical conscious torture for 50 years would not be a fitting

    33. The Elf admitted, “Fitting, truly fitting

    34. Sometimes in life, what you do seems so purposeful and so fitting to your skills that you describe it as a calling

    35. What is a fitting object of meditation? Different schools of meditation may require specific things

    36. Both of the dog's bodies started fitting from the shock of the sudden occupation

    37. For once she didn’t care about looking unkempt in her lounging clothes; it somehow seemed fitting in her situation

    38. This limits the flexibility one would have in fitting words into the passage that would suit the requirements as mentioned above

    39. "This is just a fitting," replied Eric

    40. This was a fitting contrast to the frozen Arctic and a sailor’s fare of “salt horse

    41. If something appeared within strike range, fitting the parameters such as a meteoroid, he had the authority fire upon it

    42. He continued to steer south and thought it would be more fitting to intercept merchant shipping on the routes from San Francisco to

    43. Therefore, it is only fitting for us to ask just which of these two men showed more class at the time

    44. It was traditional in the language, traditional for a Christian wedding, which would seem only fitting in Carl’s opinion

    45. “As you have behaved more like a greedy child, rather than a strong-willed young woman, I feel the most fitting punishment is to take something away from you, like taking the rattle away from the baby

    46. Wearing a long flowing robe, open and loosely fitting over his shoulders, he was bare chested and wore white baggy trousers and leather strapped sandals

    47. “I thought it more fitting to allow him some dignity, and to help reassure him that this negotiation was safe to attend

    48. Overlooking the fact that such information emanated from the United Nations and from many other sources of intelligence of other countries such as England, France and Germany, and disregarding furthermore the fact that Saddam had used those very same weapons against his own people killing thousands of Kurds, for example, it is fitting to remember that non-compliance of Resolution 1441 did not limit itself to “weapons of mass destruction” and did not consist, of course, in finding them

    49. It would be fitting to include here that during our encounter at Caja España, José Diego served, without his knowing, as an angel of reconciliation between the editor of his book, Amparo Carballo Blanco, and me

    50. On the other hand, with reference to the present situation, it is fitting to emphasize here that during a period of about fifteen years, many local residents had lamented the disappearance of the Little Church, which was replaced by a simple Cross-Bearer

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