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Frasi con flit (in inglese)

  1. Suddenly they flit.
  2. Alas! my friends, the years flit by.
  3. Noël Borgax has really done a moonlight flit.
  4. We work hard; you flit around without a care.
  5. I kept waiting to turn into a flit or something.
  6. You can tell her to flit, when you go up; here is the key.
  7. Shadows seemed to flit in the corners of Kathleen’s vision.
  8. Old Luce knew who every flit and Lesbian in the United States was.
  9. I saw the memory of our elevator conversation flit across her face.
  10. These are mere chimeras, idle fancies that flit across my brain!.
  11. At times he saw shadows flit across them, and his heart began to beat.
  12. For example, they can flit around space, but look how they mine for gold.
  13. The forms of the beloved dead flit before me, and I hasten to their arms.
  14. She thought she saw a shadow flit behind his eyes and regretted teasing him.
  15. Reflections in front of the War Memorial I felt like I was in flit city.
  16. For a long time, there was only pitch darkness, but then there came a flit of dim light.
  17. I mean I started thinking that even if he was a flit he certainly'd been very nice to me.
  18. They were in a hiatus from engagement and no one looked up to see our seven birds flit past.
  19. Actually I know a few boys who flipped into a flit because they thought it was.
  20. All you had to do was mention somebody--anybody--and old Luce'd tell you if he was a flit or not.
  21. Never again through that ill-omened tunnel shall any strange shape flit out into the world of men.
  22. And flit instantly to another living person’s aura simply by harmonizing with that other person’s aura.
  23. In silence, the others watched as Jarek seemed to flit from branch to branch followed by a more careful Melvin.
  24. Such thoughts would flit through Velchaninoff's head as he mused sorrowfully over the memory of the dead child.
  25. They easily poison their sense of Pure Wonder by making their attention span flit from one thing to the other.
  26. Her chin quivers and her lips flit up and down as if they aren’t sure what emotions they’re supposed to show.
  27. You’d have thought she would have said something if she was planning a quick flit somewhere, even with her mother.
  28. It did flit through my mind that he might have walked us round in a complete four-sided circle for all the attention I was paying.
  29. The spirits of the departed seemed to flit around and to cast a shadow, which was felt but not seen, around the head of the mourner.
  30. This is important because often these stresses flit in and out of our minds without getting the attention and focus that they deserve.
  31. She was using her hummingbird speed to flit in circles around the guards, who looked so dizzy and confused that it was almost kind of pathetic.
  32. He only stared, watching the lantern-lit hackney coaches flit here and there through the streets; watching the candles-in-windows, symbols of Warock.
  33. Well, we get to the town, and are just looking about us a little to see if there's a good stroke of tramp-business to do, after which we mean to flit.
  34. You'd keep saying to him, "You mean Joe Blow's a flit? Joe Blow? That big, tough guy that plays gangsters and cowboys all the time?" Old Luce'd say, "Certainly.
  35. Unfortunately, negative thoughts tend to flit into our consciousness, do their damage and flit back out again, with their significance having barely been noticed.
  36. How long it would be before Ozzie and Chrissie noticed he had done a flit? What would they do? If they had any sense, they would get out and make for civilisation.
  37. Nothing could be more melancholy than to see her sport about the room, and, so to speak, flit with the movements of a bird which is frightened by the daylight, or which has broken its wing.
  38. In a coffin-sized phone booth speaking to people lost somewhere across night hills, two white-faced boys were crammed, holding to each other at every flit of bat, each sliding of cloud across the stars.
  39. The drowsy answers—grumpy, conciliating, savage, jocular, or deprecating—came out into the silent darkness in which the horseman sat still, and presently a dark figure would flit out coughing in the still air.
  40. In these lengthened vigils, his brain often reeled, and visions seemed to flit before him; perhaps seen doubtfully, and by a faint light of their own, in the remote dimness of the chamber, or more vividly, and close beside him, within the looking-glass.
  41. Thesa's black form continued to flit in and out of the enemy's lines, gouging here, slashing there, hard to see in the shadows cast by the tall walls of the labyrinth, but he could do little to stop his comrades from falling around him with horrifying regularity.
  42. At length the jays arrive, whose discordant screams were heard long before, as they were warily making their approach an eighth of a mile off, and in a stealthy and sneaking manner they flit from tree to tree, nearer and nearer, and pick up the kernels which the squirrels have dropped.
  43. Suddenly they flit upon the heat into the cold, nor ever do they know of there two which is worst for them, for each is intolerable…And this same wan hope is their greatest torment, that none have any hope of any recovery, but are sure of ever ill, to continue in woe, world without end, even in eternity.
  44. Night now closed in more completely, and many lights began to flit through the wood, just as those fiery exhalations from the earth, that look like shooting-stars to our eyes, flit through the heavens; a frightful noise, too, was heard, like that made by the solid wheels the ox-carts usually have, by the harsh, ceaseless creaking of which, they say, the bears and wolves are put to flight, if there happen to be any where they are passing.
  45. Truly it was impossible to dissociate her presence from all those wretched hankerings after money and gentility that had disturbed my boyhood,—from all those ill-regulated aspirations that had first made me ashamed of home and Joe,—from all those visions that had raised her face in the glowing fire, struck it out of the iron on the anvil, extracted it from the darkness of night to look in at the wooden window of the forge, and flit away.
  46. Mrs Pawkie, on hearing what I had suffered from Mrs Beaufort, was very zealous that I should punish her to the utmost rigour of the law, even to drumming her out of the town; but forbearance was my best policy, so I only persuaded my colleagues to order the players to decamp, and to give the Tappit-hen notice, that it would be expedient for the future sale of her pies and porter, at untimeous hours, and that she should flit her howff from our town.
  47. Do you know all the mystery of life and death? Do you know the altogether of comparative anatomy and can say wherefore the qualities of brutes are in some men, and not in others? Can you tell me why, when other spiders die small and soon, that one great spider lived for centuries in the tower of the old Spanish church and grew and grew, till, on descending, he could drink the oil of all the church lamps? Can you tell me why in the Pampas, ay and elsewhere, there are bats that come out at night and open the veins of cattle and horses and suck dry their veins, how in some islands of the Western seas there are bats which hang on the trees all day, and those who have seen describe as like giant nuts or pods, and that when the sailors sleep on the deck, because that it is hot, flit down on them and then, and then in the morning are found dead men, white as even Miss Lucy was?
  48. The danger that kept Jodas from a restful sleep also saved his life, sitting with his son in the nursery room he saw a shadow flit past the window opening, someone was on the roof, quietly leaving the child he went to Bunda’s quarters two rooms down the passageway, Bunda was fully dressed standing by the window in the dark, he turned, held up two fingers and pointed up towards the roof, they silently left the room moving towards the inside stairs recruiting four guards along the way, at the top of the stairs Jodas very slowly withdrew the bolts and they concealed themselves either side of the door, after what seemed an eternity the door slowly, ever so slowly, began to open, a foot then a head and finally the body came through the door, the second assassin following, both killers were dressed from head to toe in black clothes, when they were three steps past the door Jodas sprang the trap, after a violent struggle they were soon overwhelmed, stripped, bound and dragged, not too gently, down the stairs, the noise had brought more guards running and Jodas ordered a complete room by room search in case there were more killers lurking in the palace, the noise had woken everyone and Gled came down the passage carrying the baby, one of the assassins seeing her spat towards her and screamed that she’d get the same treatment as that whore Red Fawn, one of the guards hit him on the side of the head with the flat of his sword and he keeled over unconscious, Gled carried off this verbal attack with a nonchalance that gained great respect from everyone present, she then asked if anyone had been hurt, getting an answer in the negative she said goodnight and walked away as regal as any goddess.
  49. All is recall'd as we flit by each other, fluid, affectionate,.
  1. It fluctuates like light flitting over a pond.
  2. Flitting his eyes, Rad went on with his survey.
  3. That is when I noticed a lone firefly flitting.
  4. She was flitting about and ignoring her most of the.
  5. Flitting around us were beautiful birds and butterflies.
  6. A flitting shadow across one of the chapel's ornate windows.
  7. She hesitates, all sorts of emotions flitting across her face.
  8. I've never seen them out in the open like this, only flitting.
  9. I’ve never seen them out in the open like this, only flitting.
  10. The tendency of eyes of restlessly flitting here and there must.
  11. She’s flitting about like she hasn’t got a care in the world.
  12. Birds could be heard flitting about amidst the tree branches near.
  13. The horde of flitting shadows sped towards his brothers and Dalynara.
  14. Or flitting among the trees of the apple-orchard, building the nest.
  15. Try keeping your awareness from flitting around in your head like a fly.
  16. Lo and behold, there was that lone firefly flitting near the large live.
  17. Approaching poetry, he likened her to a little flitting busy bird in spring.
  18. Exactly like the attention span of birds, flitting from one thing to the next.
  19. She’d been flitting around this office with those incredible legs for too long.
  20. It was difficult to settle down to anything seriously, with all this flitting going on.
  21. In the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a shadow flitting across the rooftops.
  22. Harvey’s reaction was a beat late; he panted, flitting around in air to stay airborne.
  23. A moment of indescribable silence ensued, in which death might have been heard flitting by.
  24. He bumped into Susannah, who was flitting around filling people’s glasses from a jeroboam.
  25. The third vampire seemed to be with them but was flitting around talking to many young humans.
  26. The first birds of spring were flitting in the branches, chirruping and singing at the windows.
  27. I shivered as his practiced fingertips skimmed my back, flitting like butterflies along my spine.
  28. She tried to keep her thoughts and face a calm mask, but her mind couldn’t help flitting around.
  29. He spoke quietly, his eyes flitting here and there as if the restaurant might be filled with spies.
  30. This flitting cheerfulness was always at the farther extremity of some long vista through the forest.
  31. His eyes were still flitting around the room and she realized he expected the Captain to be with her.
  32. The kids were flitting around in the kitchen too, probably waiting to see how long Nana could sit still.
  33. Flitting around in a P I is not the same as lumbering through space in kind of monster you’re flying now.
  34. Were they ideas, memories, or dreams that had been flitting through his mind? They were frequently all three.
  35. I walked directly to the table and stared at it, my eyes flitting from the passport to the lamp and back again.
  36. I took a breath, debated flitting over to some other harmless subject, the weather or something, then didn’t.
  37. The images of the previous day began of themselves, apart from my will, flitting through my memory in confusion.
  38. Parliament was in the process of passing new legislation to stop labourers flitting about the country demanding.
  39. But three or four figures seemed flitting before his eyes: Oh, yes, they are the visitors, flashed through Mr.
  40. In retrospect, I must have seemed mad, flitting around everywhere, unable to keep any thought for more than a moment.
  41. And Thomas was still out there, flitting from one bush to another, taking stock and awaiting his chance to attack again.
  42. It was a Faenza platter representing little Loves flitting away pursued by apothecary lads armed with enormous syringes.
  43. I repeat, these were only flitting rumours that disappeared for a time when Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch first came among us.
  44. As Darcy played games with her audience, flitting here and there and touching shoulders, Hal stared once more at the ground.
  45. And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;.
  46. And the Raven never flitting still is sitting, still is sitting on the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door ….
  47. Lena moved like a bird, hopping in one direction and snatching up a cake of soap in another and then flitting over to Killian.
  48. I still remember thinking I could see Judy, the fairy, flitting along ahead of me, so I picked up my pace to try to catch up.
  49. We often saw them flitting in and out of tree branches, falling to earth to pick up a seed or a worm, then back into the foliage.
  50. He ignored the bees flitting from bloom to bloom as well as the nodding heads of pansies and petunias along the back of the house.
  51. The thought passed on, flitting away into the auditorium that I had forgotten existed, around and beyond several of my friends and relatives.
  52. There she is! another one shouted pointing at a dark shape ahead of them that was flitting towards a dark street between two blocks of flats.
  53. She knew she should head down to dinner, but the butterflies flitting through her stomach had taken hold and left her with a sense of nervousness.
  54. Taking a last look round behind the scenes, I noticed that a good number of outsiders, even women among them, were flitting about, going in and out.
  55. He spends his days flitting through the woods with his shot-gun and his butterfly-net, and his evenings in mounting the many specimens he has acquired.
  56. Her eyes were flitting between Derrick, Dylan and the area in between the boys locker room and the café, where Landon Crane and his buddies hung around.
  57. Looking over Bloodtooth‘s shoulder she could see wispy clouds flitting across the moon‘s face, some the color of dirty linen, others dark and purplish.
  58. Semyon Ivanovitch saw all this and felt as he had done at the time; in the whirl of fever and delirium all sorts of strange figures began flitting before him.
  59. The full moon was trying to do its thing but Joe Billie noticed the clouds flitting across its face creating eerie shadows on the sugar sand and surrounding foliage.
  60. If he had come nearer, he would probably be aware, from the lights flitting to and fro, and the opening and shutting of the outer doors, that all was not right within.
  61. I glanced to the side at Zora, who was smiling as she watched the butterflies flitting around the weed flowers growing along the roadside ditches to either side of us.
  62. Did you know that the city was mentioned almost 2000 years ago in Egyptian records? Elizabeth asked as we sat and watched butterflies flitting through the flowers.
  63. The place, seen by its dim and uncertain light, appeared like the shades of the infernal regions, across which unhappy ghosts and savage demons were flitting in multitudes.
  64. Once more they started, crawling from hollow to hollow, flitting behind such cover as they could find, but moving always in a slant towards the foothills of the northern range.
  65. The chief beauty of trees consists in the deep shadow of their umbrageous boughs, while fancy pictures a moving multitude of shapes and forms flitting and passing beneath that shade.
  66. Even while these things were flitting through Aunt Huldah’s mind, she had been automatically answering “yes” and “no” to the somewhat heated inquiries of her would-be guest.
  67. The phantoms, for so they then seemed, were flitting on the other side of the deck, and, with a noiseless celerity, were casting loose the tackles and bands of the boat which swung there.
  68. Nay, rejoined the young minister, putting his hand to his heart, with a flush of pain flitting over his brow, were I worthier to walk there, I could be better content to toil here.
  69. Last night there were many thoughts flitting here and there in my head which gave a feeling of being trapped, but that was because we were both so afraid of what we were thinking of each other.
  70. She is waking from a nap, in the mid-to-late afternoon, in the spring, bits and pieces of her flitting down from the corners of a sunny room and assembling themselves into the person she is now.
  71. No, sir, this is too dull and plodding a pursuit for men of such light, flitting, brilliant imaginations, and if ever they unfortunately undertake it, they soon find the woful misapplication of talents.
  72. After his initial blunderings through his recovered physical instance, flitting like a moth from flame to mortal flame, he’d become totally captured by the stark allure of war, wherever he could find it.
  73. The unfortunate beings, with terror stamped on their faces, seen fitfully by the light of the burning dwellings flitting among the tombs, might have been taken for so many ghosts that had left their graves.
  74. Just then, she heard her mother's voice, and flitting along as lightly as one of the little sea-birds, appeared before Hester Prynne, dancing, laughing, and pointing her finger to the ornament upon her bosom.
  75. First: Though most men have some vague flitting ideas of the general perils of the grand fishery, yet they have nothing like a fixed, vivid conception of those perils, and the frequency with which they recur.
  76. Throughout his twenties and into his early thirties Tom played the part of a very willing Casanova, flitting from one bed to another, living for the moment and for the beauty of every freshly explored country.
  77. The two officers pleaded with me as my workers gave way little by little and Magdi was the eager go-between, flitting now here, now there, extracting concessions from the mob and cajoling and pleading with me.
  78. Both the expressions flitting over her face, and the changes of her moods, began to alarm me terribly; and brought to my recollection her former illness, and the doctor's injunction that she should not be crossed.
  79. Both the expressions flitting over her face, and the changes of her moods, began to alarm me terribly; and brought to my recollection her former illness, and the doctor’s injunction that she should not be crossed.
  80. Heaven grant it be a better one; for, in good sooth, I hardly think to tarry with my flock through the flitting seasons of another year! But, touching your medicine, kind Sir, in my present frame of body, I need it not.
  81. And flitting to and fro in the crowd of "rioters" who gazed open-eyed at him, he seemed to see Pyotr Stepanovitch, who had egged them on—Pyotr Stepanovitch, whom he hated and whose image had never left him since yesterday.
  82. Has everything a purpose and a mission? Did this drop fall patiently during five thousand years to be ready for this flitting human insect's need? and has it another important object to accomplish ten thousand years to come? No matter.
  83. Alyosha remembered afterwards how their inquisitive guest from Obdorsk had been continually flitting to and fro from one group to another, listening and asking questions among the monks that were crowding within and without the elder's cell.
  84. He soon became aware also that though they walked alone, there were many men close at hand: not only Damrod and Mablung flitting in and out of the shadows ahead, but others on either side, all making their swift secret way to some appointed place.
  85. For a time, there reigned, too, a sense of peculiar dread at this flitting apparition, as if it were treacherously beckoning us on and on, in order that the monster might turn round upon us, and rend us at last in the remotest and most savage seas.
  86. A little flock of these titmice came daily to pick a dinner out of my woodpile, or the crumbs at my door, with faint flitting lisping notes, like the tinkling of icicles in the grass, or else with sprightly day day day, or more rarely, in spring-like days, a wiry summery phe-be from the woodside.
  87. I had a shrewd suspicion that Bridget was always dogging my footsteps, and once or twice I surprised a flitting figure disappearing round the piazza when Captain Holford walked home with me, but as she never ventured to remonstrate openly, I did not suppose she would presume to write about me to mamma.
  88. She saw a pregnant woman harvesting beans in a field that had escaped the English torches; the scared faces of two children looking out from the blackened stones of a manor house; and several small groups of men, usually flitting through the fringes of woodland, moving with the alert purposefulness of scavengers.
  89. The remnants of the fighting forces that had so confidently entered the labyrinth such a short time ago, was now blindly following the flitting black figure along the twisting passageways, doing their best to dodge the rocks still falling from above, hoping against hope that their path-finder knew where he was going.
  90. For hours absolute quiet reigned in the little clearing, except as it was broken by the discordant notes of brilliantly feathered parrots, or the screeching and twittering of the thousand jungle birds flitting ceaselessly amongst the vivid orchids and flamboyant blossoms which festooned the myriad, moss-covered branches of the forest kings.
  91. And so I am quite convinced that, even though Pyotr Stepanovitch, Liputin, and perhaps some others—perhaps even Fedka too—had been flitting about among the workpeople talking to them (and there is fairly good evidence of this), they had only approached two, three, five at the most, trying to sound them, and nothing had come of their conversation.
  92. The Sadducees concluded that while many things spoken by Moses and the prophets darkly forecasted a future life, yet other scriptures seemed to exclude that hope, and the balance of testimony appeared to revert against the notion, and thus they drifted into skepticism, figuring that the hope of a future life was the flitting of an angel phantom across the brain.
  93. It is interesting to contemplate a tangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent upon each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us.
  94. All the news that could be gained was that remotenesses of the cavern were being ransacked that had never been visited before; that every corner and crevice was going to be thoroughly searched; that wherever one wandered through the maze of passages, lights were to be seen flitting hither and thither in the distance, and shoutings and pistol-shots sent their hollow reverberations to the ear down the sombre aisles.
  95. Whether the flitting attendance of the one still and solitary jet had gradually worked upon Ahab, so that he was now prepared to connect the ideas of mildness and repose with the first sight of the particular whale he pursued; however this was, or whether his eagerness betrayed him; whichever way it might have been, no sooner did he distinctly perceive the white mass, than with a quick intensity he instantly gave orders for lowering.
  96. Wherein, then, lay the height from which I presumed to look down upon these comrades? In my acquaintanceship with Prince Ivan Ivanovitch? In my ability to speak French? In my drozhki? In my linen shirt? In my finger-nails? Surely these things are all rubbish, was the thought which would come flitting through my head under the influence of the envy which the good-fellowship and kindly, youthful gaiety displayed around me excited in my breast.
  97. And for the initiated it was a wonderful place, this drawing-room of the Casa Gould, with its momentary glimpses of the master—El Senor Administrador—older, harder, mysteriously silent, with the lines deepened on his English, ruddy, out-of-doors complexion; flitting on his thin cavalryman's legs across the doorways, either just "back from the mountain" or with jingling spurs and riding-whip under his arm, on the point of starting "for the mountain.
  98. One would have thought it impossible for a man to stretch himself more than Timokhin had done when he was reprimanded by the regimental commander, but now that the commander in chief addressed him he drew himself up to such an extent that it seemed he could not have sustained it had the commander in chief continued to look at him, and so Kutuzov, who evidently understood his case and wished him nothing but good, quickly turned away, a scarcely perceptible smile flitting over his scarred.
  99. That was his most perfect idea of heaven's happiness: mine was rocking in a rustling green tree, with a west wind blowing, and bright white clouds flitting rapidly above; and not only larks, but throstles, and blackbirds, and linnets, and cuckoos pouring out music on every side, and the moors seen at a distance, broken into cool dusky dells; but close by great swells of long grass undulating in waves to the breeze; and woods and sounding water, and the whole world awake and wild with joy.
  100. That was his most perfect idea of heaven’s happiness: mine was rocking in a rustling green tree, with a west wind blowing, and bright white clouds flitting rapidly above; and not only larks, but throstles, and blackbirds, and linnets, and cuckoos pouring out music on every side, and the moors seen at a distance, broken into cool dusky dells; but close by great swells of long grass undulating in waves to the breeze; and woods and sounding water, and the whole world awake and wild with joy.
  1. His eyes flitted to the.
  2. The bird life had flitted.
  3. She flitted in and out of.
  4. He flitted onto the grey voice box.
  5. As they flitted from small twig to twig.
  6. Sparrow’s face flitted to look at Orphenn.
  7. A wild thought flitted into Stephen’s mind.
  8. A faint smile flitted across the smooth face.
  9. Thoughts of Raf and me flitted through her brain.
  10. Bino’s bloodshot eyes flitted about the station.
  11. She flitted around, with Johnny and sans, met all.
  12. His brown eyes flitted about as restlessly as bees.
  13. Little memories from childhood flitted back to him.
  14. She flitted around like a butterfly firing missiles.
  15. His gaze flitted between our kite and the green one.
  16. Birds sang and butterflies flitted among the flowers.
  17. It flitted in the air around them and then flew away.
  18. Birds chattered as they flitted from branch to branch.
  19. A look of utter joy flitted over Cynthia’s lovely face.
  20. Moonbeams lit his path, as he flitted from room to room.
  21. He flitted around the room, throwing himself into artistic.
  22. A shape flitted through the smoke and landed on my shoulder.
  23. Trevor’s brow creased, and his keen eyes flitted restlessly.
  24. Her eyes flitted anxiously; she barely glanced at the flowers.
  25. Her eyes narrowed and her gaze flitted around the drawing room.
  26. They flitted from cover to cover until they came to a clearing.
  27. He ran his eyes down her body, and a smile flitted on his lips.
  28. I don’t believe that I’ve ever flitted anywhere in my life.
  29. His thoughts flitted back to the motel room, to Rochelle, to her.
  30. For a moment the thought flitted through Merry's mind: 'Where is.
  31. That annoyance flitted away, however, when Jonn finally approached.
  32. Cecily flitted about, opening and closing the drawers and cupboards.
  33. We went up river one day, monkeys flitted among the trees above us.
  34. Its ears flitted back and forth in response to its master’s voice.
  35. Small aircraft flitted back and forth between the city and the ship.
  36. Already thoughts of what he was to do next flitted through his mind.
  37. Her eyes flitted his way just long enough to throw a few poison darts.
  38. Shadows flitted across the blue of his irises, deepening them to cobalt.
  39. Our gazes met, briefly, then his flitted away to a point over my shoulder.
  40. They flitted from rock field to rock field and investigated several small.
  41. Her eyes flitted around the table nervously before going back to her husband.
  42. He was surprised at the stars that still flitted like embers before his eyes.
  43. Maggie’s eyes flitted up the stairs to where she knew Libuse’s room must be.
  44. I flitted across the minds of the guards, who were now in a full state of panic.
  45. Mitch flitted onto the top of the dog’s brown head, moving down towards the face.
  46. A smile flitted across her face, but I could tell her mind was giving her no peace.
  47. Graver’s eyes flitted to the rearview mirror, though there were no cars behind us.
  48. Meanwhile Flitter, true to his name, flitted about checking all manner of vegetation.
  49. Black dots flitted around the screen indicating that time was moving swiftly forwards.
  50. As Clift watched, something flitted out of the cockpit, trailing a long yellow ribbon.
  51. His heart was warm and full as her cheery face flitted in and out of his recollections.
  52. Birds twittered, then flitted to the ground, searched for food and flew to another tree.
  53. He felt like a king but didn’t see the cold little smile that flitted across her face.
  54. She continued picking at her food and a smile that could cripple, flitted across her lips.
  55. Silas flitted onto the plank by the egg, landing his legs precisely between the tripwires.
  56. The result must have been satisfactory, for a half-triumphant smile flitted across her face.
  57. The red dot of light that flitted on its black glass-like band had turned into a blurry glow.
  58. Questions flitted through his mind as his bare feet thudded their pace across the darkened plain.
  59. The moon flitted in and out of the clouds, but with little effect to the blackness of the night.
  60. He sat down musing, and strange thoughts flitted across his mind and became hatched in his brain.
  61. So he flitted around the stable, and then outside, and kept absent for longer and longer periods.
  62. And now all these doubts and reflections flitted through his mind as he entered the drawing-room.
  63. Every time he looked at his bare feet a smile of animated self-satisfaction flitted across his face.
  64. Three shadows flitted down the back stairs pursued by a furious Hazel wielding a short length of pipe.
  65. The same smile of the eyes with which he had turned from Captain Timokhin again flitted over his face.
  66. The same smile of the eyes with which he had turned from Captain Timókhin again flitted over his face.
  67. This lasted about five minutes, during which time prison officers flitted in and out through the wicket.
  68. She struggled to grasp the thoughts that flitted through her raging mind, but she could hold none of them.
  69. Like twin fireflies they flitted through the trees and bushes, noiselessly announcing the expected arrival.
  70. Fleeting memories of their night out flitted through her consciousness and the heat in her face intensified.
  71. They met in graduate school; he flitted from lab to lab with a prodigious curiosity but little perseverance.
  72. I flitted across the minds inside my house and was surprised to find Seamus home, as well as my mom and dad.
  73. Of course, my reasoning was disconnected, and not thoughts but fragments of thoughts flitted through my brain.
  74. Vague memories of religious education lessons in school flitted through his mind, but none of it made any sense.
  75. The gentle summer night’s breeze flitted through Aspen’s hair, tickling her cheek on which a single tear rested.
  76. Birds flitted overhead, and lizards sunned themselves on big granite rocks, absorbing the heat and all that Vitamin D.
  77. No one came after me, and Floy flitted nervously around my head while I wove through crates and stinking heaps of fish.
  78. Some flitted back and forth over a few inches of space, but most stood stock still, cleaning their mandibles or antennae.
  79. Jason really his offspring? He dismissed the preposterous thought as quickly as it had flitted into his mind from somewhere.
  80. Drawing back his mind from the other paths it had flitted down, he concentrated on the thing which shouldn’t have been there.
  81. I was on the way back to critical care after another CT scan, and flitted between consciousness and sleep until I woke properly.
  82. Edgar, ethereal in silvery tights flitted athletically around his master, triggering excited murmurs from the expectant audience.
  83. The eyes had seemed to notice even that tiny hesitation, for they flitted to her fingers vigilantly before returning to her face.
  84. A bright, constantly-changing flame flickered before her; now red, now yellow, now green, it flitted before her from side to side.
  85. Black figures flitted about before the fire, and through the incessant crackling of the flames talking and shouting could be heard.
  86. She was so fixated with Raven, feeling irritation prickle within her every time Millicent’s vulgar form flitted across her vision.
  87. An expression Alaric couldn’t make out flitted briefly across Isabel’s face and she slowly sat up, wincing as she tried to stand.
  88. His brain flitted again over everything that had happened until, little by little, doubts began to worm their way into newfound certainties.
  89. Just before he dozed off, the idea of Hippolyte murdering ten men flitted through his brain, and he smiled at the absurdity of such a thought.
  90. He gathered bits of loose paper that flitted across the compound, to be used for toilet paper, and every strand of loose string he could find.
  91. An expression of pain flitted over Zina's careworn face, as though someone had suddenly stabbed her to the heart; but she mastered her feelings.
  92. He flitted along the shore like a pursued shadow between the sombre palm-groves and the sheet of water lying as still as death on his right hand.
  93. Though the moon had been up only an hour its austere presence seemed to mock the vaporous clouds that flitted fretfully across its globular, glowing face.
  94. It darted to Malik’s head, causing him to gasp, then it flitted to the light above, where it and the other moth cast giant shadows throughout the room.
  95. Standing up, he flitted past the meditation area—with its one candle, long unlit now—and the reading chair, and knelt down in front of the storage box.
  96. These and a thousand other fragments flitted through my mind as the sun crawled up the ladder of the hours and misery was quelled by the promise of the sea.
  97. A little ways off, beyond a line of scattered juniper trees, which marked the pathway to the church, a white dim figure flitted in the direction of the tomb.
  98. Squinting, focusing through the slits of its eyelids, its green eyes flitted left and right, watching each child as they walked right past where it was hiding.
  99. Presently, as we thus glided in chase, the monster perpendicularly flitted his tail forty feet into the air, and then sank out of sight like a tower swallowed up.
  100. As his eyes flitted and started to close, she remarked, Yes, look at me as long as you can, for I am the witch who has murdered you, and all are now free of you.
  1. And flits and Lesbians.
  2. Fear flits across his face.
  3. It flits about on broken wings.
  4. Annoyance flits across his face.
  5. The other end of the bar was full of flits.
  6. With short shrill shriek flits by on leathern wings.
  7. A grim expression flits across his face for an instant.
  8. I spotted a couple of flits walking by, hand in.
  9. My soul flits away into the virgin forests and to the savannas.
  10. Some of the ones he said were flits were even married, for God's sake.
  11. He said half the married guys in the world were flits and didn't even know it.
  12. TINKERBELLE!! Because of the way she flits around the cabin! David laughed.
  13. A bewildered look flits across his face and he pauses, as if he noticed something, too.
  14. Then she catches sight of a kid with a kite and flits away to go ask him a million questions.
  15. What was that? Something flits past me, a high pitched noise – a bat! Now bats, there’re a different story, somehow magical.
  16. They weren't too flitty-looking--I mean they didn't have their hair too long or anything--but you could tell they were flits anyway.
  17. I've known quite a few real flits, at schools and all, and they're always doing stuff like that, and that's why I always had my doubts about old Luce.
  18. Yes, because when you’re moving from this project to this project, your mind flits back to the original project, and it can’t pick it up where it left off.
  19. Enjoy simple technicals? IYF spends the whole time under its 50-day MA, while SKF flits around it several times, and basically spends half the quarter above and half below.
  20. Incog Haroun al Raschid he flits behind the silent lechers and hastens on by the railings with fleet step of a pard strewing the drag behind him, torn envelopes drenched in aniseed.
  21. The tongue which pools from its mouth to taste the air is forked in three and flits before her eyes as if it is a diamond prize plucked forth from the greatest mine in the most exotic of countries.
  22. Not all that far from her, Jutta Pfennig sleeps in the ultramarine shadows of the girls’ dormitory and dreams of light thickening and settling across a field like snow; and not all that far from Jutta, the führer raises a glass of warm (but never boiled) milk to his lips, a slice of Oldenburg black bread on his plate and a whole apple beside it, his daily breakfast; while in a ravine outside Kiev, two inmates rub their hands in sand because they have become slippery, and then they take up the stretcher again while a sonderkommando stirs the fire below them with a steel pole; a wagtail flits from flagstone to flagstone in a courtyard in Berlin, searching for snails to eat; and at the Napola school at Schulpforta, one hundred and nineteen twelve- and thirteen-year-olds wait in a queue behind a truck to be handed thirty-pound antitank land mines, boys who, in almost exactly one year, marooned amid the Russian advance, the entire school cut off like an island, will be given a box of the Reich’s last bitter chocolate and Wehrmacht helmets salvaged from dead soldiers, and then this final harvest of the nation’s youth will rush out with the chocolate melting in their guts and overlarge helmets bobbing on their shorn heads and sixty Panzerfaust rocket launchers in their hands in a last spasm of futility to defend a bridge that no longer requires defending, while T-34 tanks from the White Russian army come clicking and rumbling toward them to destroy them all, every last child; dawn in Saint-Malo, and there is a twitch on the other side of the wardrobe—Werner hears Marie-Laure inhale, Marie-Laure hears Werner scrape three fingernails across the wood, a sound not unlike the sound of a record coursing beneath the surface of a needle, their faces an arm’s reach apart.

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