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Frasi con dart (in inglese)

1. It was a dart gun.
2. The dart gun was a last.
3. Dart thought for a moment.
4. Her eyes dart over to him.
5. The dart hit the bulls-eye.
6. This is blackmail Mr Dart.
7. My eyes dart around the room.

8. Was the dart board more savvy?
9. A poisonous dart had wounded him.
10. The dart gun was in plain sight.
11. Dart wants me at Harper’s house.
12. Had he been smitten by some dart.
13. I tossed the dart gun onto the bed.
14. Dart sat back and looked at his notes.
15. I shot the final dart into his chest.
16. Dart continued to explain what he knew.
17. Well, there’s also a dart gun set.
18. Deputy Dart walked by and looked at her.
19. For once, his eyes didn’t dart about.
20. Then she remembered the butterfly dart.
21. It stuck just as if it had been a dart.
22. He looked at the paper Dart was holding.
23. Dart hung up and Carter closed his phone.
24. The dart stuck in a man’s eye and the.
25. Listen, Mr Dart, that’s preposterous.
26. Dart wrote down the name of Jessica Snare.
27. There’s been a grave mistake Mr Dart.
28. What will dart out presently? No one knows.
29. I couldn’t’ be faster than her dart in.
30. Here and there chipmunks dart out and then.
31. Deputy Dart walked in with a sheet of paper.
32. Reeves’ eyes dart around for a few seconds.
33. A dart to the chest was far too good for him.
34. Mr Dart, I don’t agree with your methods.
35. Dart smiled and patted Carter on the shoulder.
36. Dart sat back and watched the kids’ reaction.
37. These thoughts stuck in Sam like a poison dart.
38. The needles are not needles, but a dart to be.
39. The dart that has struck me proves without fail.
40. Dart called up to the wooden shack at its top:.
41. The chicken squawked and tried to dart past him.
42. I hit you with the dart before you got a chance.
43. He was killed by a poison dart while on campaign.
44. Dart smiled and followed Carter back to the Jeep.
45. The police didn’t throw a dart at a phone book.
46. I keep my eyes on the sphere, poised to dart at it.
47. Deputy Dart walked through the busy police station.
48. This is the Dart Post Office is it? Said one.
49. A young female officer came rushing up behind Dart.
50. Carter and Dart examined the body of Samantha Weber.
51. Carter! Dart yelled from the sea of spectators.
52. Her eyes dart around the room like a cornered animal.
53. I presumed that Mattie had also been hit with a dart.
54. That was the dart! Why didn't he think of it sooner?
55. Then… Dart was interrupted when he saw the Mayor.
56. She was about to dart off again; but Edgar arrested her.
57. What’s he doing here? Holland whispered to Dart.
58. Alfred's android would have a new dart cocked any second.
59. Yes, he said, feeling a dart of unexpected pleasure.
60. One halted at the window, long enough to dart in a glance.
61. She lifted her hand to the point where the dart had hit her.
62. I dare you to hit that dart board over there, he said.
63. Doug Roberts? Dart presumed, shaking the students hand.
64. If not, you can use your dart guns to tranquilize the kitty.
65. He then retrieved one of the other knives from the dart board.
66. Imbedded in a crack in the stone wall was a long, slender dart.
67. They managed to dart all twelve guards – how I don’t know.
68. What’s the play about, just out of curiosity? Dart asked.
69. This person; no machine, had just shot her with a poison dart.
70. Dart and Holland did the same after viewing the body themselves.
71. He felt a ripping pain dart from the necklace, Cathy Jo’s pain.
72. Dart turned around and grabbed the folder the officer handed him.
73. The colors reminded him of the color of poison dart frogs of Earth.
74. I wished with all my heart I didn’t have to throw that last dart.
75. Deputy Dart and I were looking into it with Riley Little some more.
76. I would dart home and give her the long awaited, apocalypsal bath.
77. Cami took the second of distraction to dart a glance at the balcony.
78. Spencer Holland and Deputy Dart stood next to each other, befuddled.
79. Dart walked in behind her, as did Holland, and they closed the door.
80. Wynne was quick to dart after the other two, still sickly and limping.
81. Paralysis spread as fast as blood passed the spot where the dart hit.
82. It’s fun and interesting to teach in EMBA Programs, says Dart.
83. He snatched the gun and a dart and scanned around for a hiding place.
84. Dart walked over with a bottle of water and joined the conversation:.
85. The street was dark, but he saw the figures dart beyond and below him.
86. Harek’s attention dart toward me with all of the focus of a bird of.
87. Dart urgently opened the folder and stared at the name on in the inside.
88. It’s good to have some wild cards in the curriculum, says Dart.
89. It was a long shot for that dart gun but Alan was not about to chance it.
90. Heather started to dart off from the way she came before I grabbed her arm.
91. I threw a dart at the map and did some research, settling on a transition.
92. Carter and Dart read them as the rest of the officers tore the room apart.
93. What the hell are the Lores? Dart asked, holding back a small chuckle.
94. He wouldn't have been carrying this dart launcher without intent to use it.
95. You know I will, I say as I step into the street with a cautious dart.
96. Now, tossing dart after dart, Shaw pointed his beard and fired the volleys:.
97. Mitchell glanced around for a second, his finger on the dart stun gun trigger.
98. Dart agrees that elective offerings give programs some additional flexibility.
99. How the earth darts on and on! and how the sun, moon, stars, dart on and on!.
100. The dart landed on target, in the centre of a rosette that stretched down to.
1. Darting down the steps, he.
2. Darting into the machine room as the.
3. Stephanie asked, her eyes darting about.
4. Leblanc was darting angry glances at him.
5. His eyes kept nervously darting around the cafe.
6. Moses was still crouched, his eyes darting back.
7. He slowed his darting then stopped in front of me.
8. Only the crickets and the soft darting by of a bat.
9. The snarling blurs accelerate, darting this way and that.
10. Churchill hesitated, his eyes darting, weighing the words.
11. Over the hedge line, Tony spotted the dark car darting in.
12. He studied the reflection, his eyes darting here and there.
13. Russell clamped his lips together, his eyes darting at Glen.
14. She was silent for a moment, her eyes darting over the letter.
15. Thomas noticed the small flying things darting here and there.
16. It was rapidly travelling over the ground, darting to and fro.
17. Shoop managed to keep pace with the darting man but knew that.
18. He nodded tersely, his eyes darting quickly up and down my block.
19. Hey, where are you going? she called after him, darting to.
20. What is it? gasped Cloud, darting up the steps to join his.
21. Quickly, his eyes shot open, darting to where he’d heard the sound.
22. Through the years James never stopped his darting from here to there.
23. Cooper must realize, because she speeds up, darting between two cars.
24. They started to panic, darting confused looks at each other and not.
25. Katz’s face was stark white, her eyes wide, darting to her computer.
26. Eddie’s eyes were darting everywhere, avoiding eye contact with them.
27. Jemelda joined him, her eyes darting from him to Ralph and back again.
28. He jumped back just in time to avoid a quick, darting blow of the beak.
29. He glanced around the room, eyes darting in frustration, which was when.
30. The male Fae frantically looked around before darting towards the lounge.
31. It was coiled, with its tongue darting in and out, as its rattle sounded.
32. Piers slowly drank his beer, his eyes darting here and there as he did so.
33. I don’t know, she answers, her eyes darting around as if seeking enemies.
34. Then she spied him, darting behind a tree, moving toward her in the darkness.
35. The flames were never still… they were always darting around, up and down.
36. There we wil have regular streets, with electric cars darting around, we.
37. Johnny froze, eyes darting to the point from which the commotion had emanated.
38. Yaksha bowed her head prior to standing and darting through the air toward an.
39. I could see men scrambling out of the water, darting into the reeds like frogs.
40. Maria started up, her eyes darting towards the door, as if afraid that some one.
41. Holmes had lit a cigarette, and was shooting little darting glances all over the.
42. Dawn shifted uneasily, her eyes darting from the intruder to Sheena and back again.
43. Kev spluttered, his eyes darting around the room as though looking for inspiration.
44. My Lord, he said, his dark eyes darting everywhere but at the wizard’s face.
45. Penelope sighed and looked toward the ground, eyes darting here and there in thought.
46. Holmes had lit a cigarette and was shooting little darting glances all over the room.
47. What in the hell is going on? I asked, my eyes darting between the two of them.
48. Faith Tabernacle is in shambles, he said, darting a worried look around the room.
49. Her eyes were still darting, they were the only part of her that had Tdeshi’s energy.
50. Well put yourself in my place, he replied, his gaze darting here and there as he spoke.
51. Very fast, darting, often in shoals, usually dangerous only when there is blood in the water.
52. Then, darting forward, he threw his arms round Lord John's legs, and rested his face upon them.
53. The sun was darting its brilliant rays obliquely through the greenish, frozen panes of our room.
54. We ran to keep up with him, and he alternated between sprinting and darting looks around corners.
55. And with her eyes darting excitedly about the heavens, Penelope walked on back to the waking camp.
56. And sure enough, as we got closer I could see figures darting up to the windows of the stopped cars.
57. The rodent continued to move closer, its head darting this way and that, constantly alert for danger.
58. His mind beginning to spin, darting in and out of questions and excuses, like a discovered miscreant.
59. The girl was staring at us now, eyes going back and forth between us and darting to a spot on the floor.
60. Thomas looked back at Ben, who stared viciously at Alby, his tongue darting between his lips to wet them.
61. Darting his eyes back and forth, he stirred at the sound of twigs breaking as if someone was approaching.
62. Peering between his shoulder and the dirty ground, she saw scurrying feet, darting dogs and not much else.
63. It is done by darting a short-handled cutting-spade, to which is attached a rope for hauling it back again.
64. They both waived, the Minister looking on, his small eyes darting between the public, the Queen and the King.
65. His body motionless, he scanned the darkness with darting eyes and alert to every sound while his mind raced.
66. God save us, said Father McGuire from down the bar, catching Berty's eye and darting his own to the heavens.
67. But Joey suspected that when they saw the truck door move they would be darting out of their seats to have a look.
68. The kitchen door is open and Bex leans against the door frame watching sparrows darting in and out of the shadows.
69. What need there was for dating when he came darting into my heart! Hit the iron when it’s hot, it’s wisely said.
70. Even in the flying speed of her urgent haste she realized that the darting of the serpents was no longer at random.
71. The children thanked her with snow in their mouths, their eyes darting from her buttoned-up shoes to her white hair.
72. So might one look down on an ant hill and see no method or direction or purpose in the darting hurrying inhabitants.
73. On the seventh day, Sebastian was more than a little edgy, his eyes darting and his mouth clicking from time to time.
74. Head darting out of the car again, in a voice that is plaintive rather than angry, Amy says, I am not a whore!.
75. She pulled the map out of her pocket and studied it quickly, darting into the crowd as quickly as her leg would allow.
76. You—you would? he stammered, darting his eyes back and forth as if considering a hasty retreat into the woods.
77. Others looked troubled and uncomfortable, eyes darting to and fro; to see if more of them would rise out of the earth.
78. Vile woman! shouted the princess, darting unexpectedly at Anna Mikháylovna and snatching the portfolio from her.
79. Forcing my muscles into action, I raced through the ferns, hopping over logs and darting around moss-covered boulders.
80. As Monica and Harry approached Tenth and Liberty, their attention was turned to a girl darting in front of an automobile.
81. Of an electricity disengaged, little by little, of a flame suddenly darting forth, of a wandering force, of a passing breath.
82. He then rose, his eyes darting fire, and, shaking his terrible fist, he cried, in a voice hoarse with rage: "Czine mintye!"*.
83. Uncas pointed toward a rocky shore a little in their front, whence another war canoe was darting directly across their course.
84. She pulled the bandanna from her face and continued to lay still, her eyes darting to either side of her, her ears straining.
85. It was clean and convenient, but there were more local children playing in it, darting in and out of the dusky cells like bats.
86. The three Secret Service agents running with him were darting their eyes out in all directions, looking for potential bad guys.
87. Theakston was darting in and out of the heather and Smith was casually strolling along swigging from the bottle of Jack Daniels.
88. As he looked around, his gray eyes darting between the other soldiers in his battalion, they all appeared steeled for engagement.
89. And to put his arm-chair back in its place he was darting away from the counter, when Binet asked him for half an ounce of sugar acid.
90. We three seem’d i’faith to become a great Mythological Beast with twelve Limbs, three Mouths, six Eyes, and three darting Tongues.
91. Suddenly darting on each other, they closed, and came to the earth, twisted together like twining serpents, in pliant and subtle folds.
92. Weaving our way among low reed-choked islands, I wondered at the bright birds darting in and out, nearly within arms reach of where I sat.
93. When they had reached this point where the spark is on the brink of darting forth, an officer in a gorget extended his sword and said:—.
94. Her eyes were darting about, she continued to hug her husband but she had to act quickly to dispel any thoughts of long term convalescence.
95. He'd sit at the kitchen table with his flyswatter, watch the flies darting from wall to wall, buzzing here, buzzing there, harried and rushed.
96. You, anxiously, watch from the other side of the walnut tree, half expecting him to come darting out with a 10 foot snake clinging to his face.
97. But to her dismay the youngsters backed away, a deep fear evident in their darting eyes as they scattered in panic, screaming for their mothers.
98. But the sight of the enraged drugged whales now and then blindly darting to and fro across the circles, was nothing to what at last met our eyes.
99. A tiny blur of fur leapt through a ray of light cast from a gap in the ceiling, darting through the light only to disappear beneath a fallen beam.
100. There were a number of letters, bills, and notebooks, which Holmes turned over and examined with quick, nervous fingers and darting, penetrating eyes.
1. I darted to my left.
2. She darted to the bell.
3. A guy darted into the.
4. She darted for the door.
5. My eyes darted past him.
6. He darted into the house.
7. She darted behind a row.
8. His eyes darted to Mary:.
9. Then, swiftly, he darted in.
10. Her eyes darted to the clock.
11. The boy darted into the alley.
12. Her eyes darted toward Kalver.
13. Feet shuffled and eyes darted.
14. Corallyn nodded and darted off.
15. My eyes darted around the room.
16. A rat darted from under a cart.
17. My gaze darted over my shoulder.
18. Spotlights darted all over the.
19. Melissa's eyes darted away again.
20. Her eyes darted around the cabin.
21. The boy’s eyes darted back to her.
22. They saw him, and darted toward him.
23. Claire darted into an elevator alcove.
24. Her eyes darted downward and widened.
25. The horse darted south, bags heaving.
26. Sati as she darted in front of Ganesh.
27. Teller’s eyes darted around the room.
28. Felix darted away, back over the gate.
29. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips.
30. Melissa's eyes darted to the clipboard.
31. The ghost's gaze darted around the room.
32. Gunnison darted restless glances about.
33. He suddenly darted ahead at full speed.
34. She crouched lower as she darted for it.
35. Soon, she'd behave like a darted animal.
36. Her eyes darted back and forth as she.
37. Star darted out into the moving traffic.
38. Calvin darted aside in the nick of time.
39. My eyes darted to the rear vision mirror.
40. Theo darted forward and slammed the door.
41. His eyes darted around the room nervously.
42. She darted her eyes towards Nandu’s shop.
43. Machinma's head darted to across the stand.
44. Every blue thread darted in her direction.
45. Cynthis darted forward and took Holms’.
46. He darted here, there and everywhere, and.
47. He began to bark and darted after the hare.
48. The woman’s eyes darted toward the street.
49. The little ‘copter darted into the sky!.
50. He darted for whatever protection he could.
51. The Professor darted off before she had done.
52. I darted towards the door and flung it open.
53. His mouth opened and his eyes darted around.
54. Then I darted my eyes to the woman on the bed.
55. His eyes greedily darted over all the stones.
56. Swifts and swallows darted overhead, and he.
57. Her eyes darted back across the breezy field.
58. His hand darted out indicating the prisoners.
59. Father’s eyes darted upwards, and he saw me.
60. Her eyes darted back and forth, but she nodded.
61. His eyes darted back to the two empty circles.
62. Swifts and thrushes darted about the trees in.
63. His eyes darted wildly as if he was trying to.
64. Her eyes darted up and down and left and right.
65. And as the reflection darted across my mind I.
66. Her lips trembled as her eyes darted to and fro.
67. He grinned and darted to the rear of the basket.
68. His eyes darted back from Randy to Dan to Jeremy.
69. Any staff they encountered darted out of the way.
70. They wove and darted through the maze of branches.
71. His eyes darted down to my chest and then back up.
72. She darted from the counter and out through the.
73. Alex dropped the revolver and darted from the room.
74. Zion’s eyes widened and darted toward the stairs.
75. His eyes darted to the riverbank, where water was.
76. Phyllis, she flung his hand off her arm and darted.
77. Did I? Dominic darted a dark glance Caleb's way.
78. Alan darted back thru the door as the pistol came up.
79. She sprang up, darted over to me, and gave me a hug.
80. It darted along the brush-line out ahead of the camp.
81. Something darted past Thomass head and he turned to.
82. Wickland’s eyes immediately darted in her direction.
83. Jill gasped and hid her eyes as he darted his rental.
84. She quickly grabbed her purse and darted out the door.
85. Blues maw darted out of the water and snapped at his.
86. But the ruffian flung it at his head and then darted.
87. But he leapt up and darted back out into the corridor.
88. They dodged and darted down the streets of Washington.
89. My eyes darted from Andy, to Sully and then the soldier.
90. The Captain spluttered and his eyes darted side to side.
91. Her eyes darted between the man and woman watching her.
92. Her eyes darted back and forth between Rave and Stefan.
93. But it was too late: the train darted up and flew past.
94. She darted off across the low-cut turf toward the open.
95. The one in front darted towards him at an alarming rate.
96. He darted upon it as an eagle would seize upon its prey.
97. The girl's eyes darted to the door before picking it up.
98. They darted to the nearest classroom and locked the door.
99. The robin darted amongst the trees and led them into the.
100. She darted over to William and threw her arms around him.
1. Shaw tossed the other darts slowly.
2. These darts have gone pretty deep.
3. The monster darts, and he seems to laugh.
4. A thousand fiery darts are piercing my brain.
5. But where do you get the darts or the stuff that's.
6. The Roadrunner darts it's tongue out at the boulder.
7. These darts will paralyze you, but they won't kill you.
8. I wished I had saved one of those darts I used on Kestrel.
9. Tenebra or Auger and Turrid shells also have poison darts.
10. For example, if an animal darts in front of the car, your.
11. Small darts of red free-formed at random within the liquid.
12. Coombs rubbed his unshaven chin, glaring vicious darts at us.
13. The boy darts towards her, burrowing between the two of them.
14. In an unrelated story, coin flips and darts outperformed this one.
15. Darts are counted as stubble, he laughs at the shaking of a spear.
16. Maya darts forward, with the kind of speed that is fueled by panic.
17. Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear.
18. Mostly whip lashing, punctures from darts, cuts and cigarette burns.
19. Shoop had neglected to bring any poison darts with him, for which he.
20. Her eyes flitted his way just long enough to throw a few poison darts.
21. As the Bees entered the open space, arrows and darts rained into them.
22. They learned billiards, darts, bowling and a wide variety of card games.
23. Joe had joined a Billiards club and would also play darts at the weekends.
24. The Lifeship automatically lifts away from the mother ship then darts off.
25. The idea of throwing darts at Pierce’s junk in effigy was pretty appealing.
26. How the earth darts on and on! and how the sun, moon, stars, dart on and on!.
27. At last Aragorn stood above the great gates, heedless of the darts of the enemy.
28. Skelton calmly picked several darts from the Captain's neck, then felt his pulse.
29. You are inverted and broken from your flight, pinned under the grip of sharp darts.
30. Then the tail flicked and dozens of slender darts shot through the air toward them.
31. I knew I could not continue sitting there and arguing when I had thrown poisoned darts.
32. Darts final and the bar was packed with supporters from The Horse and Groom in the village.
33. Lyre lashes out with a long leg, but Daniel’s immunity warns him and he darts to one side.
34. One member was elected to throw darts at the Journal's stock page in order to select a portfolio.
35. All the revolutions of Europe since 1792 are the French Revolution: liberty darts rays from France.
36. One great fellow ran past me roaring with pain, with a dozen darts sticking from his chest and ribs.
37. But now, as the two monsters hounded us to the very foot of the stairs, a drift of darts came whistling.
38. There was even a splash of bloodred paint on the yoke of the bull where a plume of darts had pierced him.
39. Amy darts into the car, rolls over and tries to yank her keychain out of the ignition, but it’s jammed.
40. If they were meant to do him harm they had to be at least the size of the darts the android's pistols fired.
41. Nancy had seen often enough the effects of taser darts to recognize what had happened to the young teenager.
42. Above al, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
43. Above all, take and use the shield of Faith, your Strong Spiritual Faith will quench the Devil’s fiery darts.
44. But the Orcs laughed with loud voices; and a hail of darts and arrows whistled over the wall, as Aragorn leaped.
45. The mind darts like a chicken, trying to escape thinking even though thinking is the most rewarding function of man.
46. Beside it was a great pile of helms and mail, cloven shields, and broken swords, bows and darts and other gear of war.
47. Eph 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
48. Rob was glad to see there were few feathered darts and arrows jutting from the duckbill’s green-streaked orange hide.
49. When it alights upon a horse, it darts through the hair, much like a gnat, and never quits its hold until removed by force.
50. They, of course, brush aside any organized resistance, but then the men tend to die from disease and ambush with poison darts.
51. I showered quickly, jerking awake a couple of times under the hot darts of water, not even aware that I had been falling asleep.
52. This is usually called "throwing darts", it means that the ball and the shots are not high enough which results in lower points.
53. Then a shower of needle-like darts whizzed close to our ears, and a renewed commotion among the branches arrested our attention.
54. The fact that you made it out to the depot, and they had to stop you with darts, convinced him pretty well that you were the real deal.
55. Her repulsion is displayed with startling realism, and it furnishes the cue to the lover, who darts out and stabs the old man in the back.
56. The man looked at Than and then back at Alecto, whose eyes were narrowed and appeared to be shooting invisible darts into the man’s skull.
57. A completely natural assumption, since we have insanely busy lives, and our method of picking stocks would be the equivalent of throwing darts!.
58. Glacia darts sideways, turns a corner, and grabs a sphere that is floating at shoulder height on the wall, which she obviously placed there herself.
59. With the empty pier-end ahead, its skeleton being flensed, and a tidal wave of fog storming toward shore, I felt a fusillade of cold darts in my back.
60. They had been trained by Nguyen to shoot, and mastered the homemade bamboo, cobra venom covered blow darts, an accurate and lethal weapon at close range.
61. From the oldest cultures of surviving stone age tribes; now almost completely gone: the use of poison darts and poison arrows to kill living animals with cunningly.
62. One older guy, dignified in a leather vest and a cowboy hat, tried to show Gasbag how to play darts, but his hands were too big to really control the delicate projectiles.
63. He loved his dominoes and talked me into playing darts for the team and on one occasion when I didn't turn up for a match he gently chastised me, he was a very shy man at heart.
64. Striding with a musical critic's quickstep, he moved to the dart-game board, seized the darts, spun about, paced off the proper paces, turned, and, with one eye shut, flung a dart.
65. They try all the cheap restaurants, spend hours at the RSL, play the pokies, bowls, bingo, darts, bridge, watch daytime TV, anything to distract them from experiencing their lives.
66. Unfortunately, it appeared that the regulars had celebrated themselves senseless after their team had won the darts final, neither their evidence nor their memories could be relied upon.
67. The armor was helping, but was not keeping them completely protected, for each time the christians turned their backs, where no armor was, they were hit by the fiery darts that were thrown by the demons.
68. At the moment when she is struggling in the convulsions of death, a vulture is flying by (there are a good many vultures in Adelmonte's country); this bird darts on the dead fowl, and carries it away to a rock, where it dines off its prey.
69. One pair immediately leaped into flight, but the other held their ground and threw magically accelerated war darts as fast as they could pull them out of their packs, and the two flyers were shot down before they’d gained ten feet of air.
70. One pair immediately leaped into flight, but the other held their ground and threw magically accelerated war darts as fast as they could pull them out of their packs, and the two flyers were shot down before they’d gained three meters of air.
71. He speaks of the 'wiles of the devil,’ as well as of the sleight and legerdemain of his crafty emissaries; of the 'all-deceivableness of unrighteousness’ in the 'working of Satan:’ of his manifold 'devices,’ as well as of his 'fiery darts.
72. Then did Christian draw, for he saw it was time to bestir him; and Apollyon as fast made at him, throwing darts as thick as hail; by the which, notwithstanding all that Christian could do to avoid it, Apollyon wounded him in his head, his hand, and foot.
73. Be that as it may, for many years yet there will certainly be no relaxation of the eager scrutiny of the Martian disk, and those fiery darts of the sky, the shooting stars, will bring with them as they fall an unavoidable apprehension to all the sons of men.
74. The man whose ears and heart are of stony ground, readily hears Gods’ Word and immediately receives It with joy, but has no depth in his heart because the fears and worries, or even the opinions from others, stumbles by the never ending, unrelentless darts that are thrown by this world and its problems.
75. It resembled that perpendicular seam sometimes made in the straight, lofty trunk of a great tree, when the upper lightning tearingly darts down it, and without wrenching a single twig, peels and grooves out the bark from top to bottom, ere running off into the soil, leaving the tree still greenly alive, but branded.
76. There were leaping banderilleros with their antagonizing darts, and the picadors lancing the bull from the saddle of a padded and blindfolded horse until a dark, wet patch of blood appeared across the back of the bull, and I don’t doubt I was supposed to think of one of the Roman soldiers piercing His side with a spear.
77. Although it may be painful to the feelings of an honorable mind to be assailed with odious appellations, and charged with duplicity and falsehood, yet the mind which has virtue for its basis, a conscious integrity for its support, and firmness sufficient to enable the man to do his duty, may hope to pass unhurt by such malicious darts.
78. But not a bit daunted, Queequeg steered us manfully; now sheering off from this monster directly across our route in advance; now edging away from that, whose colossal flukes were suspended overhead, while all the time, Starbuck stood up in the bows, lance in hand, pricking out of our way whatever whales he could reach by short darts, for there was no time to make long ones.
79. Is this the creature of whom it was once so triumphantly said—"Canst thou fill his skin with barbed irons? or his head with fish-spears? The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold, the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon: he esteemeth iron as straw; the arrow cannot make him flee; darts are counted as stubble; he laugheth at the shaking of a spear!" This the creature? this he? Oh! that unfulfilments should follow the prophets.
80. For the next hour they fired at the target, it was excellent fun; Murray had always steered away from guns, but he found this to be great entertainment, he also found that his hand eye co-ordination was a long way behind Mr Hawk and Mr Crow’s, they hit every thing they aimed at without seeming to try, swapping the guns around they used all three guns with the same deadly accuracy, Murray conceded that he definitely wasn’t in their league, so dropping a couple of darts in his pocket he retired from the target practice and sat back and became a spectator, when they both seemed satisfied with their toys they all went into the kitchen and nuked some tucker in the microwave.
81. They first called at an electrical store and Shirl studied what computers they had in stock but she drew a blank on the model she wanted, they next called at the Super Sport shop and Murray bought two air pistols and a box of darts, then onto Radio Spares were Shirl bought a soldering iron and a roll of solder, a couple of small PC boards, transistors, and various other electronic spares, now to find the right laptop, they visited half a dozen shops before Shirl found what she wanted, it was expensive but Murray assumed Shirl knew what she wanted, because he certainly didn’t, their last purchase was at a chemist were Shirl bought hair dye, combs, scissors and a packet of thin plastic throw away gloves.
82. And again I said: Lord thereafter what will You do? And I heard a voice saying to me: Hear righteous John; Then shall appear the denier and he who is set apart in the darkness who is called Antichrist; And again I said: Lord reveal to me what he is like; And I heard a voice saying to me: The appearance of his face is dusky; the hairs of his head are sharp like darts; his eyebrows like a wild beast's; his right eye like the star which rises in the morning and the other like a lion's; his mouth about one cubit; his teeth span long; his fingers like scythes; the print of his feet of two spans; and on his face an inscription Antichrist; he shall be exalted even to Heaven and shall be thrown down even to Hades making false displays; And then will I make the Heaven brazen so that it shall not give moisture on the Earth; and I will hide the clouds in secret places so that they shall not bring moisture on the Earth; and I will command the horns of the wind so that the wind shall not blow on the Earth.
83. They left and Murray locked up behind them and returned to making the rack, when he’d finished he bolted the rack into the truck, he stopped for lunch and watched the midday news on ABC, Iraq, Iraq and then more Iraq, then some experts and politicians displayed their ego’s, pompously having their say, the two messages that he got were firstly that no-one seemed to have a clue what to do, and secondly quite astutely the ABC had lumped politicians and experts together, talk about the blind leading the blind, the next item was about a car crash on the highway not being interested he turned the television off and went back to work, he finished the small amount of welding and burning that still needed doing on the plate steel project, after grinding the welds smooth he left it to cool down while he loaded some of the stuff onto the rack in the truck, he then wandered over to the fridge got a beer and decided to have a play with the dart guns, he was spraying the darts all over the board when he suddenly realised they hadn’t tested the knockout drug that would coat the darts, what if it didn’t put the guards to sleep immediately or what if they woke before they had finished, if the drug wasn’t instantaneous, the guards, if they were fast enough, might even start spraying bullets around, he would have to inform Mr Hawk of his misgivings when he came back from his fishing trip.
84. I started the outboard engine and Flynn casually stepped aboard and cast off the ropes tying us to the shore, I told him to sit out of sight in the half cabin as I swung around and headed across the bay to Bongaree, the only reason I had Flynn along was because Mr Jay said it would need two to gently lift the Wilson, although the alarms were disabled there was still the printers dye to be considered he said, it was only ten or twelve kilometre’s across the bay and with the amount of times we’d practised I could have done it with my eyes closed, leaving Flynn out of sight in the cabin, I tied the boat up and walked to a bench were Mr Hawk was sitting waiting for me, getting in the panel van we drove along to were Mr Jay had parked the truck, Mr Hawk then pointed out the financiers house about fifty metres up the road and we drove a bit closer then we went up the driveway, Mr Jay knelt down and in seconds we were in the house, we could hear the noise of a television set coming from the kitchen, peeping in the round window of the door I saw the two guards drinking coffee watching a football match, I looked at Mr Hawk he nodded and we slowly pushed the door open, when the darts hit them their heads dropped forward, one fell to the floor the second body didn’t even move staying in the same position as though he was still watching the footy match, Mr Hawk’s knock-out drug was certainly fast acting.
85. Right, now that we are all settled again, here’s how we do it, the financier lives on Bribie Island, on the day in question we load the truck with Mr Jay’s equipment which he will take across the causeway to a car park near the house of the financier, Mr Crow and I will have hired a fishing boat for a few days fishing I drop Mr Crow at the boat which will be waiting at the Beachmere wharf, Mr Crow takes the boat across Deception Bay, a matter of ten kilometres or so, he ties it up at the Bongaree boat ramp, after dropping Mr Crow I then drive across the causeway in the panel van and pick him up at the boat ramp, we drive to the truck then proceed to the house, Mr Jay our resident locksmith opens the door, you and I, Mr Crow, with our dart guns will then render the guards unconscious, at this time Mr Crow your only concern will be the guards you will not leave them, not even for a minute, understood, if you need a pee you do it there you must not take your eyes off them guards for a minute, putting two more darts in the guns you will stand over the guards and if they seem to be stirring you dart them again, Mr Jay and I will bring up the vehicles and start unpacking, I will then guard the front of the house, when Mr Jay has disabled the Wilson we will load it into the panel van and then load Mr Jay’s equipment back into the truck, Mr Crow and I then drive the panel van to the fishing boat and load the Wilson aboard, we then cross the bay with the money, while we are doing this Mr Jay is driving across the causeway and around to Beachmere to pick us up, we then come back here to open the box and share the money and then we live happily ever after.
86. Shirl was on the laptop talking business with Jerry, a couple of her accounts he was unfamiliar with she told Murray, so Murray went into the bedroom and after donning a pair of cotton gloves opened the parcel he’d bought from Sally laying it all out on the bed, there were two bags of cocaine, eleven thousand dollars of the stolen Post Office money, two thousand dollars refund from Sally, and last but certainly not least the present that Sally had mentioned, the piece de resistance, wrapped in a plastic bag was a 38 millimetre automatic hand-gun, a note stuck to the plastic bag stated that this was the actual weapon used to shoot and wound the two postal workers, Murray was ecstatic, the gun would move the question of guilt out of the realm of possibility, to the realm of certainty with no chance of convincing anyone otherwise, the two thousand refund Murray returned to his wallet, then from the bottom of the wardrobe he retrieved the battered briefcase he’d bought at the op shop, he took from the briefcase one of the hypodermic needles that Ted had left his fingerprints on, putting this to one side, and leaving the other three needles, he began loading the bag, first he shook the gun out of the plastic bag, then added five thousand dollars of the tainted money from the robbery, lastly he placed a bag of cocaine in the briefcase and closed it, from the bedside table he now took his own briefcase, which still contained his various identities in the false bottom, into this he put the remaining six thousand dollars of the Post Office money, the syringe with Ted’s fingerprints, the bag of heroin, both of the air pistols and the packet of darts, from his inside jacket pocket he took the little bottle of the knock-out mixture that he’d switched from Mr Hawk’s coat during the robbery, holding it up to the light he saw there was less than a quarter left, more than enough though for the task ahead, he’d just finished these preparations when Shirl called from the other room.
87. Next morning they were up early and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Murray drove away at eight thirty and Shirl left the hotel an hour later, Murray parked at a meter a little away from the Plaza Hotel, Mr Kennedy left first then a half hour later Mr Cruz drove up the ramp and turned left, when he’d turned the corner Murray fed the parking meter and walked quickly into the hotel, entering the lobby with his briefcase under his arm, he walked nonchalantly to the lift and ascended to the second floor, he halted at room two one seven with lock picks in hand he glanced up and down the lobby, fiddled with the lock and walked calmly into Mr Cruz’s room closing the door behind him, opening his briefcase he loaded the two air guns with drugged darts, he then placed the Post Office money and the bag of cocaine in the top drawer of the bedside cabinet, Murray then searched the room for anything that might implicate him, satisfied that everything was in order he sat on the floor at the side of a cabinet were he’d be hidden from anyone who entered, it was over an hour later that the key was inserted in the lock and Mr Cruz walked towards the bed, his instincts must have warned him because he spun around as Murray fired the dart gun, a look of fury glaring on his face as Mario collapsed onto the carpet, it must have occurred to him at last that he had grossly underestimated Mr Jay, Murray fired the other air pistol into Mr Cruz’s body just to make sure, then opening his briefcase he took out the syringe which he had filled with a cocaine mixture Sally had recommended, opening Mario’s shirt Murray emptied the contents of the syringe into Mario’s belly, he then retrieved his darts and searched Mario’s pockets for any papers that might refer to Murray or Mr Kennedy these he also put in his briefcase, the last thing he did was check that he hadn’t smudged the fingerprints on the syringe, he then laid it on the floor next to Mario’s body, one final inspection of the room, and he was walking towards the stairwell where he took his gloves off and added them to the contents of his briefcase.

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