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    1. The sentiment of the scene seemed to forebode what the search efforts would yield, and a momentary hush and stillness of the ocean and wind seemed grossly unnatural as the horses stepped onto the beach and the search resumed once again

    2. Upon entering the lobby that was still quiet and nearly deserted, perhaps due to the early hour or the unpleasant weather that may have inspired many guests to remain in the confines of their comfortable beds, Feltus felt a sense of tension and trepidation hanging in the air like one of the dark storm clouds on the horizon that displayed its powerful fury over the ocean and seemed to forebode the pending arrest that would sufficiently close the murder of Faye Underwood

    3. “I don’t have anything else with respect to that case,” Jim said, a touch of apprehension in his tone that forebode something serious

    4.  presentir, to forebode, have a presentiment of

    5. It is true, and I own it now, that though I knew what good cause Don Fernando had to praise Luscinda, it gave me uneasiness to hear these praises from his mouth, and I began to fear, and with reason to feel distrust of him, for there was no moment when he was not ready to talk of Luscinda, and he would start the subject himself even though he dragged it in unseasonably, a circumstance that aroused in me a certain amount of jealousy; not that I feared any change in the constancy or faith of Luscinda; but still my fate led me to forebode what she assured me against

    6. " Andrea turned pale, and drew towards the door; he saw a cloud rising in the horizon, which appeared to forebode a coming storm

    7. “There can be, if I forebode aright, no power, short of the Divine mercy, to disclose, whether by uttered words, or by type or emblem, the secrets that may be buried with a human heart

    8. The boughs were tossing heavily above their heads; while one solemn old tree groaned dolefully to another, as if telling the sad story of the pair that sat beneath, or constrained to forebode evil to come

    1. To many of the children it was a source of excitement, and to others, echoing their parents reservations, it foreboded a curtailment of their liberty to go about in pursuit of their uncurbed desires, which was more often than not, simply idleness

    2. The landscape before them was deathly still as the wildlife, having sensed the approaching storm, sought shelter from the inclement weather and foreboded what was to come in more ways than one

    3. Pestilence was known to have been foreboded by a shower of crimson light

    4. Hester could not but ask herself, whether there had not originally been a defect of truth, courage, and loyalty, on her own part, in allowing the minister to be thrown into a position where so much evil was to be foreboded, and nothing auspicious to be hoped

    5. of the heavy air foreboded storm

    6. She did not wish to hear any further as to the sort of omen it was, and what it foreboded

    1. And my heart forebodes that soon it will past away for ever

    2. My heart forebodes nothing good: but I cannot carry away the eggs, nor fly from the nest, for fear of chilling them

    1. ” Her voice was quieter than certainty suggested and I looked in my father's face for some hint of salvation from my own thoughts of foreboding and helplessness

    2. There was no ignoring the sense of foreboding

    3. When the public inspection commenced, Nerissa’s foreboding turned out to be accurate

    4. It was a bad foreboding of impending disaster

    5. There was a sense of foreboding, a sense of being surrounded

    6. It was fear, foreboding

    7. Yet – despite the foreboding – what happened next was no less shocking: the child’s face changed colour, to a lifeless grey, metallic grey

    8. I moved towards her and held her as a strange feeling of foreboding came over me and I wondered if he were dead or not she pulled away and replied

    9. He stood and watched the pulsating monster with a dark sense of foreboding deep in the pit of his stomach

    10. As he walked away, he was hit by the same terrible foreboding he had felt in his dream

    11. There was a click as the door was locked and Raven was alone again with a thousand thoughts swirling in his head, waiting for the guards to return to take him to the foreboding sensory deprivation chamber

    12. The door stood open awaiting him, intimidating and full of foreboding

    13. The clouds looked brighter although still foreboding, as they swanned across the rapidly lightening sky

    14. Ordinary conversation carried with it the element of foreboding that a slip of the tongue could cost one’s liberty

    15. Truman, and he guessed Beth too, looked out upon the water with foreboding, but Herminia was fully alive with a spirit of happy anticipation for the fishing trip she believed them to be off on

    16. A place that had looked dark and foreboding when they had first spotted it was a different prospect in streaming sunlight

    17. The strong feeling etched into his father’s voice gave Abelon a sense of foreboding as the speech continued

    18. It has become a foreboding tussle between Cambodia's legal merits and Thailand's historical claims that has far-reaching repercussions

    19. She had an odd sense of foreboding after the call and had settled into bed with a rare nightcap

    20. He told her that ever since he had returned from the trip, he had a strange foreboding that something was missing, something was left unresolved, but he couldn’t put his finger on it

    21. On the plane, I was overcome with foreboding

    22. The building itself had always seemed a foreboding place to

    23. Had she gone mad? Was seeing this apparition perhaps not brought on by some form of stress located to thinking about vampires too much? But she didn’t feel unstable and loosing her grip on things, she felt as though he was hear for a reason, whatever the reason, it probably meant some foreboding message

    24. Still, the foreboding grew stronger

    25. The foreboding still hung over him; contesting now with his curiosity

    26. 19 Nor when you did see the eyes of each of them looking sternly on their tortures, and their nostrils foreboding death, did you weep!

    27. I even kept countless diaries, adding to my foreboding collection as homage to them, sending gifts to their families, even for loved ones long gone, but nevertheless I continued to remember and remind their future generations, celebrating the birthdays anonymously every year

    28. I’d recognize those eyes anywhere, they were still Levi’s, but they were wild, unruly, truly foreboding to anyone he hated, but I wasn’t one of them

    29. The beginning of indications, that we have witnessed other women die of, fill me with foreboding, now that my Moshe has forgiven the circumstances of my shame

    30. 19 Nor when you did see the eyes of each of them looking sternly on their tortures and their nostrils foreboding death did you weep! 20 When you did see children's flesh heaped on children's flesh that had been torn off heads decapitated on heads dead falling on the dead and a choir of children turned through torture into a burying ground you lamented not

    31. foreboding and the thoughts that had returned him to the events of his reunion, lingered on

    32. other women die of, fill me with foreboding, now that my Moshe has forgiven the

    33. remembered, too, the awful dread that had filled him with a dark foreboding

    34. They paced forward—the reeve in advance, his expression foreboding

    35. A sense of foreboding came over her

    36. Mine was dark with foreboding

    37. A sense of foreboding gripped them

    38. -I have the foreboding that this work is going to be very complicated

    39. and Steve, with a sense of foreboding, came to see what was happening

    40. Indefinite! His heart sunk so low at this morbid, foreboding thought that it met with his intestinal juices

    41. Olivia stared after it, feeling the cold hand of nameless foreboding touch her supple spine

    42. He had a terrible sense of foreboding which he couldn’t shake off

    43. Joseph closed his eyes again, the weight of responsibility was very heavy on his young shoulders and he had a sense of foreboding about the whole thing

    44. There was something about this moorland that was dark and foreboding, he liked the fresh air away up here and he liked being away from London

    45. Sam felt blood rise to his face and throb the foreboding pulsations of frustration

    46. “It’s gotten worse?" she asked with foreboding

    47. He looked up at the sky and said, “There is a massive calamity foreboding the stability of the galaxy

    48. When he received Fernanda’s last letter, dictated by the foreboding of imminent death, he put the leftovers of his false splendor into a suitcase and crossed the ocean in the hold of a ship where immigrants were crammed together like cattle in a slaughterhouse, eating cold macaroni and wormy cheese

    49. His face turning white as a sheet; a terrible foreboding building in the pit of his stomach

    50. So I ended up at my Dad’s house in Arcadia (the city where my truck rear end and axle had failed the year before as a foreboding), and I became his caretaker

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