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    1. As forecast, after the parties were shown to their rooms, they assembled in the conservatory for afternoon tea

    2. The forecast was for rain, but the full moon seemed to pick the Hollow as

    3. So when her parents required a reference point for the re-supply, or a forecast of certain necessary amendments to their endeavors, Hipolyta's account books were accurate and up-to-date tools for those instances

    4. We most humbly offer our considered forecast of their continued dedication and strength

    5. Kennitch for his forecast of the realized benefits in more specific terms, then resumed

    6. The forecast was for a sustained increase rising to its maximum forty centigrade on the Sunday and that's when the Cleary boys decided on their plan to eradicate the Perols from the area

    7. If you did not I can tell you the weather is predicted to get hotter with no rain forecast

    8. to the weather forecast

    9. He hoped the forecast was wrong, but for now, the rainy weather might provide cover

    10. The forecast called for rain tonight and the possibility of a storm off Lake Erie tomorrow had increased with a big drop in temperature

    11. The forecast was for winds picking up to 30MPH, before a rain storm arrived in the Laurel Mountains

    12. Forecast was for a clear, cold day over the mountains

    13. They had forecast not only Jesus" birth, but his death

    14. " "Thanks for the forecast

    15. The weather changed rapidly as it often did on the South Coast, but this time we were in for a couple days of heavy storms according to the weather forecast on the radio in my car

    16. We called her the “Storefront Girl,” because on one weather forecast, she told us that there were several “storefronts” moving into the area

    17. It is now forecast that 2010 and 2011 will also have less income that what will be paid out

    18. She gave me some advice and clarity, but she cautiously warned me that her knowledge was limited by her evolution, and no one was able to forecast the future with exactitude

    19. that forecast when critical sub-assemblies and raw materials need to be bought

    20. forecast to continue that way until tomorrow morning

    21. and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time

    22. he shall not stand, for they shall forecast devices against him

    23. What is even more alarming is that estimates forecast that

    24. Cash Flow Forecast – A weekly forecast of cash – out 6 weeks – will create a strong control

    25. reports such as the business plan, budget, and cash projections that forecast future needs

    26. The ―scientists‖ continued their program for their livelihood depended upon it and they forecast a continuing warming

    27. When people hear the Pastor accurately forecast God’s destruction of the monument, they’ll believe

    28. “what’s the forecast for the next few hours?”

    29. Strong currents were always in the forecast, since there were

    30. forecast was calling for over a foot of snow late tonight, but he

    31. Generally, the purpose is to review each deal in the pipeline, which in turn is used to forecast revenue (usually in a best- and worst-case scenario)

    32. A recent example of the technology-enhanced ability to have everyone manage processes was described by Denis Pombriant in his look at Right90, which captures and tracks changes to the business forecast (all the things that can and should be forecasted in addition to revenue, so that a company can keep its supply chain informed of coming changes) in real time

    33. With Right90, if a salesperson reports that a customer is doubling an order for 32-inch HDTVs, managers in sales and operations are alerted, and the full implications of the change in the forecast are thoroughly reviewed

    34. While the forecast may look good for killerstandup

    35. Mankind has seen that there are many things that are forecast for the future, things that they have

    36. This month the coldest night’s been twenty-five degrees, and the forecast is for continuing dry, hot weather until Christmas

    37. Rain was forecast for later, so Chris did not go for a long drive

    38. As forecast, the whole “Korean Satellite” fiasco was smoothed over and did not rate a line in even the local rags anymore…life went on

    39. He said the parable referred to two things: First, it was a review of his own ministry up to that time and a forecast of what lay ahead of him for the remainder of his life on earth

    40. 1 Having summarized the teachings of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven, we are permitted to narrate certain later ideas which became attached to the concept of the kingdom and to engage in a prophetic forecast of the kingdom as it may evolve in the age to come

    41. His main interest is the weather forecast and as the talk on the television is about the latest credit problems he starts to unpack his huge rucksack

    42. �We need to do it soon as the weather forecast was for rain this evening and we can't afford to leave footprints, give it a half hour then we'll go

    43. The sky above them was growing ever more leaden, and snow had been forecast for the capital late afternoon

    44. Besides, the weather forecast was for a heavy fall of snow soon

    45. forecast the coming storm

    46. sales process and CRM are important tools that can help you manage your team, forecast results and keep your team on course

    47. Forecast and budget; determine whether to build in-house or outsource

    48. presentation showing forecast sales, existing orders (from my friends who all

    49. I really believed their forecast that it would become a quagmire

    50. “Weather forecast says its going to storm, might be snow

    1. Forecasting a spell: Setting the future in motion (with no

    2. Corporations and investors are tasked with the tremendous burden of forecasting their businesses and investments twenty or thirty years down the road

    3. …Revenues projected years in advance…subject to volatile (market) conditions likely to invalidate forecasting

    4. Aerographer: officer involved in weather forecasting

    5. Despite a morning that warranted a good bit of television in the room, Ian stimulated a motivating date with friends, buzzed on his brew, forecasting on a solid start to experience – Janice obliged

    6. remember the three laws of forecasting: (1) forecasting is difficult; (2) methodology is over-rated;

    7. procedures: one of the Laws of Forecasting tell us that Methodology is Over-rated

    8. Both predicting and forecasting have evolved to the state where they

    9. The Laws of Forecasting set a context for the methods of foretelling

    10. Fundamental and technical analyses are used for forecasting the future direction of the currency

    11. Two types of analysis are used for the market movements forecasting: fundamental, and technical

    12. early thirteenth centuries gives ratios, which play important role in the forecasting of market

    13. When you get to the serious forecasting stage you should already be in close

    14. While forecasting the cost and time delays of using attorneys, I’ll bet the parties could figure out a better settlement, and have way more to split, each

    15. forecasting, prediction, classification, etc

    16. This book is aimed to help you kick-start with analytics including chapters on data visualization, code examples on web analytics and social media analytics, clustering, regression models, text mining, data mining models and forecasting

    17. executive, the mathematical situation is akin to forecasting the path of a hurricane and

    18. task, forecasting in this manner is open to numerous errors, and some analysts simply

    19. forecasting; the index ranges between two numbers depending on location, but once it

    20. dynamic, we are not forecasting per se

    21. with forecasting earnings and the need for company guidance is attributable to this lack of

    22. performance are simply inadequate as forecasting tools


    24. The chain of logic behind forecasting begins with the fact that all companies need a

    25. Students of finance should be especially familiar with forecasting techniques with

    26. them with 5 modules of which forecasting was one

    27. While this is a worthy exercise, the real benefits lie in forecasting the

    28. Ah, 2004! The election that had virtually buried the science of psephology, or poll forecasting

    29. seen, forecasting the doom of the Internet

    30. forecasting what day we would leave this land of the

    31. Perhaps my own mind was forecasting the ending

    32. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is forecasting a climb of 8 degrees in 2100; a global warming sufficient to kill life on earth

    33. This form of prophecy thereby consists of forecasting and describing

    34. This flowing structure lends itself to the forecasting of future activity in a manner

    35. similar to the forecasting of weather patterns

    36. forecasting one week ahead with the trendline

    37. So we are safe in forecasting the conclusion that the most Campbell has accomplished is the weaving of another web over the mists surrounding the simplicity of words

    38. forecasting the weather, predicting the forex market is sometimes a crapshoot,

    39. ” Nor was I forecasting that society would be overrun by “stream-entrants” and “non-returners” of the Joseph Goldstein variety

    40. Drew applied his theory with generally good forecasting results until the end of the 1960s


    42. Angas himself developed an extraordinary forecasting record during the 1920-1940 period, when he was invariably right about stock price movements in England and the United States and their associated economic fluctuations

    43. In his later years his forecasting record became more erratic

    44. as forecasting tool, 45

    45. He is managing—not forecasting

    46. As technical analysts use past market data to make their prediction of future directional movement, options traders use the historical price behavior as a component of forecasting future market action

    47. The professional traders are estimating what volatility will be or forecasting volatility

    48. Assuming that we will keep the position “delta neutral,” thereby taking away the price forecasting element, we may measure the profitability of the trade by examining the actual volatility for the duration of the trade

    49. These and other technical tools apply in volatility forecasting

    50. This interpretation applies directly to forecasting volatility

    1. Jista smiled and pulled up the new data for their forecasts of piratical activities, now reaching deep into the void of the local bubble in the Spur---as far from the snug regions of historical Alliance space as the Guild's influence had yet reached

    2. Ray and his special elite force stashed their own personal selection along with all the other goodies they had secreted away all these years for a rainy day which, according to recent weather forecasts, was just around the corner

    3. His forecasts were based on the moon going through its thirty-six year cycle

    4. 11 For wickedness, condemned by her own witness, is very timorous, and being pressed with conscience, always forecasts grievous

    5. this, but you must not indulge in forecasts and plans, born of

    6. Forecasts of income and expenses

    7. Forecasts of sources and uses of cash

    8. No Intense Focus On Cash And Cash Forecasts

    9. Dave’s job was to present the financial reports and forecasts

    10. ‘November’s always hot, and according to the forecasts it’s going to get hotter and dryer before the monsoons arrive

    11. Yield forecasts had been significantly increased

    12. Minimize the amount of time your reps spend on estimates and forecasts

    13. Your forecasts are probably all

    14. future growth forecasts of the business

    15. Too many forecasts about science in the

    16. We had taken into account the weather, in planning the murder, and we knew, from the forecasts that there would be a short but intensive shower about midday

    17. “This one forecasts an increase in the population

    18. The weather forecasts are even announcing fog for the early morning

    19. accurate forecasts of rising earnings will attract capital

    20. capital model must harbor some assumptions based on forecasts and would be prone to

    21. 4) Use analyst’s forecasts to your advantage

    22. situation in which the investor can depend on analyst’s forecasts

    23. forecasts once “guidance” is received from the company , but the average investor does not

    24. variability in forecasts because it is essentially a mathematical version of Murphy ’s Law:

    25. analysts’ forecasts with our mathematical determinations

    26. to make earnings forecasts ourselves, but will rely on consensus opinion to provide inputs

    27. Investing on the basis of forecasts is tenuous

    28. forecasts are less than the time progression, but we need to recognize that changes occur

    29. One major reason for discrepancies between sales forecasts and stock predictions is

    30. forecasts, only in the thrall of the weather itself were we sure what was

    31. year forecasts based on assumptions which are, at best, guesses as to the state

    32. "That one costs $1,000 because it can do everything the first one can do plus it knows how to prepare financial forecasts"

    33. Having checked all the snow reports and weather forecasts, Dusty Miller and Roger Lloyd decided to head for Rochers-de-Naye that weekend, where, at 2,045 meters, there was already enough snow for some decent skiing, and more was forecast during the next few days

    34. diatribe and the intrepid Lynn Coggin upon whose Factory Capacity Forecasts the

    35. ‘The International Monetary Fund forecasts growth of 6

    36. The work breakdown structure forecasts for this project stage are for beginning machine relocation and installation into the new shop

    37. Nevertheless, it is still planed to study weather forecasts for the specific period when such works are scheduled

    38. Housing news over the past year has yielded a mixed bag of opinions and forecasts


    40. The weather forecasts were predicting

    41. But it was not until the short-term forecasts made

    42. The weather - of which I write so much, it being a key factor of northern hunts - has, contrary to the forecasts, not improved

    43. them, and they made GDP forecasts for the next ten years with confidence that

    44. It would be stupid to climb when weather forecasts are predicting a snowstorm in the general vicinity

    45. You're familiar with some of them, such as the thermometer, which gives the temperature inside the Nautilus; the barometer, which measures the heaviness of the outside air and forecasts changes in the weather; the humidistat, which indicates the degree of dryness in the atmosphere; the storm glass, whose mixture decomposes to foretell the arrival of tempests; the compass, which steers my course; the sextant, which takes the sun's altitude and tells me my latitude; chronometers, which allow me to calculate my longitude; and finally, spyglasses for both day and night, enabling me to scrutinize every point of the horizon once the Nautilus has risen to the surface of the waves

    46. At first, I must say, events seemed to confirm my forecasts, much to the Canadian's despair

    47. During the night, in line with my forecasts, a new one–meter slice was removed from this immense socket

    48. And the conversation passed to forecasts of the coming race, the only thing Vronsky could think of just now

    49. Our investor also knows the beliefs and forecasts shared by the crowd, which he has learned from its current members

    50. An investment theme is a basket of explanations and of the forecasts that seem to be their obvious consequences

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