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Frasi con fraction (in inglese)

2. The wizard unrolled a fraction.
3. You have tasted a fraction of.
4. She lowers the blade a fraction.
5. Only for a fraction of a second.
6. The pack now seemed a fraction of.
7. We can express this as a fraction.

8. For a brief fraction of an instant.
9. You have tasted only a fraction of.
10. It happened in a fraction of a second.
11. It moved my head a fraction of an inch.
12. The other person, although a fraction.
13. It may give us a fraction of a second.
14. You saw me for a fraction of a second.
15. Something like that! She was a fraction.
16. If writers put a fraction of the amount of.
17. For a fraction of second, I lost my senses.
18. Our kisses lasted for a fraction of second.
19. All this happens in a fraction of a second.
20. He felt it move a fraction, but that was all.
21. It may only happen for a fraction of a second.
22. Will nodded and relaxed his fingers a fraction.
23. Here is a fraction of the shocking statistics:.
24. Eventually, the young man opened it a fraction.
25. He had escaped death by a fraction of a second.
26. He opened the trapdoor a fraction and peered out.
27. He felt not a fraction of anger as he recalled.
28. Another step, just a fraction of a moment later.
29. Rudolph’s eyebrows moved more than a fraction.
30. Nerissa sent her stone a fraction wide this time.
31. Alex grinned up at me for a fraction of a second.
32. I decided to kill Will in a fraction of a second.
33. The cost per night was a fraction of what I was.
34. The Ear and Nose relaxed a billionth of a fraction.
35. She came from Dos a good fraction of a century ago.
36. Our icecaps are not a fraction of the old ice age.
37. A fraction of a second later, the cart thundered by.
38. His expression softened just a fraction of a degree.
39. For a fraction of a second he was utterly delighted.
40. It felt as if time had slowed to a fraction of normal.
41. All a fraction is; is an unfinished division problem.
42. They're used to using some fraction of the cutter's.
43. Carmody’s one good eye opened a fraction of an inch.
44. It opened its cerulean teardrop eyes a fraction wider.
45. Not a fraction of second I felt that I was a call girl.
46. It is the remaining unsplit fraction of Infinite Time.
47. Barbara climbed out of the water and for one fraction.
48. The serine fraction of Phosphatidylserine can also be.
49. But she was lost somewhere within a fraction of second.
50. The figure froze and turned their head, just a fraction.
51. For a fraction of a second she felt a tingling of panic.
52. And Cook Like a 5-Star Chef for a Fraction of the Cost!.
53. Yet, even those ships were a fraction the size of these.
54. That expenditure is only a tiny fraction of its revenue.
55. Although only a fraction of the way through the text the.
56. His neck was wrenched roughly to the side, one fraction.
57. There is always a tiny, tiny fraction of an inch between.
58. She might have a fraction of a heartbeat to surprise him.
59. Now that he was back, it only took a fraction of a second.
60. But she had no time to look at me for a fraction of second.
61. She didn’t raise her eyes above for a fraction of second.
62. The luggage yawned, and moved forward a fraction of an inch.
63. It simply asks, what fraction is into sending and receiving.
64. If you miscalculate by a fraction of a second, you will die.
65. Don’t expect a fraction of the tolerance we gave you here.
66. It’s either that or try to turn yourself a fraction to the.
67. After a moment’s hesitation, the left one opened a fraction.
68. I didn’t hesitate, not even for a fraction of a millisecond.
69. If she leaned back just a fraction, she’d press against him.
70. The 40 to 90 grams of carbs per week is a fraction of what is.
71. Within a fraction of time it seems everything was dead silent.
72. The lights seemed to pulse as if time had slowed to a fraction.
73. They were not a fraction as impressed as they should have been.
74. That time our eyes met with each other for a fraction of second.
75. The leader of Block D threw me out after a fraction of a second.
76. Not the same thing but similar, but in a fraction of the time.
77. This maneuver would leave Ben exposed for a fraction of a second.
78. It was a fraction of its former self, shriveled within its shell.
79. You have seen but a fraction of Yshon, Niko, Fusan answered.
80. For a fraction of a second, he saw how strange seven herons were.
81. She raised her eyebrows a fraction, but she didn’t say anything.
82. Bezart slammed the phone down a fraction of a second before Dupont.
83. My chin raised a fraction and I stared at her in obvious curiosity.
84. As we did with the delta, we can express the gamma as a fraction.
85. But it only stopped for a fraction of a second, I complained.
86. His eyes widen a fraction, and he grins, slowly getting to his feet.
87. I listened with a fraction of my attention, catching random tidbits.
88. In a fraction of second, the meaning of life resided in that light.
89. Alter your routine a fraction – put the children to bed a little.
90. Delta is calculated as a fraction so it can have a lower limit of 0.
91. But we could easily create enough to live on with a fraction of the.
92. As he spoke, the second hand moved a fraction, 'Hey, it's moving!'.
93. He ogled at me for a fraction of second before turning to the computer.
94. From which sum, neglecting the fraction, and deducting a ninth, or 4s.
95. Medical sciences has claimed that we only use a fraction of our minds.
96. This way I don’t have that problem and I’ll be a fraction smaller.
97. Nancy took a fraction of a second then to check visually on Ononkapis.
98. He soon tired of taking orders from men with a fraction of his skills.
99. For a fraction of second, I thought that they would catch me red-handed.
100. The lights flickered inside the crew sphere for a fraction of a second.

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