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Frasi con speck (in inglese)

  1. The speck grew larger and.
  2. Not a dust speck on the air.
  3. A dark speck in the distance.
  4. There was nothing, not a speck.
  5. All this would be a tiny speck;.

  6. Then another speck in another sun.
  7. A speck of blood bloomed on his lips.
  8. There wasn’t a speck of pity in him.
  9. Sometimes I hate this fucking little speck.
  10. But still, not a speck of paint was visible.
  11. Not a single olive or speck of food was 173.
  12. Not a speck of blood dripped onto the carpet.
  13. Then you can see clearly to remove the speck.
  14. A gold speck in the gold skies; then was gone.
  15. This speck, by its very nature, radiates and.

  16. The cupboards had not a speck of dust on them.
  17. From the heavens, he appears a brilliant speck.
  18. Says he hates to waste even speck of good weed.
  19. It’s just a speck amongst all the other specks.
  20. Guinier was now just a fading speck in the clouds.
  21. M: A speck in the eye makes you think you are blind.
  22. When he was through, not a speck of blood remained.
  23. At 60,000 feet, we would be a mere speck in the sky.
  24. Q: How can a speck like me create the vast universe?
  25. There was not as much as a speck of dust on anything.

  26. Darkness everywhere; not a speck of light was showing.
  27. A speck of ruro could power a whole planet for a year.
  28. I walked off towards that far away speck that was Mamma.
  29. At the root of my being is pure awareness, a speck of.
  30. Every last speck of life in your body is for the victory.
  31. Just as a speck in the eye, by causing inflammation, may.
  32. He held her up and beheld this little speck inside the egg.
  33. Then, far beyond the ploughing-teams, a black speck was seen.
  34. Then something magical happened; it was only a speck at first.
  35. Mingled with the stars, he noticed a speck of light in motion.
  36. I was very early on, it would have just been a speck inside me.
  37. Did you hear any flaws? he asked, without a speck of irony.
  38. Once it so happened that the last speck of food was used up and.
  39. I saw you like a speck on a white track, lessening every moment.
  40. It would have been difficult to find a speck of dust on anything.
  41. You are a small speck, on a small planet at the outer end of your.
  42. A speck appeared deep within the tunnel, a speck with arm and legs.
  43. At their feet its red speck died: and mouldy air closed round them.
  44. Not even a speck of movement could be made out in the valley below.
  45. He was somewhere a speck of dust amidst the hoards of handsome guys.
  46. Even the floor was white, and there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere.
  47. As for those you call upon besides Him, they do not possess a speck.
  48. Suddenly he saw a black speck emerge from the hole the explosion had.
  49. Yes, he began but paused to brush a speck of dust from his sleeve.
  50. We all come into existence as a single cell, smaller than a speck of dust.
  51. It smoldered on the floor and turned into a tiny black speck of charcoal.
  52. If Joseph were to fall, he would end up as a speck of flame far, far below.
  53. He looked at the land, and he looked at the white speck and the puff of smoke.
  54. His speck of a life will not stand out in the universe, of that he is certain.
  55. Out at the edge of an insignificantly flat spiral galaxy, by a minute speck of.
  56. I think I see a dot, and when I move my eyes away slightly, a tiny speck appears.
  57. She sat composedly alone in the sand, watching the glinting speck drawing landward.
  58. Becky watched till he was just a speck in the evening sky and then turned to Kate.
  59. Compared to the iceberg, the Cloud was no more than a speck of dust on an ice cube.
  60. Gueste looked through her lorgnon at the glinting speck traveling out on the water.
  61. He turned and waved at the troll, now no more than a speck on the edge of the world.
  62. This short life is just a speck in time; it is important to us because it now seems.
  63. Again he saw her, the merest white speck moving against the white, muttering sea-edge.
  64. He let his eyes slide over the speck and focus, but he couldn't make it out very well.
  65. Superman had discovered he was no man of steel and there wasn't a speck of kryptonite.
  66. The injury was a speck bigger than a puncture would and wasn’t even bleeding anymore.
  67. A tiny speck of color appeared in his jaundiced cheeks and he began to move his fingers.
  68. What will happen to Ingrid? she wondered, with the last speck of light in her mind's eye.
  69. I could see Ma thinking she was a tad untidy, but I didn’t see a speck of dirt anywhere.
  70. After that she could only watch the dots next to the speck as seen from the geosynchronous.
  71. A whitish speck flattened against the rock does not prevent the condor from soaring aloft.
  72. Once you die, that table will not care one speck about all the hours you wasted polishing it.
  73. Where was he?---one tiny upright speck of flesh, less than an ear of wheat lost in the field.
  74. You will come to understand that we are a speck of dust off the nose of this planet's tiny moon.
  75. If you have 100's of millions of people all staring at one thing, one speck of sand, or whatever.
  76. Hell, Hazel, I may of made a mistake with a fly speck, but you miscounted your toes! You got ten.
  77. He saw Zeke’s glider, a thousand feet above him, as nothing more than a small speck in the sky.
  78. I even caught a glimpse through my tears of one of our guards wiping a speck of dust from his cheek.
  79. Thanks to the sand, there was not a speck of mud; thanks to the rain, there was not a grain of ashes.
  80. When Franz appeared again on the shore, the yacht only seemed like a small white speck on the horizon.
  81. His cousin counted for no more than a speck in this brilliant perspective; but he went to see Annette.
  82. The first thing that Simon experienced was the rush of strength that came from this single tiny speck.
  83. Looking through a scanning tunneling electron microscope for the meaning of life in a speck of fly dung.
  84. Here he looks to find a tiny particle of the demolished larva, ofttimes not more than a speck of moisture.
  85. It was so unreal to see the tiny speck of a pretty woman moving over the surface of the Lula without a suit.
  86. This weak point might be a mere speck on the glass, no larger than a pea, under which the spring lay hidden.
  87. This speck of dust could never, ever tell you anything about what it was actually like to live in California.
  88. Father Purdon knelt down, turned towards the red speck of light and, covering his face with his hands, prayed.
  89. Rising, I made my way outside to where a little clump of men stood watching a speck in the serene, distant sky.
  90. Like a black speck upon the shining panes, Linda, crouching in the outer gallery, rested her head on the rail.
  91. The secretary defrosted a speck and asked for the prayers of the community, then they both said their goodbyes.
  92. And, what was worse, I could not, even when using the spyglass, see the slightest speck of land in any direction.
  93. They sat well back and gazed formally at the distant speck of red light which was suspended before the high altar.
  94. Driving to school didn't take long – it never did – where I lived was, for the most part, a tiny speck of a town.
  95. A tiny, minuscule speck appears in the center of 1 of the 1000’s of suns (those that still remain after the battle).
  96. Licentiousness is a speck on the eye of the political body, which you can never touch without injuring the eye itself.
  97. He noticed a speck of blood smeared on his lapel but didn’t ask any questions; he’d just change into something new.
  98. What was the significance of that speck of tin compared to this reality? Besides that, he was in no condition to report.
  99. A shirt in his laundry basket had a speck of blood on the collar and I gathered a pair of soiled undies for good measure.
  100. And you are there, just a tiny speck of dust -- although conscious, but so tiny, so helpless, so powerless, and all alone.
  1. I panted, exhausted in my pursuit, wet with the sweat that coated my body, the drops of my perspiration specking the floor from my damp hair as I bent at the waist, using my knees for support wheezing from the exhaustion.
  1. The jalousie windows were specked with thick dried dust.
  2. A few fishing vessels alone specked the water, and now and then the gentle breeze wafted the sound of voices as the fishermen called to one another.
  1. A couple of specks moving.
  2. As the two white specks drew.
  3. Torpah’s eyes showed specks of light.
  4. Most of the tiny specks on the map were.
  5. A few specks of liquid settled on her cheek.
  6. Suddenly he was aware that two black specks.
  7. Black specks of blackened and whitened carbon.
  8. He rubbed them, but the black specks remained.
  9. It’s just a speck amongst all the other specks.
  10. He wore jeans and a rumpled shirt with specks of.
  11. Two specks of tears stood on his cheeks and he fixed on.
  12. I helped him up and we stepped cautiously toward the specks.
  13. He wanted to paint the gray specks, the distinguished green.
  14. He was so close she could see the silver specks in his eyes.
  15. He could see small specks moving along the towering walls of.
  16. He'd gotten far enough now for them to see the specks of gold.
  17. The moving bearings threw more bright specks inside the casing.
  18. Suddenly, to the west, the blue sky was dotted with white specks.
  19. They missed their dearly beloved specks of cancer-causing carbon.
  20. And greater sets follow, making specks of the greatest inside them.
  21. Here we are, hundreds of miles above Undil, mere specks in the sky.
  22. There were a few specks of light that abruptly sprang up in the sky.
  23. Pastor Jack squinted as he peered down the road at the two specks on.
  24. Suddenly, Ailia noticed a small, moving specks of light off the shore.
  25. Whether that which appears so is so, or is it all flashes and specks?
  26. Seemingly pinned atop, the constellations stood out as brilliant specks.
  27. My kind was here long before your ancestors were mere specks on the ground.
  28. As she watched she noticed specks of light traversing the plethora of avenues.
  29. He could see specks of black soaring through the sky that he knew had to be birds.
  30. We are but specks in the great universe and it is the night which reminds of this.
  31. Underneath the operating table I do see a few specks that look like drips of blood.
  32. His beard is long and white, but as I stare at the thing, I see specks of color in it.
  33. It was less cheerful than she appeared to be, as it was infused with specks of sadness.
  34. Born all in the dark wormy earth, cold specks of fire, evil, lights shining in the darkness.
  35. In the vast steppe, bathed in sunshine, he could just see, like black specks, the nomads' tents.
  36. Specks of glitter sparkle on the station pilot’s license, whereas the Recruit ID is just plain.
  37. It was a line of moving black specks that undulated as they made their way toward the mounted men.
  38. In the vast steppe, bathed in sunshine, he could just see, like black specks, the nomads’ tents.
  39. She admired the little specks of crushed shells sprinkled sparsely through the thick, hand cut slab.
  40. That would be self evident, said the Captain, dusting lingering specks of soil from his sleeve.
  41. When rich, elite Europeans found themselves eating food without black and white specks of soot on it.
  42. And our common promise? Vere peered through the clear specks of the mirrored eye she was existing in.
  43. At first they appeared like black specks, and now they looked like birds skimming the surface of the waves.
  44. What say you? Fishmael shouted, throwing foam specks in Stan's direction like a wave crest in a storm.
  45. The entire fraternity house was littered with cups, plates, specks of food and the stench of booze and dope.
  46. The Captain looked down with a frown at the sand specks sticking to his otherwise immaculate looking boots.
  47. A few moments later the two heroes were just specks under a cloud of dust, heading down towards the charcoal city.
  48. Occasionally he thought he saw specks of movement as they picked up speed over the remote valleys of the mountains.
  49. Senator Morgan was so angry that specks of saliva were speckling the lapels of the general manager’s morning coat.
  50. I say plain to see, but it was the addition of tiny specks on the plate which added whole new dimensions to the dish.
  51. Soon, all we can see is two specks moving in the air; when they are almost out of our sight, the Taker starts to descend.
  52. The lower part of the sky-blue walls had been thronged with thick specks of dust caused by heavy rains in the past few days.
  53. Doc put his face in the palm of his hand and pressed blackness on his eyes until specks of green and red light swarmed on his vision.
  54. Not only this, but on the table I found a small ball of black dough or clay, with specks of something which looks like sawdust in it.
  55. They waited another five and then ten minutes until the darkness in their heads, the retina, ached with a million specks of fiery salt.
  56. Not only this, but on the table I found a small ball of black dough, or clay, with specks of something which looks like sawdust in it.
  57. Hurley really was struggling to keep from collapsing and the handkerchief really was spattered with bloody specks of what had once been his lungs.
  58. In an instant later all the specks fly out of all the suns setting on all the horizons and sprout a viciously bizarre air force to finish you off.
  59. Eric was falling at great speed; first he went through a mist, then he saw the ground and four specks holding hands before he crashed into one of them.
  60. Ten minutes must have passed when, very slowly, the old man raised his head to stare deep beyond the fly specks on the mirror, beyond me, beyond himself.
  61. The line of moving black specks wavered as it increased in size, and now he could see that the individuals also had a kind of squiggly quality about them.
  62. Frequent patches of dirt and specks of blood tangoed with the whitewashed walls, offering the only bit of decoration that existed in the horribly pale room.
  63. Light from the dimly lit sconces splashed through frosted glass and onto the shiny black granite countertop, where tiny specks of gold glinted from different angles.
  64. He approached the mercenary carefully despite the fact that he was picking up specks of body-heat orange spread out around what a moment ago had been the man’s head.
  65. Specks of green exists between the mighty buildings and Grailem recalls from the history records he had read on the starship computer that it was not always like this.
  66. Her eyes drawn lazily to her forearms, she spots some specks of apricot paint and concentrates on picking them off, checking her hands and giving them the same treatment.
  67. Fuck! said the sergeant, while the constable was quicker on her feet and only had a couple of specks; which she brushed at disgustedly with a quickly-produced snot-rag.
  68. This was a fishing village, and the boats were lined up all across the shore, the waters were dotted with the many boats coming or going, and some so far out they were but specks.
  69. Matthew noticed that a few tiny specks of Joe’s blood behind the radiator in the bathroom, where he had fatally fallen were still visible and had to grit his teeth to stop him crying.
  70. Flashes of light and swirls of sparkling specks of dust where extraneous bits of information being discarded or woven into the fabric of the new manifestation kept the eyes entertained.
  71. When was the first craze for pepper? When did the first craze to sprinkle hot black specks onto food appear? In Europe when the first modern European stoves replaced open-hearth cooking.
  72. Outside, Reno's hair lifted off the nape of his neck, a few sparkling specks of energy the color of raw mako rising up around him and winding around the slender frame as he continued to hum.
  73. My blood would curdle as I watched some enormous antenna bar my path, or saw some frightful pincer snap shut in the shadow of some cavity! A thousand specks of light glittered in the midst of the gloom.
  74. Then Europeans discovered spices; black and white pepper: it instantly became an elite luxury fad… sprinkling black and white specks pepper on their food replaced the white and black specks of soot they were used to.
  75. Hilderich was looking with amazement around the walls and the ceiling, the black matte stone having turned into a semi-transparent glass, the light casting hues and specks reminiscent of an artisan’s glass-work, or a gemstone.
  76. The earth is not flat, neither is it stationary; the sky is not a dome; the sun does not move; the stars are not small specks of light; and matter which was once supposed to be fixed has been found to be in a state of perpetual flux.
  77. The bull was leaking blood like oil, dark and thick—glug, glug, and then all of a sudden it twitched, the vein shifted or something, and blood sprayed out, an angry mist, coating them in specks of red, their faces, their clothes, their hair.
  78. Glowering at the falling shapes, he craned his neck to the sky and when the heavens glowed beneath a series of bursts, he noted with anger and disgust that the number of specks floating above had greatly diminished since the last time he looked.
  79. The tiny specks of black poised against it may be the first birds of morning or the last ones of night … or the ashes of a thousand incinerators, or incipient blindness, he doesn’t know which yet, but surely there’s a message here, if he can just look hard enough.
  80. And so it happened that when the black and the bronze appeared as distant specks high above, it was to observe their quarry lounging on a huge white silk tablecloth that was scattered with glinting silver dishes and pitchers and centered by a twelve-flame candelabra, leisurely enjoying a fine repast.
  81. Leadbeater and Besant, two leading metaphysicists of the twentieth century, explained in 1919 that, based on metaphysical evidence, instead of thinking of the ultimate constituents of matter as solid specks floating in a vacuum, we realise that it is the apparent void which is solid and that the specks are but bubbles (of nothing) in it.
  82. Those blessed books! If only I could have gone on paying them over and over again, paying them all day! But when I had done them, and conversed about the hens and bees and cow with Antoine, and it was getting near lunch-time, and at any moment through the window I might see the three specks that had dwindled appearing as three specks that were swelling, I thought I noticed I had a headache.
  83. And their scientific abstract reality will come crashing to the ground… And our new-fangled science will join all of the other superstitious realities of the old alchemy sorcerers… along with the superstitious realities of the old witch doctors, the superstitious realities of the old medicine men, the old prophets, the old wizards, the old gurus, the old sages… With a few specks of truth in it just enough to make it mildly interesting.
  84. I remembered how I was only a speck after all in uncomfortably limitless space, of no account whatever in the general scheme of things, but with a horrid private capacity for being often and easily hurt; and how specks have a trick of dying, which I in my turn would presently do, and a fresh speck, not nearly so nice, as I hoped and believed, would immediately start up and fill my vacancy, perhaps so exactly my vacancy that it would even wear my gloves and stockings.

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