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Framework in una frase (in inglese)

But, what a framework on.
In that framework, EVA can increase.
The Framework Convention on Tobacco.
The answer is to simply not have a framework.
Where would the framework be? Carmen asked.
Which are the advantages of using MVC Framework?
The framework crumbled away for a certain length.

Thus the house had become by a framework of trees.
This is not a physical structure, but a framework.
The laborer lifted the framework from his shoulders.
Softwood, on the other hand is used as framework in.
Society as it is now, with its framework of laws and.
In front of me was the framework of an unfinished lodge.
While we often lack the political framework to implement.
This is a 3-stage model or framework offered by Egan as useful.
We provide a framework for appraising managements in Chapter 11.
As a priest, the framework of his order inevitably hemmed him in.
Three inner octaves which provide an inner framework for the whole.
There are no cubbyholes available in our current framework for the.
Not least, she provided the sociopolitical framework within which.
Establishing the Optimization Framework: Challenges and Compromises.
All of the metal framework on electrically driven machines should be.
Their houses were square and made of reed mats on a framework of poles.
With me money is an accessory, the overflow of my heart, the framework.
This framework can provide a workable method of negotiating elements of.
Medicaid patients and would create a legal framework for the appropriate.
Within that highly profitable framework, search engines consider certain.
In the framework of capital structure, the probability of default is the.
This definition can be explained using the framework utilized in section 6.
The Kelly framework highlights the substantive importance of the second one.
Competition in an industry takes place within the framework dictated by such.
All of the above presented evidence and theoretical framework implicate NAcc.
Then the great founding fathers moved to form the framework of our government.
The place was roofed with coconut leaves, and bamboos served as the framework.
A Hindu accepts five main general ideas as the framework of his spiritual life.
One example of this is the exposed framework constructed from large wooden beams.
There’s the financial framework that governs everything we buy, sell, and trade.
Monte Carlo methods provide a useful framework for evaluating different strategies.
MECOM™ is the framework that helps to systemize informational and analytical data.
You want to use every framework that is useful and brings anything new to the study.

Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

Lists are the frameworks of the online marketers business.
The narcissist likes to belong to groups or to frameworks of allegiance.
Its propositions are frameworks that are meant to be filled out with new discoveries.
Apple's Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks use Chain of Responsibility to handle events.
Holy City–A gathering together of philosophical frameworks about the perfect path and within the.
All birds in The Apocalypse are air symbols and are therefore philosophical entities and frameworks.
Most of us breeze in and out of these different frameworks every day without needing to think about the boundaries.
I could use any of the common frameworks to demonstrate how to use MVC but I feel that the picture will be incomplete.
Markets are confusing enough in their natural state; some of the analytical frameworks traders use add to the confusion.
That’s why so useful for our Soul an influence all of higher, that helping us to go out the frameworks of trivial state.
Great City–This symbolizes that a greater number of philosophical frameworks ( houses, temples, birds, men, women, children, etc.
We’ve been conditioned to understand that we behave differently in different frameworks, and that incentives work differently too.
Holy City–A gathering together of philosophical frameworks about the perfect path and within the perfection of the Seven Spirits of God.
Last, but not least, create a new culture of edification where diverse, but unified, members of Christ’s Body build up one another using their given frameworks.
Whenever you interact with another entity, whether it’s your best friend or some faceless bureaucracy, the interaction falls into one of a handful of frameworks.
Michael Gazzaniga reminds us that the interpretive mechanism of the left hemisphere is always hard at work, seeking the meaning of events — and churning out conceptual frameworks and ideologies.
All of this cosmic evolution after the inflationary epoch can be rigorously described and modelled by the ΛCDM model of cosmology, which uses the independent frameworks of quantum mechanics and Einstein‘s General Relativity.
Great City–This symbolizes that a greater number of philosophical frameworks ( houses, temples,.

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