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    1. I wished it didn't have to face north but this is like a tiny scale model of my dream house

    2. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    3. Beside I think it is crazy to model around the church

    4. Our understanding of the human stress response has been based on the "fight-or-flight" model, which states that when confronted with a stressful situation, humans either will respond with aggressive behavior or will withdraw

    5. The United Order has a model that works in a similar way, but their model has such a drain on power resources that they can only use it for a small amount of time

    6. We’re using Dead Kennedys as a model to work from

    7. It is necessary that the planners develop and execute a rural model that can be replicated more widely

    8. It also helped that she was like a super model in looks and build

    9. All I've done in these automatons is rig up a little fuller model of the social universe

    10. believe a lady of a certain age will come along the road shortly in a late model Ka

    11. He was as good a model of Morg as she could remember, most of the time

    12. The use of that model was no longer allowed on Earth when the Lula departed, though they were still in commercial use on Titan

    13. "It would have been a bit more sir, except that your associates destroyed a Bechstein model 8

    14. They were the programming model to a veron in the substrate in which they lived

    15. model prayer as well as that they should always pray

    16. When her finger hit the console, the life-size schematic of limbless Master Chief Evelyn Horcheese was projected upwards to float perfectly vertical in the air over the console next to the meter-long model of Tipperary

    17. What he found particularly offensive was that every model available had an adjustable pain threshold that could be set up to 'suicidal'

    18. The whole mass of personifications had to be encapsulated in a single model

    19. He had to switch in a whole second lattice to the optic bank to host that model

    20. As I go into the kitchen, he gestures wordlessly to the table where there is a plate with lettuce leaf on which stands a little model of Brian, the snail from The Magic Roundabout …

    21. dictionary means, "A person or thing to be imitated; model; pattern”

    22. He built a 3D model and was able to account for every cubic inch of the ship

    23. She looked like she could have been a model, but she wasn't wearing enough clothes

    24. Things that don’t align with that model of my reality, I choose

    25. model that others operate within

    26. operate in this timeline model

    27. Before the yaag, what had she been? Nothing much actually, she'd been with Klarrain since he started and never been much more than a copy girl and part-time model

    28. Fortunes varied, were won and lost, and the family name changed through the ages, becoming a proper product of each model of social propriety, until, at the very end of a long line of ancestors , there was but one member of the family left living

    29. It was a very old model, more monolith than mobile, and the battery was as dead as a doorknob

    30. Like you keep saying, it’s just another processor model, like a neuron or a veron

    31. "Each state change should be plotted in its own dimension, I know, but for this I've added them using the common model sign and value

    32. Typically this UI is created off of the model data (for example: we might create an

    33. interaction, manipulating the model, and ultimately choosing a view to render to display UI

    34. question to test that do you really understand the importance of model view controller

    35. Better reuse of views and model

    36. Governance and/or organizational model

    37. Kelvin knew she preferred to model her screens as an old fashioned monitor, but she preferred to keep her screens in the air to making the old plastic case appear when she was out of her office

    38. An underpinning knowledge of the NLP communication model is particularly helpful for explaining this process within the mind

    39. Jason made him also maintain a virtual model of the study planet as it actually exists, it had been his sentence to put as much time into that as he did into his imaginary one based on it

    40. That was to be as accurate a model as their data allowed, to allow others to study it

    41. Biology did all that was required, but they seldom visited the model of the real study planet in their off duty hours

    42. Despite its drawbacks, doctors who follow the model

    43. It was a very old model, more

    44. It is still a model of the human mind and the model will work the way the human mind works no matter what substrate that model is run on

    45. She loaded a model of 17th century China into it to get him started

    46. The announcement from George at the Council meeting, after his presumptuous offer of assistance as 'adviser' for dubious civil improvements, and that he would then 'push forward' to become a hotelier, as a model for the rest of them, was the last straw

    47. His expressions had been the model of salesmanship until that last gaff, “In her kitchens!” he added quickly

    48. A stick thin model is wearing nothing but Lederhosen under a banner headline proclaiming that Austria is this year's chic summer fashion inspiration

    49. The drying rooms, the polishing area, the bundling, tubing, and packaging areas were each a model of efficiency and order

    50. At the back of the traveller’s hotel at Roundswell, across a thin strip of grass and beyond a six foot high chain link fence, beyond a car park full of new model Peugeots waiting for eager buyers, the dark hulls of low rise industrial units lie at anchor

    1. In New York City it is highly prized by models and is found in the finest cosmetic stores

    2. of testing those expensive models: the lamp was placed in a freezer and

    3. There were no proven models of that atmosphere and climate, some worry that the climate could be tipped by the impact and that the planet would never recover

    4. Then he spotted a boy working his way down a line of parked cars, who was taking advantage of the crowds to steal the radiator badges from the more expensive sporting models

    5. It’s always happening these days, especially with popular models like yours”

    6. Truth be told, had the wardrobe conventions of that period allowed, Chloe and Kaitlyn would each have now been idyllic models of the female form for even the discriminating sculptors of classical Greece

    7. He was talking about all the tension-pitched plastic-stringed floor models she'd looked at

    8. Soon the plastic-stringed, tensioned-pitched models would be as historic as her antler-pitched chord-key model that she left with Varniss

    9. She's one of his better writers, a decent calligrapher and one of the easiest photo models to work with

    10. The ones on the expedition were primitive models now, their sex organs were non-functional

    11. Use the models provided here to draw ‘barometers’ on any subject your wish

    12. fictional one, al owing the building models,

    13. He had no way to measure the extent of the wave, although even the worse- case simulation models showed it being distorted and held back from spreading unencumbered, not being able to form its own expanding sphere

    14. “I cannot accurately predict the results of explosions, Captain, I have no models for that situation

    15. D: -- Secondly, any patterns or models, used throughout the Bible and their correlation to fulfilment in actual events that they pointed to, should be consistent

    16. Models that are used in the Bible:

    17. There are thousands of models in the Bible that are used in similar fashion, where a situation in the past points to an event in the future - where it carries a message that could be understood by looking at the event as it occurred in the past

    18. While Jews reject Jesus Christ as their Messiah and the New Testament in its entirety as being part of God’s Word, Christians are of the opinion that the information conveyed through Isaiah 53, as with many other passages and models that are used throughout the Bible, points to Jesus Christ as the Messiah

    19. So how does one then know which view is correct? There are many models, passages, and specific prophecies that point directly to Jesus as being the Messiah and also serve as proof that he is indeed Israel’s Messiah

    20. Many events, designs and models in the Old Testament, if carefully studied, are also linked to aspects found within the New Testament that would demonstrate through symbols, hidden messages and other devices, things yet to come

    21. To construct the patterns, models or the numerical design in the structure of the text, while at the same time predicting events in the distant future with 100% accuracy, both in the surface text and in codes embedded in the text, would be absolutely impossible for a human to achieve

    22. In the most common models, the Universe was filled homogeneously and isotropically with an incredibly high energy density, huge temperatures and pressures, and was very rapidly expanding and cooling

    23. Then he noticed that the phone was one of the old black models

    24. She had been much too busy with the models and designs

    25. Pamela smiled, as models are not

    26. body building magazines to see how the models are presenting

    27. They could choose from fourteen models, each with a variety of

    28. It's one of the best “business models" in the world

    29. the top models of whatever city he was in

    30. Those beautiful models sat around the pool topless

    31. By accommodating the maturity level of their children by adopting their children‘s adolescent manners rather then setting themselves up as (proper) role models, parents have seemingly lost their proportional standing vis-à-vis their children

    32. My dreams were full of hair – hair catching on fire, hair being dyed the wrong colour, models looking like freaks with nests on their heads, some with no hair at all

    33. Then I bumped into someone and caused a domino effect that sent contestants and models stumbling and ruining everything in sight

    34. Then the models would disappear under supervision to complete the overall look and come out to model the creations

    35. The models were escorted by the security officials to the dressing rooms where they would change into their costumes to complete the desired effect

    36. The models were brought out onto the stage by their hairstylist

    37. Finally all the models stood together in front of the judges alongside their stylists

    38. The contestants and models looked anywhere except at the judges while trying to control their nerves

    39. Advanced computer users recommend switching to SSDs and a lot of manufacturers have already stopped installing conventional spinning disks on their latest models

    40. These models (I will refer to them as models for purposes of discussion) that serve to properly inform an individual; that is to say, define appropriate rules of conduct, vary in proportion (or meaning) to that individual‘s or society‘s present stage of spiritual, moral and intellectual development

    41. Where the mind is not completely formed (Primitive) or has corrupted itself (Pride) or has been corrupted (Illness or Disease), however, such models may be found lacking ―significant‖ meaning or purpose or otherwise lose their appeal

    42. that that individual is able to correctly distinguish between right and wrong) These models are not necessarily mandates (for choice) but guidelines, rather, that provide compelling reasons for making the right decisions to begin with

    43. Neither are these models necessarily intended to encourage ―appropriate‖ conduct that should otherwise be left to Free Will to decide but reflect upon, rather, what is expected from a ―right thinking‖ individual who is morally evolving

    44. No doubt my clients can and do afford newer models but the BMW has another security feature which money cannot buy

    45. I am uncertain whether or not professional athletes, have at any time been the historical role models that nostalgics (sic) would have us believe

    46. There are several obvious models one could use for legalization

    47. But he made very good models

    48. They had to take their little models and work it out in front of each other and with each other’s help

    49. In order to be able to recognize organisms, the nano-computers that made up their brains were based on organic models

    50. By understanding all these concepts and models you will be in a

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