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    1. “What is that? A fish?” She sat next to Kevin at the bar, almost a head taller than him, sipping the froth off a White Russian

    2. She sits almost a head taller than me, sipping froth off a White Russian and staring at the back of the bar, as if the —Jager— on the shelf had insulted her mother

    3. I sip the froth off my drink and try really hard to think about sucking on tits

    4. Klowee had her first decade and was introduced to the privileges and responsibilities of a one decade in the native tradition with only a vedn cake frosted with whipped sugar froth to mark customs of Earth, a token of which only he and Beeta partook

    5. dribbling froth down his chin,

    6. “I think you mean downtown, the miles of crystal froth?”

    7. The younger man was still trying to wrap his mind around the vastness of the scenario presented and the myriad implications which were rising like froth in his thoughts

    8. OCEANS churn white with froth

    9. Froth formed at his lips while he opened his mouth, preparing to lash out in the One Elf's defense

    10. been lavishing the froth

    11. Spooning the froth from the top, he took out his mobile and put through a call

    12. Below decks, the mighty 671-T Detroit surged to full power and a great froth of water erupted from behind

    13. Finally, a large froth of bubbles erupted in the center of the pond

    14. of the moonspray of the froth

    15. 14 For the hope of the Godly is like dust that is blown away with the wind; like a thin froth that is driven away with the storm; like as

    16. Whisk the egg or eggs lightly to a froth

    17. Beat the eggs to a fine froth, stir in the milk and parsley, and pour into the hot pan

    18. Whisk the whites to a stiff froth

    19. Add the flour, and lastly, stir in the whites, whisked to a froth, very gently

    20. Put the white of egg on to a plate and beat to a stiff froth with the flat of a knife

    21. On we traveled until the trail led to a large stream that rushed by, white with froth, as it plunged over its bed of rocks and large stones

    22. According to Reginald Cahill and Christopher Klinger of Flinders University in Adelaide, space and time and all the objects around us are no more than the froth on a deep sea of randomness

    23. To Reginald Cahill and Christopher Klinger space and time and all the objects around us are no more than the froth on a deep sea of randomness

    24. a liquid magnetic froth, created and studied by University of Paris

    25. fluid, and placing the resulting froth between two glass plates, the research-

    26. of the froth introduces an instability However, once the magnet is removed,

    27. A thick green froth formed on the surface, smothering Bryony’s head

    28. His mouth began to froth

    29. You watch her struggle with the bubbles trying to escape her nose before she erupts in froth and coughs over the bar

    30. His jaws champed spasmodically, froth appeared on his blackened lips

    31. And many a thief died at the door of the tomb, and many another was harried by monstrous dreams to die at last with the froth of madness on his lips

    32. One rushed toward the plateau, froth dripping from his beard

    33. On the steps writhed four black-robed figures, twisting in convulsions, froth dripping from their livid mouths

    34. The croc lunged and snapped in one motion, causing the water to explode into grotesque froth

    35. turn the tops of the breakers into pink froth

    36. he is potential mouth and froth and leap,

    37. impressive froth of bubbles to show the point at which

    38. Sitting here looking at the froth and bubbles, I realised it was time to finalise this most interesting case

    39. I needed more froth in my gut

    40. It’s slow but I froth at the mouth and endure a brief bout

    41. Toby and I actually had a bit of froth in

    42. By golly, I’m starting to froth at the

    43. the side of his mouth, froth appeared, and then his eyes closed

    44. cry, froth at the mouth, and suffocate for a whole hour

    45. of his mouth, thick yucky salivary froth dribbled onto the

    46. Beat the whites to a stiff froth

    47. at the froth from her drink

    48. I had to steel myself to walk to the water line because the sea was a mad froth, being thrown every way, up, down, sideways then back only to repeat the same pattern over and over

    49. 'Going where?' Voltor barked, a slight froth building up in the corners of his mouth

    50. He whipped the eggs into froth

    1. "WARE'S THE PONY?" Violet frothed

    2. frothed at the mouth

    3. tourniquet he lolled his tongue and then frothed at the mouth

    4. I frothed at the mouth before I began to eat my meat

    5. Beer frothed over the top of the plastic glass onto a bar surface already awash with liquid

    6. “Wisehole my ass!” #1 frothed with contempt

    7. Within moments his face had turned a dark shade of blue as oxygen could no longer reach his lungs, his eyes had popped out, and foam frothed from his mouth… then he breathed his last… and died

    8. The lighthouse grounds were situated on an outcrop of rocky land against which waves crashed and frothed

    9. He mumbled and frothed at the mouth but no actual words came out

    10. A wave of pent-up hostility frothed to the surface

    11. The magnificent horse frothed from its mouth and lathered its chest, its master pushing it mercilessly into the night

    12. The water frothed violently as the creatures escaped

    13. He rang up customers, he frothed cappuccino, he even presented to the venture capitalists, but as much as he wanted it to be, his heart wasn’t in it

    14. There was no peace at her words as those around her touched her as they chanted dark things even as they frothed at the mouth losing all the glory of their created form in exchange for a twisted manifestation of the seed of Satan

    15. The sea breeze picked up and the white frothed lipped waves

    16. One lacquey carried the chocolate-pot into the sacred presence; a second, milled and frothed the chocolate with the little instrument he bore for that function; a third, presented the favoured napkin; a fourth (he of the two gold watches), poured the chocolate out

    17. Spittle frothed over his lips

    18. He gnawed at the floor and frothed at "Rabscuttle did so and soon afterward he began to moan and thrash about

    19. The spiders swelled with rage, and spluttered and frothed, and hissed out horrible curses; but they had become mortally afraid of Sting, and dared not come very near, now that it had come back

    20. Poison frothed and bubbled

    21. They banged into the sides of the bags and lashed their tails and frothed the water

    22. Old man Gilpatrick doused him with a half quart of cow-soap, that bubbled and frothed and stank sweetly, and every once in a while Shorty Phillips hit Odd with jigger of eau de cologne

    23. The dog frothed at the mouth, lying at the door, sniffing, its eyes turned to fire

    24. And buried in the limestone and steel of her robot body was her terror and crying out, walled in, with someone tapping the trowel on the exterior wall, the job finished, and, ironically, it was her own hand she saw before her that had wielded the trowel, set the final brick in place, frothed on the thick slush of mortar and pushed everything into a tightness and a self-finished prison

    25. He rolled on the ground under his gallows, and bloody foam frothed from his mouth while the slaves looked on in terror

    1. frothing contents of several large black cauldrons to

    2. She smiled happily and turned the hot tap on to run a bowl full of washing up water, frothing the suds with one hand

    3. ” He was now frothing at the mouth

    4. Then darting forward, each tiny creature unloaded its precious bubble of oxygen into the fine structure, the water frothing as their small bodies flitted hither and thither, diving this way and that

    5. The familiar and welcome site of a blue Wyvern head poked itself through the frothing water

    6. Once he was outside and on his feet, he saw nothing other than a wide, frothing river with small isles dotted in its flow

    7. As I ploughed through the soft sand onto the firmer part of the shore the gently frothing surf trickled in, barely disturbing the sand as it quickly disappeared; the placid woolly breeze did little to take the edge off the tropical morning air even though it was still only seven am

    8. The empty bodies whirled down into the frothing waves, and they were devoured by the ocean

    9. The horse stepped into the frothing, dark water and

    10. Danny kept assuring them that the frothing white

    11. The water plunged down into a frothing,

    12. wake, cutting frothing lines in the black water

    13. I thought he was going to start frothing at the mouth or shooting spines, but he just bowed awkwardly and left the room

    14. Frothing at the mouth and screaming curses he yanked out his sword and start hacking among his followers

    15. But as Conan tugged vainly at his sword, wedged deep in the hairy body, the frothing jaws snapped spasmodically shut, an inch from the Cimmerian's face, and he was hurled to the sward by the dying convulsions of the monster

    16. He fell between me and the fire they'd built to roast me, gagging and frothing at the mouth, and all at once he went rigid and the Picts shouted that he was dead

    17. He had beaten the frothing mob away from the Pellian soldiers who held the outer walls of Tamar, and impressed them into his service

    18. Was this in truth that blood-thirsty ogre of the southern seas who had so mysteriously vanished years ago, but who still lived in gory legends? The blacks were frothing crazy now, shaking and tearing at their chains and shrieking the name of Amra like an invocation

    19. Conan's ax rose and fell without pause, and with every stroke a frothing, screaming black giant broke free, mad with hate and the fury of freedom and vengeance

    20. He jumped back into the cabin, his eyes wild, his mouth frothing with anger

    21. Here he was, an obese man who was starving, practically frothing at the mouth, drenched in fat-boy sweat, panting heavily and enduring a serious bout of jittery hands and fingers; I was in the wrong

    22. faced and red eyed, fists clenched and frothing at the mouth

    23. I was convulsing, tossing, turning, and frothing at the

    24. Bonner got welts and sores all over his body, he convulsed on the ground with foam frothing from his mouth and his eyes reddening

    25. He fell face down into the plate filled with bones, frothing at the mouth like a dog, and drowning in moans of agony

    26. Rain quested down into the heart of the vortex, churning the mist into a frothing broth that glowed and fizzed angrily

    27. shaking and also frothing at the mouth was a normal reaction

    28. Corey was frothing at the mouth and looked glassy eyed

    29. Corey hog tied and frothing at the mouth

    30. Buster and I cooked the fish, all the while I was frothing

    31. Both of us were frothing at

    32. I glanced at Gavin he too was frothing at the mouth

    33. fists clenched, and she was frothing at the mouth

    34. An outside observer of Jameer would note he seemed only moments away from a frothing mouth

    35. "Fortunately the Publishers have read ahead of us, and had the good sense to make this page 73% more e-absorbent than those preceding or following, because they knew there would be a great deal of spitting and frothing at the very idea of everyone playing by their own rules:

    36. “Who’s this loose Greeg they’re looking for?” Said Krimshaw, frothing at the mouth

    37. He was green, frothing, swooning

    38. Her shoulders had started shuddering up and down, the way shoulders do when girls cry, and he thought for sure it was all going to come out, that all the emotions of the past few months would come spewing out of her like one of those junior high science experiments where vinegar and baking soda come frothing out of the mouth of a papier-mâché volcano

    39. More mumbles and frothing from Jerry but no response

    40. Painful of frothing, sweet new milk everywhere; everywhere groups of thick-haired--especially she noticed the lovely thickness of their hair,--shining-faced, red-with-the-cold, cheerful young men

    41. The other zombie was frothing at the mouth

    42. One of the zombies had climbed onto the front bonnet and was hanging off of the left side mirror, it’s mouth frothing as its dilated pupils glared eagerly at Ben

    43. Countless zombies were chasing me, their mouths frothing with desire

    44. Idly I sat there, enjoying the soft dampness of the clover-laden air, counting how many stars I could see in the pale sky, watching the women who had been milking the cows far away across the plain come out of the dusk towards me carrying their frothing pails

    45. Silas flew to a nearby branch as the bear tossed his head, mouth frothing in rage

    46. Mouth frothing, eyes bulging, legs flailing spastically, arms twitching—her body became a choir of pain and her gaping mouth whispered cries that could not be heard but could easily be seen

    47. Erlandr ran past him toward the water, which was beating and frothing as it surged onto land

    48. Or was it his heart that was beating and his mouth that was frothing? He had no time to arrive at the answer because reality provided it for him

    49. The man’s mouth suddenly started frothing

    50. The black and red monster was not yet satiated, but frothing at seeing the goal and subsequent powerplay opportunity

    1. His mouth froths, and the froth is the word

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