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Frasi con sparkle (in inglese)

  1. A sparkle lit his eyes.
  2. A sparkle caught his eye.
  3. Her eyes sparkle with delight.
  4. Crackers are short on sparkle.
  5. A mischievous sparkle lit his eyes.

  6. Ashley's eyes sparkle with mischief.
  7. A renewed sparkle was in their eyes.
  8. They sparkle when you mention his name.
  9. The sparkle had returned to Pablo’s.
  10. His flaming hair makes his eyes sparkle.
  11. Her green eyes sparkle when she spots me.
  12. It always shines with sparkle of her eyes:.
  13. Thor’s eyes sparkle and he smiles wickedly.
  14. The screen again began to sparkle and flash.
  15. There was a wicked sparkle in the old eyes.

  16. Her former sparkle and gaiety were not there.
  17. I could clearly see the sparkle of the….
  18. The sparkle in Cam’s eye said he could, too.
  19. A near miss on marriage hit a sparkle, strangely.
  20. Carrie thought the sparkle in Sally’s eyes re-.
  21. And what about the sparkle in your eyes? she.
  22. He had a sparkle in his eyes that was not there before.
  23. There was a sparkle in Wang Susu’s eyes and she said.
  24. His eyes were deep blue and had a nice sparkle to them.
  25. But there was still a sparkle of life in his clear eyes.

  26. She seemed to have lost her sparkle all of a sudden, as.
  27. Doctor? she says with that money sparkle in her eyes.
  28. I was supposed to have a sparkle in my eyes, but, instead.
  29. He’s tall, has blonde hair, blue eyes that sparkle, and.
  30. Her complexion was fresh and her eyes were full of sparkle.
  31. Her eyes flew to his face, the sparkle in them putting the.
  32. And didn’t they sparkle! All that rain of the previous days.
  33. His star, of course, lost most of its sparkle as time went on.
  34. The gnome with a sparkle in his eye responded back with a rhyme.
  35. Her eyes sparkle and her wings are the largest I’ve ever seen.
  36. Yes of course! Pamela has a grin and a sparkle in her eyes.
  37. Rango loved the moonlight reflection and sparkle from Maria eyes.
  38. One must wear many hats, he grinned with a sparkle in his.
  39. Maria took the flowers and her body started to sparkle and then.
  40. His face was oval, open, and even and his eyes seemed to sparkle.
  41. I suppress a smile, but the sparkle in her eyes is hard to resist.
  42. Annie looked into her great-aunt’s eyes and saw there a sparkle.
  43. Ellanara glanced my way with a smile and a sparkle in her blue eyes.
  44. Examine the role of the consumer, and the alluring sparkle of diamonds.
  45. Her eyes sparkle as they turn, but I think it’s a trick of the light.
  46. Each pine tree was a fairy tree, its laden branches one white sparkle.
  47. The entire family rallied to bring back the sparkle to those aged eyes.
  48. Jessica picked up the feather and it started to sparkle around its edges.
  49. You have a sparkle in your eyes when you’re excited about something.
  50. But I know the truth! said Cliff, the sparkle returning to his eyes.
  51. Who said anything about walking? he asked with a sparkle in his eyes.
  52. Yep, the little girl said with an inner glee and a sparkle in her eyes.
  53. Phillip’s dark blue eyes lacked sparkle, and his limp hair was a dull brown.
  54. The better to make the costumes sparkle, and bring their million colors alive.
  55. That! the first guard exclaimed impatiently as the sparkle flashed again.
  56. After several deep breaths, he opened his eyes and there was a sparkle in them.
  57. It’s hard not to believe he’s sincere when his grey eyes sparkle like that.
  58. With that, the leprechaun waved his wand at the ceiling and followed the sparkle.
  59. It is a story that birds love: birds love shiny objects that sparkle and glitter.
  60. At the end of the hall way the sparkle of marble floor is wide open ahead of you.
  61. Think of it as a diamond which must be cut with many facets in order to sparkle.
  62. In addition to this, he said things which had the genuine sparkle of the old rock.
  63. The sparkle in his grey eyes returned and even his few freckles came back to life.
  64. You'll soon loose that sparkle of fight when the Preceptor gets through with you.
  65. There would never be those warm lips upon mine and no sparkle and shine in my eyes.
  66. These Inuits joke non-stop; their eyes sparkle mischievously with genuine kindness.
  67. It's a sparkle when she figures out how to use her newly found powers for mischief.
  68. It won’t be a typical marriage, will it? she asked with a sparkle in her eye.
  69. The remaining toys will be tolerated at our house until they lose their sparkle and.
  70. That afternoon, in the arid Sahara of my life, the spark, or was it sparkle, of two.
  71. It was then that Adrianne noticed the wand in her hand that was beginning to sparkle.
  72. I grew giddy waiting for the moment, the bird replied with a sparkle in his eye.
  73. It is magically enhanced, in it’s sparkle, and in that it always fits perfectly.
  74. He watched the girl, attracted by her sparkle and listened to the tale of her ordeal.
  75. The colours, deep green and mid-blue, seemed to make her eyes sparkle and her skin glow.
  76. Your eyes are pretty and sparkle with color To brighten the world with magic and wonder.
  77. Lida, recovering her wits, snatched at the offered gift, with a sparkle in her dull eyes.
  78. He was going to laugh, but he saw the dangerous sparkle in Tom’s eyes and held it back.
  79. The remaining toys will be tolerated at our house until they lose their sparkle and appeal.
  80. He is wearing long robes of dark blue velvet with embroidered stars that literally sparkle.
  81. His sad eyes had a bit of sparkle to them as he watched the little girl bounce in her seat.
  82. She looked very angry, and yet there was a sparkle of something like amusement in her eyes.
  83. The pleasure in the thought brought a sparkle into her green eyes and a half-smile to her lips.
  84. But at the top of the picture, high above the atmosphere, there was a tiny triangular sparkle.
  85. Across the green of the hedges and the field beyond, she could just see the sparkle of the sea.
  86. Yet when the crystal, velvet sparkle lit up his nose and into his brain, he felt more powerful.
  87. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?
  88. The sparkle that lit her eyes when she turned her head to look at Kurt only confirmed his point.
  89. She lay back and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a sparkle, as if a new star had been born.
  90. Specks of glitter sparkle on the station pilot’s license, whereas the Recruit ID is just plain.
  91. As soon as she had thought that thought, he smiled again and it made the stars sparkle in his eyes.
  92. There was none of the sparkle he remembered; there were just dead pools of black under sunken lids.
  93. He wanted all to lie in an ecstasy of peace; I wanted all to sparkle and dance in a glorious jubilee.
  94. Then they see the man who found our little scene moving, because I can see tears sparkle on his cheeks.
  95. Nothing, she said, shaking her head, although the sparkle in her eyes told me something otherwise.
  96. The girls watched in wonder as mother chanted a few words under her breath and the wand began to sparkle.
  97. Whether Dólokhov comes or not, we must seize it, eh? said Denísov with a merry sparkle in his eyes.
  98. Then a blue ring box appeared in his hand between them and he opened it to show off the sparkle of diamonds.
  99. Simon released her and laughed, the sound causing the silver carving on the cane to sparkle in the bright air.
  100. They would gleam and sparkle, bobbing along the surface for a brief moment before retreating under the water.
  1. It was all sparkling new.
  2. I got you sparkling water.
  3. Come touch me with the sparkling.
  4. His handsome face, sparkling eyes.
  5. He peered at the sparkling liquid.
  6. They sat around the sparkling table.
  7. Galeron chuckled, his eyes sparkling.
  8. It flew up, sparkling, and vanished.
  9. Sparkling impact points lit the path.
  10. It was full of sparkling blue water.
  11. Everything was sparkling, with thin.
  12. He saw the tears sparkling in my eyes.
  13. Sparkling, shimmering within their own.
  14. A sparkling flash in the air blinded me.
  15. That gave the harbor a sparkling effect.
  16. Where were sparkling the Children's eyes.
  17. He wasn’t known for his sparkling wit.
  18. Sparkling vampires just don’t cut the.
  19. And on the Harbour sparkling waters dance.
  20. He was really sparkling and in his moment.
  21. Yes, said Lovern, his eyes sparkling.
  22. Listen, he said, his eyes sparkling.
  23. The radiance and sparkling of blue waters.
  24. A tail of what looked like sparkling dust.
  25. His eyes were sparkling, his voice breaking.
  26. Sparkling gold chains hang around his neck.
  27. Johnson smiled to Ingrid, his eyes sparkling.
  28. It was a sparkling day, but the sun did not.
  29. Gorgeous and sparkling in the late April sun.
  30. Dew lay sparkling on the grass and the shrubs.
  31. That sparkling delicious wetness held the key.
  32. The glass filled with sparkling caramel liquid.
  33. Sparkling light wings unfurled as she turned.
  34. God sparkling through the thin cloth of reality.
  35. Music is the sound of laughter, sparkling mirth.
  36. Remove, plate, and enjoy with a good sparkling.
  37. Not even in this enchanted sea, now sparkling.
  38. WHEN COURT RESUMED, YUKI’S eyes were sparkling.
  39. Carrie looked up into the sparkling eyes of the.
  40. Janet comes in, her eyes sparkling with mischief.
  41. Ingrid smiled widely to Gavin, her eyes sparkling.
  42. And we can toast with a glass of sparkling cider.
  43. It was colorful and sparkling, but not too bright.
  44. Our eyes connect, his sparkling blue to my green.
  45. He watched me, his eyes sparkling with amusement.
  46. She smiled warmly, revealing sparkling white teeth.
  47. With every movement, sparkling particles trailed.
  48. She could see tiny tears sparkling in the corners.
  49. His eyes sparkling, he extended a hand to hold it.
  50. Wow! He held up one of the sparkling diamonds.
  51. Drayben handed over something bright and sparkling.
  52. She shook her head, her eyes sparkling with mischief.
  53. Instead of sparkling water, he now spouts red blood.
  54. Dave ordered a fish and chips and a sparkling water.
  55. She’s adorable, Amanda said, her eyes sparkling.
  56. Brilliant sunshine sparkling on the path hurt my eyes.
  57. However, I could see his eyes sparkling with mischief.
  58. The same intricate sparkling gold scrollwork that the.
  59. It had a single shoulder strap with sparkling accents.
  60. Jennifer’s eyes sizzled with a sparkling green light.
  61. Samuel is special, Sage said, her eyes sparkling.
  62. Hester joined him at the bar, ordered a sparkling water.
  63. The floor was a sparkling mosaic of pastures and rivers.
  64. No sparkling ocean lay beyond its borders…and no fuel.
  65. As I entered the room, I noticed something sparkling on.
  66. I can’t believe this day! Her eyes were sparkling.
  67. Both started, and gazed into the darkness with sparkling.
  68. It was the pair of sparkling, playful eyes that held you.
  69. Sparkling blue eyes and full red lips and high cheekbones.
  70. The whole place was lit up with sparkling gems and golden.
  71. Hideous! There sat the dog with eyes as wide as sparkling.
  72. The hostess leaves and comes back with our sparkling water.
  73. And what was my sparkling reply, worthy of Oscar Wilde?
  74. He tied the ox-skin onto the ship with a silver, sparkling.
  75. She was looking up at the sky, and her eyes were sparkling.
  76. Annie gave her a big hug, and with a sparkling smile, spoke.
  77. It was very large, white, sparkling, and had a well-trimmed.
  78. At the centre of the grotto, sparkling beneath the beams of.
  79. Gotcha, he whispered, his eyes sparkling mischievously.
  80. His beautiful eyes seemed particularly larger and sparkling.
  81. She lifted her head and looked at me, her blue eyes sparkling.
  82. His summer blue eyes were suddenly full of sparkling laughter.
  83. The same clean and sparkling spots the creature’s feet had.
  84. Just then, she laughed, a sparkling, tinkling sound that was.
  85. Champagne? Not sparkling? She cocked her head curiously.
  86. Use these sparkling moments as the basis for the re-writing.
  87. Jamey nodded once more and left, his tears sparkling like the.
  88. My calendar was so sparkling clean it was practically virginal.
  89. I stared down into her sparkling green eyes and swallowed hard.
  90. It can be well worth the effort with the sparkling white sand.
  91. It was a diamond ring sparkling because of the rays of the sun.
  92. The rain was running down the glass in tiny sparkling rivulets.
  93. Behind it shone the Light and sent sparkling stars towards her.
  94. Petra gazed at the aged dwarf with her sparkling, amethyst eyes.
  95. Jackie stepped toward him, her eyes sparkling with determination.
  96. You don't need fancy cleaners to keep your floor sparkling clean.
  97. City of hurried and sparkling waters! city of spires and masts!.
  98. The day’s end hangs on the hungry shouts of sparkling children.
  99. I looked up to see his eyes wide and sparkling with unshed tears.
  100. She could see a handful of sea shells, sparkling brown and white.
  1. It sparkled off the water.
  2. It sparkled like it was alive.
  3. The drops sparkled in the sun.
  4. The park sparkled with candles.
  5. His eyes sparkled when he saw me.
  6. Eyes sparkled in the amber light.
  7. The dark eyes sparkled with humor.
  8. Her eyes sparkled with playfulness.
  9. His eyes sparkled with an inner fire.
  10. The moonlit air sparkled with frost.
  11. The symbols sparkled as the sun hit.
  12. The major's eyes sparkled brilliantly.
  13. She glanced up and her eyes sparkled.
  14. Her hazel eyes sparkled with amusement.
  15. The Hyatt’s pool had sparkled below.
  16. Glad expectation sparkled in her eye;.
  17. He swore that the mirror sparkled and.
  18. Water sparkled with the rainbow colors.
  19. Her green eyes sparkled on seeing Jean.
  20. Rex’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.
  21. His blue eyes sparkled in the firelight.
  22. She froze and her eyes sparkled with fury.
  23. It sparkled in the light of the handbeams.
  24. Her skin shone and her blue eyes sparkled.
  25. I’m sure my eyes sparkled with revelation.
  26. However, this place sparkled in comparison.
  27. His violet eyes sparkled as he looked at me.
  28. His blue eyes sparkled from across the room.
  29. Dove sparkled as a luna moth might in flight.
  30. Tears sparkled in her eyes as she thanked me.
  31. Her eyes sparkled with a love he knew so well.
  32. Some of its scales sparkled green and in the.
  33. Thinksandthings eyes sparkled but then turned.
  34. The blue eye sparkled with sudden recognition.
  35. Suddenly his eyes sparkled with an inspiration.
  36. The glass in the windows of the cases sparkled.
  37. The water sparkled beneath the sun's keen gaze.
  38. Something in his hand sparkled in the sunlight.
  39. The shells of their eyes sparkled in the light.
  40. Behind him, the moat sparkled in the dawn light.
  41. Her eyes sparkled contentedly over the man who.
  42. I'm not sure what it was, but it sparkled for a.
  43. Her eye sparkled and a smile appeared on her face.
  44. The sand sparkled with stars spread like glitter.
  45. Sue’s sparkled with a white color and Bev’s.
  46. The air sparkled, but he had no means of support.
  47. My mother sparkled socially and conversationally.
  48. Just like Aladdin’s Cave, it sparkled in a 100.
  49. Tears sparkled like jewels on her long dark lashes.
  50. Many of the rocks sparkled with metallic fragments.
  51. He said they sparkled their way across the seas.
  52. Majestic purples and pinks sparkled in the evening.
  53. His eyes sparkled with heat borrowed from the forge.
  54. At certain hours childhood sparkled in that cloister.
  55. The driver’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the wine.
  56. The lake sparkled with stars around the quarter moon.
  57. Harker began to clap her hands and her eyes sparkled.
  58. Her eyes sparkled like big onyxes as I gazed into them.
  59. Her eyes sparkled as she visually assessed the three.
  60. The brighter stars still sparkled in the friendly sky.
  61. His stainlesssteel brass knuckles sparkled in the sun.
  62. Jewels sparkled in her ears as bright as her eyes did.
  63. The Elf's eyes sparkled at their 'secret communication.
  64. Shards of green and blue sparkled under the porch light.
  65. Corey’s eyes sparkled in delight and he had a million.
  66. The yellow diamonds sparkled with an inner fire in the.
  67. The dog’s electric brown eyes sparkled with raw power.
  68. Brown eyes sparkled and gently laughed as he nodded once.
  69. Sapphire blue eyes sparkled even when pain drenched them.
  70. It sparkled like the vortex that Gary had appeared out of.
  71. Intensifying in the fog, it sparkled brightly, coming nigh.
  72. He was grinning as insanity sparkled in his eyes, with the.
  73. Long and golden, it sparkled in the sunlight like the corn.
  74. Her head spun and lights sparkled behind her closed eyelids.
  75. A tear rolled down Davis’ cheek and sparkled in the light.
  76. The ocean sparkled outside and the sun shined on a calm day.
  77. Junya looked in disbelief at his wrist as the watch sparkled.
  78. All Mihailov’s mobile face beamed at once; his eyes sparkled.
  79. Henri went over the story again and the girl’s eyes sparkled.
  80. Her pale blue eyes sparkled mischievously as she grinned at me.
  81. His boulder-like body sparkled with crystals and spots of metal.
  82. Tess seemed afraid to touch them at first, but her eyes sparkled.
  83. What could she do? He laughed, and his eyes sparkled towards her.
  84. His eyes sparkled wickedly and he dug his elbow into Hugh’s ribs.
  85. The thin trail of slime she left behind sparkled in the moonlight.
  86. She disappeared with a ting, turning into a star that sparkled in.
  87. Spots sparkled in front of his eyes like a swarm of angry insects.
  88. As their eyes met, they instantly sparkled with mutual attraction.
  89. The leafy pattern returned, and the hundreds of tiny gems sparkled.
  90. His eyes sparkled, making me wonder as to the validity of his story.
  91. The summer blue of his eyes twinkled and sparkled filled with Light.
  92. And what made this palace so riveting was, it glittered and sparkled.
  93. The rat showed me the words as they sparkled and shined upon the stub.
  94. Many of the Maegar Dwarves shed tears that sparkled in the firelight.
  95. There was anger and surprise in her tone, but her blue eyes sparkled.
  96. The grass in the churchyard sparkled with the fairy film of gossamers.
  97. An azure infinity encompassed her, the heights of sentiment sparkled.
  98. He went, came, mounted, descended, re-mounted, whistled, and sparkled.
  99. A hundred yards above, the ceiling sparkled with semi-precious stones.
  100. His green eyes sparkled intensely against the street’s I murky gray.
  1. Life sparkles in the sky.
  2. The sunlight sparkles on the.
  3. The whole social life sparkles.
  4. As she did this; sparkles came from.
  5. Just see how it glints and sparkles.
  6. Tanya turns to you with sparkles in her eyes.
  7. Sparkles of dancing light fell to the carpeted floor.
  8. All my days turn dull without those shines and sparkles.
  9. Then he realized the sparkles he was seeing were tears.
  10. Her hose were opaque, a hint of chocolate, with sparkles.
  11. Diane D and her cousin Dana were at a club called Sparkles.
  12. She looked at him with sparkles in her eyes and cute little.
  13. Those sparkles turned into spears as the sun came up behind me.
  14. Her hand, which dangles over the side, sparkles cold with jewels.
  15. The sun glinted with diamond-bright sparkles over the still water.
  16. Toss, sparkles of day and dusk--toss on the black stems that decay.
  17. The yellow sun was high and cast jewel like sparkles over the frost.
  18. The sparkles from these myriads of diamonds were merging with each other.
  19. It sparkles in the last of the evening light as she opens the tiny treasure.
  20. He noticed the pretty sparkles that shone at random on the ruffles of the dress.
  21. A couple of them were plain, but the rest of them were made of lace and sparkles.
  22. The machines stood over her in dark silhouettes with little sparkles crawling on them.
  23. It hit Gary on the chest, giving off a burst of bright sparkles which fell to his feet.
  24. We could see sparkles which came from insects exploding into it or other invisible debris.
  25. The same thought sparkles in the beautiful scenes of the death of the consumptive journalist.
  26. She grinned, sparkles in her eyes: she had more than a crush on this gorgeous hunk of a major.
  27. The light reflected off the black material of the cave in sparkles like the moon off black waters.
  28. She was smiling, the moonlight giving her face a silvery sheen and dusting her eyes with sparkles.
  29. All was a-shake and a-shiver -- glints and gleams and sparkles, rustle and swirl, chatter and bubble.
  30. He could even see the sparkles on the sand-strewn strands, and bright black pebbles on the bumpy beaches.
  31. But that day, as I sat back and watched the red, white, and blue sparkles, sadness suddenly spread over me.
  32. And always the black dynamo humming, with sparkles like great electricity where fireflies moved on the air.
  33. Dust lies there, the remnants of the Other Mary, and sparkles in the greying light that is all but disappearing.
  34. On the backside of my eyelids the darkness became celestial space and the white sparkles became glistening stars.
  35. The person who was at Sparkles told me that Diane D and her cousin Dana were both snorting coke there that night.
  36. The sugar sparkles at the top of the accumulating pile for a brief instant before being buried under tons of salt.
  37. A late frost crept in and laid a crystal blanket of white sparkles reflecting moonlight over the farmer’s fields.
  38. Suspended from the dainty chain is a small pendant stone, green in colour, it sparkles in the early morning sunlight.
  39. Both the young king and Nancy had sparkles in their eyes as they exchanged brief smiles, something the queen noticed.
  40. Ay, every leaf and twig and stone and cobweb sparkles now at mid-afternoon as when covered with dew in a spring morning.
  41. Another hand appears, the jewel sparkles more brightly, twists a little, and lands in the stranger’s outstretched palm.
  42. Colored sparkles of light slanted in from the enormous pictureglass windows that looked out across the Karedarzin plains.
  43. But that day, as I sat back and watched the red, white, and blue sparkles, sadness suddenly spread over me.
  44. The morning sun sparkles through the cypress trees and, from instinct, he turns away from the tree that is forbidden to them.
  45. The whiteness of her dress seemed to accentuate the freckles on her face, and the red of her lips, painted glossy with sparkles.
  46. It is I too, the sleepless widow looking out on the winter midnight, I see the sparkles of starshine on the icy and pallid earth.
  47. Her black eye shadow—even thicker than Cali’s—was flecked with gold sparkles, and her lips were painted a bright, garish red.
  48. By the time the evening was over, he was mad for her, saying she has an electric quality… she sparkles and bubbles like a fountain.
  49. Past the boundaries of the clearing, the darkness deepened again, relieved only by little sparkles given off by the sharp crests of coral.
  50. Let us learn how to make use of that vast conflagration of principles and virtues, which sparkles, bursts forth and quivers at certain hours.
  51. It literally poured from me and floated in the air, sparkles of glittering motes that formed a human shaped figure that dropped to the ground.
  52. She had let her hair down, cascading around her shoulders and had opted for a simple black evening dress with sparkles and black heeled shoes.
  53. The divinity was almost too beautiful to bear as I looked at the twinkling sparkles that encompassed the hand that had entered the brilliant radiance.
  54. Serena’s eyes were all sparkles and her smile reflected true joy as she stared at her secret admirer of many years now turned man of her life for evermore.
  55. In the early morning with the moon now slanting toward the western sky, a dark sinewy shadow snaked across their path, sparkles of reflected moonlight dappled its darkness.
  56. There was a high hum as the 4 modulators at all points of UC began to connect a beam at the top of the sky, then that beam began to spread outward into sparkles of light energy.
  57. The transparent green inspected the stone with curiosity, then stuck his right hand into it up to his elbow, causing a huge momentary shower of sparks and sparkles in Mark’s vision.
  58. Even though it was dangerous, it was beautiful, and when the cloud finally burst, colorful sparkles went everywhere, and out of the thunder came a small group of tiny rainbow colored bears.
  59. The sky is blue, the sunlight sparkles and country music is coming from the radio, though not for long, as we travel out of range of the station's signal, and Patti has to change to a satellite channel.
  60. I trailed my fingers through the glowing streaks, the phosphorescent marine algae lighting up like millions of tiny neon sparkles, reminding me of the Northern Lights in the Alaskan sky, only underwater.
  61. The driver then pointed to the right and showed the children that the colorful sparkles from the clouds sucked up all the impurities in the air and kept the air in Baja, and many worlds, safe enough to breathe.
  62. Jai smiled, locked her mischievous eyes with his own, then laid back with his hands behind his head, staring at the sparkles and pops of light that danced in the wake of the pink comet cutting its trail across the sky.
  63. As I looked along the clustered roofs, with church-towers and spires shooting into the unusually clear air, the sun rose up, and a veil seemed to be drawn from the river, and millions of sparkles burst out upon its waters.
  64. But, even as he plotted, he wooed her with his politest phrases; laughed, but not too loudly, at the little sparkles of wit, accepted with naïve delight her comments on the skill in driving that a boy of his age could show.
  65. One step at a time, he thought, ignoring the breathtaking beauty of gliding over the shallow water with the reflection of the full moon breaking into kaleidoscopic sparkles where it reflected from the slight ripples on the surface.
  66. On this eventful day, moreover, there was a certain singular inquietude and excitement in her mood, resembling nothing so much as the shimmer of a diamond, that sparkles and flashes with the varied throbbings of the breast on which it is displayed.
  67. Beside me like scratched iridescent glass, my cat she sparkles outstretched, baking on the hot jasper bricks of my back door patio, while my slow-burning brain crackles in its own soupy juices, on top of the clever embers that throb like useless thumbs, chopped off and tossed together with salad, into a poets skull of cool cemetery stone.
  68. She had the eyes that always had those sparkles,.

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