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Frasi con fuse (in inglese)

  1. My fuse is burning out.
  2. Had the homemade fuse never.
  3. But how long a fuse? he said.
  4. He felt the joints fuse into fire.
  5. He thought of getting to the fuse.

  6. He re fuse d, pre fe rring his a nge r.
  7. Maybe you're wrong—maybe it's a fuse.
  8. With the pliers he tugged the fuse free.
  9. The Comeback Kid was about to blow a fuse.
  10. Jonathan had to have a new fuse box put in.
  11. Saddlebrook replaced the lid of the fuse box.
  12. The slowness of that fuse was almost painful.
  13. I thought it was just a fuse or something.
  14. FIRST WATCH: Infernal machine with a time fuse.
  15. She wasn’t the one who had the shortest fuse.

  16. It was a practice grenade, but had a real fuse.
  17. Helium nuclei can fuse to form carbon 12 nuclei.
  18. James walked to the fuse box and switched it up.
  19. Nuclei that fuse are actually the cores of atoms.
  20. The heretics had laid a fuse in her magazines.
  21. Tom looks over to the fuse on the aerial repeater.
  22. The flat had an old, pre-industrial fuse box set.
  23. Here one can learn how to fuse them together and.
  24. That‘s all it would cost to replace a blown fuse.
  25. A countless billion hydrogen atoms fuse in the Smug.

  26. The orange flame sizzled and zipped along the fuse.
  27. I had Dacian fuse it with a sample of my blood cells.
  28. It also takes a long time for the I to learn to fuse.
  29. Then that short fuse thing cut in and something snapped.
  30. I wish his fuse to burn until it finds the powder charge.
  31. Twenty feet from where I was sitting, a fuse had been lit.
  32. Was Lucifer himself not The fuse of the God Bomb now lit?
  33. Rocky has a very short fuse, and don’t underestimate his.
  34. Andy and 2 other guards rush him, hoping to snuff the fuse.
  35. He filled the fuse hole with powder and lit it with a match.
  36. The fuse had been lit and there was only one way to stop it.
  37. Watching the man, I thought of a fuse on a stick of dynamite.
  38. He was beginning to see her short fuse slow burn totally off.
  39. To fuse within themselves its rules precise and delicatesse?
  40. Don't provide higher size fuse wire than the prescribed size.
  41. See how this penny is annealed to the back of the fuse?
  42. Whenever a different element begins to fuse in the core, the.
  43. Kemp was physically powerful man with a short fuse – a bully.
  45. It can be perceived that eventual y both technologies wil fuse.
  46. The moment he entered and their paths crossed, Mamata blew a fuse.
  47. The chief-gunner ranges and sights his piece and selects a fuse of.
  48. At core temperatures of about 600 million K, carbon 12 can fuse to.
  49. Brown has decided to light the fuse on a powder keg that has been.
  50. In the kitchen Alan unplugged the carving knife and checked the fuse.
  51. In the very brief moments of orgasm both partners fuse into each other.
  52. She walks at a measured pace, letting the rocket fuse reach its zenith.
  53. I didn't know whether to laugh or flip my fuse again at her nonchalance.
  54. He knew the sensation and be tried to ignore it, but a fuse was burning.
  55. I had the sense before I did it that I have here the fuse and the match.
  56. But add, fuse, complete, extend--and celebrate the immortal and the good.
  57. The blasted air conditioner is the problem that caused the fuse to blow.
  58. Ill pull the fuse in case a rat wanders through and electrocutes himself.
  59. Your daughter Diane D seems to have a short fuse and a very violent temper.
  60. That way they could reuse the grenades by just replacing the fuse and lever.
  61. Fusion requires that the parts that must fuse macerate, and there can be no.
  62. As the panic subsided I smelt the sulphurous odour of a slow fuse being lit.
  63. Bruce had his fuse lit and knocked the bloke into oblivion with one punch.
  64. Eva Dittmar, the ship’s security officer, was going to blow a fuse on this.
  65. The voices blend and fuse in clouded silence: silence that is the infinite of.
  66. They went to the fuse box together and threw the switch that killed the nursery.
  67. Sparks travel down the length of a short fuse as he throws back his trench coat.
  68. I thought Nana would blow a fuse over what happened in Nassau, but she didn’t.
  69. The second method was to fill the holes with gunpowder and fuse them to explode.
  70. The Dublin winter is long, Meg; this may be the only lit fuse in the whole year.
  71. Yes Mitch, and that's something that I've always had trouble with, my short fuse.
  72. With forced patience and condescension he replied, I acknowledge a fuse is blown.
  73. Instead, it means learning how to fuse negative and positive together and how to.
  74. But if hydrogen and oxygen fuse with the proper quantities (two parts of hydrogen.
  75. He drew diagrams of how the barrel was to be reinforced and devised a special fuse.
  76. He placed it in the firing cylinder, angled between two hand rails and lit the fuse.
  77. If the Auxiliary Power switch doesn't work, usually there's a blown fuse somewhere.
  78. He hopped up three steps, and was ready to light the sock that would act as a fuse.
  79. In this atmosphere, as nerve straining as watching a slow fuse burn toward a barrel of.
  80. He’s afraid that what’s at the end of this fuse will confirm his greatest nightmare.
  81. The Assyrian were a black hearted tyrant, well known for his cruelty and his short fuse.
  82. When the two vowels coming together are identical, as here,they fuse into a single sound.
  83. Done, said Andy flatly as he appeared through the door, holding the rest of the fuse.
  84. This aircraft also returned to base for radar repairs, which turned out to be a blown fuse.
  85. Then the patches of greens and greys seemed to fuse together, and the sky darkened rapidly.
  86. The Tree had dealt that card to Shela, her short fuse well-known in their hometown of Rubha.
  87. The door to the fuse box was open, and Hanni held his Mag-Lite on a fuse he wanted me to see.
  88. Robin arranged for blacksmiths to fit the barrel with strong iron bands and had the fuse made.
  89. Both systems use fuse hose, which protects against inclement weather and also speeds up—.
  90. And your super got tired of running over here to change the fuse, so he put this penny in here.
  91. Bohdan glared at Preacher Jack, he was still high from the last killing and he had a short fuse.
  92. The leader fuse he draped over the mortar’s lip and lit as casually as if it were a cigarette.
  93. Under the tree, I opened the book, letting the words my eye read fuse with the memory of my mind.
  94. Two of the hunters carried him to the house and reset the fuses but the barn fuse was burnt out.
  95. Did you have the sense you’d lit the fuse that would be the end of the Nixon presidency?
  96. I need to know more about that phone call from Donald, so I propose to light a fuse under GCHQ.
  97. But when these attributes melt away and fuse gratuitously, this spontaneous state or the state of.
  98. They are the ultimate sacrificial fuse trying to ignite the most base empathy in the cold-hearted.
  99. Deng Lee wired them together and the four sprinted up the stairs as Deng Lee paid out the fuse cord.
  100. With the dial at the side, she set the lid to lock and to open in half an hour, and put on a new fuse.
  1. Palladium, or fusing with it.
  2. The fusing process took time.
  3. The ships had been fusing for two days.
  4. In addition, all the elements that had been fusing in shells.
  5. With the wound fusing shut, the One Elf said, Well done, boy.
  6. Bending low, he captured her mouth with his, fusing them together.
  7. If a star is about fusing atoms thereby growing, what happen when all the atoms.
  8. Her right eyelid sagged past her eye where it continued on, fusing with the flesh of her cheek.
  9. Meanwhile, blue flames raged through the boy’s body, fusing the broken bones in his right hand.
  10. They couldn't do too much while Aleya, and the other disc, the one that contained Urnie, began the fusing process.
  11. In his night work he sometimes avails himself of the electric current of the lighting installation for fusing metals.
  12. Fusion begins with hydrogen atoms fusing into Helium atoms; and then both Hydrogen and Helium: fusing into Carbon atoms.
  13. We may have forgotten the miracle of life, the wonder of an egg and sperm fusing to start the life of another human being.
  14. To achieve the glorious concordance and through it immortality, by fusing his I with a You and his I with the Cosmos.
  15. But he was watching her throat below the ear, where the flush was fusing into the honey-white, and her mouth that pouted disconsolate.
  16. A second later, its magnetic seals locked into place with a thud and the arm retracted, fusing my father’s escape pod to the underside of my ship’s hull.
  17. The years had dropped away like a shrugged nightgown and the unexpected intrigue had brought them together again, cementing their love, fusing their feelings.
  18. The uncertainty of grey and the acceptance of soft green flowed over their heads, fusing with the snow, as they departed in different directions, leaving Annyeke alone.
  19. Stars are entities with dense atom-energy centers with nuclear atomic activities – hydrogen fusing into helium – producing energy of intense heat, gases and, light.
  20. Life is and it is becoming and it knows the art of fusing death with life, and the art of fusing being with becoming to create, in time, what it can not get from eternity: a.
  21. Life is and it is becoming and it knows the art of fusing death with life, and the art of fusing being with becoming to create, in time, what it cannot get from eternity: a life.
  22. As stars radiate energy by fusing elements into heavier elements, they eventually reach a point where they don’t have enough heat and pressure to fuse the newer, heavier elements.
  23. Lazhinian blood not only healed lazhinians, but was also adaptive, mimicking the cells of another organism’s body by fusing with it, replicating itself so it could survive as that new organism.
  24. It is the thirst for this glorious enthusiasm, this fusing of matter and manner, this act of giving the spirit within outward form, that spurs the artist on at all times, and it is this that is the wonderful thing about art.
  25. She rolled her head slowly from side to side and moaned again, eyes closed in silent ecstasy, tightening her thighs around the pulsing metal and plastic of the steering column as this grew itself into her, fusing her to the car in an unholy union of flesh and machinery.
  26. As a carver in stone blocks out his work in square surfaces, the modelling of a figure or any complex surface that is being studied should be set out in planes of tone, painting in the first instance the larger ones, and then, to these, adding the smaller; when it will be seen that the roundnesses have, with a little fusing of edges here and there, been arrived at.
  27. Re fusing to com e to m y pa rty a nd so turning the m a ll a ga inst m e ! He kne w tha t wha t he wa s sa ying wa s a bsurd in its injustice; he a dm itted inwa rdly, a nd a t la st e ve n a loud, the truth of a ll tha t the Sa va ge now sa id a bout the worthle ssne ss of frie nds who could be turne d upon so slight a provoca tion into pe rse cuting e ne m ie s.
  28. Well, the Israelis did find ways and means to counter the Islamic terror tactics in due course, for after all, hasn’t history proved that while the Musalmans turn desperate in defeat, the Jews steel themselves in adversity? Pushed to the wall, Yasser, by fusing the Quranic diktats and the Muslim hurt with hadith as the catalyst, developed the deadly fidayeen in the Islamic laboratory of the Palestine.
  29. But let them conceive one more historical contrast: the gigantic broken revelations of that Imperial and Papal city thrust abruptly on the notions of a girl who had been brought up in English and Swiss Puritanism, fed on meagre Protestant histories and on art chiefly of the hand-screen sort; a girl whose ardent nature turned all her small allowance of knowledge into principles, fusing her actions into their mould, and whose quick emotions gave the most abstract things the quality of a pleasure or a pain; a girl who had lately become a wife, and from the enthusiastic acceptance of untried duty found herself plunged in tumultuous preoccupation with her personal lot.
  30. What kind of art? The art of creating a fusion between pain and wisdom; the art of creating a synthesis of opposites; the art of losing what one is and what one has to become capable of creating a type of beauty that never dies; the art of fusing the truth with love (which is what Oedipus does not know how to do), freedom with cosmic purpose (we all have a personal purpose and cosmic purpose to fulfill); the art of fusing love, truth, freedom and beauty to be created and that will not be created if we do not do so; the art of transforming pain into a source of creativity instead of in victimhood and vindictive hatred; the art of conquering freedom from the devouring, seductive and castrating mother and from the phallic mother assassin; freedom from the poisons that we carry within ourselves as being part of the human species; the art of conquering the truth by breaking the narcissistic shields we were defending ourselves with (and that we continue to defend ourselves with) from pain, when we were not yet strong enough to be able to face it.
  31. The sex drives, actual fusing of the sperm and ovum,.
  32. And my Illinois fields, and my Kansas fields, and my fields of Missouri, The Continent, devoting the whole identity without reserving an atom, Pour in! whelm that which asks, which sings, with all and the yield of all, Fusing and holding, claiming, devouring the whole,.
  1. Some of them had fused.
  2. Here on Earth the fused.
  3. The shapes gathered and fused.
  4. Color fused the nurse’s cheeks.
  5. Tachyons and gravitons again fused.
  6. Their bodies fused together perfectly.
  7. The power of art and of wisdom, fused.
  8. Through me, you fused the chain of life.
  9. Later, I was fused with the Blood Ruby.
  10. And man and art with Nature fused again.
  11. Her teeth chattered and fused and chattered.
  12. Shadows melted and fused with other shadows.
  13. His red field fused together with Maggie’s one.
  14. They wouldn’t come apart: the deck had been fused.
  15. The wounds fused together, as he began to concentrate.
  16. Wiggling them proved futile, the joints seemingly fused.
  17. His eyes fused with hers and the sky roared and tore open.
  18. HIV warning disappeared as they fused with the crosshairs.
  19. His shields have fused with those your mother put upon you.
  20. It’s a bit loose and this part needs to be fused back on.
  21. With my green eyes fused to his blue, I stared him out and.
  22. What he read fused with who had written it, the story he was.
  23. Good modelling is full of these planes subtly fused together.
  24. They all fused into an existence, a life of very few surprises.
  25. Her mouth fused with his; their bodies were sealed and annealed.
  26. When all the helium in the core has fused, the core contracts and.
  27. But everything seemed to have fused, gone into a conglomerated mass.
  28. As Harry walked on the days and nights fused together into a seamless.
  29. This process is irreversible – I have fused the shut-down circuitry.
  30. When you and your partner find humor in the same thing, you are fused.
  31. The gaping hole in the giant’s belly fused shut, his limbs all regrew.
  32. Now some of the pages were moulded together, the parchment fused into one.
  33. You are joined, the spirit of God is fused with your spirit - you are one.
  34. The new systems are not fully fused as yet so we cannot leave Earth space yet.
  35. When this happens within a single human life and within many human lives fused.
  36. However, the hole in the monk quickly fused and the scary creature accelerated.
  37. But it came as no surprise to discover the electrical relay was fused beyond use.
  38. It is not easy for us to understand how death and life can be fused together and.
  39. Seeing no other alternative to eluding the ghost of death, she fused herself with.
  40. Secondary beauty is a field of energy that is created by two or more subjects fused.
  41. The edges on the flesh are everywhere fused and soft, the draperies being much sharper.
  42. Curiously he peered at his fingers in the holes, they certainly seemed to be fused solidly.
  43. The ruro entered the tube and fused with Golf who was being stored in the compartment below.
  44. That fused Daitya-Yogini was sexless and bore Garuda’s Feather as well as Kali’s sickle.
  45. He had more heads than I could count, as if a hundred deadly pythons had been fused together.
  46. Meaning that the Holy Spirit is now fused, or joined, with our spirit as one spirit together.
  47. It had fused polyrhythms from West Africa with classical melodies and also marches from Europe.
  48. Mine was approaching being fused, but it has now been adjusted so that it’s closer to normal.
  49. PR is still about people & relationships, but the game has changed to 353 traditional PR fused w/SM.
  50. Augustine, He fused the religion of the New Testament with the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy.
  51. Another flight of steps fused with the sarcophagus lid to lead us down another ten feet into a catacomb.
  52. He studied the wiring, certain that it was a fake, but then he saw that the tailbones were fused together.
  53. The revelation: causality, uncertainty – the two were being fused and rendered into a determinate state by.
  54. Many of the protective outer hull plates would have fallen off had they not fused together during the descent.
  55. I focused on the pain of my chest hairs being pulled out where they had fused with the dried blood in my shirt.
  56. It was covered with slippery red blood and had been fused shut by the slugs that tumbled into Travers's stomach.
  57. The butterflies fused together and created a young fairy girl with pointed ears and transparent wings from the.
  58. Sex, religion, and economics are all cultures that shape the meme love – now fused with mating, sex and family.
  59. It was one of the things on her that was hers…the daughter’s…where the spark resided, fused hair and nails.
  60. Before long everyone could make out that otherwise inconceivable aspect of Shiva fused with Shakti: Ardhanariswara.
  61. And then one day the endless repetitions of sleep, of dream, of game and of memory fused into one long drift of existence.
  62. It was if our mouths had been fused together, as if they had been made for no other purpose, but to cling onto one another.
  63. It explodes and shrinks by gravity so quickly that the atoms are broken up and fused together so tightly they form neutrons.
  64. Just as the consciousness of an artist is infused into artwork so consciousness of the ‘Creator is fused into the created.
  65. The animal’s hands had four fingers, even with a thumb, but two fingers were grouped and fused together by a membrane of skin.
  66. Now that the I and the You have been fused into One, Ulysses can leave again for the other end of the world, as Teiresias predicted.
  67. Even the hairline crack in the hull from the night of the twin whirlpools had fused together, good as new, during the transmutation.
  68. All the hair had sloughed off the surface of the cannon bone and there was a huge knot of calcium where the bones had fused together.
  69. The structure of lines surrounding the masses on which their compositions are built were fused in the most mysterious and delightful way.
  70. The ambitious spider-creature addressed his seniors who still gnawed and tore at the foundation they’d been fused with for several generations.
  71. He could see that it had been formed from five badger claws, the tips of which were fused together, the whole forming a perfect star-like shape.
  72. But here a young man's Greek-statue body was fused to the neck, head, and face of a hawk-eagle-vulture ascending into villainy, madness, or both.
  73. Then a strange rippling occurred over her skin, and her arms fused with her body, her pale pink flesh stretching and becoming indented and scaly.
  74. The time ripens when circuits of the cultural matrix that once fused moral thought to action dissolve, a few molecules at a time, and disconnect.
  75. Later on, this new island will be fused to its neighboring island groups, and a fifth continent will stretch from New Zealand and New Caledonia as far.
  76. Fearing to insult her in some fashion, he snatched his hand away from her face where it seemed to have been fused for a few desperate heartbeats of time.
  77. The Sun is losing four million tons of mass every second, as hydrogen atoms are fused and compressed into helium atoms at over 14 million degrees Celsius.
  78. I had her visit mine and he took an x-ray, but at this point her spine has fused together and there is nothing he can do, and she has to live with the pain.
  79. Finally, on March 10, a smaller islet called Reka appeared next to Nea Kameni, and since then, these three islets have fused to form one single, selfsame island.
  80. But on February 3, 1866, a new islet named George Island emerged in the midst of sulfurous steam near Nea Kameni and was fused to it on the 6th of the same month.
  81. It was made from titanium powder fused together using a laser, and was invented by LayerWise in collaboration with scientists at Hasselt University (both Belgium).
  82. No one had gone into the room again since they had taken Melquíades’ body out and had put on the door a padlock whose parts had become fused together with rust.
  83. A habit Glenn Gould certainly adopted when he fused with the Goldberg Variations and cried out somewhat maniacally from the piano, I am Bach! Well, I wasn’t anybody.
  84. In the immense pain of two parents, life and death met and fused together, and from this fusion new hope and a new vision were created that everyone could benefit from.
  85. But they love to get some strongly-accented feature, such as a crisply-painted shirt coming against the soft modelling of the neck, to balance the fused edges in the flesh.
  86. Oddly cruel, she thought, but who was she to judge? She put them into the machine and each part of the dead daughter fused to the black and brass beating soul that would become her.
  87. The tension of the previous few days, the dread rigidity that fused every joint in my body and buried my conscious self under a raw tonnage of iron, was released in a single, long, low moan.
  88. In his own mind, not in the reality of the city’s destruction, in the vast rivers and plains of thought, he was caught between silver and green and black and the colours danced and fused within him.
  89. As they filed into his parade ground up the grandest colonnade of all, there was music beyond music underneath it all, every patriotic theme there had ever been, somehow fused into one subliminal march.
  90. She looked in horror for half a second at the fused grenade, which was promptly joined by two more lit grenades, then shouted at the top of her lungs while climbing the stairs out of the dugout at a run.
  91. If you want to know where you come from well you have a look at your background, but when you got born again Jesus broke the connections to your old background and fused you and pulled you into a new family.
  92. You have never been to my apartment and don’t know where I live, so the final proof of NumbaCruncha will be when you both arrive there after travelling through more than forty fused granite floors and ceilings.
  93. Had he ever tried pasteles? I live on Long Island, he said, and when the synapses fused in her brain she started laughing again; it really was the squarest place on earth, wasn’t it? Charlie didn’t mind.
  94. The discovery of electrons in high vacuum glass tubes containing fused terminals of hard metal indicates conclusively that these electrons fill all space; that they exist everywhere; and that they are omnipresent.
  95. Very often, however, these births are completed only on a physiological level, because the fetal I that continues to survive well into adulthood is still in the womb, fused and enmeshed with its primary love object.
  96. The medic led Jimmy into the main control centre: The Bridge, all silver-grey outlines, consoles fused to the floor before low padded upright chairs, as if elements of it were copied from a number of TV space operas.
  97. No one scientist would ever say, with a hundred percent guarantee, that materializing in a storm would not cause water on the brain or that his human DNA might be fused with say that of a randomly passing insect.
  98. It is in effect a hybrid religion in that through the Constantinian change, and the outworking of the forces that set in motion, Christian ideas and terminology were ultimately fused with the pagan religious ideas that.
  99. Men staggered out of the sudden inferno into the bitter cold, many only half-clothed, and a third of the M95s were firing antipersonnel bombs fused for airburst that sent cyclones of shrapnel through their bleeding ranks.
  100. Her body There was a curious low roaring sound in her ears as of sea shells held against them seemed to melt into his and, for a timeless time, they stood fused together as his lips took hers hungrily as if he could never have enough.
  1. Molly lit all three fuses.
  2. Are the LT fuses removed?
  3. No fuses were present, though.
  4. Ethan grabbed the fuses and told Andy:.
  5. That’s why he laid five separate fuses.
  6. Love fuses Being and it opens it up to greater Being.
  7. Andy laid the last of the fuses and checked his watch.
  8. Even some Christians are operating with very short fuses.
  9. It fuses our mind, actions, and speech, Escaping Hell©.
  10. The alchemy fuses sea and sky in a game of earthy colors.
  11. There was a box of detonators, and a lot of cord for fuses.
  12. We’ll have to lay down the fuses and wait the patrol out.
  13. This wacke fuses with difficulty before Brooke's blow-pipe.
  14. Which fuses me into you now, and pours my meaning into you?
  15. But the best time for the young children was when he made fuses.
  16. Gomes smiled at the men and asked, Where’s the main fuses?
  17. Have you got the fuses? asked Ethan as he fumbled with another box.
  18. He was still speaking when those burning fuses reached their destinations.
  19. They trailed smoke from their ignited fuses, and a third of them went wide.
  20. He fiddles with the batteries, reconsiders the antennas, triple-checks fuses.
  21. Spiritual action fuses these two opposite forces into a single force of mantra.
  22. Now - apart from changing fuses and wiring plugs - electricity, I don’t touch.
  23. The oarsmen knew where those fuses were headed and needed very little encouragement.
  24. We both loaded the fuses into the trunk of his car before he notified the authorities.
  25. He had pulled the fuses from the house and cut the phone lines before he left to pick.
  26. Max felt the ceramic body of the fuses, only one was warm, most likely the water pump circuit.
  27. Using her kinetic power, the fuses short-circuited, and the lights in the whole hotel went out.
  28. There were no explosions; either they’d been round shot or their fuses had been extinguished.
  29. To his relief, the two teppo ko gashira[21] managed to light all of their men’s fuses in time.
  30. Two of the hunters carried him to the house and reset the fuses but the barn fuse was burnt out.
  31. The lights went out as the fuses broke the charge and the man slumped to the floor badly injured.
  32. But will it be sufficient to fool the torpedo proximity fuses into thinking they’ve struck a.
  33. Many of the empty cargo containers were filled with volatile liquids and armed with proximity fuses.
  34. There was also a junction box with large capacity fuses and a light switch, presumably for maintenance.
  35. In the sun, it is gravity that fuses hydrogen atoms together to generate helium, and produce pure energy.
  36. The artillery are using shrapnel to cur the wire in order to do this the fuses on the shells must be cut exact.
  37. It didn’t matter because I firmly believed that Bob wouldn’t stop this afternoon’s shipment of the fuses.
  38. The first point has already been discussed with Admiral Hart and concerns the fuses of our anti-aircraft shells.
  39. And one of the main side effects that high levels of stress can have on you is that it will shorten up your fuses.
  40. The fireman said the fuses are blown and I will have to have an electrician check the wiring before I turn it on.
  41. There was a striking of matches and a lighting of fuses and the crackers were thrown into the maw of the vast machine.
  42. Dreadnought’s shells were equipped with what Ehdwyrd Howsmyn’s manufactory called base-mounted percussion fuses.
  43. With the beam of his field light, he shows Werner that he is holding two bent screwdrivers and a box of electrical fuses.
  44. Once you’ve got the traction you need for all of them, turn the other dragons over to Shulmyn and lay fuses to the carts.
  45. Within a month, Cicciaro was out among the dunes with a crude circuit board he’d built to sequence and fire multiple fuses.
  46. The new proximity fuses for our anti-aircraft shells also performed miracles, surprising and disrupting the Japanese bombers.
  47. Okay, well, apparently they’ve been blowing fuses every other day with their hair dryers and air conditioner and irons and whatnot.
  48. The Initiation after Enlightenment is when the Soul and Soul Infused personality Fuses with the Monad, which is when you will become a.
  49. It would also require her to close Thunderer once again, which would have been risky enough, given the lit fuses burning away aboard her.
  50. TWO MIDNIGHTS, two Cicciaros, two bullets, two workshops … two charges for each shell bursting up in the sky, and technically, two fuses.
  51. He apparently removed several fuses and when I stopped to refuel, he sprung the lid and hopped in behind the driver’s seat, with the tow rope.
  52. Equipped with proximity fuses, the exploding four-inch shells peppered continuously the bombers with thousands of steel fragments, apart of 277.
  53. The gun fired and the blue electric cloud coated over the robot man like it had the others, but there was no sparking or sizzle of fuses blowing.
  54. The fuses will be returned to the United States on a military transport and stored in some innocuous DOD warehouse in the boonies until the incident blows over.
  55. That worked, but it also meant that each slinger had to be paired with someone to light—and, if necessary, cut—the fuses before they were slung at the enemy.
  56. Another savage broadside screamed across the water, trailing the red streaks of burning fuses, and HMS Riptide shuddered in agony as the exploding shells savaged her.
  57. Having the longest range, plus proximity fuses on their shells, the four 75mm guns opened fire first, bracketing quickly the BETTY bombers approaching at low altitude.
  58. The low world, the lower one, which its vision fuses in green and brown spots, contrasts enormously with the immensity of the top world of infinite blue and white foam clouds.
  59. Flynn interrupted in exasperation, What good does black powder and fuses do us when the boats are sunk? Their sunk! He repeated as he pointed to the water with emphasis.
  60. All of the fireworks in the bundles around her had snap fuses of the kind that pulled open and ground a few grains of gunpowder between two rough slips of card to make a spark.
  61. Like legendary Blackbeard, he’d taken to putting lighted Matches ’neath his Hat, which glow’d along their Fuses and made him look the Compleat Vision of a Fiend from Hell.
  62. Being set on short delay fuses, all three bombs penetrated deeply before exploding in the six-inch shell magazine and inside the missile farm, setting off a catastrophic chain of explosions.
  63. Her desperate tactic worked, with the proximity fuses of the 85 mm and 57 mm shells fired at her being initiated by the water sprays or being confused by the radar-reflective surface of the lake.
  64. There were also a few other stupid mistakes done that cost us dearly, like having anti-aircraft shells equipped with old fuses that could not be set to explode high enough to catch the Japanese bombers.
  65. Unfortunately, the last few weeks have brought us another bad news about our equipment being copied by the Germans: they have started using on a large scale anti-aircraft shells equipped with proximity fuses.
  66. And if their heads were loaded with shrapnel and equipped with reasonably reliable fuses, they could provide the same sorts of aerial bursts the heretics’ angle-guns are providing but over even larger areas.
  67. The arrival by ship two weeks ago of a sizeable supply of modern fuses for the shells used by the anti-aircraft guns in the Philippines had especially done a lot to improve their chances against a Japanese attack.
  68. He has constructed a prototype of their transceiver and tests fuses and valves and handsets and plugs—but even in those late hours, it is as if the sky has dimmed and the school has become a darker, ever more diabolical place.
  69. That same transport ship that had brought in the fuses, along with other vital combat supplies, had left Manila harbor three days ago, now loaded with Army and Navy dependants headed for the safety of the continental United States.
  70. Master Sergeant Harry Coyle had been able to enlist literally dozens of women who had been working for over a year on ammunition assembly lines, putting together shells and bombs, filling them with explosives and also assembling their intricate fuses.
  71. He'd found a small box containing various electronic components, bits of wire, glue, ends of string, and coins, and while rummaging through the contents of the box, he had managed to find a handful of fuses which looked like the right type for the Scooter.
  72. In thus retiring for a season from active personality contact with his earthly associates, Jesus, as he was and on Urantia, was following the very procedure that obtains on the morontia worlds whenever an ascending mortal fuses with the inner presence of the Universal Father.
  73. Did it matter, Richard wondered, that it was robots instead of men in the boats, lighting the fuses? But then, wouldn’t some nuance, some human thing, be lost? And would the computer remember to mail a special program of music to the radio stations, keyed to the detonations? Surely they still did that.
  74. England’s green and pleasant land is no exception, with every home an entertainment gin palace, where businesses thrive and prosper in the information age, and where the electronically dispossessed watch the valves and fuses of their analogue existence slowly burn down towards a state of mass extinction.
  75. When the contracting core becomes sufficiently hot, carbon fuses,.

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