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Frasi con meld (in inglese)

  1. Funny how generations meld together.
  2. It's a form of magic—a Mind Meld.
  3. I tried the Vulkan mind meld on Cynthia.
  4. Candace consented to meld minds with Tanner.
  5. We were trying to meld into the church while still.

  6. The quickest way to administer aid from a mind meld.
  7. I would love nothing more than to mind meld with.
  8. And the boy had no power to meld his mind with another.
  9. Nuke soon said, Nine is ready to meld his mind with.
  10. Louis released his Vulcan mind meld, leapt onto the ground.
  11. After all, you were dragged into a mind meld with him as well.
  12. Step 3: Use Blurring Techniques to Meld with Their Doubts and.
  13. To meld the I and the You of a man and woman into a single soul.
  14. To meld in a single soul the I and the You of the entire Universe.
  15. They’ve been pulled into a mind meld of some sort, Selar said.

  16. I clung to her and seemed to meld into her as if we had become one.
  17. Janie and i still felt we were to meld into the Olive Branch Church.
  18. He had initiated a light mind meld with Lisa, without her knowledge.
  19. It was as if he were to initiate a mind meld with the mountain itself.
  20. Vulcan, but then, no one was ever completely the same after a mind meld.
  21. That is, business and pleasure bond, and overtime the two meld into one.
  22. Excuse me? Garcia tried to mind meld with a machine? Is that possible?
  23. Of course, no one was ever the same after meeting with Sarek mind meld or no.
  24. You have begun to meld your two sides of awareness, and you should be proud of.
  25. The mind meld left him with such peace that he had to be guided away by the monks.

  26. I think she might be suitable, but a lot depends on whether you meld with her or not.
  27. Here, she said, walking up to interface, as if she intended to mind meld with it.
  28. Why don’t you just mind meld with one and see what that turns up, Kletsova said.
  29. He blushed as he suppressed an inappropriate thought, but pushed forward with the meld.
  30. One fired a phaser into the guard that had been hypnotized by Garcia’s light mind meld.
  31. He wanted, no needed, to become a part of it, to meld with it, until it filled his being.
  32. A master that knows how to blend the parts within himself and how to meld with the cosmos.
  33. We heard you vertebrates communicating and will attempt to meld our language with yours.
  34. I meld with the racing mind of Holder desperately trying to interpret her actions, foresee her future.
  35. The mind meld had been productive and Yuki was glad for the team’s support, but she was still uneasy.
  36. The colours around it did not meld with its strange shimmer but formed an unbroken frame that held it in place.
  37. At the same time, several realisations meld together in his thoughts and he is more himself than he has ever been.
  38. It seemed to meld fully with the Daitya, making him a truer feline by extending its tendrils into his extremities.
  39. There was a limited budget and time constraints, and too many variables to meld together an effective color scheme.
  40. There were many points nowadays where pure science met New Age thinking head-on and they almost seemed to meld sometimes.
  41. She and I were romantically engaged prior to her being called for an Away Mission, and a mind meld of a sort was involved.
  42. If they happened to walk to their tryst instead, I quickly managed to meld into the crowd and become practically invisible.
  43. Her mind came to his mind so softly that they had merged into one consciousness before he had even realized a mind meld was in progress.
  44. Christoff was manning the laptop and projector, a feat he managed with alacrity, since the two could evidently share a mind meld at will.
  45. She was tempted to reach down and perform an emergency mind meld, but the last time she had done that it had changed the course of her life.
  46. Your attempt at a mind meld didn’t help matters, but basically, the analogy is you had an allergic reaction that nearly killed both of you.
  47. That and the fact that he initiated the mind meld with her by means of a kiss might also have played a part in increasing her attraction to him.
  48. It takes a while for the few poorly built hovels and a large white bird to meld together within Ralph’s mind so he can recall what has happened.
  49. She had known before initiating the mind meld that she was not following procedures, but now her own overconfidence had presented her with a moral dilemma.
  50. She caught him up to speed on what she knew of the other Garcia, of their original mind meld, of their escape from the hidden Preserver base, of the other 160.
  51. It was not a true mind meld, but it was so close that it allowed her to sample what it was like to be human, and it was affecting her in ways she hadn’t thought possible.
  52. Having heard about the proposed mind meld, Marjie said, I’m getting that all the information we are seeking is contained in the Sacred Stick that Tanner told us to make.
  53. Being this close to her is calming, the feel of her gentle fingers in his hair, the press of her cheek against the top of his head, the way they seem to meld perfectly together.
  54. It is not one bit easy for the I to open up to a You, to encounter a You and decide to meld with it, as happens in nature every time new life is conceived and sperm and ovum merge.
  55. Her mind was immense and he would have been lost if it were not for the Queen’s ability to understand and separate herself from him, using the technique she had gained in the mind meld.
  56. That wasn’t an option, but he could mind meld with Losira computer system and allow her holographic generating capabilities to manifest all of his mental companions, at least on the Path Finder.
  57. The Princess seemed to greet Garcia with the warmth she would an old friend, causing him to wonder just how much his divergent self had indeed shared with her that he may not have learned during the mind meld.
  58. He also realized, perhaps because of the mind meld with Ket, one of the reasons he was so forgiving of other people’s faults, and more lenient with the transgressions of others, was because he knew his own heart too well.
  59. Yet, higher inflation down the road is a serious concern and is perhaps made even more likely by any near-term deflation:• Rising public deficits due to the recession and slow recovery mean that current fiscal challenges will meld into the eventual huge fiscal costs associated with baby-boomers’ pensions and health care, with no time for recovery or adjustment.
  60. She had assumed the other Garcia was killed when the Preserver base was destroyed, but now, due to Garcia’s near death experience with Q, which he had passed off as a dream and had nearly forgotten until the mind meld brought it to the foreground, she could see that the other Garcia had survived, escaping though a Gateway, perhaps accidentally attuned to Earth’s past.
  61. I couldn’t help myself I burst out laughing, this laughter acted as a release from the pressure of trying to meld a friendly, a semi friendly and an outright belligerent community to the same ends, this to my way of thinking was a task even the gods weren’t equipped for, I contemplated becoming an out and out despot but could not see myself as a tyrant overlord, it was then I thought of Coatl, I hadn’t seen him for some time, his advice would be invaluable, we had to get the city up and running as soon as possible, the flow of people leaving the city had stopped and a lot of the people who, believing the lies spread by the Teoti, and had left in fear were now returning, having found those fears to be unfounded.
  62. You need your headline to meld with your body text to create a sense of urgency,.
  63. Given your current state of anxiety, I doubt you could perform a mind meld,.

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