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Frasi con garbage (in inglese)

  1. We're in the garbage dump.
  2. She tossed it in the garbage.
  3. Garbage spewed onto the street.
  4. Why should he? It's all garbage.
  5. I Couldn’t Believe the Garbage.
  6. More garbage filled the front room.
  7. One day, I saw this garbage dump.
  8. The garbage truck comes on Wednesdays.
  9. But garbage trucks came with the dawn.
  10. Other garbage is piling up everywhere.
  11. Johnny had taken her to a garbage dump.
  12. And his body was dumped in the garbage.
  13. The SS and other assorted human garbage.
  14. Plastic garbage bags lined the sidewalks.
  15. I should throw that thing in the garbage.
  16. There is no longer garbage in the streets.
  17. I feel like garbage tossed into the trash.
  18. Trash, garbage: it didn’t matter to him.
  19. In the same garbage bag was a banana peel.
  20. Bury any unburned refuse in a garbage pit.
  21. Trash bags, just another load of garbage.
  22. The hybrids could now relax and eat garbage.
  23. There was filth everywhere and the garbage.
  24. Big city garbage dumps were always burning.
  25. However, if the garbage is securely locked.
  26. I don’t belong in a garbage heap like this.
  27. He knew how much garbage there was out there.
  28. Well, he was pure, unadulterated garbage, Dr.
  29. Did you have to put it in a garbage bag?
  30. Otherwise they will contain the garbage values.
  31. The alley harbored garbage cans every 30 or 40.
  32. He bundled them up and put them in a garbage bag.
  33. She kicked the garbage can several times as well.
  34. Or as the saying goes: garbage-in… garbage out.
  35. Who found them out? Garbage, sewage they feed on.
  36. They disregard them like rubbish in a garbage pile.
  37. They disposed off dead animals and removed garbage.
  38. How anyone could believe this garbage is beyond me.
  39. Lee Chong brought his garbage cans out to the curb.
  40. Then there would be no such thing as garbage anymore.
  41. Bands of blue sweep uncollected garbage on the curb.
  42. We knew the garbage truck would run Tuesday morning.
  43. I tossed my junk into a nearby garbage bin and then.
  44. Get this piece of traitorous garbage out of here.
  45. Grey metal garbage cans stood sentinel at every gate.
  46. Do not throw that threatening garbage at me, Roger.
  47. The scent of fresh blood is stronger than the garbage.
  48. If the lymph does not move much, the garbage stays in.
  49. He covered them in garbage bags to protect them from.
  50. We needed to send a message to that piece of garbage.
  51. She sneaked closer to them, hiding behind a garbage can.
  52. Honey, where the hell did you hear this garbage? You.
  53. In the back the garbage guy left him a tip on efficiency.
  54. I even arranged a survey to be taken of the garbage dump.
  55. It was empty after a second, so I threw it in the garbage.
  56. Experience teaches us that garbage in, garbage out or GIGO.
  57. Euclid started to drag the fly toward the garbage can and.
  58. And in the garbage dump was a cast off shipping container.
  59. After tossing the garbage into the waste disposal Cynthia.
  60. Ford Mercury and tossing the rest into a nearby garbage can.
  61. Is there a question somewhere in that pile of garbage?
  62. The side door was held open by a green plastic garbage can.
  63. He had a job as a garbage collector, which he'd been doing.
  64. You told me I was garbage , You told me you never wanted me.
  65. Corpses and human remains were still scattered like garbage.
  66. After he was done I gave him a large black garbage bag that.
  67. But apparently it did the job, despite looking like garbage.
  68. It was blind and empty, apart from the ever-present garbage.
  69. The unconscious soldier was piled amongst the garbage of the.
  70. Brimstone (sulfur) was added to keep the garbage burning in.
  71. All of the chairs came from the garbage dump down the street.
  72. We heard garbage collectors in Ratio World growling machines.
  73. The men captured this material in large plastic garbage bags.
  74. He was holding out a garbage bag and wearing only his trunks.
  75. The every day garbage of relationships is too much for me now.
  76. She spreads her vein-riddled legs and has sex with the garbage.
  77. I wouldn't want that garbage here any longer than it has to be.
  78. Then Jennifer turned up in garbage bags and Keith was arrested.
  79. Neil stepped to the garbage can and tossed the ice cream inside.
  80. Place garbage bags on the shelves then add the newspaper strips.
  81. They pay for garbage service, sewer service, gas and electricity.
  82. I heaved and someone placed a garbage bag right beside my mouth.
  83. The garbage gets washed out on beaches to yield into the oceans.
  84. This positive-‐thinking garbage is a load of hog-‐wash.
  85. Throw it in the garbage bin, and move on to the next opportunity.
  86. Our garbage collectors aren’t called Langoliers, but omni bolls.
  87. What a load of garbage all of that is because look at the picture.
  88. Lee Chong brings the garbage cans out and stands them on the curb.
  89. Instead, garbage bags were used to cover the workers’ miserable.
  90. I often wondered what kind of garbage their parents fed these kids.
  91. Poor guy, he was probably arrested while rummaging through garbage.
  92. Everyone knows a garbage bag is the only way to serve whopatewy.
  93. She crumpled up the permission sheet and tossed it into the garbage.
  94. The expression garbage in, garbage out is older than the hills.
  95. Typical of any old garbage can, its lid askew, on any suburban lawn.
  96. The swamp shifts because the garbage has turned alive over the years.
  97. She wanted to yank off the ring and grind it in the garbage disposal.
  98. Well my friend you are just reading this garbage, I have to write it.
  99. Flies hovered in clouds around a garbage bin on one side of the room.
  100. Below stairs, the Garburator roared, swallowing garbage, bones and all.

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