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Frasi con scraps (in inglese)

  1. That and a few scraps of cloth.
  2. The weaker ones got table scraps.
  3. Scraps of iron sheets covered the.
  4. Scraps of burned paper float overhead.
  5. What few scraps I found were in that.

  6. From the last scraps of food they made a.
  7. It comes in scraps and floods, but it comes.
  8. But do not place meat scraps or bones in it.
  9. Only a few scraps of lying propaganda remain.
  10. Scraps of metal, twisted and hot and smoking.
  11. Hence I kept myself isolated from such scraps.
  12. Outside, pigeons scrabbled over scraps at the curb.
  13. It was their hope to feast on the left-over scraps.
  14. There were no signs, however, of any ashes or scraps.
  15. There are scraps of paper and footprints on the tile.

  16. Burnt scraps of paper and plastic were littered around.
  17. Over the last few scraps of pizza, I told her everything.
  18. There were food scraps and bugs up here when I moved in.
  19. He checked to make sure all the scraps of paper had gone.
  20. He bangs the trays on the wall to loosen the food scraps.
  21. We serving slaves cleared plates and scraps from the table.
  22. This time, the dogs had no one to fight with over the scraps.
  23. After scanning the area again, I tossed the scraps into the.
  24. The three men in the front seat were blown into bloody scraps.
  25. At the point of starvation and extreme hunger scraps of salted.

  26. As they sat near a roadside ditch they ate scraps and leftovers.
  27. What looked like scraps of wool were caught in his tangled beard.
  28. Scraps of conversation come back to me with the memory of her room.
  29. An old looking condom and a few phone numbers on scraps of napkins.
  30. I tucked it into her desk drawer with all the other scraps of paper.
  31. She caught scraps of their voices riding the wind, sniffed at their.
  32. He had created it from scraps of cloth left behind by his own father.
  33. You will eat the scraps that he gives you and you will live 25 years.
  34. Only some scraps of skin and hair remained upon the dead men’s bones.
  35. The injuries that she had sustained from lying so still in the scraps.
  36. Never allow your cat to eat off the table, not even scraps that are left.
  37. Willing to accept any scraps they could offer just to have them with you.
  38. Amid the scraps of the Marseillaise which he was singing, he shouted:—.
  39. She patched her bodice, which was old and worn out, with scraps of calico.
  40. Some of them wore scraps of ill-kept armor, but none held weapons of steel.
  41. It was a good thing she had her own cache of kitchen scraps and rat leavings.
  42. Either get with them or get used to receiving scraps from the Ice Cream Man.
  43. He flicked beads on his abacus and jotted sums down on scraps of spare paper.
  44. A cold, blustery wind blew scraps of litter around their ankles as they made.
  45. She is silk, scraps, an abominations of thought, an I where there ought not.
  46. Nerissa heard scraps of the men’s conversation as she poured from a handsome.
  47. Each generation passing on what niggardly scraps it was lucky enough to be given.
  48. Scraps of skin dangled from its neck and cheeks, threatening to fall in her face.
  49. They would literally live off the fruit of the land and be given scraps and water.
  50. His few common tools and various scraps of leather were at his feet and on his bench.
  51. Scraps of paper, pens, and several samples of Tibetan medicine rolled out onto his bed.
  52. The road before them had scraps of machines they had to navigate through, but not many.
  53. I think it’s the same with revival—He scraps the blueprint and surprises us again.
  54. I could tell by the scraps of conversation which I overheard that it was most important.
  55. He found a few scraps of paper with some strange designs made up of rows of little icons.
  56. The deerhound, Mialchu, was peacefully curled up next to him, waiting for falling scraps.
  57. As Clay walked out with the scraps, the dog stood up and barked fiercely toward the woods.
  58. Once, he and Jutta built a little sailboat from scraps of wood and carried it to the river.
  59. It was Thomas who put the puzzle together, from scraps of metal and paper, leather and glue.
  60. He threw the scraps on the floor and then slid the knife under her bra between her breasts.
  61. One evening before supper, the father noticed his son playing with wood scraps on the floor.
  62. Halon started to try and piece together the scraps of information and jigsaw them together.
  63. He and Tom made toys with scraps of wood and paints, and Ginnie and George came round to help.
  64. You counting scraps or a proper meal? Because if it’s the latter, it’s been…days at least.
  65. Ah, yes, said the wolf, snickering loudly, you domesticated scum enjoy eating table scraps.
  66. He was obliged to have recourse to the assistance of the pen, writing his orders on scraps of paper.
  67. Emry, what is it you feel you must hold before giving the dog his scraps? Is Aloren in there?
  68. And the living was forced by the terrible distress and famine to search the sewers for scraps of food.
  69. Aside from a few scraps of bloody clothing there was nothing left for her grieving parents to identify.
  70. Two or three of the gentlemen sat near him, and I caught at times scraps of their conversation across the.
  71. When the chicken is grown up, change the food to laying pellets and gradually introduce chopped kitchen scraps.
  72. There were no trees only gnarly looking shrubs and scraps of grass that looked as if life was a great struggle.
  73. Her dog, Skip, stayed behind, knowing that such parties provided a banquet of dropped food and discarded scraps.
  74. It was true she’d kept her figure, since she’d spent the voyage eating scraps from Captain Hycron’s table.
  75. But one image rose after another, incoherent scraps of thought without beginning or end passed through his mind.
  76. Look at this stupid plucking family! They were holding their breaths, begging for the scraps of his attention!.
  77. Kami then noticed that, in the planter box next to his little guard shack, there was a cat eating scraps of food.
  78. The long lines his mother had to stand in to get stale bread and scraps of meat were a joke in the western world.
  79. Noah was a people-lover, the sort of bloke who feasted happily on the scraps and detritus of other people’s lives.
  80. She ran a magazine shop in the used book arcade, a career that gave her exposure to information scraps of all kinds.
  81. A large table occupies that space, covered with tools and scraps of metal and gears and old computer parts and wires.
  82. For our tales lie here around us, in the scattered scraps of parchment and manuscript the flames have not burnt away.
  83. Whenever we think we can second-guess God, I find in my own experience, He scraps the blueprint and surprises us again.
  84. The few tiny scraps, which have survived, cannot ever reveal what was in these hundreds of destroyed thousands of books.
  85. It was a beautiful timepiece, but the chain, clumsily hammered together from old scraps of iron, didn’t match its quality.
  86. When all the people had gone, the man with the stick would hit me, before throwing a few meager scraps of meat into my cage.
  87. Her so-called friend was obviously jealous; she wanted Troy all for herself, while Takina was left with the dwarfish scraps.
  88. Eating what was left, castoffs and scraps, while crawling over the carcasses of your enemies on your way to the top of the heap.
  89. Bianca got right next to the giant's foot, trying to balance herself on the metal scraps that swayed and shifted with his weight.
  90. Avoid storing your fire wood or wood scraps next to the house as this could support termites and allow them entrance into the house.
  91. His mouth was already closed, but he somehow remembered his training, letting the last scraps of his breath get sucked forcibly away.
  92. From his current perch, all he could see of the line of additional galleons five miles beyond her were scraps of sail on the horizon.
  93. It was a backwoods dog, raised on table scraps and the chunks of flesh it tore off other animals while their hearts were still beating.
  94. The owner of the grounds glared at me over his brother-in-law's shoulder, and I caught broken scraps of sentences—well-known wishes.
  95. The master or mistress kicks and mistreats the dog, and throws it a few scraps every now and then: for which the dog is abjectly grateful.
  96. Standing in the blackness out there on the moor, he had heard scraps of phrases in his head as they shovelled the dirt over Chas’s body.
  97. Sometime during his stay at Ofuna, he had scavenged or stolen bits of wire and string, strips of cardboard, scraps of paper, and a pencil.
  98. Yet Sanders was a fine young fellow (here all the scraps went swirling round the sink, scoured after by her purple, almost nailless hands).
  99. Otherwise, a few broken scraps of reed, which could have come much later, is the only evidence that these first cave dwellers had any light.
  100. He cadged all the ingredients for the soup from different tradespeople: bones and scraps of meat from butchers: pea meal and split peas from.
  1. Bo heard a key scrapping around in the lock and then, with a.
  2. That kept us from putting tons of food on hold or scrapping it.
  3. There’s no honor and less loot, scrapping with these savages.
  4. Carl, however, yearned for nothing other than dirty scrapping action.
  5. Just both of us scrapping at each other, the way couples do sometimes.
  6. The fourteen year olds hair was short, barely scrapping her shoulders.
  7. Scrapping had, historical y, been something that other people engaged in.
  8. During a lull in the scrapping, a lone German wandered too near, and we collared him.
  9. A firm grip caught me by one bicep and dragged me scrapping and clawing several yards.
  10. Rand looked at me as if he had no clue what I was talking about: Scrapping? What is this scrapping of which you speak?
  11. He knew we were here, we knew he was there, he knew that we knew that he knew, (et cetera,) and we had been scrapping with them for a few days now.
  12. They had a way of scrapping and lunging from the shadows like cornered beasts and even the most seasoned warriors could be caught unaware amid their carelessness.
  13. In the galleries up above the assembled politicians there was a veritable host of media reporters, who were all fighting and scrapping for the best vantage points.
  14. The prospect of scrapping the fleet horrified the German navy chiefs as it would present the British with a bloodless victory, and be a death sentence to the German Navy.
  15. As Alastair pounces on his son, Karen announces calmly that we should all move into the dining room as dinner is ready; clearly her menfolk scrapping is a common occurrence ….
  16. We could, after all, require that people not drive a car until it meets emission specifications, maybe even requiring that engines be replaced with newer, clean engines or scrapping the old cars.
  17. She had seen for herself how rundown the American military had become since the end of the war in 1944, with massive cuts in personnel, deactivations of many units and the scrapping or mothballing of much equipment.
  18. Unfortunately, Europe is still more than ever considered a priority theater and we are presently scrapping together all the units and equipment available in the United States in order to replace our losses in Europe.
  19. He had managed by scrapping the bottom of his drawers to assemble 61 Mitsubishi Ki-21 twin-engine medium bombers, escorted by 43 of the new Nakajima Ki-43 HAYABUSA fighters, which had started to replace the inadequate Ki-27.
  20. Despite these alarms, I had become inconsolable when I saw a television news item about the scrapping of steam locomotives, with hammers and torches tearing out the rivets and cutting up the belly of a boiler to be thrown into the smelting furnace.
  21. Like the United States, they had to massively demobilize their forces, but showed more common sense than Washington and put in reserve most of their surplus military equipment, ready to be used in case another war came, instead of scrapping planes and vehicles by the tens of thousands.
  1. He scrapped it and saw a smal.
  2. He found a stick and scrapped off the three inch.
  3. Or did the Machinmas scrapped that rule when I was.
  4. After much discussion, the plaster idea was scrapped.
  5. Declared a total loss, she will eventually be scrapped.
  6. If not, I stil promised you that it wil not be scrapped:.
  7. The project ultimately flopped within a few weeks and was scrapped.
  8. His fangs scrapped along her flesh and in one swift movement he penetrated.
  9. Segall states that a deep groove has been scrapped into the top of this slab.
  10. The cab flipped and flew a few hundred feet forward and scrapped against the.
  11. It picked up all the dead moon bugs, and all the dirt they cleaned and scrapped off the moon.
  12. Both spirits were dragged away, screaming and hollering as their faces scrapped the rocky ground.
  13. So I would try to determine the disposition of a lot, then have it scrapped, reworked, or released.
  14. Dragging him along by his feet, his body scrapped along the tarmac towards the large concrete warehouse.
  15. They should have told me before they loaded it in the furnace, not after half the liners had to be scrapped.
  16. I think it has glanced off his blade-bone, that is, scrapped down the bone itself and come out near the skin.
  17. Gautam went on a shopping spree for the scrapped chemical equipment and accessories in the junk markets of Ahmedabad and Bombay.
  18. If a species that is aesthetically ugly and does not evolve into a more aesthetically beautiful form: it is scrapped and goes extinct.
  19. By 2009 Cake scrapped its social investing model for one that used academic theories to offer asset allocation advice on mutual funds and 401(k)s.
  20. That meant many guns which would otherwise have been scrapped were likely to find themselves bored out, rifled, banded, and retained for service, instead.
  21. As there had been been a lot of opposition to this construction by environmental groups the original plans for the runway extension were scrapped in 1989.
  22. Just like the lightening I have here! He scrapped the wires together again and the sparks appeared all the brighter and more ominous in the darkened room.
  23. Since the interior was the remains of a crime scene they had it scrapped for parts and sent to the crusher somewhere down in Arizona where it would never be found.
  24. My tanks and guns were mostly either scrapped or simply abandoned in the jungles of the Pacific, and this because of the lack of funds to allow for their proper mothballing.
  25. The bottom of their rowboat soon scrapped against the silt and sand of the island of Jeufosse, a small island in the middle of the Seine River that covered maybe sixty hectares of surface.
  26. Then, because most people think nude is rude, they’d create a fuss, call the cops, and the rest of the program would be scrapped in case I was a child molester, and I’d be out of a job!’.
  27. As a result, the library had experimented briefly with a selection of daily newspapers, but had quickly scrapped the idea after discovering that these were read even less frequently than the books.
  28. I briefly thought about hanging all over Remy and completely ignoring the Fey to see how he would react but I scrapped that idea almost immediately because the end results would likely go one of two ways.
  29. Four eyes were so many eyes to look at me; and to the overuse of eyes joined also the scarcity of his words, this inconsistency in eyes and words made me feel as a scrapped, contemptible and unworthy human being.
  30. It is a good thing that Evelyn Sharp acted on your suggestion at the end of the war and secretly stockpiled reserves of equipment and supplies that would have otherwise been destroyed or scrapped in the Philippines as surplus.
  31. Those M20 armored cars were part of the materiel that the 99th Wing shouldn’t possess according to official lists, but which had been kept from the vast surplus of equipment and supplies due to be officially scrapped or disposed of at the end of World War Two.
  32. That night, grieving and alone in a city I didn’t know, a city that had been hostile and unwelcoming since the moment I stepped foot in it, I’d become a wild thing, scrapped all my inhibitions, had sex like I’d never had it before, tried everything I’d ever wanted to try with enormous enthusiasm and not one ounce of self-consciousness.

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1. And a bigger scrap book.
2. It isn’t worth a scrap.
3. Save every scrap you get.
4. Four tons of scrap aluminum.
5. He was salvaging scrap metal.
6. I grabbed a few scrap papers.
7. There must have been a scrap.
8. It was made of scrap materials.
9. The odd chicken scrap usual-.
10. I handed him the scrap of paper.
11. Every scrap of evidence they had.
12. And so he ate…every last scrap.
13. Gabriel handed me a scrap of paper.
14. This was no ordinary scrap of cloth.
15. Scrap about 1 inch length of the bark.
16. He fetched another piece of scrap paper.
17. Joachim seemed equally ready for a scrap.
18. The scrap quickly spread to the entire bar.
19. If I did earn a scrap of respect from my.
20. Davie guesses the boiler was sold for scrap.
21. We were advised to scrap it but we didn’t.
22. He doesn't care one scrap about your safety.
23. I have to dispose of a large amount of scrap.
24. Well, I was there, I was part of that scrap.
25. This is only one tiny scrap of historical fact.
26. Paul would give me his leftover scrap material.
27. I was certain it would end up on the scrap heap.
28. They probably got in a scrap, said the woman.
29. She held a scrap of torn cloth between her fingers.
30. I nearly wrote it down on a scrap of paper at the.
31. They bent their heads over many pages of scrap paper.
32. A scrap of aluminum dribbled out of Grover’s mouth.
33. A scrap that life's flung by, and love's forgotten, --.
34. John looks in confusion at a scrap of paper in his hand.
35. It was now a question of either scrap the invasion or go.
36. I would bate it with what ever scrap it was that we had.
37. Had Trask been here she knew he'd make one of scrap wood.
38. From my fathers time we worked with one single scrap 99.
39. Defarge gave into his anxious hand, an open scrap of paper.
40. The crumpled scrap of paper wrapped around the key would do.
41. Not a scrap, he said, amusedly, but he’s a genius.
42. She gave me a scrap of paper which she fished out of her bag.
43. All she had on was hole-ridden linen, not a scrap of woollen.
44. Locke handed him a pen and scrap of paper from Hiss’ jacket.
45. The servant found a scrap of paper, which she handed to Marius.
46. The lobby was clean, not a scrap of paper on the desk or in it.
47. He had got a scrap of paper and was folding it into a notebook.
48. I carry about me, not a scrap of writing openly referring to it.
49. Postman then goes about creating new narratives out of the scrap.
50. Holmes took up the scrap of paper, a fac-simile of which is here.
51. Look what I found, said Nibbles, holding up a scrap of cloth.
52. The only scrap of comfort there was, came unexpectedly from Bombur.
53. I was made redundant from my job and thrown on the scrap heap at 40.
54. Behind him, sitting on piles of scrap and rubble, was the blue kite.
55. The wind blew his voice away, end over end, a scrap of ghostly paper.
56. It was just a scrap of paper with some nearly illegible handwriting.
57. They plan to send scrap metal from America to use for manufacturing.
58. Joe never left a scrap on his plate, or anyone else’s within reach.
59. Mia cornered Freddy, who had stolen a scrap he had found near the bin.
60. It is not necessary for me to explain why we should scrap our present.
61. This action made us scrap a bunch of product that was perfectly edible.
62. Hadaen plopped a scrap of loaf in his mouth and thought about his words.
63. I wiped the knife on a clean scrap of his clothing before resheathing it.
64. Thomas had cleaned up the scrap metal that had been littering the floor.
65. Sounds of a Cowhide Drum, wrapped in a disintegrating scrap of newspaper.
66. I looked through the scrap basket, and have brought some papers with me.
67. And this, he added, fishing for a scrap of paper in another pocket.
68. Only Scrap the dog was there to welcome Caris with a lazy wag of her tail.
69. A minute ago I could’ve sworn you had at least a scrap of Elde sense.
70. Using a scrap of her tunic, Ceder rubbed the pink lather off his forehead.
71. He selected an old broom handle and a short piece of inch-square scrap wood.
72. Jody patted their heads seriously, and moved on to the weathered scrap pile.
73. Without a word, he handed her a scrap of paper with the message Room 1926.
74. The scrap lasted a long time, but at last we charged and captured the trench.
75. They are considered semi-aggressive since they may scrap with other wrasses.
76. I lay what I have out on the table trying to glean some scrap of information.
77. Producing a scrap of cloth, he slowly extended his arm, bearing it, to C-zar.
78. It looked like it had come out of a war zone and was ready for the scrap heap.
79. George and Sam continued to Lodebar with their load of high-grade scrap metal.
80. The hills were enormous mounds of old cars, appliances, and other scrap metal.
81. While I was a quality control person on second shift, I tried to prevent scrap.
82. With Marilyn, any scrap of her was valuable and would eventually be exploited.
83. Collecting scrap metal with the other kids to support the war effort in Europe.
84. The smallest scrap of the gutter of the street would have met her wishes better.
85. It was labeled Nails in his long, upright handwriting on a scrap of masking tape.
86. Cass grabs the scrap of paper and scribbles down a half dozen things on his list.
87. In its wild state, thought can scrap away all our personal energies and potential.
88. On the way out of here, his ship would be towing one humongous pile of scrap metal.
89. It reconstructs the purple from the rag, and the woman from the scrap of her dress.
90. He threw a bone to Scrap, who pounced on it as if she had not seen food for a week.
91. Wedged between the metal and the porcelain there was a small scrap of folded paper.
92. We can’t scrap plans to reduce the debt just because we are afraid of the deficit.
93. Her second stick of charcoal was worn down to a scrap again, having flown across the.
94. All laws must be upheld until such time as parliament or the courts scrap those laws.
95. They faced a pit of hungry reporters, all desperate for any scrap of new information.
96. The claw would also move the scrap leaving the aeroplane clear for further demolition.
97. I went to the counter and picked up a scrap of paper with my new business number on it.
98. Behind the shed there was a little shack built of scrap, scrap lumber and pieces of tin.
99. I have an understanding with the forestry workers nearby, and buy scrap wood for burning.
100. I watched Dog take his blade and scrap it on the black fuzzy rocks at the water’s edge.

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