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    1. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and

    2. Paul Vaughn, is a graduate of the East Tennessee School of Preaching and is a builder in

    3. During the time he was abroad, he completed graduate and doctoral studies, receiving a Ph

    4. white tile graduate, failing to comprehend the point

    5. And having practiced it for a day or two you should graduate with no difficulty to a more advanced lateral twist called THE SIDESLIP POSTURE

    6. One more and I will be a graduate

    7. graduate of the HeartMath Institute

    8. You can hire a college graduate, already skilled in what you need, and you will only have to pay between $200 to

    9. guidance counselor) this morning and it turns out you need this class to graduate

    10. “I got more than enough credits to graduate,” I said

    1. She lasted until they both graduated … I think she was expecting it to go on, but they were unable to get jobs in the same town and, after about six months of living fifty miles apart, it fizzled out

    2. According to the information, he was employed at a local school teaching music having graduated two years earlier, though there was a note that he was on intermittent sick leave due to the serious and debilitating form of migraine from which he suffered

    3. They’d married when they graduated and, instead of taking up her PGCE, she’d opted to take a course in Human Resources management and joined a large company as HR manager

    4. She graduated as queen of the Sinbara day school

    5. men and women actually graduated

    6. Livingson, Miss Spelman, this is my son Harold Bessamer, lately graduated from Malvern

    7. all the finesse of a rich kid who’d just graduated from etiquette classes

    8. The newly graduated class of '85, the second brass plate, was thus installed on the plaque with great pomp and ceremony at the conclusion of the awarding of diplomas

    9. He was after all just an apprenticed architect and not yet graduated from university

    10. graduated from college, and there was no reason to stay around home

    1. Before the rehearsal was over, each Player was sure he or she was the first one to conceive of the new Village Theatrical Society Educational Fund, for the awarding of College scholarships to deserving and merited graduates of the Tahoe City School

    2. He plans to return to school in a few years, after his sister graduates from high school

    3. His low-paying job is unsatisfactory, but there is little he can do about it until his sister graduates

    4. sort-of a tradition here that, when a girl graduates,

    5. The privileges of graduates in arts, in law, physic, and divinity, when they can be obtained only by residing a certain number of years in certain universities, necessarily force a certain number of students to such universities, independent of the merit or reputation of the teachers

    6. The privileges of graduates are a sort of statutes of apprenticeship, which have contributed to the improvement of education just as the other statutes of apprenticeship have to that of arts and manufactures

    7. Witness to my observation is that we have become a nation that graduates college folks who are often semiliterate

    8. of these academy graduates were members of “The Long Gray

    9. graduates in a special way

    10. were also West Point graduates and both held the highest

    1. Kerry is forty something and in her first teaching post; she did PGCE after graduating

    2. After a brief but probing interview, during which Harry was told of the school's twenty year history, and record for graduating the best and brightest, and his own responsibilities, should he be admitted

    3. They’d all gone their separate ways after graduating but about ten years after that, Alastair had met up with Andy completely by accident and he had been in contact with Mike so they’d re-formed the band for fun … and financial reasons

    4. By the end of the term a commencement was held for the graduating class

    5. Miss Bunker had a plaque made for the rear wall of the schoolhouse which read in relief letters across the top: Graduating Classes of Tahoe City School

    6. She had freely chosen to follow the more traditional path of her gender by hooking up with a steady boyfriend from her high school days, getting formally engaged and then married to Joe shortly after graduating, their buying a house and car and all the stuff you’re supposed to take possession of when you form a conjugal union, and her bearing three children before she reached the age of thirty

    7. The Directorate sent an entire graduating class from the Selective Service on a final training mission---sort of a graduation exercise---to monitor freight; that was it

    8. I was only nine when all this started and Seth was graduating high school that year

    9. He would be graduating at the end of this year and he already had his Paris scholarship

    10. She would be graduating with honors

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