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    1. He is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and

    2. Paul Vaughn, is a graduate of the East Tennessee School of Preaching and is a builder in

    3. During the time he was abroad, he completed graduate and doctoral studies, receiving a Ph

    4. white tile graduate, failing to comprehend the point

    5. And having practiced it for a day or two you should graduate with no difficulty to a more advanced lateral twist called THE SIDESLIP POSTURE

    6. One more and I will be a graduate

    7. graduate of the HeartMath Institute

    8. You can hire a college graduate, already skilled in what you need, and you will only have to pay between $200 to

    9. guidance counselor) this morning and it turns out you need this class to graduate

    10. “I got more than enough credits to graduate,” I said

    11. be the smartest student ever to graduate from Collingston? He hasn’t missed a

    12. “You will, of course be presented with all accolades attendant upon a Malvern graduate, and special note made of your own achievement of Double First Honors with Distinction for those subjects which you have already completed entirely

    13. Originally I signed up for six units on was planning to graduate in December

    14. You said since you been fired from your job and can give more attention with your studies and take 12 units the spring and three units are one course during the summer and graduate in July

    15. For when you mean to graduate? Is it this coming July, 1982 or next of 1983?? I'll pray for you to success with the recruiting job

    16. When you graduate from the course – kudos

    17. She asked then, “How is my training supposed to proceed then? I'm a little confused; am I supposed to graduate or something before resuming my life?!”

    18. Marge went on to graduate in Library Sciences at Pitt, received her Masters and spent her whole life behind the walls of this world famous library

    19. Kurt studied the building of Fallingwater for a thesis in his graduate studies

    20. He had her whole life in his first five minutes with her; farmer’s daughter, college graduate, baseball fan, and a real looker

    21. It was at the age of twenty-four, in his post graduate year, when he met the woman who would eventually become his wife

    22. graduate from this distinguished institution which would become

    23. Intimately close advisor to FDR, and needless to say, a graduate of a school of sociology

    24. Danish mathematician who set out, with a class of his graduate students, to prove the veracity of the concept of global warming

    25. I graduate next month, so I’ll let her know with an invitation

    26. It is my opinion for what it is worth that any legal graduate who did not pass his bar exam and actually practised law for at least five years have a lot to learn and is frankly dangerous to his clients

    27. I sometimes teach to post graduate students on business & legal risks in Africa

    28. She answered that she did her graduate work at the University of Vermont

    29. Then, to take Teresa to the Advanced Level, from which she would graduate - if she wished - and he really had to make certain that she DID wish - to Faery Wizard level

    30. A native of Dixons City Academy and graduate of Bradford College, he began travelling the world at the age of 19 and participated in various regional conflicts and provided protection to the 14th Maharaja of Patiala where he learned Sniping, Vehicle operating skills and explosive skills

    31. Three American graduate students from NYU, actively involved in the Sandinista Party, were guests at his wedding, making him feel important among the provincial folk of Jinotega

    32. He had met her mother at his prior position at the University of Pittsburgh, where she was a graduate assistant in Chemistry

    33. They should graduate from high school, get married and not have children until they are married

    34. When a school or university periodically makes the entry of the points of a student’s graduation, automatically it is validating its process to recompose its working capital because it is the responsible for the new students’ graduation, as well as it is responsible for the truthfulness of the occurred fact (graduate students)

    35. Simultaneously, this act validates its educational activity, also it validates the “Activity State” of that graduate person to compose its income FIXABLE

    36. This was a pattern with lots of married graduate students – one year, at the most two, of living on the wife’s earnings, then they moved on to their new life for which the man had become highly qualified

    37. The men would be away from home for five months, so the two graduate students who headed the team arranged for their wives to visit them

    38. reports and graduate school acceptance rates, but also from personal interaction

    39. Jason went to college and graduate school, where he studied history

    40. You can spend four years in college, go into debt $100,000 or more and when you graduate you

    41. graduate in the top ranks of high schools—

    42. She is also a member of Graduate REALTOR® Institute, Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council, and Associated Home Brokers

    43. These schools and the teachers they graduate are dedicated to subjecting the nation to the onslaught of these particularly tenacious brigades of the Civil War

    44. “What are you going to do when you graduate?” the counselor

    45. A Japanese graduate student friend, Hiro, called my mother one morning early and talked for a long time about his papers not being in order and that he was going to be deported

    46. She felt like a high school graduate again, her hands sweating and a lump in her throat

    47. By the end of 1L, I also realized that a better second choice lay across the Midway and 60th Street, namely, the Graduate School of Business

    48. Directory of Graduate Research (DGRweb)

    49. Who would have thought? Bill Goetz, a loner from Rye, NY, and graduate of Monmouth (after spending freshman year at U

    50. Prior to his conviction, I finally wrote Lew Spencer, the GC back in Chicago, a “Dear John” letter alerting him to the fact that Mack had earned an MBA at ASU on Motorola’s time and money, Neudelmann (real spelling) taught graduate school clear across the Valley, also on Motorola’s time and money

    1. She lasted until they both graduated … I think she was expecting it to go on, but they were unable to get jobs in the same town and, after about six months of living fifty miles apart, it fizzled out

    2. According to the information, he was employed at a local school teaching music having graduated two years earlier, though there was a note that he was on intermittent sick leave due to the serious and debilitating form of migraine from which he suffered

    3. They’d married when they graduated and, instead of taking up her PGCE, she’d opted to take a course in Human Resources management and joined a large company as HR manager

    4. She graduated as queen of the Sinbara day school

    5. men and women actually graduated

    6. Livingson, Miss Spelman, this is my son Harold Bessamer, lately graduated from Malvern

    7. all the finesse of a rich kid who’d just graduated from etiquette classes

    8. The newly graduated class of '85, the second brass plate, was thus installed on the plaque with great pomp and ceremony at the conclusion of the awarding of diplomas

    9. He was after all just an apprenticed architect and not yet graduated from university

    10. graduated from college, and there was no reason to stay around home

    11. Now I'll take 12 units the spring semester and then one course during the summer and graduated July

    12. I was a junior in high school when Kennedy was shot since I graduated in ’69

    13. I think many of those rides that made me arrive frozen at the high school were one of the main reasons that led me to go to the University of Arizona after I graduated from Don Bosco High School

    14. Of course having the stupidity to go in there and challenge his grade made him a legend in law school; I wonder if he ever graduated

    15. All of my friends had graduated from the University of Arizona with their degrees and they didn't come back that following September and I was there basically at school with no friends

    16. Doyle graduated from medical school and began his practice and was in many ways the head of the household due to his father’s chronic illness

    17. copy; it is a copy handed to a graduated, after

    18. passed his examination with flying colors and graduated with the Class of 1847

    19. Waddell preferred to say that he passed the exams at this point, rather than say he graduated

    20. accomplish more before he could claim to be graduated

    21. At this point, Waddell felt he had now graduated from the United States Naval Academy, and he was proud of what he had

    22. then graduated from Brooklyn College in 1950 with a BA in

    23. After a while we graduated to rope climbing, which was just awful

    24. The twenty-two-year-old officer was less than six months out of the academy, his record said, where he graduated at the top of his class

    25. After that week, we graduated and went back where we came from

    26. When he graduated, he kept on

    27. Boston was crawling with ‘em: stuck-up rich little shits going to expensive Ivy-league schools on Daddy’s buck and learning nothing `cept how to be even nastier, till after four years they graduated as full-blown snots every bit as bad as Sylvia

    28. I had graduated to the use of a cane (plus the leg braces) instead of the walker, but it was very precarious balancing on the stool before I had to jump up on the table

    29. Now that Jenny had truly and officially graduated, we scurried back to the apartment for more packing, and were converted from proud parents to pack mule lackeys

    30. This event more than anything else had driven to join MI5 when she graduated from Cheltenham and Gloucester College in 2000

    31. She graduated with the class of 1943, receiving a bachelor’s degree in European literature, with dual minors in Polish and German

    32. Kholi had graduated a year

    33. She put herself through nursing school and graduated as a registered nurse

    34. They, the defenders of equality are the same imbeciles who think it is ok to take money from some give it to others (graduated tax)

    35. “Can you believe it’s been a month since we came here, recently graduated, not a care in the world?” asked Ryan sighing

    36. Orphenn had returned from his first day of school, and when he had graduated

    37. From this he graduated to the “total” and

    38. Even if his father had graduated from college, he could never have amounted to anything in Ganesh’s India

    39. When Andrew graduated a few years later that reputation he had went downhill

    40. He and Suzuki were old friends who had graduated from Meiji

    41. It seemed that all bullies graduated from school into

    42. graduated in the top ten percent of his class

    43. graduated in 1990, and today, St

    44. the firm in 1973, graduated at Amarillo

    45. ogy in 1983 and then graduated at Texas Tech

    46. You studied hard and graduated with the required credits

    47. He blew through the training, graduated at the top of his class, and was hired by a large police force, but police work wasn’t Norm’s cup of tea

    48. When we graduated high school our dad and the rest of my family wanted us to go to Harvard and come help out in the family business

    49. My senior year, I graduated 53rd in my high school class because I didn't go to class

    50. “Carle, who graduated from the RCMP’s training academy with Galliford in 1991,

    1. Before the rehearsal was over, each Player was sure he or she was the first one to conceive of the new Village Theatrical Society Educational Fund, for the awarding of College scholarships to deserving and merited graduates of the Tahoe City School

    2. He plans to return to school in a few years, after his sister graduates from high school

    3. His low-paying job is unsatisfactory, but there is little he can do about it until his sister graduates

    4. sort-of a tradition here that, when a girl graduates,

    5. The privileges of graduates in arts, in law, physic, and divinity, when they can be obtained only by residing a certain number of years in certain universities, necessarily force a certain number of students to such universities, independent of the merit or reputation of the teachers

    6. The privileges of graduates are a sort of statutes of apprenticeship, which have contributed to the improvement of education just as the other statutes of apprenticeship have to that of arts and manufactures

    7. Witness to my observation is that we have become a nation that graduates college folks who are often semiliterate

    8. of these academy graduates were members of “The Long Gray

    9. graduates in a special way

    10. were also West Point graduates and both held the highest

    11. West Point graduates had a great

    12. Where else have you seen graduates work for less than the minimum wage (it is not regulated and the pay vary in the extreme) because they are forced by law to do so? Advocates doing their version of articles called pupil ship is not paid even one cent but they are expected to entertain and pay membership fees towards the bar council for the privilege to be treated like a slave

    13. This is likely to change, however, as higher paying positions and job security in the Private Sector are becoming less certain while the alternative prospects for longer term employment in the Public Sector coupled with generous employee benefits, equal or higher salaries and lucrative retirement packages are gradually attracting a broader cross section of recent college graduates including those counted among the ―better‖ educated

    14. An increasing number of college graduates are gradually filling entry level (corporate) positions traditionally reserved for high school graduates

    15. As an instructor, my leave didn’t coincide with any great gathering of men such as often happens when a class graduates, or a unit embarks; or returns from a theatre of war

    16. Beginning Course Graduates shouldn’t expect to now be a Master of the skill

    17. Exclusively for Beginning Course Graduates, the Mastering Animal Communication

    18. Simply put, people like scientists, who are trained in certain similar institutions, are basically trained all the same way, with a view to producing the same sort of results, in terms of the employability of the graduates! We need to think outside of the box once in a while

    19. Perhaps this is a typical career path for university graduates of photography? Meanwhile I was blundering from job to job, not knowing what was happening to me or where I was going

    20. Tatiana graduates from the University of Miami, Coral Gables in

    21. Pierre graduates in May 2054 with Academic Honors, with a

    22. Christophe graduates from the University of Miami, Coral Gables in

    23. In 2125, John Leveque Chevalier II graduates from the University of

    24. graduates from Florida State University in 2128, with a bachelor of

    25. She graduates from Georgia Tech in four years, with a

    26. The School’s graduates have gone on to

    27. The de-Americanization of American school students, immigrant and native alike, is illustrated by comments of high school graduates collected by educator and commentator Kay S

    28. Too many graduates are not prepared to enter the work force

    29. Five WASPs, all of whom were on those free ride scholarships doled out by UCLS to graduates of southern and mid-western small, mostly liberal arts church-related colleges, rented the second floor of a two-story large house on Chappell Avenue

    30. ” Is it any wonder that our High School graduates have a hard time finding

    31. versity of ‘Tennessee at Chattanooga, said that when graduates of

    32. Of the 1,800 test-takers, 59 percent—3 out of every 5—flunked! As one state education chief stated, ‘not only were many teacher graduates unable to write complete sentences containing

    33. The graduates of his school were strong enough to shape U

    34. When I became a freshman at Cornell University, I went in with the largest class (thirty) of graduates ever from Ithaca High School

    35. Kennedy said Jack “was probably one of the best informed college graduates of 1940

    36. ” It took me a while to realize that they had movable parts, that I was surrounded by engineering graduates, and that I was more than somewhat out of my league

    37. ’” Johnnie said, “Park’s involvement as a trustee and chairman of the board at Ithaca College involved working with many Ithaca-based businessmen, many of whom were IC graduates, few of whom had accumulated anywhere near Park’s resources

    38. Like any aggressive college, NC State pays attention to its wealthiest graduates, both for their influence and for what might be earmarked for the college in their wills

    39. He is one of the greatest graduates the university has ever produced, and is one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs

    40. Furthermore, since 1951 the Coast Guard selected university and college graduates for the newly established Officer Candidate School

    41. Directors of MARAD have come from the ranks of merchant marine officers and graduates of the U

    42. “The best recruitment method for us is graduates from our EMBA Programs,” says Selva

    43. Programs have continued to explore ways to attract women, including sharing the success of female graduates, offering scholarships, helping prospective students bolster their math skills, and supporting networking opportunities

    44. floors were crowded with fellow graduates and families

    45. seats were empty and reserved for the graduates

    46. the graduates began marching out

    47. The smal contingent of graduates marched to the

    48. our graduates the best in their careers and welcome them into

    49. The graduates leapt to their feet and tossed their gloves into

    50. The graduates began

    1. Kerry is forty something and in her first teaching post; she did PGCE after graduating

    2. After a brief but probing interview, during which Harry was told of the school's twenty year history, and record for graduating the best and brightest, and his own responsibilities, should he be admitted

    3. They’d all gone their separate ways after graduating but about ten years after that, Alastair had met up with Andy completely by accident and he had been in contact with Mike so they’d re-formed the band for fun … and financial reasons

    4. By the end of the term a commencement was held for the graduating class

    5. Miss Bunker had a plaque made for the rear wall of the schoolhouse which read in relief letters across the top: Graduating Classes of Tahoe City School

    6. She had freely chosen to follow the more traditional path of her gender by hooking up with a steady boyfriend from her high school days, getting formally engaged and then married to Joe shortly after graduating, their buying a house and car and all the stuff you’re supposed to take possession of when you form a conjugal union, and her bearing three children before she reached the age of thirty

    7. The Directorate sent an entire graduating class from the Selective Service on a final training mission---sort of a graduation exercise---to monitor freight; that was it

    8. I was only nine when all this started and Seth was graduating high school that year

    9. He would be graduating at the end of this year and he already had his Paris scholarship

    10. She would be graduating with honors

    11. In 1957 I came close, but was not good enough to be the Valedictorian of my graduating class

    12. This was the ceremony for all graduating students, and there were robes everywhere

    13. It isn’t often that a student with only a sixth grade formal education earns a high school diploma then, in three short years, completes a Bachelor of Science program, graduating with honors near the top of the class

    14. As a third degree black belt graduating from Han’s School of Martial Arts, Luke showed no fear

    15. After graduating high school he set out to become a lawyer of high standards in memory of his late mother

    16. You graduating early from high school was a good idea,” Tony said

    17. Too many high school graduating students are not prepared to meet the demands of college

    18. Completion of these six books would give a graduating student the tools necessary to step into the big world

    19. I couldn't afford losing my sanity without at least graduating first, so I settled for that

    20. The Freshman class of 1962, the year Roger started teaching there, was graduating now

    21. ND’s club featured graduating senior varsity football team members

    22. After graduating with a Master’s in Nursing Education in 1954, she returned to the Philippines and became Dean of the College of Nursing at the Manila Central University

    23. After graduating, I remained in the house on South Chappel Avenue with Prior and Brakel

    24. Motorola wound up hiring two other graduating law students besides me

    25. First, its location is “centrally isolated,” which gives Cornell University fits when it comes to attracting recruiters, even from New York City, for its graduating students

    26. His outlook on life was exemplified by the conclusion of his speech to the graduating seniors

    27. We have shown this on occasion to incoming or graduating Johnson School Park Leadership Fellows, after which I point out that my father was an entrepreneur, a pioneer who constantly sought and took advantage of opportunities, as well as a civic leader in his community who continuously strove to do the same for others, and that these are also the ideals on which the Park Leadership Fellows Program at the Johnson School are modeled

    28. Begun by psychologist Walter Mischel during the 1960s at a pre-school on the Stanford University campus and involving mainly children of the Stanford faculty, graduates and other employees, the study tracked down the four-year-olds as they were graduating from high school

    29. Sarah had come to Colorado with her high school graduating class for a senior trip

    30. Kristine is graduating in the top 5% of her class and is deciding where to attend college

    31. One must stop being the object before graduating to being the relationship

    32. There are other ideas such as graduating to higher spheres and dimensions

    33. Leonardo knew her in one of the activities in which he embarked after graduating, promoting the secular texts among the population

    34. Akihiko attended the Naval War College, graduating with high honors in 1956

    35. After graduating from Washington Preparatory High School, Aye joined the armed forces and was stationed in Germany

    36. "He had found relief from the tedium of his hard life through the false comfort of drugs; at first it was the joint and graduating to the hype filled with the syrup of white powder

    37. college, and scholars were writing their graduating thesis on them

    38. Going on and on about what you did after graduating from Whatsamatter University

    39. "After graduating, Patty married her professor and they came to live here

    40. After graduating at the top of my class, I received orders to join the aircraft carrier USS Hancock

    41. After my graduating and a few months of holiday I began to work halftime in Oded’s pub and Jabar’s training got more intensive

    42. The Academy’s Rabbi and his family joined the party, as did the remainder of the graduating Jewish Cadets and their families who Greg had asked the Rabbi to invite

    43. graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History

    44. She came close to graduating from Forest Park High School in Baltimore, Maryland

    45. In comparison, Sarah had no illusions about her own limited experience, this being her first posting after graduating from ‘The Farm’, the secret estate in Virginia where CIA field agents were trained

    46. graduating, he worked his brains out

    47. Ingrid could hear some of the whispered remarks and comments from the spectators, a majority of them being parents of the graduating pilots

    48. In fact, the lowest ranking woman candidate still placed 68th out of 96 students that were graduating, a still respectable performance

    49. who had moved back to Iran in May of 1996 after graduating at Cal Tech – had recently

    50. A poor child graduating from one of these

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