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Frasi con gritty (in inglese)

1. It was gritty with old soot.
2. Gritty snow blasted into eyes.
3. Cold, gritty and full of broken branches.
4. The gritty reality is not quite so pretty.
5. Gritty Dirt Band was just taking the stage.
6. Homer’s engine was clogged with gritty sand.
7. Are they supposed to be that gritty? he asked.

8. The demon stuffed the gritty gag back into her mouth.
9. The gritty light of resistance went out of her eyes.
10. Both the Glock and the Beretta looked dry and felt gritty.
11. Sheena sat at the desk, rubbing her face with gritty hands.
12. They were like pale pebbles mixed with a gritty gray gravel.
13. For lunch, we had ham sandwiches that were gritty with sand.
14. And the gritty texture just gave it a little something else.
15. They didn't cover that well, were gritty and more expensive.
16. Because you’d have told me all the gritty details by now.
17. This was the Gulagh Nem imagined: grungy, gritty, and dangerous.
18. That’s the gritty stuff, isn’t it? No, the other; and black.
19. She did seem to appreciate the gritty reality aboard the Nostromo.
20. It was warm and a little gritty, and nothing had ever tasted better to me.
21. He touched a hand’s-width swath where the gritty surface had turned smooth.
22. It stank of smoke and horse dung, made eyes sting and left skin feeling gritty.
23. He looked at her through a flutter of his eyes and said with a shallow, gritty voice:.
24. Her eyes felt gritty and tired, as did the rest of her, as she walked into the station.
25. One moment the sheets were as gritty as sandpaper, the next they were as warm as a hot poker.
26. Then his eyes became gritty which was a prelude to a persistent dry cough and rasping throat.
27. Rock dust, gritty and irritating, swirled around him, got in his eyes, his mouth, and his nose.
28. It was arid and gritty, mixed in with bits of flint and twigs; there was even a pistachio shell.
29. They still felt gritty, but I had to have gotten all the sand and dust washed out of them by now.
30. It was less coolly majestic, at once more ordinary and more immeasurable in its gritty authority.
31. He hailed from Anacortes, then a gritty lumber and fish-canning port fifty miles north of Seattle.
32. Falling forward, he pressed his palms flat on a damp and gritty stone floor that offered no compassion.
33. His eyes were gritty and he was tired - he and James had taken turns to keep watch while the other slept.
34. It was dark, scary, gritty, and a nice twist on the vampire story, as well as perfect for a monster movie.
35. The heat of anger thrust itself up into his chest and he leaned forward to Denver, his voice suddenly gritty.
36. Crumbling brick warehouses, oil storage tanks, rusting cranes, and gritty factories lined both sides of the waterway.
37. Outside the wind was strong and a sudden gust blew in through the doorway sending a gritty cloud of dust into their faces.
38. The smell of mold and dank water made me wrinkle my nose, and the floor under my feet was gritty with broken glass and dirt.
39. That night the host was Steve Martin with musical guests Randy Newman and The Dirt Band – they were no longer nitty and gritty.
40. I wanted with all my heart, soul, and guts to wring the bird’s neck and throw its disconnected carcass into those pale and gritty faces.
41. But if you have a background in statistics or calculus, or you want to get more into the nitty gritty of option pricing, this is a good starting point.
42. He shoved forward with boots scrabbling for grip on the gritty trampled snow over slick ice, his sword stabbing at the foe shield-wall from beside his arrow-filled shield.
43. But his surge of gritty determination refused to let him even contemplate reversing his hard won decision and so, with a muttered prayer, he stepped forward into the hurtling roar.
44. In the autumn of 1949, Marilyn began work on John Huston’s gritty crime drama The Asphalt Jungle, the first so-called caper film that was told from the point of view of the criminals.
45. And then, as if his food-prayer worked, he refocused his eyes from a gritty stain on the backseat to the outside and there were ten or twenty Herefords standing in the snow for no reason.
46. YUKI SAW THAT Leonard Parisi’s office door was open and that he was at his desk, with its wide, uninspiring view of traffic and the handful of gritty low-rent businesses on Bryant Street.
47. But now the nitty gritty reality of films about poor people like: Mean Streets, and Midnight Cowboy, and plays about poor people like Death of a Salesman, and On the Waterfront are long past.
48. The external qualities of this substance are as follow: small white lumps, hard to the touch, but dry and easily yielding to pressure, somewhat gritty to the teeth, and imparting an earthy and saline taste to the tongue.
49. During the day they played cards, ate until they were bursting, took gritty siestas that left them exhausted, and as soon as the sun was down the orchestra began to play, and they had anisette with salmon until they could eat and drink no more.
50. This dust, you will observe, is not the gritty, grey dust of the street but the fluffy brown dust of the house, showing that it has been hung up indoors most of the time, while the marks of moisture upon the inside are proof positive that the wearer perspired very freely, and could therefore, hardly be in the best of training.

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