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    1. With my memory, I find myself playing this game quite regularly

    2. He felt a little teary, but he wasn’t going to give the game away

    3. He had been merely a pawn in a very long standing game of emotional chess between the super sophisticated Tatania and David

    4. " Ennin loved the game so that was a disaster for him, costing him another couple irons a year

    5. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    6. “Why would you want to play that game, old man? It’s old!”

    7. What good movies has he watched lately? What is his favorite class at school? Did his team win the game last weekend? What friends does he hang out with the most? Do not criticize his friends, habits, or favorites

    8. For small investors the Mutual Funds is a safe avenue to play this game from sideline with very much reduced risk

    9. I'm tired of that game

    10. After a week passed and doostEr had not heard from Tahlmute, he figured that he probably was trying to steal the cargo and had given up the game when his original ruse failed

    11. I just love this game

    12. came to big game

    13. beer and their eager-eyed and insatiable game of spot the girlie

    14. There was certainly no question that he knew a lot about Gino's criminal past, way too much, so in that sense the game was up

    15. ‘Has it got a name, this game of yours?’

    16. ‘It’s a game called Pooh Sticks

    17. I started to tell Sam all about the football game

    18. "Is this some kind of game?"

    19. Now the game was tied

    20. I knew that he had already gotten three hits in the game

    21. What a relief! I had stuck him out and the game was still tied and we were coming to bat

    22. This game looked like it might go into extra innings

    23. The third batter of the inning; our last hope to end this game without going into extra innings, was hit by the first pitch and trotted down to first base

    24. "A here love, it's only a bleedin' game

    25. the heaving skies settled down to their endless game of birth and erosion

    26. This had to be a game they played

    27. A sick game, but a game nonetheless and one I couldn't escape from

    28. The whole episode played out on a video screen, a new level in a deadly shooting game in which we were the canned crowd expected to applaud on cue

    29. And then one day the endless repetitions of sleep, of dream, of game and of memory fused into one long drift of existence

    30. By now we both knew the rules of the game

    31. It was a game to him, a game that he enjoyed as long as he could make the rules

    32. Smiler was not the only player in the game, but he held loaded dice

    33. The game was simple, relentless and pitiless

    34. Underneath the obligatory hood I grimaced and prepared myself to play the game of survival

    35. It was his knowledge that made him unable to enjoy this game wasn't it? He cared for Jaseem as a friend but knew he would not understand, even if he was permitted to hear about it

    36. "That is all this is about after all, the Kassikan and its forty billion mortal subjects are pawns in Moamar's game

    37. Once the signals were physically connected, he wasted more time before he understood that it was a pointer source leading him to another hardware connector in the game room

    38. We resigned ourselves to playing a waiting game, during which Menachem told me about the vagaries of his life, about how he never quite made any decisions, but through a word here and a mutual friend there, he had just gone with the flow

    39. We became a single entity in those days and nights at the disused office, pooling our strength and our wits in this endless game of survival

    40. This is the name of the game

    41. replace every thought you have, so I’ve come up with a game

    42. The whole point of this game is to trigger yourself out of a life-‐

    43. Archaeologists excavating a trash pit at the An anthropologist proposed a game to children in an Jamestown colony site in Virginia have found the African tribe

    44. when they played some charity game with Tommy Steele

    45. They played the game of tag which the children had

    46. It is like the Jenga game when we start pulling out the blocks

    47. into a game, no matter what it is

    48. ’ I muttered, annoyed with myself for giving the game away

    49. and the crying game that swells a bank balance

    50. “Two can play that game, Mister!” She told him feigning anger

    1. Temes transform the TNA into a zombie replicator of the personism's I'mage, a virtual face, a deadeye iScreen, that cannot mirror the gamer being gamed

    2. The charity of microfinancing homegrown entrepreneurial security is a virtual emotion and act designed to stimulate well being by morphing our empathetic response, to even anonymous cries of help, into solutions that are socially gamed and triggered by reward stimuli, while simultaneously comformicating us into faithful conned-sumers of Capitalnism's beliefs and practices

    3. An apathetic, but gamed, culture when triggered to fear will hate, viciously compete, as if Game X is a matter of life and death, so that they can feel engaged as an ava-4-Star player-general in the mass popular MMORPG, Defend the Weal

    4. If the work cannot be gamed, it cannot be interfaced, i

    5. These disciplines practiced and what institutions they design, construct, and inhabit are, if gamed correctly, to enable one in their pursuit of having a well lived life

    6. Education is being gamed and its relevance is being apped away

    7. Life is gamed into experience points and rewarded with apps

    8. Existence is gamed by markets and apps are the privileges of playing

    9. Whatever Bubble State you might sell your allegiance to in exchange for employment, healthcare, a place to live that is better than perishing in the anarchic wilds of daily failing GovCorp nations, whose hijacked purpose has been merely to protect and increase the fortunes of the wealthy until they finish manufacturing their island nations populated by replications of themselves, it does not matter, your end is the same – UR being gamed; it does~ anti-matter, our end is the same – Wii R being controlled

    10. Gamemakers live in the bubbles and the gamed live on the

    11. “Improvisational play is a protest against being gamed

    12. rEVENge Espionage for profit, sabotage for fun, and subversion from all directions is what all sides of AS are playing and being gamed by

    13. But us nu post-techno zombies, however, are the screening dead gamed alive by entrancement

    14. Him and Compeyson had been in a bad thing with a rich lady some years afore, and they'd made a pot of money by it; but Compeyson betted and gamed, and he'd have run through the king's taxes

    15. I’d rather wait until Thursday and have a feel for the week and a feel for the stock before I gamed it

    16. In Denise Shull’s Market Mind Games, she wrote about the trading reality of one technique being gamed out of the market and the psychological challenge of finding that new edge

    17. It is also important for these investors to prevent their large flows from being gamed by counterparties or by other market participants

    1. influence this world? Games are addicting because they give you a sense of accomplishment

    2. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    3. But if you are using your time playing games, going on social media, watching useless

    4. “We’ve got some board games in the closet in the hallway

    5. Avoid arousing activities before bedtime like working, paying bills, engaging in competitive games or family problem solving

    6. In Little League Baseball, games only lasted six innings unless they went into extra innings

    7. In frustration I invented the first of the games, the first of the displacement activities that would become a keystone in my monument to survival in this terrible place

    8. In between the still addictive counting games, I developed a simplistic, solitary philosophy suited to my physical and mental capacity

    9. "Oriah, don't play your games with me! I've grown tired of your rhetoric over the years

    10. I introduced these people to my games, and in my head we laughed and we talked

    11. Although between us two the stories and the jokes and the games continued unabated, nonetheless the days merged together and we all grew tired of this necessary but wearing role-play with the guards

    12. We each discovered the complexity of games and fantasies, inventing new ways to fill the long hours of immobile captivity

    13. I tried to continue the games and the competitions but always lost, never having the heart for it

    14. “As I said, games, radio, books, mags, anything really to brighten up the days

    15. One of my favourite games over the months through to the coming of early spring birdsong was to recount those alternative life stories and to imagine myself in the place of either Aban or Menachem

    16. The games are ended; the party is finished

    17. driving in on the games and the running friends,

    18. when the players of games

    19. actually offer fun games that you can play with the potential partner, even chartrooms where

    20. But the time came, after several games of cat and mouse, when I had to face him

    21. In between games, and when not training, Terry and Bling held press conferences and photo-shoots

    22. He ploughed through the streets followed at some distance by his sister until, with the front door of their modest terraced home shut firmly on the outside world, Danny disappeared into his bedroom to play electronic games

    23. power of the emotionally manipulative games they could play with each other

    24. "You want to play games with our personifications for it?"

    25. In between games, and when not training, Terry and Bling held

    26. ‘Hey – what about a game of some sort? You used to beat me hollow at card games

    27. ‘Know what? Don’t play games with me

    28. Still, his heart believed she was not playing games with him

    29. mandatory that we attend all home games and sit together

    30. “Sorry,” Yorthops said, “I’ve heard about video games, but never played with one myself

    31. ‘Yes … that would make sense – why do you think he tried his little games on her?’ Mganga asked

    32. what he liked to eat, how he was doing at school, what games he

    33. Roman wasn’t trying to play games with her

    34. Billy has always relied, even in the darkest times, on his own personal gospel as performed by Saint Victor Damone, except that Mother Nature is playing games this morning

    35. Once again, Abdu was standing at the front of the games room with a large collection of dead bodies, some of them in coffins

    36. Today there were 48 people in the Games Room

    37. asteroid! I just told all those people it was about playing video games away from

    38. It was one of those TEST YOUR SKILLS Games that so often turned up at Carnivals such as this one

    39. Tipene had heard from Julia that these games were nothing but scams designed to separate foolish patrons from their money

    40. It was a risk Tipene was willing to take, so he searched his pockets and had just enough change to play 3 games

    41. In the first two games, despite his strength, Tipene failed to knock down a single bottle

    42. But all was not the fun and games so far described

    43. games? In the end the decision was made for him by the

    44. The absence of young kids’ kickball games was deafening

    45. One of the games this year could very well

    46. "I'm not playing games here

    47. Perhaps, she’d been playing games with his head, but why had he insisted, she was the one who needed to be watched over

    48. Even Kit got a slap across her butt, before she headed off towards the games, to be held nearer the Lytle White house

    49. He was pretty sure video games was just something she made up to throw him off the trail by the middle of the second chorus

    50. At the times of the native's mid-shift meals there were quite a few people at these tables, at other times a few conversations, sometimes some board games or couples flirting

    1. The three men discontinued their gaming to investigate

    2. The scholars were then paid in privileges, television time, gaming

    3. different cultural background that’s alien to the women that they are gaming, they themselves truly have a determination to succeed and step outside of their comfort zone (I mean, they are living in a foreign or newly adopted country after all)

    4. gaming technology is available in the most remote corners of cyber space, video

    5. These types of virtual gaming are the wave of the future

    6. It seems like gambling and gaming establishments would want to hire our students, so, ah

    7. Gaming tables, sofas, and club chairs stood between him and the secret entrance

    8. It encapsulates the smallest of the three stars, providing a large number and variety of gaming resort world panels, with varied climates and atmospheres to accomodate any and all game setups

    9. And it was being used as a sideshow, a gaming resort? That was something he had not completely understood, and could not for a while longer, until his mind found some peace to try and come to grips with this new, world-shattering reality

    10. to determine whether patients or physicians are gaming the system

    11. It is not difficult to see why it is so popular; the food and wine are perhaps the best I have ever had, and there is gaming to suit every taste

    12. “He wasn’t gaming me

    13. memory that is allocated to the video card, watching DVDs, streaming video, gaming and other graphic

    14. Whether for gaming, business, fun

    15. When Microsoft first entered the home console gaming arena with the original Xbox, many felt as if the world famous software developer has lost its marbles

    16. Despite its obviously powerful hardware capabilities, many gamers used to Nintendo and Sony’s consoles felt that the cumbersome device was nothing more than a watered down gaming PC

    17. Within weeks of its launch, the Xbox showed that it had tremendous potential as a dedicated gaming system, and what followed was history

    18. Review the best gaming headsets

    19. Many of its games concentrate on single player modes and focus more on delivering deep storylines as opposed to catering to those who prefer multi-player gaming sessions

    20. If you have a passion for gaming and prefer high quality games that deliver in story, graphics and gameplay, then the Playstation 3 is your best bet

    21. But for those for whom gaming is a passion, these are rare treasures

    22. There are many ways to define hardcore gaming –particularly for many who are quite competitive

    23. Now, this may not seem like a gaming concern, but in truth, it is

    24. The point of having a portable handheld gaming machine is so that you can move around with it

    25. We all know the fact that the Monster Hunter series is making waves all over the world thanks to the fact that the PSP has got some pretty sweet WiFi Ad hoc gaming

    26. All you need to do is to read carefully and you might even find out more useful and practical ways to use the various features of this powerful Sony handheld gaming console

    27. The Playstation Portable is a truly impressive system, with hardware that easily matches that of the PS2 (which was one of the top ranking systems during the time of the PSP’s launch), many hardcore gamers feel that its extensive library of games are a must have for any real gaming collector

    28. Gaming legend Hideo Kojima brings the epic saga of Metal Gear Solid to the Playstation Portable in this amazing prequel story to the first Metal Gear game

    29. If you have been itching for some solid cooperative multiplayer gaming fun, here’s a quick list of our most recommended games to try out

    30. Of course, there is a distinct difference between the two devices and while the ideal is to have both (and have access to both gaming libraries), one simply cannot help but compare

    31. But for the most part, there is very little that the Nintendo device has to offer for the hardcore gaming market

    32. industry with the very first handheld gaming console

    33. In terms of market performance, the NDS dominated the handheld gaming industry –leading the

    34. expensive gaming device that is over-laden with features that their phones can do

    35. precursor to the DS, the GBA brought forward a new era of handheld, color-screen gaming

    36. Before the advent of mobile phones with VGA screens, the GBA was the first system that delivered SNES quality gaming to millions of players on the road

    37. Banpresto’s Super Robot Wars series is one of the largest gaming franchises in Japan, and the OG set is the only one that has ever been translated into English

    38. This dual screen gaming handheld has opened up quite a lot of doors in terms of game development and its vast array of titles features some of the most innovative uses of the touch screen user input

    39. Regardless, the Nintendo DS has taken hold of the handheld gaming industry ever since it first came out last 2004 and has never let go since

    40. Nintendo knew that with its unique dual-screen approach, they would start a new trend in the gaming industry –and they did

    41. But with the NDS’ already established gaming library, and the fact that it is already in the hands of over 50 million gamers worldwide, means that it will be a long time before this Nintendo handheld legend fades away

    42. Having the DS around will leave you with more gaming options to choose from

    43. There are lots of gaming consoles available today, which can offer you realistic golf games

    44. either the book of their interest or to one of the gaming clubs or to my other web pages on Poker

    45. Their strength of spirit in the face of ruins of the gaming tables, the fritter stands, the shooting galleries, and the alley where they interpreted dreams and predicted the future made Aureliano Segundo ask them with his usual informality what mysterious re-sources they had relied upon so as not to have gone awash in the storm, what the devil they had done so as not to drown, and one after the other, from door to door, they returned a crafty smile and a dreamy look, and without any previous consultation they all gave the answer:

    46. He knelt in front of the tree to look and see what he wanted for Christmas! He was taking note of the kids' shoes (that he didn't need,) the kids' clothes, the video gaming system that was left out and powered up, when a little box caught his eye

    47. certain organization that had been involved in gaming and prostitution

    48. that those surveyed were roughly split on the issue of gaming, with

    49. again quoted on the matter and the economic benefits that gaming

    50. had long ago decided to leave the professional gaming to the gambling

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