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Frasi con grubby (in inglese)

1. Grubby, just how I felt.
2. Her feet were a little grubby.
3. He still wore his strange grubby headband.
4. Stunned children stood in the middle of grubby yards.
5. I had spent a lot of time thinking in that grubby van.
6. Her gaze followed in the direction of his grubby finger.
7. She felt grubby hands push against both her bottom cheeks.

8. The countrymen ran to wiry and more than a little grubby.
9. Room G-334, in the New Senate Office Building, was grubby.
10. I have been on a long ride, he said, feeling grubby.
11. This was where the story began to get particularly grubby.
12. Ma tried to loosen her, but the grubby fingers clung tight.
13. Back in the courtyard, I noticed the stack of three grubby.
14. Then snapping his fingers, he pointed a grubby digit at her.
15. It made him remember how grubby he’d become and decided that.
16. Bling's first reaction on seeing this rather grubby man and his.
17. Look! A dozen soft, grayish-white eggs were in her grubby hand.
18. He put his hand on the door and I grabbed the back of his grubby shirt.
19. She looked at Will's grubby face and followed his body down to his feet.
20. He can feel stubble on his chin and neck and he is exhausted and grubby.
21. Quite frankly, pots and pans will always be the grubby part of camping gear.
22. We turned into a busier street that was no less grubby but far more crowded.
23. Churchill thumbed open the cubby to reveal a jumble of grubby cassette tapes.
24. My student hand, clean and soft, on his laborer's hand, grubby and calloused.
25. He held out a grubby paw to me which I shook and then nodded and smiled at him.
26. Tear marks trail down her face and she wipes at her nose with one grubby mitten.
27. The Dog’s Breath, a grubby bar which had no character apart from its customers.
28. So the Americans sent troops to Formosa and told Mao to keep his grubby paws off.
29. I doubt very much you have anything in your grubby pockets that I should value.
30. A Merry New Song! cried the Ballad Peddlar, a Sheaf of Papers in his grubby Hand.
31. His nose and mouth were covered by a grubby, blue scarf leaving only his eyes to be seen.
32. Melissa coughed to clear her throat and then wiped her mouth with her already grubby sleeve.
33. I barely breathed as I traced the outlines of a few grubby pencilled words written in Arabic.
34. He was wearing a tight little grubby suit and he had a mangy dog attached to a piece of string.
35. He’s still living this fantasy that he can fool Shap’s sensors and get his grubby paws on me.
36. His legs and torso were covered in grime and he had no doubt his hair was matted and his face grubby.
37. On the PCT I had no choice but to inhabit it entirely, to show my grubby face to the whole wide world.
38. Then he walked around to the pigsty, a plastic bucket of pig food and apples swinging from one grubby hand.
39. They wanted this journey to be a pure expression of their love, unsullied by grubby fingered commercialism.
40. His name wasn’t Rupert, nor did he believe that Laura was a grubby little peasant girl to be mauled around.
41. The zebra was also wearing the green council jacket, though its was distinctly grubby and frayed at the sleeves.
42. One digs in his pocket for a grubby cloth and wipes his forehead before exchanging greetings with the Gottesman.
43. It was just extremely small, grubby and old-fashioned looking for a college or anyone’s idea of a private academy.
44. Krista broke from her reflection of the night before and reached one grubby hand up to wipe the tears from her eyes.
45. Ben parked outside a ten-story block of flats, and both ascended the grubby and very grey stairs leading to his flat.
46. They were in a very grubby, very old transit van with a No tools are kept in this vehicle overnight sign in the back.
47. The first floor was divided up into offices for the different administration sections by badly painted and grubby dry walling.
48. Assignments were divvied up, I got into the car with Conklin, and we drove to one of the dark and grubby alleys in the Mission.
49. Her big brown eyes were red from crying and tears stained her grubby cheeks, her dark hair was matted, and her clothes were dirty.
50. It would have been better than hanging around waiting for Llewellyn to dig the dirt—if he was even capable of something so grubby.
51. She made charitable donations while a young girl got down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the grubby corners of her shower stall.
52. Because how bad can this be? With all due respect, this is a private investigator taking cash or grubby checks from a lone individual.
53. Gilbert’s grubby little mind must have worked overtime, calculating the nice little profit he’d receive for keeping his mouth shut.
54. Refreshed, he went out into the town to find a laundrette to wash and dry his clothes, stale and grubby from all the recent travelling.
55. In truth, Count Humfrid of Narbonne wanted nothing better than his death, so that he could put his grubby hands on the county of Toulouse.
56. Like a big older protective brother or a curmudgeon guarding his lawn, I said, That’s Chi Girl and her buddies … grubby mitts off!.
57. Montse’s dark-blond dreadlocks dangled over the shoulders of a smock as grubby and grey-mottled as any garment she’d worn more than five minutes.
58. The attendant gently removed the keys from Uncle Hobart's grubby hand and led him back to the metal detector which discordantly rejected him for the second time.
59. But it was only a boy from town, who had a random thatch of straight black hair and was grubby, gangly, dressed in a torn linen smock, barefoot, and one of his spies.
60. The grubby short-sleeved shirt, the long colourful undergarment bearing the legend While You’re Down There, and worst of all the fact that he had kept his socks on.
61. The old girl put a comforting hand on his shoulder, slipped a grubby piece of paper under his nose and quietly made her way back out into the insomniac streets of the city.
62. She'd risen to the challenge and answered every single one, even the question from the creepy looking guy in the grubby beige mac who kept his hands buried deep in his pockets.
63. One year ago; the forty-seven year old single Catholic girl, (and confirmed virgin,) from South Lennox High had won a third term as Mayor of this grubby little one-industry town.
64. It was a model facility, but Yuki made sure that Lynnette Lagrande was held in a special unit in the grubby, outdated, and overcrowded facility on the seventh floor of the Hall of Justice.
65. Five pale-skinned men in worn fatigues, grubby looking men with wild shocks of hair, were shown laying face down on the tarmac at Tunis airport, surrounded by black-clad soldiers in masks holding automatic weapons.
66. They stood there staring at each other, the old woman with the pale, chubby face surrounded by fluffy, white hair, and Travis, tired and worn and feeling enormously grubby after rolling around in the Laurentian snow.
67. I put the letter to one side and picked up the other one that was there it was quite grubby and worn now with being handled frequently but this was the letter that Billy Boy had written and given to George Drew to give to Helen.
68. We existed at the exact point where the glossy glass temples to finance butted up against the grubby old brick and sash-windows of curry shops and twenty-four-hour grocers, of stripper pubs and minicab offices that resolutely refused to die.
69. Thus, the performance of magic is always an extremely mean and grubby action, and this is why he (pth) became afraid and turned his back in retreat, paying no attention to what had happened because he was averse to these malignant, low worlds.
70. In this way, though we were sitting at the same table, throughout the whole dinner we were divided into two groups ; the pock-marked man with Lambert, facing each other close to the window, while I was beside the grubby Andreyev, and Trishatov sat facing me.
71. Giovani didn’t know of any nephews or nieces that belonged to the De Jesus clan but he didn’t really care as his plan to remove his nuisance neighbours would go ahead and then he would raise their grubby house to the ground and erase any memories of the land belonging to Alessandro.
72. I studied Uncle Hobart as he stuffed his supper into his mouth, breadcrumbs from the roughly cut cheese sandwich scattering down the front of his jumper; the collar of his faded frayed shirt showing a thin strip of white material from beneath; his grubby trousers tied up with a piece of bailer twine.

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