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Grubby в предложении (на )

Grubby, just how I felt.
Her feet were a little grubby.
He still wore his strange grubby headband.
Stunned children stood in the middle of grubby yards.
I had spent a lot of time thinking in that grubby van.
Her gaze followed in the direction of his grubby finger.
She felt grubby hands push against both her bottom cheeks.

The countrymen ran to wiry and more than a little grubby.
I have been on a long ride, he said, feeling grubby.
This was where the story began to get particularly grubby.
Room G-334, in the New Senate Office Building, was grubby.
Back in the courtyard, I noticed the stack of three grubby.
Ma tried to loosen her, but the grubby fingers clung tight.
Then snapping his fingers, he pointed a grubby digit at her.
It made him remember how grubby he’d become and decided that.
Bling's first reaction on seeing this rather grubby man and his.
Look! A dozen soft, grayish-white eggs were in her grubby hand.
He put his hand on the door and I grabbed the back of his grubby shirt.
She looked at Will's grubby face and followed his body down to his feet.
He can feel stubble on his chin and neck and he is exhausted and grubby.
Quite frankly, pots and pans will always be the grubby part of camping gear.
We turned into a busier street that was no less grubby but far more crowded.
Churchill thumbed open the cubby to reveal a jumble of grubby cassette tapes.
My student hand, clean and soft, on his laborer's hand, grubby and calloused.
He held out a grubby paw to me which I shook and then nodded and smiled at him.
The Dog’s Breath, a grubby bar which had no character apart from its customers.
Tear marks trail down her face and she wipes at her nose with one grubby mitten.
So the Americans sent troops to Formosa and told Mao to keep his grubby paws off.
I doubt very much you have anything in your grubby pockets that I should value.
A Merry New Song! cried the Ballad Peddlar, a Sheaf of Papers in his grubby Hand.
His nose and mouth were covered by a grubby, blue scarf leaving only his eyes to be seen.
Melissa coughed to clear her throat and then wiped her mouth with her already grubby sleeve.
I barely breathed as I traced the outlines of a few grubby pencilled words written in Arabic.
He was wearing a tight little grubby suit and he had a mangy dog attached to a piece of string.
He’s still living this fantasy that he can fool Shap’s sensors and get his grubby paws on me.
His legs and torso were covered in grime and he had no doubt his hair was matted and his face grubby.
On the PCT I had no choice but to inhabit it entirely, to show my grubby face to the whole wide world.
They wanted this journey to be a pure expression of their love, unsullied by grubby fingered commercialism.
Then he walked around to the pigsty, a plastic bucket of pig food and apples swinging from one grubby hand.
His name wasn’t Rupert, nor did he believe that Laura was a grubby little peasant girl to be mauled around.

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