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Frasi con heat (in inglese)

1. Heat oven to 400 F.
2. Heat oil in a pan.
3. Heat: oven to 450 F.
4. I can take the heat.
5. Turn the heat to low.
6. As the heat in the.
7. In the heat of the.

8. The heat of the fire.
9. I let the heat burn.
10. I seek out the heat.
11. Heat the oil on high.
12. Heat the oven to 350~.
13. A shade from the heat.
14. Heat the oil in a pan.
15. The heat was on Dawley.
16. Heat oil in a fry pan.
17. No, not fire — heat.
18. Heat rose in her cheeks.
19. In the heat of midday!.
20. It was the stupid heat.
21. Heat the grill to high.
22. My cheek felt the heat.
23. He never felt the heat.
24. There was a heat wave.
25. Heat the broiler to high.
26. Heat the oven to 350°F.
27. The heat rushed to her.
28. The heat of the summer.
29. Lower the heat and add.
30. Heat the oven to 300°F.
31. Heat inched up his neck.
32. Reduce the heat to low.
33. Heat stole up her cheeks.
34. Heat oven to 425 degrees.
35. The heat left her bones.
36. And then the tough heat.
37. Reduce stove to low heat.
38. Remove pan from the heat.
39. He was useful as a heat.
40. Was still a heat of a Toy.
41. Turn off the heat source.
42. The heat of midday bore.
43. It has heat like the sun.
44. Turning Down the Heat in.
45. Lower the heat to simmer.
46. In the summer day's heat.
47. In the dusty heat of day.
48. And sold me back its heat.
49. With all this heat, she.
50. Then reduce heat to 325.
51. No, it had to be the heat.
52. Reduce heat to medium low.
53. Heat oven to 425 degrees F.
54. There was no heat in the.
55. I don't feel heat or cold.
56. The heat is a by-product.
57. Heat oven to 350 degrees F.
58. Heat rushes into my cheeks.
59. Heat is generated by the.
60. The heat and small space.
61. Remove from heat and cool.
62. Heat and despair and pain.
63. The heat was nice to have.
64. A bitch in heat that’s.
65. Hopefully in the heat of.
66. The heat subsided a little.
67. He said this with some heat.
68. My insides so full of heat.
69. So the heat was coming down.
70. This heat is killing me.
71. Heat up a can of good soup.
72. Heat stole into her cheeks.
73. Switch off the heat source.
74. Cover and place heat on low.
75. You could turn up the heat.
76. The summer heat was swel-.
77. Heat oven to 375 degrees F.
78. Heat radiated from his body.
79. The heat was getting to him.
80. She could heat the place up.
81. Turn off heat and set aside.
82. It shows its reflecting heat.
83. Reduce heat to 325 degrees F.
84. It gives hot metal, heat &.
85. Reduce heat and simmer for.
86. Cover and reduce heat to low.
87. Turn the heat on medium high.
88. Heat the butter to bubbling.
89. The heat was too oppressive.
90. Heat the oil in a sauce pan.
91. Oh, yes, it must be the heat.
92. Lower heat and cook for 15.
93. The heat he was feeling was.
94. Elevate the Heat of Your Bed.
95. And will not fear when heat.
96. Heat is applied to the sore.
97. Remove the pan from the heat.
98. The heat got so bad that Sen.
99. And heat lightning was about.
100. He should take al of the heat.
1. Nor heating of any sort.
2. The rally was heating up.
4. It was a heating and air-.
5. The heating wasn’t in top.
6. Home water and Space Heating.
7. Things were heating up rapidly.
8. There was no central heating.
9. Is there a heating element?
10. The atmosphere was heating up.
11. There will be no heating of Sun.
12. Alexis was heating the chocolate.
13. Chemical Heating Value of a Fuel.
14. Buying the right heating product.
16. Heating Instructions For Hard Wax.
17. We’ll need cooling, not heating.
18. Space and water heating are rather.
19. With heating, the regulator needs 21.
20. Felix, get some heating on in here.
21. The heating oil ran out and he froze.
22. Use of a Heating Pad during Pregnancy.
23. It looked like things were heating up.
24. The concept for space heating follows.
25. I think the heating system has failed.
26. Space heating increase by more than 11.
27. I hope the central heating to be more.
28. On heating the strength of the spring.
29. The spread of central heating appears in.
30. So close to the heating unit in the jail.
31. Expanding space goes in terms of heating.
32. Continue heating with the cover in place.
33. We ramp up passive solar heating for homes.
34. Heating oil had an excess return (GM) of 8.
35. The fresh water forms form without heating.
36. Marks didn’t see it under the heating duct.
37. Now there are solar installations for heating.
38. Space and water heating demand by sector 1997.
39. The peasant is heating the stove for her, too.
40. The two-bar was not effective in heating such.
41. The concept for water and house heating is solar.
42. I wondered whether the heating worked in winter.
43. Avoid heating the body so as not to spread the.
44. Thankfully, Steven was heating his lunch in the.
45. He was selling heating systems for the winter.
46. Heating the gas is what takes most of the energy.
47. Fred was as ever, grateful for the central heating.
48. This overseas business is heating up faster than.
49. My whole body was heating up to the boiling point.
50. Chapter 17: The Steam Company and Our Heating Bill.
51. I was lucky to get some heating oil for the winter.
52. Leave some money as well for food and heating wood.
53. Got any great ideas? she asked, face heating up.
54. The heating needs by zone are shown on the next page.
55. As the water is heating up say the following chant:.
56. Coal, Wood and Gas Ranges, Heating Stoves and Furnaces.
57. Laeron snored nearby, his warm breath heating the room.
58. Soon they had a fire heating up some coffee and dinner.
59. My car was over heating and I asked him to look at it.
60. He put the palms of his hands on my cheeks heating them.
61. You have to pay your phone, gas, heating bill and the.
62. Nonetheless Upaya had not quit heating his blade either.
63. She hopped up on the heating register under the windows.
64. The sun had now risen, and was heating everything within.
65. When he smelled the mix heating he finally came back out.
66. Energy demand for central heating has increase since 1970.
67. Branding is the act of heating a marker on the hide of a.
68. There was the gradual tick of expanding metal, heating up.
69. The heating system is what keeps the temperature bearable.
70. My house talks to me through the heating and cooling ducts.
72. The central heating was less of a bargain than anticipated.
73. It was certainly heating up as they clambered towards the.
74. The lack of fire in the heating stove made the house cold.
75. A peasant was heating the stove which warmed my son's room.
76. She covered Nyla with her sweatshirt and shut the heating.
77. Heating pads can be used for pain anywhere else on the body.
78. Green house insulation further cuts heating costs up to 45%.
79. All afternoon the stove had roared, heating water for baths.
80. His balls began slapping her stomach, his brain heating as.
81. Product will be hot after heating, is printed on Marks.
82. My office had it's own heating circuit and I liked being warm.
83. The Chimera’s mouth glowed red, heating up for another blast.
84. You told me that you had a problem with your oven not heating up.
85. Heating water can account for 14-25% of the energy you use at home.
86. It felt like her very mind was heating up and then there was pain.
87. A metal heating element was wrapped around the X to heat the iron.
88. The noise hadn’t been manufactured by our ancient heating system.
89. And thus it wasn’t coming back in as a liquid in need of heating.
90. Gold has to undergo extreme heating in order to turn into pure gold.
91. But the house is so open this does but little towards heating it up.
92. His company is called Atlantic Heating, out of Wilmington, Delaware.
93. The heating is directly related to the process of emission of Ether.
94. I never paid for the light bills or the heating bills or phone bills.
95. What's the point of having toys if you can't afford any heating?
96. For the first time, I thought I felt its rays heating my environment.
97. Hartridge had taken to heating the milk, now the weather was so cold.
98. The hall was thus quite cold, despite heating fans working full blast.
99. For example, what happens if the user types: turn off -> heating 37?
100. Byron looked at the floor once more, his embarrassment heating his face.
1. In a heated fever, I saw.
2. We heated up our lunches.
3. The Atmosphere is heated -.
4. My face heated by his touch.
5. The stove is heated with wood.
6. The furnace was being heated.
7. It will be a very heated race.
8. Eat me! Eat me raw! Or heated.
9. We have comforted and heated.
10. The party, actually, heated up.
11. Our water is heated by the sun.
12. Then, I jump in the heated pool.
13. Sure enough, the water heated up.
14. She was too heated to think of.
15. Her eyes took on a heated gleam.
16. Now, there was heated whispering.
17. Heated by the waters of your soul.
18. This can be heated in a microwave.
19. I could not see their heated scenes.
20. His insides heated to a flame again.
21. The whole issue became very heated.
22. To my utter horror, my face heated.
23. In fact, the water almost felt heated.
24. Bathe it when Gimli has heated water.
25. Add grated coconut to the heated ghee.
26. The Inquisitor heated the poker again.
27. She lay naked beneath his heated gaze.
28. She felt the heated hardness of his.
29. He never came there heated with wine.
30. Immediately, Jerry ran to the heated.
31. I began to sweat as my face heated up.
32. He’d heated the water this time, too.
33. Heated arguments erupt between workers.
34. Hadaen's heated gaze travelled over her.
35. With heated pool, gym, spa and sauna -.
36. I was getting more heated by the second.
37. In some circumstances heated arguments.
38. Um…… things could get heated soon.
39. We had a date and things really heated up.
40. Add the chicken breasts to the heated oil.
41. Movies on demand, rooftop heated swimming.
42. One day, will you join me in a heated pool.
43. Most oils turn rancid when they are heated.
44. I fear things could become more heated in.
45. Water is poured on the heated rocks while.
46. There were rather heated arguments that day.
47. Next morning, they held a heated post-mortem.
48. There is nothing but hell in a heated desert.
49. This allows the food to be heated more gently.
50. After their heated argument Roger stormed out.
51. When he smiled, his dimples heated my insides.
52. He told me they got into a heated argument.
53. Sometimes he would bathe in the solar heated.
54. They sat and heated more soup, and hot coffee.
55. That has been the subject of heated debate.
56. Corey interceded during our heated conversation.
57. The mixture becomes highly volatile when heated.
58. Hot air becomes lighter when heated and moves up.
59. It seemed that they were in a heated discussion.
60. In deep fat heated to 370 F, fry a few at a time.
61. After several years of heated discourse between.
62. The brandy from the flask heated the rest of her.
63. She heated up the chains she had me on, and they.
64. I thought I told you to get the oven heated up.
65. I could feel his heated gaze on me and looked away.
66. Eight cups (2 liters) of sour milk is heated to 100.
67. When heated in contact with platinum it acts on it.
68. I was inside an amphitheater, lying on heated sand.
69. Place some lettuce leaves on top of the heated soup.
70. Some heated emotion needs your immediate attention.
71. They had heated arguments and fights in the college.
72. Gabriel did not answer for his retort had heated him.
73. I dropped his hand heated in invisibly quick moment.
74. From that point things had got extremely heated, her.
75. Once the cavern has been pressurized and heated and.
76. That morning, Bradshaw had been involved in a heated.
77. Fry in olive oil until brown and heated on both sides.
78. When this tubing is heated, it tends to sag and may.
79. The tenderness of my heart would not have heated my.
80. Using this approach, there’d be no heated arguments.
81. She will need be heated before we can do anything more.
82. Allow to stay on burner, covered, until heated through.
83. She agreed to see a homeopath, and gradually the heated.
84. Stir in the corn and cook 5 minutes until corn is heated.
85. The beverages heated up as the group began to cool down.
86. The serrated iron instantly heated up and glowed orange.
87. Yes, I murmur as my heated blood courses through me.
88. Colling was surprised at the spray of heated fresh water.
89. She then looked away quickly, her face heated with blush.
90. Reed-bowl - Scented leaves heated in a bowl over a flame.
91. He swam every morning in the heated pool in the chateau.
92. I was now straddling him, never breaking our heated kiss.
93. Many a heated discussion and argument ensued over the will.
94. The air was getting quite heated now, Derek wanted to get.
95. Add peas and simmer until peas are heated, about 3 minutes.
96. Rochelle acknowledged the waitress with a glance, a heated.
97. Dhafi and the mysterious dead man had a heated discussion.
98. It had a range solid fuel cooker that also heated the place.
99. Cook for a few more minutes until the ham is heated through.
100. I just heated a ruler in the fire and pressed it there!.
1. The social life in general heats up.
3. All that rubbing heats it up in a hurry.
4. As the aquarium water heats up it can hold.
5. The dancing heats up as the night wines down.
6. As outside the windows noon-day heats and stills.
7. The thrust heats up the snow on the roof of the house.
8. The resulting compression quickly heats the core and.
9. When exercising the body heats up, causing the heart rate.
10. This is all because of combination of specific heats and latent heats.
11. They enter the upper atmosphere and the outside of the ship heats up.
12. Because of Latent heats Atomic bonding becomes Weaker & it results in.
13. When the rifle heats up the bullet, it softens it and it leaves the red.
14. Kortrax heats Kassidor by radiation and also by flexing it as it rotates.
15. When one heats a crystal made up of long rod molecules, the crystal loses.
16. As the economy heats up, the Federal Reserve begins raising rates at the.
17. My face heats up and the sharp pain returns as I watch their close interaction.
18. The wall mounted boiler in the kitchen rattles and groans as it heats the water.
19. The cranking handle heats and bends, but Cass continues to squeeze it with his mighty hand.
20. Gas is very efficient for heating devices; it heats up much quicker and wastes far less energy.
21. It heats CO2 to 900°C, then passes it over a zirconia electrolysis cell to yank the carbon atoms off.
22. He spoke of his friend’s dislike of the burning heats, the hurricanes, and rainy seasons of that region.
23. Both are powered by the emanations of the crystal at the center of the cavern, which also heats this airspace.
24. The water in the solar tank heats the pressurized water in the inside tank until the two are equal temperature.
25. Returning to the engine room he heats the uniform and using his hands like a mechanical vice he squeezes out the purple dye.
26. Once it cinches up to the bone, it then automatically heats up to three hundred degrees and burns the rest of the way through.
27. In all previous Olympic rowing competitions, he pointed out, preliminary heats as well as finals had been limited to four boats.
28. And as Clare was oppressed by the outward heats, so was he burdened inwardly by waxing fervour of passion for the soft and silent Tess.
29. Ceramic hob – a flat glass topped electric hob that’s easier to wipe clean and heats up quicker than conventional electric ‘rings’.
30. Tierney, if this business with me being implicated in the murder heats up, all you need to do is say the word and I’ll end our relationship.
31. Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools off when it expands and heats up when it is compressed) variant.
32. Whether this information which follows is true or not, we all know how the fat in a sausage heats up inside the skin when it is cooked or grilled.
33. The molecules near the edge of the bubble are exposed to friction which heats them even more, eventually turning them into plasma,' the UPS explained.
34. As the Olympic preliminary heats approached and the gravity of what was coming settled on them, Ulbrickson’s boys began to get tense and fidgety again.
35. Surprisingly, neither Germany nor Italy—the two crews, other than the British, about whom Ulbrickson was most concerned—had won their preliminary heats.
36. They compared her to flakes of snow; as pure, as white, as brilliant, and as liable to melt in the fierce heats of summer, or congeal in the frosts of winter.
37. There‘s also a large, industrial sized incinerator with a high chimney, perhaps it also heats water, or was originally used to dispose of dangerous hospital waste.
38. As the elimination heats approached, the weather grew oppressively warm—the first intimations of what was about to become a lethal heat wave all across the East.
39. Veronique didn’t know exactly how long she had been with the gypsies and many of her past troubles seemed now like a layer of frost that fades away as the sun heats the day.
40. There is no cold with quite so forlorn a chill in it as a sudden interruption of July heats; and there is no place with quite so forlorn a feeling about it as deserted sands on a leaden evening.
41. When 1 heats the liquid in 4 it evaporates and once a certain pressure is reached the air flows out of the valve 5 along the pipes 6 and 10 towards the reactive nozzles 9 expanding and flowing out of them.
42. But then the heat coming from the contracting body of the aircraft pushes away the atmospheric air as the surrounding air of the aircraft heats up because of the intensity of the aircraft increasing the space it holds.
43. But there was little to be earned, save at the factory ; she scrubs floors, weeds in the garden, heats the bath-house, and she carries the babe in her arms, and the other four run about the streets in their little shirts.
44. My design stores the heat in water in a tank within the house, 300gallons, and this tank preheats pressurized water in a tank within the 300 gallon tank, plus it heats the surrounding air which is insulated from the house.
45. The sun had hid its warmth behind an impenetrable mass of vapor, and hundreds of human forms, which had blackened beneath the fierce heats of August, were stiffening in their deformity before the blasts of a premature November.
46. Those that are of the opinion that it is friction with the air that heats a spaceship or any object when it enters the atmosphere of the earth, please explain the following: When a spaceship enters the earth’s atmosphere by more than 21° it will burn out.
47. Though it was past ten o'clock at night, the sky still clung to and retained some lingering skirts of light from the departed day; and the sullen heats of the torrid afternoon broke up and rolled away at the dispersing touch of the cool fingers of the short midsummer night.
48. R: In the past, not as a fear issue, but as purely a matter of science, I was informed that the cosmic radiation entering the poles of the planet were heating up the core of the Earth and that this could, as the Earth heats up from the inside out, lead to slippage of the crust.
49. Throughout the 1930s, even after Washington’s and California’s victories at Poughkeepsie, the Los Angeles Times, for instance, spilled far more ink covering the turnouts, boat assignments, coaching changes, and trial heats of eastern crews than the outright victories and increasingly impressive record times of western ones.
50. It is a story of Rome in the reign of Domitian, and the most noted characters of the time figure in its pages, which are a series of picturesque descriptions of Roman life and manners in the imperial city, and in those luxurious retreats at Baiae and elsewhere to which the wealthy Romans used to retreat from the heats of summer.
51. It is proper that this question should be settled; and if considered now, it will be settled by a body which did not partake of the heats of those times, and when, to say the least of it, there is a little division in the great parties of the nation; and it seems to me that the gentleman who moved it has been fortunate in the selection of his time.

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