heavily frasi

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Frasi con heavily (in inglese)

I hear Alex sigh heavily.
She fell heavily at once.
We rely too heavily on it.
He sunk heavily onto the.
It was raining very heavily.
My red river flows heavily.
He began to breath heavily.

It rained heavily all night.
Song began to breathe heavily.
The snow was blowing heavily.
Her face was heavily made up.
The ink was heavily embossed.
It was still snowing heavily.
This one was heavily guarded.
That didn‘t stop a heavily.
We were both breathing heavily.
Tobias sets me down too heavily.
And why not? He sighed heavily.
The air hung heavily around us.
Mario gave up, falling heavily.
He breathed heavily and happily.
He has been heavily injured.
The loss weighed heavily on her.
Gasping heavily he toppled over.
It had been raining heavily in.
Mac’s breath came out, heavily.
The cart was quite heavily laden.
It’s snowing heavily out there.
The man wasn't breathing heavily.
I breathed heavily into the phone.
That place is pretty heavily.
He was sleeping then, and heavily.
He was heavily disguised with a.
We also relied heavily on David M.
The bishop is bleeding heavily.
He breathed out heavily once again.
He started to drink, quite heavily.
I bite my lip and breathe heavily.
Trugga was still breathing heavily.

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