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Frasi con hard (in inglese)

That is a hard one.
It's hard as it is.
It was hard to say.
It was hard not to.
It's not hard to do.
It is hard work to.
It was hard to move.

It was hard to know.
She had a hard time.
It was a hard lesson.
It was hard to tell.
He sits on hard wood.
It was hard to think.
He tried hard not to.
Board was a hard case.
It was a hard landing.
I hit the ground hard.
That has to be hard.
No matter how hard I.
Resp a hard, deep look.
It isn’t hard to be.
The only hard part is.
As you are trying hard.
No matter how hard it.
She was trying too hard.
No matter how hard He.
Theirs was a hard life.
I know it’s hard to.
It was hard to breathe.
He landed hard on the.
It is hard to describe.
To cry, cry really hard.
It is hard to predict.
It's not hard to find.
Betty looked hard at her.
It's hard to sell a book.
Too old, hard to update.
That's hard for me also.
I know this the hard way.
As hard as I was able.

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