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    1. Information is the highest profit product you can sell

    2. This is your opportunity to live your greatest promise, highest self

    3. They were above the highest bridge across the canal

    4. She wasn't sure he would be able to get thru there at anything but the highest tide

    5. At the end of the fjord, in some of the highest cliff walls, is an immense oval, dimly lit by the lanterns of the ships traversing it

    6. Practice of Dharma leads to the perfect realisation of essential unity with the Supreme or the final end, the highest good, namely, ‘Moksha’ (liberation)

    7. Meditation is the highest form of prayer

    8. The highest influence (‘Satvik’) results in true happiness or enlightenment

    9. but his faith in the highest power does the rest

    10. foremost knowledge, but he must expect that the highest power will

    11. a guarantee that it is made in adherence to the highest world standards

    12. That's the highest peak in my world," Ava said

    13. The bartender sighed a wall of bubbles and swam up to the highest shelf, about thirty feet above, where he fetched a crystalline bottle glowing so brightly blue-white that she almost needed sunglasses

    14. In the highest of these heavens

    15. But even the highest among them were not techs and did not understand the underpinnings of their society

    16. In the highest of these heavens lived Kamui, the creator god, and his servants

    17. The OAAU was an organization rivaled Thanksgiving feasts, or how we held our elders in focused on the fight for human rights of Afro-Americans and such high regard—the highest in fact, or how arriving on promoting cooperation among Africans and people of African time to an event was never as important as showing up in descent in the Americas

    18. These are the businesses that tend to earn the highest profit margins, and will sell nearly any product to their customers

    19. “The highest knowledge is to know that we are surrounded by mystery

    20. Towards the end of the village, sat a grove of windmills, their blades pushing at an endless sky but the highest point was the tower of a church or basilica and close to that waved the noble blue and white national flag of Greece - a part of the nation, yet apart from the nation

    21. She was famed throughout the elite echelons of London’s highest society for humping and dumping the most eligible young men, and all of it was done in the blaze of paparazzi flashbulbs and on the glossy pages of celebrity gossip magazines

    22. As she was about to leave, she gave him her sternest command face and said, "Above all, this visitation is classified at the very highest level

    23. In their professional capacities they had both heard about a foxy old publicist who spent his summers on this very same Caribbean paradise isle, a wily old dog of a man who was held in the highest esteem by stars and celebrities the world over

    24. 'Look, these days antiquity thieves zone in on a target and use highly sophisticated strategies to gain possession and then they sell to the highest bidder irrespective of the damage they inflict

    25. "Of those with the necessary privileges, Heymon Kruger, Morgan Evans, Alfred McReady, Victoria McReady, are common users of his universe, but there is one of the senior crew who's usage of Alan's universe is among the highest of all the crew and that is Ava Bancour

    26. should stand shoulder to shoulder with the highest of their many

    27. Dravid scored the highest at twenty-five

    28. back into their wrappings and placed them on top of the highest

    29. He had included a brief note about this favored captain of his, and his highest praise

    30. echelons of London’s highest society for humping and dumping the

    31. The highest spiritual presence is God

    32. emotions, love is the most pure and has the highest

    33. “Everyone knows she holds him in the highest regard and that no matter what he requests for his Hold; it is granted without question

    34. sold to the highest bidder, the young man finally got his heart’s

    35. paradise isle, a wily old dog of a man who was held in the highest

    36. warrior, but a warrior of the highest level

    37. The act of being of service is one of the highest aspects of being God in a

    38. highest form of being of service

    39. justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest

    40. me with the highest regard

    41. The individual with the highest score gets a

    42. pot with the winner of highest hand

    43. The lounge at the one thirty third was really the highest public space in the Kassikan, the highest in the whole city

    44. Their deft hands could not be replaced for producing the highest quality wrappings and attention to consistent quality

    45. This was one of the highest ranking committees with none of the founders on it as even an honorary member

    46. 'Excellent! This man is of the highest importance to

    47. detractors - and he was held in the highest esteem by the

    48. It was logical that the highest sorcerers in all the lands would be even more interested in electric ghosts didn’t it? He tried not to let that throw him, “What fuss is she making?”

    49. The bridge is over three hundred feet above the water, well above the tallest masts on Canyon Lake, at the level of the highest streets in the canyonwall

    50. They readied their provisions and set off for the site being readied for the Sacré-Cœur Basilica located at the summit of the butte Montmartre, the highest point in the city

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