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    1. Most of the yachts below were garden floats, fancy entertaining rooms on the water, most had upper floors with lavish trysting suites and rooms below decks for serving staff and crew

    2. The equivalent home would have been as valuable as thousands of tons of aluminum along the upper Potomac in her youth

    3. 2Chr: 32:30: This same Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it straight down to the

    4. The only time I ever hear of you is on an upper floor of the Kassikan and I don't get up the pyramid often these days

    5. 'Insurance' printed across my upper back

    6. He had a thick and detailed metal stick strapped over his shoulders, shiny black low-calf boots and several shiny black canisters strapped to his upper thighs

    7. "You and me are going to the upper decks, Mr

    8. " Jordo rolled his Bitzer over to put the upper layers of the planet’s atmo behind him

    9. One of the upper ladies of the counter-strata

    10. If you have to worry about sandbars, it's the upper Lhar

    11. They've got course lists chiseled on polished stone tablets in the upper plaza

    12. As one comes into the harbor from the upper Lhar, the city is framed in the opening

    13. There's some upper level footpaths passing between the towers up to the twentieth right along the main waterfront that he could plainly see from out on the street before they got deep in the city

    14. They are at one end of Jillaroo court, the upper end of the balcony of one of the city's larger halls is the other

    15. This city had a dozen of these optical relays in the upper branches of it's jungle

    16. She parked the probe in the upper branches of a tree far above where humans could climb, and where it could catch the fringes of a beam from one small globe far down the hill

    17. She could see he was in good shape; his upper chest and arms were well developed

    18. We can safely land at least a dozen probes in the upper branches of that jungle like the one we have back in the town of Bostok

    19. The swamp was still Upper Lake Shempala then, but the rivers hadn't moved much and what was labeled 'wild prairie' back then looked about like that now

    20. The resort towns on the north shore of the upper lake would all be gone now, this 'wild range' would get wetter and brushier til there was no doubt it was swamp if they went in that direction

    21. We headed back to the camp, and on the way I saw the caves in the upper part of the mountain

    22. So, I made my place in the upper caves and settled there with him

    23. There had been quite a bit of settlement on the north shore of Upper Shempala Lake at one time

    24. Several hundred miles away, set deep in the woods on the outskirts of a small town in upper Michigan, stood a very special private school; The Osborne School for the Gifted

    25. Those upper flowers were a blue and purple topping to the orange, red and maroon of the larorlie blooms in the lower branches

    26. It also improves flabby upper arms, and excessive flesh on the shoulders will slowly be squeezed away

    27. your head, shoulders, chest and upper abdomen, leaving the

    28. On his upper lip, a pencil-thin, moustache

    29. This is a sure indication of your need to practice this exercise which will keep your upper spine flexible and healthy

    30. His upper body and head fell across the hob, where Ruby was waiting with the frying pan

    31. From here it was just possible to see the features of the mountain, The Karthuum Valley and Rankor Hill, glowing softly green with the light of all the Nightday lanterns that burned beneath the upper fronds of that urban mountain

    32. The rest of the Dragons of Light took to the upper heights

    33. After all, how distant can you be with a man who has wound bandages round your upper leg? We debate whether I should put my stained hosen back on again or not – opting to leave the clean ones for tomorrow … I’ll have to wash this pair out as soon as I get the chance

    34. The dogs flew to the right and to the left, up and down the aisles and rows, savaging all of the dignitaries with their massive fangs until there was nothing left of the government ministers, the judiciary and upper echelons of the police service but rags and bones

    35. It took him awhile to find, it was minimized in the upper left corner of the room behind a stack of personnel files

    36. She was running her hands up and down his upper arms by now

    37. Both men struggled to remove it; Tarak’s muscles rippled in his arms and upper shoulders as he pulled and tugged the massive root free

    38. We quickly scour the upper floor ceilings and find a hatch – dragging a chair from one of the rooms, Gary stands on it and pokes his head through

    39. “The panel in front of you, see it? In the upper left corner, fourth knob - push it

    40. on shoulder about being upper caste

    41. Meridian, which begins in the center of the upper lip,

    42. judiciary and upper echelons of the police service but rags and

    43. One hit her in the upper shoulder but, true to form, she simply pulled it out and continued towards Boras

    44. We were all from different backgrounds, I remember there was one woman in her twenties, from an upper class, if totally broke, family background

    45. upper part of the circle

    46. the yard and directed to the upper floor to the barn to settle in

    47. “What would you do? Sleep in a lifeboat on the upper deck?”

    48. Very few of the trees had habitable rooms in them yet, and there was not an upper level street-grid in place here

    49. The homes overhung the canal a foot or two on their upper floors, except at this public dock

    50. He catches the tub with his upper arm, feels the pressure of contact and withdraws, moving his right arm across his twisting body to steady the thing before it makes any noise, but he is too slow

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