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    1. in return was that Abraham and his seed will honor or

    2. So if their commitment was ‘I do until death do us part’ and they don’t honor that commitment,

    3. If you said, “I’m going to do this” and you don’t honor that commitment, have them call you out on it, and don’t make excuses,

    4. That is why the bible says it an honor

    5. aware of your intuition and take the small actions necessary to honor those intuitions

    6. When she got back to her, Yorthops was standing in front of the honor wall in the front hallway where Kulai commended his employee of the year

    7. You need to make the choice to honor your commitments

    8. God trust and honor His

    9. God and He is worth to receive the honor

    10. To keep its light burning, to keep existence from being extinguished, a god would have the honor of watching the light

    11. Well, I did have Vic around for awhile because this station was named in her honor and she takes up so much less veron space, but she couldn't take it in here so I had to back her out again

    12. be with me in trouble; He will deliver me and honor me

    13. Destiny, kinship, protection, honor and courage

    14. God the glory and honor

    15. preachers must live a life of honor before others

    16. (27) Emphasize the importance of being a vessel of honor so that holy men are prepared

    17. Usually the altar was built on a mountaintop, or on the top of a hill, and in ancient Rome or Greece, we see massive temples built as well in their honor

    18. The Father wants nothing more than to bring honor to His Son and set Him up to benefit in all things; the Son wants nothing more than to glorify His Father by repeating that which He sees His Father do and say

    19. Wherever Augustus conquered a city, there would be an altar and monument built in his honor

    20. We desire to honor Him and guard His name and integrity

    21. Those that have been found worthy of such an honor are ruling and reigning with Christ in the heavenly places over the earth

    22. It will be their joy and their honor

    23. Then score each value between 1 and 10 with the lowest score 1 being totally dissatisfied with the way you honor this value and 10 being totally satisfied

    24. I promise that I will honor you, respect you, protect you, and love the hell out of you every chance I get

    25. JOYCE: Your Honor, the people would like to call security officer Carrie Robbins to the witness stand

    26. JOYCE: Objection, your Honor

    27. JOYCE: Objection, your Honor, the counsel is accumulating gossip and hearsay

    28. ROBERT: Objection your Honor, the counsel’s being argumentative, again

    29. ROBERT: Thank you, your Honor

    30. JOYCE: That's okay, your Honor, I will move on to my next question

    31. ROBERT: Objection, your Honor, the counsel is harassing my client

    32. In honor of her first trip from home, he'd already promised her he'd take a year off and take her all the way in to Zhlindu and not just Shempala where he usually went

    33. Michael was overcome with emotion at this honor to his brave friend

    34. We have prepared a feast in your honor

    35. I am most grateful that you do us honor in this way

    36. Their lives would be changed forever after this, and they both hoped they were worthy of the honor

    37. Yes, they answered in unison, we accept this honor with great humility

    38. James displayed his best dragon etiquette and told Ichor he considered it a great honor to meet the Second of the Ancients

    39. “I can’t think of a greater way to honor them Sam; Jake will be pleased when he hears

    40. It was not too long before people considered it a great honor to have Jake visit their town

    41. “So we are in agreement then?” she studied Tarak’s face for a moment and then continued; “I can count on you for support if the time should come to call his honor into question

    42. Considering their culture, to be hanging here in a place of honor meant it was very important

    43. “It was a high honor then?” asked Tarak staring into her violet eyes

    44. Altera questioned this and Rayne explained it was a sign of respect to honor ones opponent

    45. “may I ask a boon Lady Rayne; when there is time, will you join my troops and me for a day of training? They would consider it a great honor

    46. First, recognize your fear, honor it, and welcome it into your awareness

    47. “It is a singular achievement and a great honor to be placed in charge of one of these Inns; and it is only by appointment of the Queen herself

    48. going to test, and it is critical that you honor their

    49. They are in that case likely to honor their own

    50. Naria was greatly pleased and with pomp and ceremony gave her a sash of purple, which appeared to be a great honor

    1. Maybe I have taken you for granted the last few weeks you were here? Maybe I forgot to tell you how honored I am any time you could grace me with your presence? You are welcome in my home and in my bed at your pleasure, as I hoped you understood by now

    2. “Very interested, and honored that you’d think an old history professor could contribute something to the effort

    3. He was honored that he had been asked to attend

    4. They were honored he sought them out

    5. We are indeed honored by your gracious welcome

    6. My First Wing, Rah is honored to be a part of this meeting

    7. His mate Lady Jennie is also honored and impressed with your size

    8. He was honored that they asked him and quickly said yes

    9. “My Lady, I am honored to meet one of the Warrior Clan,” he took her hand and pressed it to his forehead

    10. When he stood she looked up at him and replied in a voice dripping with expectations, “I am honored to meet the First of Lord Tarak

    11. Rayne agreed saying she would be honored, and also asked if she could stop by their shop with more designs

    12. She seemed taken aback for a moment but quickly recovered and nodded her head, “you should be honored Captain,” she purred

    13. Tara was overcome at the honor, “My Queen, I am honored by your trust in me and my abilities

    14. “We are honored that you have selected us to assist you

    15. “I am honored that you cared so much and yet still held yourself in restraint, it must have taken a lot of self control

    16. She wanted to ask about the other two human planets, but two more men entered the room, “Charles, Sigmund, I’m honored to see you here,” Learned Maroclo said

    17. Tania and Poly carried his coffee and plate of toast and jam from the kitchen and served him like an honored guest

    18. When he was three, he had already made a hanging for one of the niche 'shrines' that honored one of Belle's Aunts who had passed into 'Air and Sky' the winter before

    19. She said to the widow, “Welcome, honored one

    20. “I am very pleased, in fact personally honored, to confer this village School's first diplomas upon Jameson Aloysius Connor, Hipolyta Belle Livingson, and Titania Belle Livingson with top honors

    21. ” They had stopped for a brief lunch and before they went back to the gardening, Belle walked her through the house and recited to her the stories of her own and George's ancestors, pointing out how they honored them and venerated their sagacity and far-sightedness

    22. Harry was honored that the souvenir photograph of his graduation was prominent on the wall of the Drawing Room near the Christmas Tree

    23. God honored this level of authority in the early Church and he will do it again at the end of the age

    24. Luckily for Grimgy, she honored her debts; otherwise the issue could have been quickly resolved by her orchid blades

    25. honored him as a father

    26. “What happened to them, Honored Keys?” she asked

    27. “She respects you, Honored Keys

    28. “Of course not, Honored Keys

    29. “But Honored Keys can ask your mother

    30. It showed a scene of Dionysus feasting at the right hand of Zeus, the most honored position in His pantheon

    31. Unlike the other maidens who served at the feast, I was given an honored position

    32. I’ve won a surprisingly honored place on Scheria

    33. I want you to know I feel honored that you’ve

    34. That Euredon’s valiant sacrifice meant he’d have an honored place among immortal heroes

    35. He knew of this secret place because it was sacred to Demeter, the Goddess honored above all others by his late mother

    36. She was filled with anger and confusion, and knowing that keeping it all inside would drive her mad, she decided to act on her impulse and make sure that at the very least, Rosabell would be honored the right way at that ceremony

    37. Develop positive, strong family ties where everyone feels supported and honored, knowing that they are invaluable contributors to your family team

    38. We both know he’s earned an honored place within our family

    39. I would be honored

    40. minds, so he went with the time honored

    41. Dorothy Prentice, a clerk up in the prothonotary’s office, feels a little honored by it

    42. Firing a cannon in a storm is an old and honored tradition among seafaring men

    43. He cleared his throat, “She was honored by gods

    44. “She was honored by gods in her death

    45. Nothing on the Lead Arrows’ faces indicated that they were honored to be present

    46. off! As she held the beautiful gown in front of her, it gave her a chill! Pamela felt honored to be wearing his beautiful blue chiffon gown

    47. preaching and teaching were honored but in context of

    48. Iredell became one of the first justices to be appointed to the nation’s highest court, and North Carolina honored him by naming a

    49. who have been honored with the “Freedom of the City of

    50. The papers were all in order and Waddell, of course, honored the change in ownership and showed respect to the captain of the

    1. But when it comes to who you are honoring your

    2. However, I hope you don’t do that because that’s doing what? That’s not honoring your commitments and that’s not living with integrity

    3. understand and honoring what His law contains for us

    4. Honoring fathers and mothers, including spiritual fathers and

    5. Embracing differences is honoring the truths of life

    6. Torn between honoring her wishes and leaving the cats at home to be dealt with later, I followed my conscious

    7. The New York Yankees hosted a pregame ceremony at the stadium honoring Phil Rizzuto‘s recent induction into the Hall of Fame

    8. Fidel Castro is coming to town! This poorly stylized villain, who for years has fed off the (romanticized) illusions conjured up by left-leaning individuals, will undoubtedly receive a warm reception in some quarters by disaffected groups whose alienated affections for this great nation have grown naturally disposed toward honoring every ideological enemy of America as some visionary liberator in their incorrectly perceived fight for ―freedom

    9. observing a moment of silence honoring the victims of the World Trade Center, some of the fans in attendance set fire to the American Flag

    10. with Phoenix, I would be honoring the vision I received of Sharon

    11. Between the county, the city, the state and the federal government honoring all of

    12. “For we have not received the gifts of God for ourselves only, or for to hide them; but for to bestow them unto the honoring of God and Christ and the edifying of the congregation, which is the body of Christ

    13. It liberates the countries of the monetary prison in national and international level and it puts an end to the dependence of loans in international currency to honoring external financial commitment

    14. The second was the Khakhanate Festival in mid spring honoring the proclaiming to the Khanate of the Blue Sky by Kaidu

    15. The third was the Founding Festival in midsummer honoring the founding of the Khanate of Anahuac

    16. honoring the Sabbath; rebellion of the youth; apostasy

    17. Of course, officially the locals would insist that they are merely honoring the ‘first’ kuriltai

    18. I wondered what dire threat hung over anyone insufficiently honoring a bearer of a gerege

    19. community, thereby honoring the dedication

    20. honoring the children who had passed away

    21. I stood up retrieving the Cartier box from my drawer “In the spirit of honoring your beauty

    22. Between the county, the city, the state and the federal government honoring all of the complaints of the environmentalists the cost of the Shoreham rose to over $6

    23. honoring veterans, living and dead, from all branches of the service

    24. As part of his introduction to the ceremony, Dean Robert Swieringa quoted an ancient Chinese proverb before honoring me with a kind tribute: If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain

    25. “And thank you for honoring me by naming me Prince of The Sylvan Nation, though that does put the position up for grabs in The Game Of Status

    26. Candace had been with us for a week or so when I said to Nuke, “She told me she would bring enough money to see her through the first three months, which was one of the main reasons why I gave her the loan, but she hasn’t said one word to me about honoring her commitments and hasn’t offered to pay for anything

    27. thanking Him and honoring Him, and placing your situations in

    28. For making an ‘offhand’ but offensive “racist” statement at the 100th birthday dinner honoring Senator Strom Thurmond, Senator Lott was made to apologize multiple times and then make reassuring statements to show that he was not racist

    29. Once he finished honoring the Major, another shot fired from the main gun, followed by four volleys of six from the smaller guns

    30. He continually pictured himself being the best cop in LA, envisioning a ceremony of fellow officers in his future, honoring him for his bravery and accomplishments

    31. unworthy of the honoring gesture

    32. I felt unworthy of the honoring

    33. Modern philosophers may tend toward multiple viewpoints and honoring the wishes of the other in the form of doing to the neighbor what the neighbor would like done to himself

    34. -And what about Duprina? your psychopathic, shameless and boring girlfriend, that instead of honoring her role as tutor and teach me the magic for which she was selected, has been dedicated to enchant me with skulls spells in solitary cemeteries and in the light of the moon?

    35. hard time honoring themselves, and it always

    36. promises made to God, for without the changes that God is asking and without honoring your

    37. Honoring saints is an ancient practice of our Church

    38. reject the practice of honoring saints with an animosity that reveals the extent of their error

    39. This somewhat newer tradition, is followed to avoid misleading the faithful into honoring as saints those who are not

    40. Mark gave a thoughtful and reverential sermon about honoring one’s adversaries and respecting them in death

    41. book, we are honoring our fallen heroes and the brave Americans who lost

    42.  Honoring the Game

    43. great prosperity and the honoring esteem placed by the people in

    44. other and has a long history of producing quality products and honoring its

    45. Liem finally found refuge in the small temple of the village, actually only a small hut containing the niche honoring the ancestors

    46. Historic allocations of capital, timeliness in the business cycle, and honoring contractual demands can all stymie the best intentions of management

    47. honoring that daemon, of taking a step forward into the mystery

    48. honoring others’ acorns when they express themselves in ways we

    49. But staying in your marriage – honoring the commitment you had made to your son (and wife) –

    50. One of the keys to financial success is honoring what God called you to be, by seeking it out, discovering it, being introspective, going thru a process where you guess just what your talents and personalities are, and then in finding something in the centre of that to make your living

    1. interpret reality in a way that honors your

    2. “You can do the honors, since it's really yours anyway

    3. White and offered her the honors

    4. White did the honors of pulling the toilet chain for the first time

    5. “I am very pleased, in fact personally honored, to confer this village School's first diplomas upon Jameson Aloysius Connor, Hipolyta Belle Livingson, and Titania Belle Livingson with top honors

    6. “You will, of course be presented with all accolades attendant upon a Malvern graduate, and special note made of your own achievement of Double First Honors with Distinction for those subjects which you have already completed entirely

    7. On the afternoon of its arrival, once all were gathered around for the opening, Lawrence, did the honors

    8. honors him has mercy on the needy

    9. The top students would get first honors (a card with gold on it saying first honors) or second honors (a card with silver on it saying second honors)

    10. First honors were gold, second honors were silver

    11. Naturally my sister was a genius and she always would get about the highest grades in her class and always get first honors and I had to suffer because of that

    12. I walked up to get my honors from Sister Alice at the end of the fourth grade

    13. Sister Alice handed me a second honors certificate or the silver certificate and looked at me and said these disheartening, cruel, sadistic words: “Gee Jeff, I thought you were going to get first honors this year like your sister got”

    14. second honors, 229, 230

    15. I will often prophesy over people in the public setting of the congregation because it reveals the gifts of God in people and honors those gifts publicly

    16. which is a heart that truly honors God and loves people

    17. But in a household that honors Ares, shouldn’t its son have the chance to exercise, so he might prove a strong and fearless warrior some day?”

    18. As humans, we compete for food, for jobs, for honors, for love, for everything in fact

    19. Painting the inscriptions was one of the highest honors a witch could bestow on another

    20. And a household staff that honors you

    21. You can have it, all the honors, everything!”

    22. “You sit,” he said, not ordering, but as though he wished to do the honors

    23. She would be graduating with honors

    24. I, who was a lowly honors major in political science, keeping up with a lawyer

    25. A (thoughtful) society mourns its Dead and honors the Living

    26. For if he was to join them in their celebration, I tell you the truth, it would be death he celebrates and great captivity he honors

    27. Yellow honors the direction of the East, provides clarity and honors the

    28. Black honors the West, provides healing and honors

    29. White honors the direction of the South and

    30. provides protection and honors the brown eagle

    31. Red honors the

    32. we are connected to all things and honors the bald eagle

    33. is called Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations) and honors all of our

    34. Tunkashila (grandfather and grandmother) round honors the stone

    35. His strict but fair tone was indicative of his intentions: He would be reasonably cooperative and would dispense of the pleasantries and honors where applicable, but that would not bring Tyrpledge up to the same level as him, the proxy of the Castigator

    36. It isn’t often that a student with only a sixth grade formal education earns a high school diploma then, in three short years, completes a Bachelor of Science program, graduating with honors near the top of the class

    37. How is this like the first story? The father honors the younger son in what is perceived as an undeserved manner

    38. If it’s any consolation, you would have received full military honors, and maybe a medal

    39. Man: “What of these would you prefer, that I may do You the highest of honors?”

    40. He has won awards and honors, studying

    41. Pierre graduates in May 2054 with Academic Honors, with a

    42. “The titles are honors without meaning, sire,” I told the Khakhan

    43. honors those who fear the Lord

    44. Scout Leadership honors including those in

    45. “And if they were in the habit of conferring honors among themselves on those who were the quickest to observe the passing shadows and to remark which of them went before, and which followed after, and which were together, and who were therefore best able to draw conclusions as to the future, do you think that he would care for such honors and glories, or envy the possessors of them? Would he not say with Homer, ‘Better to be the poor servant of a poor master, and to endure anything rather than think as they do and live after their manner?’ ”

    46. Kiddush ha-Shem: An act that honors God (literally “blessing the Name”)

    47. ” His civic and business activity earned him many honors and awards

    48. The dozens of awards and citations during his business career are summarized in Appendix C, Memberships and Honors

    49. The speed and magnitude of your response honors us

    50. Both parties hoped that this agreement would create a new political entity, and deserves a name that symbolizes and honors the struggles of our forebears in Mindanao

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    honor honour pureness purity accolade award laurels abide by observe respect reward homage reverence adoration deference obeisance distinction veneration consideration renown glory repute esteem praise tribute reputation credit badge favour favor <i>[US]</i> honesty probity uprightness principle nobleness character virginity regard adore venerate revere worship hallow