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    1. Spelman at the well organized assemblage before him, “But I don't recognize this item as a usual award for either athletic or daring deeds

    2. “And you nine, and were promoted to Purser four years ago after you got the employee of the year award in 2006

    3. He climbed the corporate ladder further and a promotion came following his award winning journalism on the East Timor spying scandal

    4. This story might win him a second award

    5. award those mysterious tenders

    6. A recent winner of a national high school science award felt he wasn’t any smarter than anyone else; but, throughout most of his school years, he had spent many hours in the basement experimenting with all kinds of projects, “failing through” to success

    7. The right girl would want him for what he had striven towards rather than for any framed piece of paper, that award which said he was now a success

    8. I know,” replied Carol, “Whoever made up these instructions should have been given the award for incomprehensibility

    9. But he had won an award in France for some special work he had done and in the press report had been mistakenly referred to as a professor

    10. The purpose of the bill: to award the Presidential Medal of Valor to the police and firefighters who died in the 9/11

    11. commission in September 1872 with the award of $15

    12. The Ashantis have no belief in award or punishment in the future state, though the fetish power looks sharply after its adherents in this life

    13. Betty's has been fortunate to win the British Tea Council's prestigious award, Top Tea Place of the Year”, on three occasions

    14. According to the trophy’s inscriptions, the award was given to me for “outstanding achievement in poetry”

    15. ” Caroline’s acting skills at the matinee performance were worthy of award

    16. �You have been given the Commissioner's Award For Merit for your gung-ho actions at the Kennedy Center last week,� Linda commented as she handed him a cup of coffee

    17. �You, Ciminelli, are there to receive your Award, and Hannigan will be allowed in the audience since she's your partner

    18. �You deserve this Award, my boy

    19. As Steve sat at his desk, fellow colleagues in the Homicide Department approached him and congratulated him on his award

    20. Thailand is famous for award winning gourmet restaurants

    21. If you want to become a movie star, you will visualize yourself on the set of a movie as the lead actor or driving to the Oscars to get your second award

    22. After accepting his award, Nick addressed his colleagues

    23. While his friend was receiving his award Bruce developed an acute awareness of what

    24. I was given a special merit award which carried a big cash bonus

    25. “He needs an award

    26. ” I paused and looked them over, then said, “As ranking battlefield officer I hereby award you all with the Medal of Honor

    27. Sierra had been nominated for a media award, but hadn’t won

    28. Business Award of 2010; ranked among the

    29. award grants to Kids’ Café, Child Protective

    30. addition to the cash award, the grant recipi-

    31. Bureau Torch Award and winning the Torch

    32. by over fifty years of award winning

    33. Active Scout Veteran award in 2009 and many

    34. award for three consecutive years, being recog-

    35. and PPROA’s Living Legend Award

    36. Award for contribution to the arts in 2011

    37. He is imagining himself being back home on Earth and getting a special award for the furthest traveled human

    38. The President of the United States hands him the award and Jaden takes the podium

    39. A previous recipient of the Australian based Michael Harrison Award for Print Journalism, Mituri’s forte and passion lies firmly in fiction writing

    40. “I’m going to Disney World!” Jaden yells with his hand and award in the air

    41. I also realised that you have come a long way, and if anything deserve that award far more than me

    42. Maybe architects should give an award each year for the most unique use of hidden spaces

    43. “Bruce Brine who had 22 years of policing and a 1994 governor-general's award for

    44. Just think, had I not been such a perfect practicing alcoholic, I might have won the award for the highest total exam grade

    45. would receive an award for ten shipsets of deliverables, not just one

    46. Warner extorted the award of half of the four

    47. Furthermore, I cannot conceive that he or any ACO would have in good faith threatened to award the re-competed 5 year balloon contract to Litton, PSL’s subcontractor, when it was re-solicited in Fall 2002

    48. The person who presented the award to my father was one of his biggest competitors in the industry

    49. Again, we must do our best to make these activities fun and healthy and enjoyable! Hold them as contests, in a sporting and festive atmosphere, and award prizes for the best responses and performances by individuals, neighborhoods, and cities

    50. We were successful, and with the help of Cornell University and Ithaca College, Ithaca hosted the Junior Olympics the following year, for which I was given the Chamber of Commerce’s Project of the Year Award

    1. made the following statement when he was awarded

    2. You have evidence that Tdeshi was awarded a term in fashion arts

    3. ‘I have to tell you that Sionn has been awarded Master-of-the-Multiverse

    4. With lots of awarded

    5. been awarded, now they beg

    6. after Achilles died, Odysseus was awarded that supreme warrior’s armor

    7. “I’m sure she’s very fast, sir, but years ago, the court awarded your boat to Jeremos

    8. Everyone who is awarded an allowance must score at least fifteen points in the assessment

    9. It is surely apparent to even the most muddle-headed of fellows that a failure to take the test will result in a failure to be awarded the allowance?"

    10. It made us proud to have been attached to the Battalion but what had us smiling even more was the fact that Captain Melstone had won the Military Cross and CSM Domby had won a bar to his Military Medal and Sgt Dawson had been awarded the Military Medal as well

    11. In the United States, Peabody was also awarded

    12. Bonus points were awarded if any pigeon‘s organic matter got onto the Brokers suits or into one of their drinks

    13. “I wish I could have awarded Maldynado a few points, at least,” the judge said

    14. K was awarded the SA Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years

    15. They needed to be for there are more medals for bravery awarded to SAP dogs than humans

    16. K was awarded the South African Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years

    17. I had been awarded 92% for the final practical and my overall mark for the year was 87%

    18. K was awarded the South African Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years besides lesser awards

    19. The units received over 18,000 awards, including 21 members awarded the Medal of Honor

    20. Gordon had fought diligently in the halls of government to win Manuel a bronze plaque, awarded by a grateful nation for heading an investigation that unseated a political rival of Gordon on charges of treason

    21. believers will be awarded at the rapture

    22. “Well, the rules allow for a race to be stopped and all drivers will remain in their current positions, with full points awarded for the race

    23. When they did, Celina ceremonially awarded each of them with a

    24. They also had a “Heart” Mark which is only awarded to manufacturers on applica-

    25. The teacher reiterated the marks to be awarded, “Top marks

    26. awarded for the choice of habitat which offers the

    27. Top Small Businesses of 2010; awarded

    28. The Nobel Prize was awarded to Swiss chemist Paul Muller in 1948 for pioneering work he did to help bring about these astonishing results

    29. Breast Center of Excellence was awarded a

    30. There Professor Singer has been awarded the distinguished Ira W

    31. One Andromedian will be awarded it as their personal ship

    32. he was awarded at the University of California, Irvine

    33. Department of Energy's solicitation under the Nuclear Power 2010 Program and were awarded matching funds—

    34. ” Thus, only a fixed fee, which did not increase if the actual versus estimated costs rose, was awarded

    35. All subsidies that are awarded for ―green projects‖ should be stopped

    36. had been awarded a subcontract for a later flight of Tridents and had

    37. the second Seawolf awarded, became the third delivered because

    38. second Seawolf that Clinton awarded EB—after countermanding Bush

    39. When we awarded only the

    40. Two law firms and two oncologists working independently told me that while her internist was guilty of gross medical malpractice, we would be awarded no damages even if we succeeded in court because she had a fast spreading adenocarcinoma (what killed Jim Valvano, NC State hoops’ coach) and that she was "dead meat" by the time that her tumor showed up

    41. Every government contractor has a field contract administration office as an intermediary between it and the Procurement Contracting Officer back at agency HQ who actually awarded the contract and funding

    42. They had just been awarded a four-year, $19m contract by an Italian consortium

    43. I was given a laptop computer and told that as the Legal and Contracts Advisor my job was to write RFP’s for the rehabilitation “in country” by subcontractors to whom we awarded contracts of certain natural gas fueled electrical generating stations that the locals had ruined by running HFO (heavy fuel oil) through them

    44. I was given a laptop computer and told that as the Legal and Contracts Advisor my job was to write RFP’s for the rehabilitation “in country” by subcontractors to whom we awarded contracts of certain natural gas fueled electrical generating stations that the locals had

    45. If that is true, why has the Board not awarded Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, a Pulitzer Prize? His work was equally devoid of “deliberate deception

    46. Revoking a prize 71 years after it was awarded under different circumstances, when all the principles are dead and unable to respond…

    47. In 1985, Wake Forest University awarded him an honorary doctorate of laws degree

    48. In 1990, Shenandoah College and Conservatory in Winchester, VA, calling him a man who could write a book on entrepreneurial spirit, awarded him the Free Enterprise medal and named him Entrepreneur of the Year

    49. He was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities Degree by NC State in 1978, and that same year, on May 13, he gave State’s Eighty-ninth Annual Commencement address

    50. In 1985, when Whalen awarded him an honorary degree, he said, “Yours is the greatness of the self-made man who has made of himself more than most men dare to attempt

    1. The newly graduated class of '85, the second brass plate, was thus installed on the plaque with great pomp and ceremony at the conclusion of the awarding of diplomas

    2. Before the rehearsal was over, each Player was sure he or she was the first one to conceive of the new Village Theatrical Society Educational Fund, for the awarding of College scholarships to deserving and merited graduates of the Tahoe City School

    3. health, food labeling, restrictions on guns, barred the awarding of government contracts to businesses

    4. The papa insisted on awarding him the Golden Rose, which was usually only given to kings who had performed significant service to the Church

    5. Fichte was against the awarding of the rights of citizenship to Jews as long as the Jews manifested a strong resistance to the general love of mankind, and as long as they (so he held) believed in two sets of moral laws, one for Jews and another for non-Jews

    6. The awarding of the rank of Chief Yeoman to SPAR Elizabeth S

    7. , she created protest behavior that was merit-based by awarding more free credits to the dissenters who would attend “to protest

    8. The awarding of those farming properties to his family members and political cronies was coincidental to the destruction of the production of the food capabilities of the farmers displaced

    9. or agencies awarding money

    10. The privately held company lost the competitive bidding process by a substantial margin, but the MoD says other factors such as the ability to meet contract deadlines as well as quality workmanship were taken into consideration before awarding the contract

    11. The one who got a nasty Christmas gift on Monday, December 25, was in fact no less than the city’s Public Works Commissioner, who turned out to have favored relatives and friends of Durante when awarding juicy public works contracts

    12. As my first act as President, I will be awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to Agent Johnston, and the Medal of Freedom to the heroes of the Alamo

    13. corporate boards, like professional and high-profile college sports teams are regularly awarding obscene contracts for the latest and greatest best hope CEO or coach, just to turn around and drop more money buying the contract out in a few years because reality didn’t live up to their dreams

    14. There are even jurors so dumb as to think that they’re evening scores with doctors and big companies by awarding huge rewards to plaintiffs

    15. principled, and insist on awarding the prize to the story about the same-sex couple, but at my age the

    16. In addition to criticising the Chinese by implication, awarding the

    17. awarding him the Peace Prize the Nobel Committee has helped him

    18. While awarding him six years in prison, he said that he deemed

    19. The RSM blew on his whistle, awarding the try to Ryan

    20. ' Janet alluded to Tim’s habit of awarding chocolate frogs to dive students who did well in their tests

    21. they could touch, awarding points according to where contact was made

    22. have lost a child, our court system compensates the beneficiaries of a decedent by awarding money

    23. Courts are awarding large amounts of money to the victims of past crimes and mistakes

    24. Discontent from within his own party over the awarding of lucrative defence

    25. the media and involving the services of a former vice President, as well as awarding his efforts

    26. When the awarding ended, the guys went back to the girls and handed them their awards

    27. Those were the important factors in awarding the new ranks

    28. Those were the important factors in awarding the new ranks

    29. Trumbull rose from his couch with a disposition to speak of an illness in which he had manifested the strength of his mind as well as constitution; and he was not backward in awarding credit to the medical man who had discerned the quality of patient he had to deal with

    30. “They say Aerion is in a rage at Lord Ashford for awarding his charger to Ser Humfrey,” he commented as he poured, “but I’ll wager it was his uncle who counseled it

    31. There is no difficulty about awarding sufficient compensation to the trustee and its counsel for their labors and accomplishment on behalf of the bondholders

    32. This was among the principal arguments the cities of New York and Los Angeles advanced against the use of the 1990 and 2000 census to determine the basis for awarding monies to cities

    33. He had been in a somber mood ever since the awarding of the prizes, for he had not seen Fermina Daza in a long time, and that night he had the impression that she had undergone a profound change: for the first time one could tell just by looking at her that she was a mother

    34. Finally, we continue to conduct tests using multiple versions of price momentum, giving the highest points to six-month price momentum but also awarding points to stocks with poor five-year momentum

    1. The director wanted to build both the atmosphere and his chance of a gong at the annual television awards ceremony

    2. The television gardener lived with his lovely wife on his modest but beautifully proportioned estate in the country, when filming and international awards ceremonies permitted

    3. the country, when filming and international awards ceremonies

    4. gold and platinum disks, a host of awards, and plaudits of the most

    5. a collection of awards and commendations

    6. “Purists call this cheating,” he said as he dabbed on a pinprick of glue, “but I’m after fish, not artisan awards, and this makes glue dots so small the fish can’t smell ‘em

    7. He was a nice guy, but wouldn’t be winning any science awards

    8. The country has won awards for some of the cleanest waters in the

    9. The place should have been displaying awards!

    10. I don’t imagine she handles the grant awards personally, though, so it probably doesn’t matter

    11. The amounts given as compensation differ drastically between the two when it comes to seduction awards

    12. My two sons have a shelf full of little league and karate trophies and walls full of academic and other awards as a result of the sowing done by both of their parents into their lives in the early ages

    13. K was awarded the South African Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years besides lesser awards

    14. The units received over 18,000 awards, including 21 members awarded the Medal of Honor

    15. Mixed up in? No, hell no, operating the damn thing! That’s just outrageous! If you could only see the gallery in the reception area of his office lined with awards for fighting drug trafficking then you’d know the absurdity

    16. When the Awards ceremony is over, your brother George will escort you Linda to the library on the second floor

    17. They then started to hand out the Awards and when Steve's name was called, he rose sharply and walked firm and tall to the podium to receive it

    18. Awards Night was the brainchild of the college’s first president, Dr

    19. This year’s Awards Dinner would be held at the new Mariner’s Center in Perth Amboy

    20. How well did she really know Bruce? She had two dates with him, the last on the evening of the awards

    21. At the awards

    22. It is estimated that around 65 percent of claimants with no disease or dysfunction receive awards

    23. Jury awards are extravagant (in the millions) sometimes when there is no

    24. Jason promised his uncle Bruce at the Awards Celebration Dinner he would do some

    25. She harkened back to Awards Night

    26. With the great food scene we have in London, the Ledbury is second only to Dinner By Heston Blumenthal as the highest rated restaurant in England, coming in at number twenty in the San Pellegrino top 50 restaurant awards

    27. awards for “A Circle of Souls

    28. scientist and has won several awards, including overseas

    29. He has won awards and honors, studying

    30. It was a photo of Nik and Sierra at an awards show a few months earlier

    31. Bivins foundation assists the aged and awards

    32. The Lone Star Ballet awards dance scholarships to students at West Texas A&M University

    33. much more, the list of awards and accolades

    34. continues that tradition and has several awards

    35. I wondered if he knew about my own awards

    36. · If you have awards or certifications that are relevant to what you will be tweeting about, include them in your bio

    37. Bonuses, or “incentive awards,” were issued to 445 employees from

    38. Our television commercials for Hunter Dairy and Holly Farms and our “Let’s Make Tomorrow Together” campaign for First Union, including a song recorded by The Young Carolinians and a version sung by Harry Belafonte, won top national awards

    39. ” His civic and business activity earned him many honors and awards

    40. The dozens of awards and citations during his business career are summarized in Appendix C, Memberships and Honors

    41. Where were options or awards of equity? Where was my retirement agreement? On the rare occasions when Park was on the defensive, his dark eyes under the bushy eyebrows shown with threatening intensity

    42. As one of ten winners of the 1971 Abe Lincoln Awards, presented annually by the Southern Baptist’s Radio and Television Commission, he was specifically cited for his outstanding utilization of his radio stations to advance the quality of life in the communities they serve, as well as his broad participation in the religious programming of interest to the audience served

    43. And before we proceed with the awards ceremony, I’ll have you know that we have room in our military for sixty-four more fighters at least

    44. If any of the couples who were semi-finalists or finalists wish to join our forces, we’d be delighted to have such excellent additions to our ranks, and you can report to Commander Relgemit after the awards ceremony

    45. As they were handed their awards, the monarchs of Hilia bowed to them, and smiled, and offered their congratulations, as the crowd roared their approval

    46. She will be asked to receive the awards on her companions’ behalf, and to convey them to their rightful recipients with our profound and heartfelt gratitude

    47. The next four presentations were of a similar pattern, and all were of awards given for brilliance

    48. A 1968 Coast Guard Academy graduate and member of the Humanities Department faculty, Admiral Collins earned two graduate degrees and several Coast Guard medals and awards (“Admiral Thomas H

    49. students who rose very early to attend the marketing class of Akshay Rao, the General Mills Chair in Marketing at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management and the recipient of teaching excellence awards

    50. The Potter clan was on tour at Academy Awards time

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