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    1. Alan knew she was not interested in his humdrum life of being sentenced to live in the fake data he built up

    2. his humdrum routine life

    3. Traditionally Thais never leave rice on the plate as it is considered wasteful and rice has an almost mystical significance in addition to its humdrum 'daily bread' function

    4. Q: But you agree that living a life — just living the humdrum life

    5. in a humdrum Garden of Eden where prosperity had

    6. what they complained was a humdrum and

    7. And by cutting corners what do they get but bits and pieces of accretion? Oh, how they have to take care to remain faceless while still active in their occupation! And in time, they insensibly melt into the multitude of the retired to continue their humdrum existence but not before contributing their mite to corrupt the system

    8. Most legislative change is humdrum and not of interest to many, so it is likely

    9. choice will be unchained from your humdrum life

    10. But now it appeared that his humdrum military career was about to change

    11. We will give life to the humdrum day of the too good to be called shop assistants and their condescending toleration

    12. There was no way that Trevain could have expected anything unusual on such a humdrum fishing trip

    13. Setting the results out for sale in the store drew many customers because even the tasting of a new and strange dish provided an agreeable distraction from their humdrum days and nights

    14. “It’s not humdrum,” she protested

    15. “For a few, all too short instances in the span of my humdrum existence

    16. And as with all art its raison d"être is to create beauty in language, to inspire emotions and to elevate us above our humdrum

    17. “Is sex for a woman always a means to an end? Oh, surely they enjoy it but does it have to be tied to something else? Are there no women who need it just for pleasure, pure and simple? Devoid of other considerations? Has our world become so humdrum and materialistic? Is passion dead? What I find wonderful in the culture of tantra is that women coupled with men to attain this state of divinity

    18. In the Sinai, we shared our warmth, in our correspondence, we shared our worries and dreams and humdrum affairs

    19. In his country, alas, she found she had left one humdrum existence for another and promptly left her lover and returned to Cairo

    20. After all, hang it, they had their eleven and more humdrum months of it and merited a radical change of venueafter the grind of city life in the summertime for choice when dame Nature is at her spectacular best constituting nothing short of a new lease of life

    21. The moment in the office when his colleague had so nearly taken up his offer of a beer was etched in his mind, a moment which was both humdrum and life-determining

    22. I wish the two of them could be included in these rather humdrum tapestries - they would give a note of fantasy

    23. About half of the institutional buying that shows up on the New York Stock Exchange ticker tape may be in humdrum stocks

    24. It is my opinion that though croupiers seem such ordinary, humdrum officials—men who care nothing whether the bank wins or loses—they are, in reality, anything but indifferent to the bank's losing, and are given instructions to attract players, and to keep a watch over the bank's interests; as also, that for such services, these officials are awarded prizes and premiums

    25. "Always the same people, the same old humdrum jog-trot

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    humdrum monotony sameness monotonous commonplace prosaic unglamorous unglamourous boring slow tedious uninteresting tame stolid stupid