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    1. Okay, so during that time I also had to deal with getting out of bed (when did my legs turn to cotton wool?) and being taken along to the toilet (amazing how quickly one can get out of the habit of the most commonplace activities)

    2. The sugar rush turned us into babbling schoolgirls, so unused were we to the otherwise commonplace stimulus of lukewarm cola

    3. commonplace as it is now many of us hadn’t interacted with years ago; on May 25, 1963, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    4. of the commonplace with the unspoken,

    5. The world seems to grow ever smaller, with the grandeur of sheer distance made into a commonplace game of skipping by the advent of more efficient means of travel and the communications revolution that has blossomed in the bright sunshine of this digital spring

    6. in the past are commonplace to us today

    7. would be commonplace to one born there

    8. Such encounters were commonplace in his business, he said

    9. They were built to accompany the merchant ships guarding against pirate raids, as piracy was commonplace in the great sea and to the south

    10. What has become troubling in recent years, however, is the ―in your face,‖ oftentimes violent, antisocial messages cutting across all segments of the population that have become commonplace

    11. As a Roman Catholic, I too am oftentimes offended by gratuitous Christian bashing that has become commonplace in the Motion Picture Industry, for example, and among second rate, dysfunctional ―artists‖, (subsidized at tax-payer expense), whose Christian points of view are intentionally designed to (publicly) offend not only their primary target (Christians) but other religiously minded individuals who take religious matters seriously

    12. ticketing, however, has become commonplace in our neighborhood in recent years

    13. Life has always been commonplace to commonplace

    14. These notions are commonplace in Irish society and in many other societies and engender enormous amounts of shame and guilt around sexual matters

    15. Following my discovery of the bird singing contest she has come up with some very interesting information on that and other pastimes or sports that are not commonplace but found in Thailand

    16. It is commonplace, within certain sections of the community, to expect the ‘Farang’ boyfriend to part with his money at a very early stage in a relationship and comes well before the development of the relationship itself

    17. cially considering the lawless lifestyles that are commonplace

    18. It’s pretty commonplace in Candor

    19. This became so commonplace that the question wasn’t “Who’s going to win,” but “Who’ll be second?” Lucretia was, of course, always going to win, in each category: opera, lieder and traditional

    20. The Cover-Up had also become commonplace during the 1990s

    21. Plots and scandals were commonplace during the reign of the Caesars

    22. There is nothing commonplace about her

    23. Longfellow instantly grew tame and commonplace

    24. The advice that Jethro gave Moses sounds commonplace, even trivial, in the world of

    25. seems commonplace and trivial, but the crux of the matter is that if one is to

    26. “You always told me you hated it—it being a commonplace sweet

    27. The continuance of their sycophantic behavior is as commonplace as it is inappropriate to the changed time and circumstance

    28. Think about all the technology resources that we now use that weren't commonplace even a few years ago, says Dinnoncenzo

    29. It is often commonplace for the backgrounds of EMBA faculty members to include work in the corporate sector

    30. In his youth, frequent combat had been commonplace and it was not until his later years that he realised just how much like a drug it had been

    31. In recent tmes sel ing through webinars has become more commonplace

    32. It seemed clever at the time, but now it’s commonplace and everyone not infected with creationism understands Earth is a closed system in which everything is interdependent

    33. In these commonplace examples, the A

    34. “It fell out of the sky this morning while you two were sleeping,” he informed her as if such occurrences were commonplace

    35. Of the mad scientist versus the commonplace mold

    36. The stereo light was on but he ignored it as a commonplace occurrence now

    37. It was a very lucrative job where backhanders in cash were commonplace from lorry drivers for favours returned

    38. Always, even in the most commonplace of contacts, there seemed to be in evidence the touch of a twofold nature, the human and the divine

    39. He is steadily acquiring the art of adjusting his aspirations to the commonplace demands of the human occasion

    40. You must first recognize man as your brother, and if you honestly desire to do by him as you would have him do by you, the commonplace dictates of justice, honesty, and fairness will guide you in the just and impartial settlement of every recurring problem of economic rewards and social justice

    41. Scores of men, women, and children residing along the route followed by the caravan lived richer lives as a result of their contact with Jesus, to them, the extraordinary conductor of a commonplace caravan

    42. Rumble and Ngem returned to the lab and started the process again this time using a monkey hair from a macaque, commonplace in the jungle surrounding Ta Prohm

    43. He was a commonplace and matter-of-fact individual

    44. He was the typical everyday and commonplace average man

    45. 2 There is not much to be said about these two commonplace fisherfolk

    46. And this is just why he chose as his personal representatives twelve commonplace men, the majority of whom were rugged, virile, and manly fishermen

    47. 17 Jesus replied: "Thomas, Thomas, how long before you will acquire the ability to listen with the ear of the spirit? How long will it be before you discern that this kingdom is a spiritual kingdom, and that my Father is also a spiritual being? Do you not understand that I am teaching you as spiritual children in the spirit family of heaven, of which the fatherhead is an infinite and eternal spirit? Will you not allow me to use the earth family as an illustration of divine relationships without so literally applying my teaching to material affairs? In your minds cannot you separate the spiritual realities of the kingdom from the material, social, economic, and political problems of the age? When I speak the language of the spirit, why do you insist on translating my meaning into the language of the flesh just because I presume to employ commonplace and literal relationships for purposes of illustration? My children, I implore that you cease to apply the teaching of the kingdom of the spirit to the sordid affairs of slavery, poverty, houses, and lands, and to the material problems of human equity and justice

    48. She beheld in the Master's face the countenance of an upright and holy man, but she mistook friendliness for commonplace familiarity, and she misinterpreted his figure of speech as a form of making advances to her

    49. " And then when Nathaniel had sat down, Jesus continued speaking: "I well know, Nathaniel, that no such idea of evil is approved in your mind, but I am disappointed in that you all so often fail to put a genuinely spiritual interpretation upon my commonplace teachings, instruction which must be given you in human language and as men must speak

    50. His entire afterlife was markedly changed as a result of this conversation with the Master in the garden, and he did much, in later times, to cause the other apostles to change their viewpoints regarding the source, nature, and purpose of commonplace human afflictions

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    banality bromide cliche commonplace platitude humdrum prosaic unglamorous unglamourous banal hackneyed old-hat shopworn stock threadbare timeworn tired trite well-worn mediocre common stale general mundane usual undistinguished uninteresting triteness truism