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Humiliated in una frase (in inglese)

she felt humiliated.
be humiliated on stage.
I am beyond humiliated.
Russia was humiliated.
He was humiliated and.
He was feeling humiliated.
She was utterly humiliated.

He felt utterly humiliated.
He was humiliated and angry.
The girl who humiliated you.
He was humiliated himself at.
He felt humiliated and stupid.
Vicky was once again humiliated.
humiliated but, he was not about.
He was crushed and even humiliated.
guess she wasn’t that humiliated.
He was humiliated, he felt violated.
She felt furious, impotent, humiliated.
humiliated her might be nearer the mark.
To do things by stealth humiliated him.
humiliated and wounded us? That is wrong.
It made her feel defeated and humiliated.
If they feel humiliated, however, their.
think of that before you humiliated me?.
I’m humiliated recapping this to Luke.
and she had no desire to be humiliated again.
they've been humiliated and almost wiped out.
She had never felt so humiliated as at the.
It was humiliating.
It was so humiliating.
Gould it was humiliating.
It is humiliating to expire.
Humiliating myself like that.
That would be humiliating.
would be utterly humiliating!.
How was that humiliating?.
That would have been humiliating.
So that indeed it's not humiliating.
My mother continued humiliating me.
had to pee in a cup, how humiliating.
He was humiliating her to the maximum.
humiliating manner that one can envision.
It was a humiliating experience that he.
The humiliating news became widely known.
Humiliating as such a confession is, I am.
She could not bear the humiliating reminder.
It was humiliating to have Brady kick my ass.
a humiliating climb-down in front of witnesses.
People feel sorry for me, and it's humiliating.
He’s such a proud man, it must be humiliating.
that was truly terrifying, mortifying, humiliating.
his own humiliating death enabled alienated humans.
I thought having an aide was going to be humiliating.
If that’s not humiliating, I don’t know what is.
someone she loved die a humiliating, incremental death.
Number 3 was a humiliating list: Must be fed most foods.
It humiliates me to think that I am of the same age as that baldy.
This shameful system humiliates us as beings thinking, conscious and capable of finding solutions.
Since toleration is a loaned acceptance, putting one on an eternal payment plan of pleasing the lender, toleration only humiliates, being a caste system inequality, and therefore is, in essence, a Shame Waitlist.
I have that fatality hanging over me that, not being able to ever have anything but stolen consideration, that consideration humiliates me, and crushes me inwardly, and, in order that I may respect myself, it is necessary that I should be despised.
Humiliate him in.
was to humiliate me.
They humiliate ME at every turn.
But, I wanted to humiliate those.
This was being done to humiliate her.
Every chance you get to humiliate me.
therefore have been to humiliate the King.
He leaves us no choice but to humiliate him.
They were out to humiliate her and succeeded.
Why are you trying to humiliate me? she asked.
abuse, punish, torment, and humiliate another woman.
extent where they are happy to humiliate and insult.
If the perpetrators' intent was to use and humiliate.
Worse yet, I think she wants to torture and humiliate.
Humiliate, terrify, demean, diminish, bring to despair.
She must never contradict you or humiliate you in public.
way to humiliate the Mistress, but she’s on to your game.
trying to humiliate me! Mandy, you raped me! shouted Cynthia.
idea appeared to be to punish, humiliate and harm the entire.
full-grown cat! How could you humiliate me in front of those.
to assemble on the appointed day to insult and humiliate the.
Mordecai persistently refused to humiliate himself in this way.
himself to rape the women in order to punish and humiliate the.
to humiliate her with the stench of them on his person while he.
There were also countless attempts to humiliate and degrade the.
masturbate than to have a man humiliate me with mutual masturbation.
We will then say that it is the Russian way of trying to humiliate us.
How could she make him ridiculous, humiliate him, before all those women?.
But, the temptation to enrage and humiliate Commander Williams was too great.
I do not wish to utilize the fortunes of war to humiliate an honored monarch.

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