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Broken in una frase (in inglese)

It was broken.
She was broken.
His broken ship.
Usual y broken.
of a broken heart.
like to be broken.
He has not broken.

Shards of broken.
see if it's broken.
One had a broken.
It isn’t broken.
My back’s broken.
the curse be broken.
Dishes were broken.
his hold was broken.
They are broken off.
He had broken off.
The lock is broken.
It wasn’t broken.
And nothing broken.
The broken pillar.
If you've broken.
I was a bit broken.
The glass is broken.
My fever had broken.
His arm was broken.
broken on the ground.
By breaking the.
Dawn was breaking.
Breaking the rules.
The morn is breaking.
the morn is breaking.
That is law breaking.
My heart was breaking.
breaking in cold sweat.
breaking of the waters.
His voice was breaking.
breaking out, once more.
He was breaking no laws.
With the breaking voice.
breaking it off long ago.
Thought You Were Breaking.
Jake breaking the silence.
breaking through the skin.
We were breaking the law.
Breaking and entering.
C, finally breaking the.
Waves were breaking ahead.
Marriages are breaking up.
Only by breaking it down.
Breaking in this tension.
reaching the breaking point.
A concussion: breaking the.
Sex breaking out even then.
the breaking of the shell?.
I think she’s breaking up.
Breaking it He gave to them.
It breaks too.
The sun breaks.
It breaks the ice.
The silence breaks.
Matthew breaks it,.
gets to these breaks.
She breaks into tears.
breaks in an instant.
Breaks like that in.
He slams on the breaks.
And the barrel breaks.
And he that breaks a.
and that name breaks u.
meals and coffee breaks.
tax breaks with the IRS.
War breaks the table.
Stress breaks down the.
The golden ocean breaks.
But this breaks my heart.
Mark’s voice breaks.
And never hit the breaks.
that breaks more and more.
Marcus breaks the silence.
Breaks should reasonably.
Water breaks around her,.
The mother's water breaks.
that breaks all boundaries.
until it breaks it at the 1.
breaks free from the clouds.
He breaks into laughter.
Had I broke.
Go for broke.
But it broke.
He broke his.
She broke it.
It broke the.
' He broke off.
' She broke off.
Broke his neck.
Trent broke in.
He broke night.
And I broke her.
Her skin broke.
broke it in half.
of men broke out.
Her heart broke.
broke into a trot.
It broke my heart.
His voice broke.
His voice broke.
My resolve broke.
The handle broke.
Fights broke out.
I broke the kiss.
you will be broke.
Thomas broke the.
He broke into an.
A fight broke out.
You broke the.
Have a break.
She may break.
a break for it.
I need a break.
to break mine.
break at the end.
Break the bonds.
Break down the.
Give me a break.
Break them and.
You then break.
Time for a break.
You need a break.
But I got a break.
break in the colt.
me taking a break.
There is no break.
The break up of.
break out of here.
I'll break it off.
He needed a break.
break in the trees.
and will not break.
I will never break.
What a lucky break.
led to the break up.
at the break of day.
We got a big break.

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