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Frasi con hypothesize (in inglese)

  1. Still, we can hypothesize, even if we cannot prove and establish.
  2. Accordingly, we can hypothesize at least three reasons for this occurrence.
  3. We could, therefore, hypothesize that one part of the earth provides the species'.
  4. You may hypothesize that there are a plurality of truth theories, and that all are.
  5. He appeared to think hard, so that now, Sophia had to hypothesize about his gestures.

  6. You see our primary goal here is to assimilate information, not to discover, not to invent, not to hypothesize.
  7. As a clinical psychologist one might hypothesize that this woman had an emotion reaction to her loss of the family Dorje.
  8. We could thus hypothesize that Ulysses, in his wanderings about the sea, continuously encounters the negative mother object.
  9. As a naturopathic doctor, one might hypothesize that Tar-chin swallowed some form of toxin, although lab studies have not identified any.
  10. We hypothesize that the virus came from space, either from the main meteorite or from a subsequent bombardment - but it was during that period.
  11. It was possible for pharmaceutical companies to understand the new chemical affects and they were able to hypothesize the underlying disease state.
  12. Quickly I flipped the cat over for a closer look, only to find what I could unscientifically hypothesize was a mass infection attacking Gato’s body.
  13. Scientists may hypothesize what came before, or what lies beyond, but they would have to rely upon metaphysical extrapolation, which by its very nature takes one beyond testable theory.
  14. One might hypothesize that the health of a culture could be determined in part by gauging to what degree those in positions of influence and authority embrace the traditions and beliefs upon which the society rests or the amount of embarrassment these figures exhibit by distancing themselves from these once-cherished notions.

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