suppose frasi

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Frasi con suppose (in inglese)

  1. I suppose she had to.
  2. I suppose it could be.
  3. I suppose it is funny.
  4. None of it, I suppose.
  5. I suppose he told you.

  6. I suppose it must be.
  7. A man thing, I suppose.
  8. I suppose he was right.
  9. Yes, I suppose it is.
  10. Suppose I spoke to her.
  11. So I suppose that this.
  12. I was led, I suppose.
  13. I suppose we can do so.
  14. I suppose he must have.
  15. I suppose it was these.

  16. And I suppose I want it.
  17. I suppose I can help you.
  18. Let us suppose that 95.
  19. Yes, I suppose, at once.
  20. Which I suppose she did.
  21. I suppose it was to you.
  22. Yes I suppose it was.
  23. I suppose I do, Rose.
  24. Yes, I suppose it does.
  25. A lot like you I suppose.

  26. It made sense, I suppose.
  27. It could be, I suppose.
  28. In a way I suppose I was.
  29. Do you suppose I carry.
  30. I suppose he was camped.
  31. I suppose that they are.
  32. I suppose doing that in.
  33. I suppose I expected as.
  34. Suppose she were the? No.
  35. I suppose I did not dare.
  36. I suppose you are the.
  37. I suppose that means no.
  38. How do you suppose it.
  39. I suppose, then, if you.
  40. I suppose I shouldn't be.
  41. We can hardly suppose, Mr.
  42. I suppose it wasnt really.
  43. I was sweating, I suppose.
  44. They could be, I suppose.
  45. No, I suppose it is not.
  46. It seems to suppose that.
  47. It's just magic I suppose.
  48. I don't suppose we should.
  49. Yeah, I suppose she was.
  50. After that, I suppose, he.
  51. I suppose I had a good boss.
  52. I suppose that will work.
  53. Suppose I am a wicked girl.
  54. As he is suppose to be.
  55. Sweeter? I suppose he is.
  56. Yes, I suppose there are.
  57. I suppose that you cannot.
  58. Yes, I suppose you could.
  59. I suppose it was, in a way.
  60. Ah yeah, I suppose it is.
  61. Then, the cell can suppose.
  62. Well, I suppose I oughtn't.
  63. I suppose Sue figured that.
  64. That’s a start, I suppose.
  65. And I'm curious, I suppose.
  66. I suppose I did, she.
  67. To keep me quiet, I suppose.
  68. However, I don't suppose Mrs.
  69. Could be a woman, I suppose.
  70. It is easy to suppose that.
  71. I suppose it has to be done.
  72. I suppose having my own.
  73. I suppose it's too late to.
  74. Same old story, I suppose.
  75. I suppose that was you?‖.
  76. I suppose you will want to.
  77. I don’t suppose he had.
  78. Yes, I suppose I understand.
  79. I suppose that’s the real.
  80. You could say that I suppose.
  81. At least—I suppose it was.
  82. I suppose he can’t help it.
  83. I suppose now you’ll want.
  84. I suppose that makes sense.
  85. That is what I should suppose.
  86. Thrown away, I suppose, by.
  87. I suppose I could work it in.
  88. Let us suppose that the task.
  89. Suppose the price is too low.
  90. I suppose that you're aware.
  91. But suppose now it did happen.
  92. I suppose, in retrospect, I.
  93. Well, I suppose you could.
  94. I suppose he had his reasons.
  95. Looking after me, I suppose.
  96. But suppose she was in trouble.
  97. I suppose 2Pac put it best….
  98. Suppose that the dividend of 0.
  99. I don't suppose they are far.
  100. We all, I suppose (except Mrs.
  1. Oh dear, and supposing he.
  2. And supposing it's found out?
  3. She had somehow been supposing.
  4. Supposing you have hand kerchief.
  5. Well, even supposing it is….
  6. The Greek slave, supposing that all.
  7. Supposing the king's small escort was.
  8. Supposing he has worked for you for years.
  9. But, even supposing it is so, allowing Mr.
  10. Is Yashvin a child? But supposing it’s true.
  11. But supposing that bodily death was not the end.
  12. Supposing a lining takes about 1000 Kg of mass.
  13. This provides another reason for supposing that.
  14. Supposing you come to Aline’s to-morrow night.
  15. But supposing they tell him to sign, will he sign?
  16. I, supposing she was going to say something, looked up.
  17. The murderer, supposing him dead, let fall three wounds.
  18. Sixteen—five years! Supposing it is at four per cent.
  19. And this was what he was "supposing" at that very moment.
  20. Even supposing they would get past the lump in my throat.
  21. Even supposing that buildings were a given, it might be.
  22. ANÍSYA [stands in terror] Oh dear, and supposing he ….
  23. Supposing you are a Two (Helper) with responsibility for.
  24. Oh, but supposing it's true? Won't it be a go! Eh, what?
  25. But we have more assured reasons than that for supposing it.
  26. Supposing that you have mastered this part of the task, or.
  27. But supposing that he could find except with his own consent.
  28. Supposing we had 1000 marbles of ONE SIZE & COLOUR along with.
  29. Norris, he was mistaken in supposing she would wish to make any.
  30. Indra was right in supposing that Soma might sense their accession.
  31. The wages of the master mason, supposing him to have been without.
  32. Supposing we keep a chill at the entire bottom, it is EQUIVALENT to.
  33. But I made a mistake in supposing that every one resembled A——f.
  34. You say that supposing it is true, I have plenty of time to run away.
  35. I nearly fell into the error of supposing that you were typewriting.
  36. I was supposing the rest of the holes would be uncovered, maybe today.
  37. Feeling very hungry, and supposing that the princess also might be in.
  38. Supposing it was rescued -- supposing it was put in a quiet, remote place.
  39. The other 50% supposing say, you have to move sidewards to the left or right.
  40. Nor would anything she could say on the shameful absurdity of supposing evil.
  41. However, supposing the conversation had gone differently and he had responded.
  42. Schacabac, supposing that it was a joke on the part of the Barmecide (though he.
  43. Supposing that you should need me some night, you can come and hunt me up there.
  44. Where are my friends now? Supposing they had left the area, whatever their.
  45. Oh, if he had only refused my request! But then, supposing he had, I should have.
  46. She was mistaken, however, in supposing that Edmund gave his father no present pain.
  47. Well, supposing you go abroad, still you’ll require a place of residence again.
  48. He saw Karay seize the wolf, and checked his horse, supposing the affair to be over.
  49. They had been very good at posing questions or supposing variations of possibilities.
  50. Supposing he went out now and called in the police, or let someone else find the body.
  51. Supposing she had been older… I, for instance, in her place could have felt no doubt.
  52. True, but some day they do them justice; and supposing a second restoration, you would.
  53. And even supposing you did you won't get in after what occurred at Westland Row station.
  54. A doubt of her regard, supposing him to feel it, need not give him more than inquietude.
  55. Certainly they were; supposing there were to be doubts raised as to the validity of your.
  56. Gentlemen say that our revenue would fall just as short, supposing the embargo to be raised.
  57. James spoke out of delicacy to me, but he was mistaken in supposing that I minded what Mrs.
  58. Now, supposing I am deceived, supposing this man has not been unhappy enough to merit happiness.
  59. Supposing he returned an hour later to put it back, and Nastasya had come back and was on the spot.
  60. Supposing there is a convex curve on the one side, you will often have a concave form on the other.
  61. Supposing Alyosha to be very shy, Katerina Ivanovna had talked all the time to Dmitri to spare him.
  62. I can't say I'm looking forward to telling the brass, supposing there's a brass to tell anything to.
  63. And he had been supposing, from her silence as she walked beside him, that she was finding Milan dull.
  64. I am sure his sisters, rating him as they do, must have thought it so, supposing he had meant nothing.
  65. But I have nothing here, replied Pierre, supposing that he was asked to give up all he possessed.
  66. Can real love, supposing there happens to be another chap in the case, exist between married folk? Poser.
  67. I shouldn't be surprised if in another week, supposing the hot weather lasts so long, I shall be asking Mrs.
  68. Let us not get rid of one evil (supposing it to be possible) at the expense of a greater—mutatis mutandis.
  69. The best position of any given degree, as C, supposing all the rest fixed, is determined by the last proposition.
  70. Yet some Christians are vainly supposing that it will, by a gradual and accelerated progression, convert the world.
  71. But I was a thousand miles from supposing that she would misunderstand and misrepresent things in so fanciful a way.
  72. But ye do me no more than a judicature, in supposing that, in this matter, I am habituated wi’ the best intentions.
  73. This was a delightfully reassuring idea supposing that Lydgate died, but in the mean time not a self-supporting idea.
  74. Even supposing that he succeeds in stifling the reproaches of his conscience, he is still unable to conquer his fears.
  75. How, then, can we be right in supposing that the absence of pain is pleasure, or that the absence of pleasure is pain?
  76. But I was a thousand miles from supposing that she would misunderstand and misrepresent things in so fanciful a way….
  77. There was another rapid glance at the house, and supposing himself unseen, the scoundrel had the impudence to embrace her.
  78. Besides, supposing I was to come across them here in the road, do you imagine they would frighten me? Not the least in the world.
  79. For supposing, for example, I send in a petition, present myself — saying a register clerk’s place or something of the sort.
  80. Didn't I say, come to some lodging-house? Well, supposing we'd had to give three-pence each, then at least we'd have been in peace.
  81. Supposing I had died in the process, it would simply mean that my choice of him as a comforting companion is completely of no effect.
  82. Lessing has advanced excellent reasons for supposing that the Martians have actually succeeded in effecting a landing on the planet Venus.
  83. The absurdity of this bill consists in this: in supposing these provisions to be the remedy for the evil, of which the President complains.
  84. Supposing it possible that they are not engaged, what distress would not such an enquiry inflict! At any rate it would be most ungenerous.
  85. Hence supposing the rest of the degrees in the scale unaltered, it will be in the most harmonious state, when D is raised 5/540 of a comma.
  86. She, supposing Edgar could not see her, snatched the cloth from my hand, and pinched me, with a prolonged wrench, very spitefully on the arm.
  87. But we shall follow the changes more readily, by supposing a new glacial period slowly to come on, and then pass away, as formerly occurred.
  88. Again, I do not think that it can be explained by supposing, that the salt is absorbed into the plant, and thus acts as a poisonous substance.
  89. Look here now, supposing I had kissed your hand just now, as I offered to do in all sincerity, should I have hated you for it afterwards?
  90. I stopped, without coming out on the path, threw the envelope in the most conspicuous place on it, and kept my eyes upon it, supposing that Mme.
  91. With a swift kick, Andrew knocked the wooden door off its hinges, supposing that he could always go back and fix it once the crisis was averted.
  92. Dennison's mistake, in supposing his sisters their guests, had suggested the propriety of their being really invited to become such, while Mrs.
  93. But supposing she were in the meantime to miss the axe, look for it, make an outcry--that would mean suspicion or at least grounds for suspicion.
  94. Dennison’s mistake, in supposing his sisters their guests, had suggested the propriety of their being really invited to become such, while Mrs.
  95. Supposing him wrapped up as those two passengers were, is there anything in his bulk and stature to render it unlikely that he was one of them?
  96. But supposing she were in the meantime to miss the axe, look for it, make an outcry—that would mean suspicion or at least grounds for suspicion.
  97. But supposing she were in the meantime to miss the axe, look for it, make an outcry —that would mean suspicion or at least grounds for suspicion.
  98. She did not give up everything she had learned, but she became aware that she had deceived herself in supposing she could be what she wanted to be.
  99. Waldron is very wrong in supposing that because he has never himself seen a so-called prehistoric animal, therefore these creatures no longer exist.
  100. Yes I am a bit but I don’t think its death itself but the pain of it and the not knowing about afterwards supposing there even is an afterwards.
  1. I was supposed to go.
  2. Was I supposed to know.
  3. Love is supposed to be.
  4. I supposed that was sad.
  5. How was he supposed to.
  6. No one is supposed to.
  7. It is SUPPOSED by many.
  8. I'm supposed to find it.
  9. I was supposed to have.
  10. Sex is supposed to be fun.
  11. She was supposed to live.
  12. It wasn't supposed to be.
  13. I'm supposed to be a hero.
  14. It was supposed to be an.
  15. Sure, they are supposed to.
  16. She is supposed to be in.
  17. He wasn't supposed to be.
  18. This is supposed to be a.
  19. What were we then supposed.
  20. What was I supposed to do?
  21. Tom had supposed that the.
  22. I'm supposed to End magic.
  23. It was supposed to be empty.
  24. She was supposed to be dead.
  25. I think we're supposed to.
  26. We are supposed to be spies.
  27. I was supposed to find Cole.
  28. He was supposed to be there.
  29. Am I supposed to put on.
  30. They were supposed to have.
  31. What was I supposed to say?
  32. I saw through his supposed.
  33. We were supposed to catch a.
  34. Just like it was supposed to.
  35. You’re supposed to kiss me.
  36. It was supposed to be a joke.
  37. It’s supposed to give the.
  38. She supposed she had always.
  39. But I’m supposed to be.
  40. What was he supposed to say?
  41. It’s supposed to be fun.
  42. But I’m not supposed to be.
  43. But this was supposed to be.
  44. And he supposed that had he.
  45. I was supposed to play cards.
  46. Is that supposed to happen?
  47. What am I supposed to be.
  48. It was supposed to be a movie.
  49. Einstein is supposed to have.
  50. I’m supposed to fol ow the.
  51. When was I supposed to stop?
  52. We just aren't supposed to.
  53. I was supposed to protect you.
  54. He’s supposed to go with me.
  55. He is supposed to be the King.
  56. It’s supposed to be dormant.
  57. Camping is supposed to be fun.
  58. And they’re not supposed to.
  59. Imbrahim supposed that for a.
  60. This was supposed to be--.
  61. That’s not supposed to hurt.
  62. Yes, she supposed it had been.
  63. He supposed that this was not.
  64. I’d have supposed that they.
  65. Beleifs are supposed to be true.
  66. What is that supposed to mean?
  67. The Church of God is supposed.
  68. You’re not supposed to speak.
  69. What was she supposed to say?
  70. You were supposed to save me.
  71. We weren’t supposed to go.
  72. The supposed love of your life.
  73. You were supposed to die with.
  74. But he was not supposed to know.
  75. You two were supposed to win.
  76. I supposed to think about this?
  77. He imagined, I supposed, that.
  78. I'm supposed to be in eternal.
  79. He knows he's not supposed to.
  80. That was not supposed to happen.
  81. Its (supposed) attempts to 166.
  82. He supposed she had gone some-.
  83. Yet the amulet was supposed to.
  84. They were never supposed to be.
  85. What’s that supposed to mean?
  86. Or supposed I forget everything.
  87. He supposed it didn’t really.
  88. I’m not supposed to be here.
  89. Was she supposed to come?
  90. We’re supposed to be mates.
  91. This was not supposed to happen.
  92. I’m not supposed to have this.
  93. We were supposed to be together.
  94. You are supposed to know nothing.
  95. That wasn’t supposed to happen.
  96. You’re not supposed to talk.
  97. The proof of this supposed God-.
  98. You were supposed to choose me.
  99. You're not supposed to, you know.
  100. This wasn’t supposed to happen.
  1. One possesses and one supposes.
  2. That is something, Loki supposes.
  3. Devon supposes Macourek would know.
  4. But that supposes a passive universe.
  5. He supposes that's one way to look at it.
  6. One supposes that she must have seen the facts.
  7. Creationism supposes that there was some powerful.
  8. But the organization supposes communication and here.
  9. Traquair supposes, of feeding with ease on the ground.
  10. Garth; he supposes you will never think well of him again.
  11. Schaeffer of New-York supposes the black particles are bitumen.
  12. Daniel supposes that the influx of reporters into the city was inevitable.
  13. I rejoice, because things cannot, cannot possibly remain as he supposes.
  14. First, It supposes, that when the price of wheat has risen so high as 48s.
  15. Every organization supposes to have a review checklist to help the reviewer.
  16. Our code of ethics supposes, he said, that we doctors are made of wood.
  17. But all in all it’s safer, he supposes, than many other jobs the Navy has to offer.
  18. Monsieur le Vicomte quite rightly supposes that matters have already gone too far.
  19. He supposes he means to prop open the aft door, in case what the birds want is to escape.
  20. But how should the caged bird know about the air? It supposes gloomily ‘I have no wings’.
  21. The conflict between mind and matter arises when one supposes that theories and experiences.
  22. He supposes they’re both in tough places, and he can’t help but feel bad for each of them.
  23. Antoine is scandalised at the inhospitable rigours she supposes me to be applying to my guests.
  24. The story supposes that William and James have just turned 65—the traditional retirement age.
  25. Commerce engenders collision, collision war, and war, the argument supposes, leads to despotism.
  26. He makes an allowance, too, for the quantity of each metal which, he supposes, may have been smuggled.
  27. Superiority of birth supposes an ancient superiority of fortune in the family of the person who claims it.
  28. If they cannot earn this by their labour, they must make it up, he supposes, either by begging or stealing.
  29. The word ‘Maple’ stands out at the very end, right where he supposes the word ‘street’ is supposed to be.
  30. The answer to this criticism is briefly as follows: (1) It supposes, but does not prove, the dissipation of the soul.
  31. This gets no answer, and he supposes she can’t see him any more clearly than he can see her, now that the flame is gone.
  32. No one supposes that the stripes on the whelp of a lion, or the spots on the young blackbird, are of any use to these animals.
  33. And the criticism is just: the differences affect the whole nature, and are not, as Plato supposes, confined to a single point.
  34. For one very rich man, there must be at least five hundred poor, and the affluence of the few supposes the indigence of the many.
  35. Do you know, or do you not know, that the law of England supposes every man to be innocent, until he is proved-proved—to be guilty?
  36. The author supposes that the average reader will forgive Principal Klieglight for believing that he was being not adulated, but attacked.
  37. Agriculture, even in its rudest and lowest state, supposes a settlement, some sort of fixed habitation, which cannot be abandoned without great loss.
  38. Yeshua supposes he shouldn’t have invoked the prophesy of Isaiah, claiming to be the chosen one—but he is! And they must know it! Now they will.
  39. Speght supposes that Chaucer here intends to pay a compliment to Lady Margaret, King Edward's daughter, Countess of Pembroke, one of his patronesses.
  40. Lamarck supposes it to be from the appearance of its tubes, I should conclude this genus to be very proximately allied to Favosites, by that species and the F.
  41. On account of what may have been smuggled, however, the whole annual importation, he supposes, may have amounted to seventeen millions of piastres, which, at 4s.
  42. He sleeps, he supposes, but in the zombie-like daze in which he finds himself, it’s hard to distinguish between sleep and wakefulness, between dream and reality.
  43. Better than Navy training, anyway, where there was never a free minute, where his name had become Seaman Dick-Arm or Arm-Dick, which he supposes is better than Seaman Pinky-Dick.
  44. The proper performance of those several duties of the sovereign necessarily supposes a certain expense ; and this expense again necessarily requires a certain revenue to support it.
  45. He supposes a sally from a Spanish garrison upon the American forces, and asks what is to be done? We attempt a peaceful possession of the country, to which we are fairly entitled.
  46. Nothing could be more agreeable to the spirit of that system than a sort of bounty upon the production of money, the very thing which, it supposes, constitutes the wealth of every nation.
  47. If any one supposes that I wish to exalt and exaggerate the position of the laity at the expense of the clergy, and that I think lightly of the ministerial office, he is totally mistaken.
  48. Whoever discovers a new mine, is entitled to measure off two hundred and forty-six feet in length, according to what he supposes to be the direction of the vein, and half as much in breadth.
  49. Secondly, It supposes that there is a certain price at which corn is likely to be forestalled, that is, bought up in order to be sold again soon after in the same market, so as to hurt the people.
  50. Why think of them? If I call them into life across the waters of Lethe will not the poor ghosts troop to my call? Who supposes it? I, Bous Stephanoumenos, bullockbefriending bard, am lord and giver of their life.
  51. The great quantity of silver sent annually to the East Indies reduces, he supposes, the quantities of those metals which remain in Europe to the proportion of one to fourteen or fifteen, the proportion of their values.
  52. From all sides he reads or hears about this, and he naturally supposes that if such honors are rendered to any one, then without doubt he must have done something extraordinary—either some feat of strength or of goodness.
  53. It supposes, besides, that the whole public debt is owing to the inhabitants of the country, which happens not to be true ; the Dutch, as well as several other foreign nations, having a very considerable share in our public funds.
  54. Pearson) supposes, that if Congress would pass a law, prohibiting the employment of British seamen in our service, upon condition of a like prohibition on their part, and repeal the act of non-importation, peace would immediately follow.
  55. For with the exception of the community of women and property, he supposes everything to be the same in both states; there is to be the same education; the citizens of both are to live free from servile occupations, and there are to be common meals in both.
  56. What is the nature of the title set up by the gentleman from Vermont? Not under the treaty, he has candidly owned, but he supposes a title to exist on the ground of certain quaint principles of the common law, relative to the doctrines of estoppel and occupancy.
  57. But this objection likewise falls to the ground, because a German exegetist supposes that Jonah must have taken refuge in the floating body of a DEAD whale—even as the French soldiers in the Russian campaign turned their dead horses into tents, and crawled into them.
  58. When two places trade with one another, this doctrine supposes that, if the balance be even, neither of them either loses or gains; but if it leans in any degree to one side, that one of them loses, and the other gains, in proportion to its declension from the exact equilibrium.
  59. Constable, who supposes that Christ here holds out a description of future torment in Gehenna, under the image of separate souls suffering in Hades, as the Pharisees erroneously conceived it—is not one which can be tolerated until his general argument has been made good on other grounds.
  60. This objection he supposes is obviated by the bill under consideration; but all corporations enjoy exclusive privileges—that is, the corporators have privileges which no others possess; and if you create fifty corporations instead of one, you have only fifty privileged bodies instead of one.
  61. In the course of their reasonings, however, the lands, houses, and consumable goods, seem to slip out of their memory; and the strain of their argument frequently supposes that all wealth consists in gold and silver, and that to multiply those metals is the great object of national industry and commerce.
  62. The falseness of such stories is absolutely apparent, because their writer ignores the reality of science when he supposes that the speech of Al’lah’s messengers and saints (true worthy men) and their honorable Godly knowledge does not pass further than their mouths and necks, but flows with their spit.
  63. Each, in its utmost development, supposes a high degree of intimacy and heart-knowledge; each renders one individual dependent for the food of his affections and spiritual life upon another; each leaves the passionate lover, or the no less passionate hater, forlorn and desolate by the withdrawal of his subject.
  64. There can be no hesitation in affirming that any ordinary reader of Greek coming to the New Testament for the first time in the age of the apostles, would, as Archbishop Whately supposes, have taken the words now in question, singly, and still more in their striking combination, in the sense in which they are used in the preceding extracts from the Phaedon.
  65. Every man who knows to the minutest details all the complexity of the conditions surrounding him, cannot help imagining that the complexity of these conditions, and the difficulty of making them clear, is something exceptional and personal, peculiar to himself, and never supposes that others are surrounded by just as complicated an array of personal affairs as he is.
  66. He lays down the position, that it was the duty of the President to have seen those powers, and, I presume, supposes that the conclusion will be drawn that the President performed his duty; and, of course, taking it for granted that there were no other instructions than those of the 23d of January, that the President must have seen those instructions, and consequently have known that Mr.
  67. Some subsequent formularies represent the manner in which he supposes this distribution is made in different states of restraint and regulation ; in which, either the class of proprietors, or the barren and unproductive class, is more favoured than the class of cultivators ; and in which either the one or the other encroaches, more or less, upon the share which ought properly to belong to this productive class.
  68. But, sir, the constitution, as I have said before, and I must repeat it again, for this is the radical source of all the error on this subject—the Constitution of the United States is not, as such reasoning supposes it to be, a mere general designation of the ends or objects for which the Federal Government was established, and leaving to Congress a discretion as to the means or powers by which those ends shall be brought about.
  69. The first of these formularies, which, by way of eminence, he peculiarly distinguishes by the name of the Economical Table, represents the manner in which he supposes this distribution takes place, in a state of the most perfect liberty, and, therefore, of the highest prosperity; in a state where the annual produce is such as to afford the greatest possible neat produce, and where each class enjoys its proper share of the whole annual produce.
  70. The battle rages with many a loud alarm and frequent advance and retreat, The infidel triumphs, or supposes he triumphs,.

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