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Frasi con immerse (in inglese)

1. Immerse me within you.
2. We immerse an electrical heater in a.
3. To reactivate it, immerse it in water.
4. Or else they’d immerse themselves in.
5. As early as infancy, children immerse themselves in play.
6. Do NOT fully immerse in water—sprinkle it over the patient.
7. The blessing of the Spirit will fill us, and immerse us in the.

8. Baptise = NT907 = to immerse in, to dip into, with = en = in, into.
9. I believe we must immerse her in the tub of Holy water and hold her.
10. Talifani knew, in due time, America would immerse itself in that civil war.
11. Seeking to immerse himself in his work, he spread his notes across the bed.
12. Immerse the hands in a bowl of warm water for 3 minutes to soften the cuticle.
13. Come immerse yourself in us, Soffen's voice said as her face came into view once more.
14. To do that, the hellhound would need to immerse themselves in the memories of their prey.
15. Mk 14:20 …it is one of the 12 who dips with me in the dish Dip = bapto = to immerse.
16. To immerse herself in the meditation, to forward step, the lunge to the right, the pivot -.
17. To clean jewelry, drop two tablets into a glass of water and immerse the jewelry for two minutes.
18. When the pack went on a wild hunt, they had to immerse themselves in the entire being of that person.
19. Colin seemed perfectly relaxed and self-contained, while Maria tried to immerse herself in the view once again.
20. Now he was sitting in the office, trying to immerse himself in his work and figure out what it was that had escaped him.
21. He took out Le Mal Jaune and tried to immerse himself in the Frenchman's allegory of the Vietnamese-France relationship.
22. Contrary to what some in the crew thought, Kelvin did not continuously immerse himself in the view of space as seen from the ship.
23. To remove jelly take a needle and run it around inside of mould, then immerse in warm water; jelly will then come out in perfect condition.
24. His only way of coping with the boredom of the three week wait was to immerse himself into the detailed testing of the electronic systems that were his passion.
25. It also allowed him to immerse himself in a five thousand year old system of medicine and become a Chinese doctor in addition to the clinical psychologist which he had already been.
26. He could cadge free lunch in the residence halls, so long as he carried a book to immerse himself in (and if he hadn’t brought his own, one could always be nicked from the library).
27. It is very suitable for the non-physical being in daily living, but to fully understand that which occurs and all that is possible, it is important to have the physical experience and to immerse yourself in it fully.
28. Then the parents are instructed, nay, even ordered, under penalty of punishment in the event of non-compliance, to christen the child—that is, to let the priest immerse it three times in the water, while words unintelligible to all present are read, and still less intelligible ceremonies are performed, such as the application of oil to different parts of the body, the cutting of the hair, the blowing and spitting of the sponsors at the imaginary devil.
29. If we can capture Ruth and immerse her in Holy water,.
1. He’s immersing himself more and more in that world.
2. Immersing them both into her being, sharing some of her.
3. Spirit is immersing into the Matter – higher Plans connect with lower.
4. He remembered immersing himself completely in the delicacy of her mouth.
5. After thoroughly immersing herself with the details of Burton's life, she posthumously.
6. Brock found that immersing himself in Skelda's thoughts was a nauseating chore, so cold and full of hate were they.
7. Although he knew that her words were solely aimed at him, her eyes remained closed, immersing herself in her expression.
8. Laura Bretz has been immersing herself in fantasy lands, apocalyptic settings and all things impossible since she was a child.
9. The deeper we went into the canyon the more it seemed as if we were immersing ourselves in a vat of black dye as the spirit of the place was so oppressive.
10. If you want the results in the shortest amount of time (minutes instead of hours or hours instead of days), fully immersing yourself in MECOM™ is mandatory.
11. I tried to explain, moving towards him and laying my hands on his broad shoulders as I noticed an ocean of fog undulating around us, immersing us in its journey of mist.
12. Whereas that who shuns away from Al’lah and corrupts his spirit by immersing it in lechery, the misery will be his fate and he will incur nothing other than smarts and failure.
13. Having concentrated once again, I started to imagine that I placed inside of myself, in the area of the solar plexus, a small white bean, immersing it into something soft and warm.
14. It was like watching a small TV in his head, and he chose that option because he didn’t have the luxury of immersing himself in the virtual matrix while navigating the corridors.
15. Doctor Seif has devoted almost half a century to immersing himself into the lives of the 16th Century French founders of his Salesian spiritual lineage, Jane de Chantal and Francis de Sales.
16. Remember, you were blessed with this seed of prosperity at birth, and it‘s ready and willing to accept that vital nutrition from the positive messages that you are immersing yourself in daily.
17. That shut you up, Levi said affectionately, as he tucked Mallika’s hair behind her ear, he couldn’t get enough of running his fingers through her locks, he loved touching her, the feel of immersing his hands in her hair.
18. Yet when Man came and was given the freedom of choice, he deviated from the path which leads to his happiness and gain, and followed ‘the primrose path’, leading a life of ease and pleasure, and immersing himself in animalistic instincts.
19. Over the years Monique had tried not to think of the others below ground, immersing herself in her diplomatic work; a role in which she still felt the need to prove her worth, rather than merely fulfilling the expectations of the cynics (those in the higher echelons of the chosen) who probably viewed her as the benefactor of a privileged background.
20. Our heart thirst ever sated, for never thirsty with you, never not soul drinking when we are with you, for being with you is being immersed and in that overflowing flesh-whelming us into you and all into that – that which we are: the beautiful unfolding ever unfolding and flowing past that dreamer ten years hence and looking back, immersing us then even from here now – a kundalini love moving backwards and forwards through time.
1. We are immersed in mind.
2. People are immersed in worldliness.
3. Immersed now into his new environment.
4. You will be immersed in Divine Bliss.
5. No, the particle is immersed in Ether.
6. They are so immersed in their subject.
7. Immersed in the depths of profound love.
8. In a dream, but immersed in the depths.
9. Immersed, to think there was evil in the.
10. Don spends all week immersed in his business.
11. The operator whose head was immersed during.
12. They are then immersed in salted ice water but.
13. Thereby it becomes immersed in a garden of bliss.
14. It was also a time in which she immersed herself.
15. I am immersed in this cloud and see nothing else.
16. Madame de Villefort remained immersed in thought.
17. Nick, getting spannered became immersed in Shanti.
18. They were immediately immersed in a sea of taller.
19. Baptised - fully immersed in water, is to be fully.
20. Remember that you are immersed in a hologram, and.
21. She immersed herself in work never coming up for air.
22. Thereby it will become immersed in a garden of bliss.
23. Q: Are you not immersed timelessly in an abstraction?
24. Jughead was immersed on the centrefold of the magazine.
25. This was a generation that was immersed in a gloom of.
26. The Abyss is a subsurface symbol meaning to be immersed.
27. Those who have immersed into it - can not speak about it.
28. You will be immersed into another dimension of the spirit.
29. Belle told me he's immersed himself in his apprenticeship.
30. Here I am, on a Saturday, deeply immersed in the study of.
31. Questioner: The person immersed in the world has a life of.
32. She lifted a quivering hand for the pen, immersed it in ink.
33. They watched as the forest became immersed in the light; the.
34. She took the golden knife into her hand and immersed it into.
35. Nancy was also enjoying herself by now, immersed in her music.
36. Tears welled in my eyes and I also was immersed in that Light.
37. Immersed in his spiritual quest, he practiced many meditations.
38. I remember that! Orphenn announced, immersed in the story.
39. Alex smiled and immersed himself in the comfort of the back of.
40. I could only guess that she was feeling herself immersed into.
1. To Rosa’s delight, he immediately immerses himself into Steward Pharmaceuticals.
2. Overall, Beatrice and Amy are both really impressed by the way Loki immerses himself in modern technology and modern life.
3. They reproach him for the lack of living and charge him more than his ability until he immerses himself in actions that lead to his destruction.
4. He trusts that, if he immerses himself in the currents of the ethics of expediency that swirl around him, he is not opening an unwanted door to meddling in the freedoms of others.
5. The messenger (cpth) has the light of Al’lah upon him, and through such prayer, he immerses the believers in this great illumination, thereby driving the schemes of every mutinous devil away from them.

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