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Frasi con sink (in inglese)

I sink in my chair.
He let that sink in.
No legs to sink him.
I felt my heart sink.
Allow that to sink in.
Just let this sink in.
And rings in the sink.

He retched in the sink.
Farah let that sink in.
She looked at the sink.
He felt his heart sink.
Sink in apple of his eye.
And then I let it sink in.
It didn’t sink at first.
Here’s one by the sink.
There was a sink full of.
Guntram nodded at the sink.
It was starting to sink in.
Tom's heart began to sink.
Dana finishes at the sink.
I saw a towel on the sink.
Colling felt his heart sink.
Nico felt her stomach sink.
His mother was at the sink.
She had to let that sink in.
It was beginning to sink in.
She leaned against the sink.
I sink beneath the surface.
That we made her heart sink.
It had a sink and some soap.
Angie walked over to the sink.
She’d sink without a trace.
Here he began to sink quickly.
Please allow this to sink in:.
I nodded, letting that sink in.
He stumbled over to the sink.
You hold your breath and sink.
Why did one man sink and the.
Right in the sink back there.
He hesitated to let it sink in.
A sinking feeling set in.
The reality is sinking in.
Sun slowly sinking in the west.
The ship--it had been sinking.
You could see the boat sinking.
Sinking into what had to be a.
Are we sinking? she had to wonder.
It had revived my sinking spirits.
And blest me, sinking to the grave.
Matt's heart had a sinking feeling.
Caris followed with a sinking heart.
It meant the message was sinking in.
The Star that grows on Sinking Sands.
Most of the men survived the sinking.
I sincerely hope all this is sinking in.
I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach.
It was like sinking into a flashing mist.
Carrie stared at him with a sinking heart.
The sinking of Molly in old Kelly's bog.
The waning sun was sinking into the last.
Anna felt as though she were sinking down.
She was sinking and had no one to turn to.
I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my.
VRSN kept sinking all day and closed lower.
Her heart sinking, she activated her radio.
Only one issue has a sinking fund provision.
He felt a sinking in his belly as he did so.
I watched them plummet with a sinking heart.
It was slanted but it was not sinking lower.
The taxi stopped sinking at about waist deep.
I’m heavy, my body sinking into the warmth.
Sinking into the chintz chair she struggled.
Sinking: Not totally ministering in the Spirit.
He noticed a sinking feeling in his gut again.
Fritzing was silent, for his heart was sinking.
Thomas listened to his neighbor with a sinking.
He has stepped aboard to captain a sinking.
An old woman's hand, sinking for the last time.
Son was now waist deep in quicksand and sinking.
But sinking upon his breast she said to him—.
I sunk to the gutter.
My heart sunk a little.
It hasn’t sunk in yet.
Garcia sunk in his chair.
He sunk heavily onto the.
For your arrows have sunk.
The long-run SR sunk from 1.
His hopes and his heart sunk.
My feet sunk into the murky.
Many sinners have sunk there.
Her cheeks had sunk, her lip.
We burned and sunk her!.
The officer sunk into his chair.
Bo sunk even lower in his seat.
And she’s never been sunk.
Guo Yuxia sunk her face and said.
The shares sunk 70% the next day.
Her bare feet sunk into the mud.
He sunk his lips in his beverage.
The son realized that he'd sunk.
The sun had sunk behind the crags.
His reputation had sunk to such.
He wanted to make sure it sunk in.
Therefore her head sunk even lower.
The cutter Tampa was sunk (26 Sept.
The heku’s teeth were sunk into.
He had his teeth sunk into Allen's.
A few old battleships sunk: so what.
Trevor sunk his head and turned away.
The second is the notion of sunk costs.
There were no cupboards but sunk into.
It would have sunk long ago without him.
Brock nodded and sunk back behind the bar.
Venice pier drowned, trolley tracks sunk.
Nangong Ping sunk his countenance and said.
He sunk into his chair, exhausted by the.
Sunk though he be beneath the watery floor.
Hendricks sunk back further into his chair.
The lover is at once sunk into the father.
When he tried to shake me off, I sunk my.
With a heart that sinks.
Peter sinks to his knees.
He sinks back into the couch.
Her head sinks into the pillow.
No one at the urinals or sinks.
His head sinks slowly, rests upon.
Two faucets came out over the sinks.
On dune and headland sinks the fire:.
Grows pale and sinks, but nothing says;.
The sun sinks further towards the horizon.
Sue and I went to our sinks and spit out.
Later, the sinks are splashed with water.
I'm scared, he sinks under the comforter.
He sinks closer to the surface of the planet.
He lets himself be led and sinks down into the chair.
Whoever it was hits the car and sinks below the hood.
Standard Version ) house sinks down to death, and her.
In fact, the owner sinks in status every time he/she.
Saying this he sinks despairingly in the rear of the.
Not knowing what else to do, Apollo sinks into his bed.
When we see the expression on his face, our heart sinks.
And then the tense used by the police officer sinks home.
The restrooms were clean, everything from the sinks to the.
The sinks were brutally clogged with soggy, half-eaten food.
Over a long period so it slowly sinks in and becomes reality.
The plants were in drawers, in a room with mirrors and sinks.
The yellow canopy sinks and swells over the great four-poster.
The top and the two sinks in it appeared to be made out of a.
The knife sinks into me all at once, and I can’t stop myself.
It was like a boat that slowly sinks down in the deep-blue sea.
Afterwards, I entered both restrooms and found the sinks to be dry.
His heart sinks as he hears the firework whistle off into the sky.
We saw the central pillar standing behind some sinks and dish racks.
She went over to the sinks, and he heard the sound of running water.
Why does one man need so much space? Two sinks, I notice with irony.
As the sun sinks into the horizon, all you can see is our silhouette.
My heart sinks lower, and Rudy is looking more worried by the minute.
Aarav sinks into his seat and then resumes, Gosh! Then we need to go.
Waterline: point to where a ship sinks in the water loaded and unloaded.
I sank onto a stool.
Her hat sank at once.
She sank upon the snow.
Her hat and head sank.
Noah sank to his knees.
His heart sank a little.
They sank into my mind.
Then her words sank in.
Then, it finally sank in.
Both sank to the bottom.
His guts sank and froze.
Light on the bridge sank.
I sank to the bed and Dr.
Her heart sank even lower.
My heart sank as I.
Jacob sank into his chair.
My heart sank to my toes.
The iceberg sank the ship.
The oak box sank steadily.
She sank back on the chair.
Then he sank onto the bed.
Its gum sank into his arm.
She sank down to her knees.
Downing sank into his chair.
They cheered when she sank.
Gordon sank into his chair.
The leaves sank down again.
She sank back in her chair.
I slowly sank into the seat.
His heart just sank in him.
I sank to my knees to pray.
Her heart throbbed and sank.
I sank my face into my hands.
My heart took water and sank.
I sank to my knees and cried.
My heart sank when, with a.
The petal sank like a stone.
He sank wearily on his sofa.
Everyone sank to their knees.
I’m sorry, your boat sank.

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