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Frasi con sink (in inglese)

  1. I sink in my chair.
  2. He let that sink in.
  3. No legs to sink him.
  4. I felt my heart sink.
  5. Allow that to sink in.

  6. Just let this sink in.
  7. Farah let that sink in.
  8. He retched in the sink.
  9. And rings in the sink.
  10. He felt his heart sink.
  11. She looked at the sink.
  12. Sink in apple of his eye.
  13. It didn’t sink at first.
  14. And then I let it sink in.
  15. Here’s one by the sink.

  16. Guntram nodded at the sink.
  17. There was a sink full of.
  18. Tom's heart began to sink.
  19. It was starting to sink in.
  20. Dana finishes at the sink.
  21. I saw a towel on the sink.
  22. Nico felt her stomach sink.
  23. His mother was at the sink.
  24. Colling felt his heart sink.
  25. It was beginning to sink in.

  26. That we made her heart sink.
  27. I sink beneath the surface.
  28. It had a sink and some soap.
  29. She had to let that sink in.
  30. She leaned against the sink.
  31. Angie walked over to the sink.
  32. She’d sink without a trace.
  33. You hold your breath and sink.
  34. He stumbled over to the sink.
  35. Why did one man sink and the.
  36. Please allow this to sink in:.
  37. I nodded, letting that sink in.
  38. Here he began to sink quickly.
  39. Right in the sink back there.
  40. He hesitated to let it sink in.
  41. The addict ever wanted to sink.
  42. He jumped off the sink and left.
  43. His wife heard him sink into bed.
  44. I sink into the couch, exhausted.
  45. It’s not sink or swim here.
  46. He lets that information sink in.
  47. As expected, it started to sink.
  48. Dishes were stacked in the sink.
  49. Let’s hook her and sink her.
  50. Her butt leaned against the sink.
  51. One false move could sink us all.
  52. There was blood all over the sink.
  53. I sink back in the seat and relax.
  54. Hamo waits for all that to sink in.
  55. Let the absurdity of that sink in.
  56. Empty the cabinet under your sink.
  57. Jutta sets the plates in the sink.
  58. Let what you have learned sink in.
  59. It took a while to sink in, though.
  60. I was ready to sink into the earth.
  61. He nodded, feeling his stomach sink.
  62. She was beginning to let it sink in.
  63. She fills the sink with soapy water.
  64. He nods and I follow him to the sink.
  65. If you want to sink into the abyss.
  66. She waited quietly for it to sink in.
  67. We sink up to our knees in icy water.
  68. Marc’s severed head was in the sink.
  69. With cabinets, counters, a sink and.
  70. You can put the container in the sink.
  71. As he fell, his chin struck the sink.
  72. It is difficult to sink in salt water.
  73. Claire drained the water from the sink.
  74. What kingdoms sink beneath his tread!.
  75. The sink was an old-time sink, where.
  76. Paul let that statement slowly sink in.
  77. Piles of dirty dishes filled the sink.
  78. Mitya let his head sink on her breast.
  79. He lets that sink in for a few moments.
  80. I sink down on the bed across from Tori.
  81. Kirstin paused to let the point sink in.
  82. Inside I could see a toilet and a sink.
  83. I closed my eyes, leaned over the sink.
  84. And countries sink and rise upon the seas.
  85. She looked glum which made his heart sink.
  86. I'm so full of holes I'd be sure to sink.
  87. I look away, hoping that it will sink in.
  88. Pausing to let that sink in, he continued.
  89. It read: Markets and Dollar Sink As U.
  90. He can sink us and that's our worst fear.
  91. She paused again to let her words sink in.
  92. I sink back into the cushions on the couch.
  93. She’ll sink, come winter, he said.
  94. But as the idea began to sink in, and Lucy.
  95. Sam let the weight of his statement sink in.
  96. He looks at John a beat to let that sink in.
  97. The buildings began to sink and fall apart.
  98. It's got no pores for the years to sink in.
  99. Petr sat quietly, letting the words sink in.
  100. It took some time for those words to sink in.
  1. A sinking feeling set in.
  2. The reality is sinking in.
  3. The ship--it had been sinking.
  4. You could see the boat sinking.
  5. Sun slowly sinking in the west.
  6. Sinking into what had to be a.
  7. Are we sinking? she had to wonder.
  8. And blest me, sinking to the grave.
  9. It had revived my sinking spirits.
  10. Matt's heart had a sinking feeling.
  11. Caris followed with a sinking heart.
  12. It meant the message was sinking in.
  13. The Star that grows on Sinking Sands.
  14. Most of the men survived the sinking.
  15. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach.
  16. I sincerely hope all this is sinking in.
  17. It was like sinking into a flashing mist.
  18. The sinking of Molly in old Kelly's bog.
  19. Carrie stared at him with a sinking heart.
  20. The waning sun was sinking into the last.
  21. She was sinking and had no one to turn to.
  22. Anna felt as though she were sinking down.
  23. VRSN kept sinking all day and closed lower.
  24. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my.
  25. Her heart sinking, she activated her radio.
  26. He felt a sinking in his belly as he did so.
  27. I watched them plummet with a sinking heart.
  28. It was slanted but it was not sinking lower.
  29. The taxi stopped sinking at about waist deep.
  30. Only one issue has a sinking fund provision.
  31. I’m heavy, my body sinking into the warmth.
  32. Sinking into the chintz chair she struggled.
  33. He noticed a sinking feeling in his gut again.
  34. Fritzing was silent, for his heart was sinking.
  35. Sinking: Not totally ministering in the Spirit.
  36. Thomas listened to his neighbor with a sinking.
  37. An old woman's hand, sinking for the last time.
  38. Son was now waist deep in quicksand and sinking.
  39. He has stepped aboard to captain a sinking.
  40. But sinking upon his breast she said to him—.
  41. Is it in French? I asked, my heart sinking.
  42. The entire fleet seemed to be aflame and sinking.
  43. The truth, which he already knows, is sinking in.
  44. The sun was sinking in the west, the light failing.
  45. They are sinking into a sort of namelessness and.
  46. You may have had a sinking feeling of hopelessness.
  47. She closed her eyes, sinking into the pleasure of.
  48. The sun was sinking into the horizon, turning the.
  49. The trick was converting without sinking his barge.
  50. I sat on my new bed, sinking into the soft mattress.
  51. Josephus) forsook Jerusalem as men do a sinking ship.
  52. Dread, fear of the unknown, a queasy, sinking feeling.
  53. In this case, the PTC appears in a Sinking Key Range.
  54. Wil ing to face things she can sleep without sinking.
  55. We sat down to rest, silently watching the sinking sun.
  56. The sun hardly clears the horizon before sinking away.
  57. Sinking another can of beer, I studied the book again.
  58. Faster and faster I swirled, sinking deeper and deeper.
  59. Other things to think about when the market is sinking.
  60. By this time the sun was sinking below the plateau rim.
  61. Nearly all suffer severe sinking spells in bad markets.
  62. The sun was sinking, and the day was no longer so warm.
  63. The benefits of a sinking fund are of a twofold nature.
  64. Carrisford, sinking back as if he had lost his strength.
  65. This incident was leaving a sinking feeling in her guts.
  66. Kristin present, but now he was sinking back into a mood.
  67. The last word from the Titanic was that she was sinking.
  68. The reality of what was happening was clearly sinking in.
  69. Sinking site of the PACIFIC DREAMS and of the SEA BOUNTY.
  70. Gary watched his feet sinking into the sand as he stopped.
  71. The more she talked the more Selma had a sinking feeling.
  72. The dog lunged, sinking his teeth into Emory’s breeches.
  73. Gania watched the whole scene with a sinking of the heart.
  74. The moon was sinking in a sky that was beginning to cloud.
  75. He looked around, and felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.
  76. But he could not fully dispel the nagging, sinking feeling.
  77. If the ship is sinking, the rats are the first to leave it.
  78. It was rising and sinking with a soft heartbeat underneath.
  79. The shadows cast by the sinking sun were long on the ground.
  80. Pilate’s ship was sinking, but he was determined not to.
  81. He was sinking; no, he was floating, and it was warm—soft.
  82. While they cowered in fear, sinking down to the ground, they.
  83. Kay fought to keep from sinking to her knees in abject horror.
  84. Mexico City is sinking at a rate of 18 inches per year!.
  85. It was with a sinking heart that I reentered Holmes's bedroom.
  86. With the ships of the fleet ablaze or sinking, the Ironclads.
  87. Merthin said it was like being made captain of a sinking ship.
  88. Though he was still with Trini, he felt himself sinking again.
  89. We told her our position and said we were sinking by the head.
  90. Sinking his teeth deep into the jugular vein, he pressed him.
  91. And he says more and more he's sinking down through the earth.
  92. The catamaran was sinking and he had to get out from under it.
  93. I could feel the frantic question slowly sinking into his mind.
  94. She’ s sinking, but she can still speak, and she wants you.
  95. Like an animal sinking into quicksand, an idea occurred to him.
  96. I had a sinking feeling as I pictured what would have happened.
  97. What? whimpered Tifa, the sinking realisation that their.
  98. Sinking into the warmth of the outside, she managed to lie down.
  99. It was May 27th - the anniversary of the sinking of the Bismarck.
  100. He watched the sun gradually sinking into the roots of the trees.
  1. I sunk to the gutter.
  2. My heart sunk a little.
  3. Garcia sunk in his chair.
  4. It hasn’t sunk in yet.
  5. He sunk heavily onto the.
  6. For your arrows have sunk.
  7. His hopes and his heart sunk.
  8. The long-run SR sunk from 1.
  9. Many sinners have sunk there.
  10. My feet sunk into the murky.
  11. We burned and sunk her!.
  12. Her cheeks had sunk, her lip.
  13. The officer sunk into his chair.
  14. Bo sunk even lower in his seat.
  15. Guo Yuxia sunk her face and said.
  16. Her bare feet sunk into the mud.
  17. The shares sunk 70% the next day.
  18. And she’s never been sunk.
  19. He sunk his lips in his beverage.
  20. The sun had sunk behind the crags.
  21. The son realized that he'd sunk.
  22. His reputation had sunk to such.
  23. He wanted to make sure it sunk in.
  24. Therefore her head sunk even lower.
  25. The heku’s teeth were sunk into.
  26. The cutter Tampa was sunk (26 Sept.
  27. Trevor sunk his head and turned away.
  28. He had his teeth sunk into Allen's.
  29. A few old battleships sunk: so what.
  30. The second is the notion of sunk costs.
  31. There were no cupboards but sunk into.
  32. It would have sunk long ago without him.
  33. Venice pier drowned, trolley tracks sunk.
  34. Brock nodded and sunk back behind the bar.
  35. Nangong Ping sunk his countenance and said.
  36. Hendricks sunk back further into his chair.
  37. Sunk though he be beneath the watery floor.
  38. When he tried to shake me off, I sunk my.
  39. He sunk into his chair, exhausted by the.
  40. The lover is at once sunk into the father.
  41. Nodding feebly, her head sunk to her knees.
  42. I closed my eyes and sunk beneath the water.
  43. How many ships have sail'd and sunk for it!.
  44. My heart soared and sunk at the same moment.
  45. He sunk his fangs into the closest creature.
  46. With it, something sunk into the pit of my.
  47. His eyes had sunk deep into his eye-sockets.
  48. The dislocated bottom had sunk into the ooze.
  49. She sunk back onto her knees and just stared.
  50. The sun had already sunk behind the mountain.
  51. Gaspar sunk in the entrance to Thunder Inlet.
  52. My forehead creased as the last words sunk in.
  53. He subsequently sunk down, immediately tense.
  54. Whose couch? She sunk her head into her hands.
  55. Long Fei sunk his face and looked at Wang Susu.
  56. Kyrin stripped quickly and sunk into the water.
  57. She nodded and sunk her hands into her pockets.
  58. He sighed again and sunk back against the couch.
  59. The old man once more sunk back into his pillow.
  60. The girl sat still, her chin sunk on her breast.
  61. The one safe haven in my life was sunk beneath.
  62. Have each and every one of them sunk deep into.
  63. But I guess something from his speech sunk in.
  64. Mei Yinxue sunk her countenance and coldly asked.
  65. Shit! That Jade had sunk so low! He had thought.
  66. The lycan sunk its teeth through her thick flesh.
  67. It was nearing five-thirty and the sun had sunk.
  68. Yet, as the reality sunk in, she could believe it.
  69. As interest sunk to six, five, and four per cent.
  70. The large shining eyes had sunk in their sockets.
  71. He sunk his head to her neck and began devouring.
  72. Elowen savoured the moment she sunk into the hot.
  73. Henry Morgan had sunk his head, seemingly in shame.
  74. My heart sunk as I read through the documentation.
  75. It's a perfect bog of sentiment she's sunk in now.
  76. A pair of daggers sunk into her empty eye sockets.
  77. And when he had sunk down on the American leather.
  78. His heart sunk and he told Sendak to pass the word.
  79. She slowly sunk back into the Posture (automobile).
  80. Then we’d all have been sunk! joked a third.
  81. Guo Yuxia said sunk her countenance and coldly said.
  82. Mary turned toward me again and my heart sunk as I.
  83. Natalie gasped when what she had just heard sunk in.
  84. I’ve sunk thirty thousand in this stinking hole.
  85. Regardless, he sunk his teeth hard around her nipple.
  86. Ships had been sunk, shanghaied and crews impressed.
  87. If he had let go, she would have sunk to the ground.
  88. She might be from there herself, if so, he was sunk.
  89. Everyone was very startled and his or her hearts sunk.
  90. Holmes's voice had sunk to an almost inaudible whisper.
  91. If only you weren’t so worried about the sunk costs.
  92. For a captain, swimming means your ship’s been sunk.
  93. The CEO of Dominex Pharmaceuticals sunk into the couch.
  94. Emily sunk down on the wall and sat on the cold ground.
  95. His once-growling face had smoothed and his eyes sunk.
  96. It sunk in a full inch, loosing a gush of ocular fluid.
  97. Old Noakes; 'and it was Drogo's weight as sunk the boat.
  98. All but one of our remaining troopships have been sunk.
  99. The splendid empire of Charles Vhad sunk, from causes.
  100. Wept Christian salt-tears for Moll sunk in the bog—.
  1. Peter sinks to his knees.
  2. With a heart that sinks.
  3. He sinks back into the couch.
  4. Her head sinks into the pillow.
  5. No one at the urinals or sinks.
  6. His head sinks slowly, rests upon.
  7. Two faucets came out over the sinks.
  8. On dune and headland sinks the fire:.
  9. Grows pale and sinks, but nothing says;.
  10. Sue and I went to our sinks and spit out.
  12. The sun sinks further towards the horizon.
  13. Later, the sinks are splashed with water.
  14. I'm scared, he sinks under the comforter.
  15. He sinks closer to the surface of the planet.
  16. He lets himself be led and sinks down into the chair.
  17. Whoever it was hits the car and sinks below the hood.
  18. In fact, the owner sinks in status every time he/she.
  19. Standard Version ) house sinks down to death, and her.
  20. Saying this he sinks despairingly in the rear of the.
  21. When we see the expression on his face, our heart sinks.
  22. Not knowing what else to do, Apollo sinks into his bed.
  23. And then the tense used by the police officer sinks home.
  24. The restrooms were clean, everything from the sinks to the.
  25. The sinks were brutally clogged with soggy, half-eaten food.
  26. Over a long period so it slowly sinks in and becomes reality.
  27. The plants were in drawers, in a room with mirrors and sinks.
  28. The top and the two sinks in it appeared to be made out of a.
  29. The yellow canopy sinks and swells over the great four-poster.
  30. It was like a boat that slowly sinks down in the deep-blue sea.
  31. The knife sinks into me all at once, and I can’t stop myself.
  32. His heart sinks as he hears the firework whistle off into the sky.
  33. Afterwards, I entered both restrooms and found the sinks to be dry.
  34. We saw the central pillar standing behind some sinks and dish racks.
  35. She went over to the sinks, and he heard the sound of running water.
  36. Why does one man need so much space? Two sinks, I notice with irony.
  37. As the sun sinks into the horizon, all you can see is our silhouette.
  38. My heart sinks lower, and Rudy is looking more worried by the minute.
  39. Aarav sinks into his seat and then resumes, Gosh! Then we need to go.
  40. Waterline: point to where a ship sinks in the water loaded and unloaded.
  41. Why Do Most Traders Have to Blow Out an Account Before It All Sinks In?
  42. Sinks would have to guess what control to press to pick up the toy and.
  43. Dunk had heard septons say that the isles were sinks of sin and avarice.
  44. He walks over, lines up his stick on the cue ball, expertly sinks a shot.
  45. When a torpedo hits a ship, the whole ship sinks – not just part of it.
  46. On the opposite side, old sinks lined the walls, some with papers on them.
  47. Stainless Steel Sinks – you can buy these sinks in any of the above styles.
  48. Their competition raises the wages of labour, and sinks the profits of stock.
  49. As we went back to our sinks, I said, I don’t think we’ll ever have a.
  50. Daniel leans against the wall, sinks down it, into the snow, and remains there.
  51. Also, the height of those seats and of those sinks confirm their small height.
  52. That means you - like when a ship sinks, it's baptised, it's totally immersed.
  53. But the more the marble sinks, the more of its surface touches the surface.
  54. A united thought sinks in the spirit to do the harmony in feelings and actions.
  55. BELLA: (Clapping her belly sinks back on the sofa, with a shout of laughter) An.
  56. The other revealed a bathroom with two sinks and a tub separate from the shower.
  57. My heart sinks and the empty feeling inside is replaced with an aching desperation.
  58. She sinks down on the edge of the bed and her voice is very old in a young throat.
  59. Other holes are needed for toilets and sinks, for seawater coming in and going out.
  60. Sinks come in a wide variety of sizes, colours and materials and in these formats:.
  61. There are a few uncertain noises, a quiet hum of conversation as the point sinks in.
  62. The husk of your past form sinks beneath the amber as it liquefies into syrup again.
  63. The creature springs from the counter and sinks its claws and teeth into Hoenir’s arm.
  64. Almost invariably the position you choose to load up on will be the one that sinks.
  65. Anthony flips on the flat screen to a soccer game and sinks into the bronzed leather couch.
  66. And it grows, merges, disappears from the surface, sinks to the depths, and again emerges.
  67. Well the extra heat warms up this planet, melts the poles and sinks half of the continents.
  68. That’s like blaming the river when it’s the rain that sinks your boat, said Ceder.
  69. For a moment, I think I’ve misheard her … then it sinks into my head what she just said.
  70. Where did you get the plan of it—the arrangement of the sinks and all that sort of thing?
  71. After a few moments, as this sinks in, not only do they agree with me, it never comes up again.
  72. You hold her wrists tightly and then suddenly, without a word, she sinks slowly to the ground.
  73. I had to do it on several occasions because the salt sinks to the bottom of the barrel with time.
  74. She giggles as her foot sinks, compressing a few inches of snow with a noise like falling leaves.
  75. I drop to the ground in the shade of one of the boulders, and Tristan sinks to his knees beside me.
  76. The medical team rushed to the sinks and threw handful after handful of water into their own faces.
  77. Caleb sinks back against the countertop edge, touching the back of his head to the metal cabinets.
  78. Sinks and sewers played a great part in the Middle Ages, in the Lower Empire and in the Orient of old.
  79. As he sinks, John sees millions of tropical fish below him and a gorgeous reef of pink and blue coral.
  80. Both my machetes slice through different attackers, and Anup sinks his canines into one after the other.
  81. Crystal splashed her face at the sinks, and when she looked up, a forty year-old woman looked back at her.
  82. I wondered whether I had inflicted them on Jazzy, had scrubbed the bathroom sinks with a little too much vigor.
  83. To those who perceive the nature and transcendency of mental force, all physical power sinks into insignificance.
  84. I STAND BEFORE the sinks in the women’s bathroom on the newly claimed Dauntless floor, a gun resting on my palm.
  85. The sun drops just below the palms as it sinks toward a horizontal line of blue out beyond the balcony of our hotel.
  86. Earlier it was not like this, he can swear it, but as the light sinks over the ravaged woods, he knows it is changed.
  87. I hung about the urinals and sinks, trying to decide if I should try or not, until one of the security guards came in.
  88. How do you offload a million dollar mansion thats splitting at the seams as it sinks into a bog? With great difficulty.
  89. The hare jumps in a certain direction and, in doing so, sinks its paws into the snow there, essentially marking itself in it.
  90. Don't write me such letters--don't, don't, don't! My heart sinks when I see you deliberately setting about strangling our friendship.
  91. As bulls and bears battle in the market, the value of your open positions soars or sinks, depending on the actions of total strangers.
  92. Right Billy Boy lets get out of here there’s nothing to keep us here now, so we did faster than a Scotsman sinks a free drink.
  93. If the subject sinks, a small amount of water is removed from the bottle into the collecting container, and the experiment is repeated.
  94. This time however Alex notices rings of dirt appearing in the upper atmosphere, before the west coast sinks and then more after it sinks.
  95. Images tell the story without words, Asians born deceivers with brain sinks in heavy wishes generated by boundless desire for money and sex.
  96. My heart rises into my throat as she turns to go upstairs, but it sinks again just as fast, because Tom is on his feet, his hand on her arm.
  97. While his body is burning and the boat sinks, a snake quickly leaves the boat and swims towards the monk’s house to make it its permanent home.
  98. He looked at himself in the mirror over one of the sinks, and silently hoped that his appearance would match the photo in his new forged passport.
  99. In the excitement of the moment, should he transgress the threshold of her sensitivity, fearing she had compromised her honor, she sinks in shame.
  100. It sinks the price of coloured silks and cloths, and thereby reduces the profits of the merchants who have any considerable quantity of them upon hand.
  1. I sank onto a stool.
  2. Her hat sank at once.
  3. Noah sank to his knees.
  4. Her hat and head sank.
  5. She sank upon the snow.
  6. They sank into my mind.
  7. Then her words sank in.
  8. His heart sank a little.
  9. I sank to the bed and Dr.
  10. Light on the bridge sank.
  11. Then, it finally sank in.
  12. His guts sank and froze.
  13. Both sank to the bottom.
  14. Jacob sank into his chair.
  15. My heart sank as I.
  16. Her heart sank even lower.
  17. My heart sank to my toes.
  18. The oak box sank steadily.
  19. She sank back on the chair.
  20. The iceberg sank the ship.
  21. Then he sank onto the bed.
  22. Its gum sank into his arm.
  23. She sank back in her chair.
  24. Downing sank into his chair.
  25. The leaves sank down again.
  26. She sank down to her knees.
  27. I sank to my knees to pray.
  28. Gordon sank into his chair.
  29. I slowly sank into the seat.
  30. His heart just sank in him.
  31. They cheered when she sank.
  32. Her heart throbbed and sank.
  33. I sank my face into my hands.
  34. The petal sank like a stone.
  35. My heart sank when, with a.
  36. I sank to my knees and cried.
  37. I’m sorry, your boat sank.
  38. He sank wearily on his sofa.
  39. Everyone sank to their knees.
  40. My heart took water and sank.
  41. Ivan sank back in his chair.
  42. Daphnies heart sank as the.
  43. He groaned and sank into an.
  44. Smith sank down to his knees.
  45. The boys sank in their chairs.
  46. She sank slowly to the floor.
  47. The car sank in the waterway.
  48. Sespian sank low in his chair.
  49. The young man's shoulders sank.
  50. Was it a sneer? My heart sank.
  51. Willingly she sank below the.
  52. Sim sank slowly to the bottom.
  53. Aesa sank back into his pillow.
  54. Are they…? Her stomach sank.
  55. He sank to the ground wearily.
  56. Every eye sank under his gaze.
  57. She slowly sank into the chair.
  58. The blade sank into his throat.
  59. He paused and sank into thought.
  60. The sun sank behind the forest.
  61. Robin sank down on his haunches.
  62. And then inevitability sank in.
  63. His heart sank at the loss of.
  64. Carrie sank into it gratefully.
  65. She sank her head on his breast.
  66. Jim's heart sank at the thought.
  67. Soothed, they sank deeper into.
  68. The Evil sank down, grew smaller.
  69. The boys' hearts sank once more.
  70. New York sank down into the sea.
  71. His head sank, and he was silent.
  72. He sank into agitated reflection.
  73. Behind the mountain sank the moon.
  74. He sank to a rock and just gaped.
  75. Wendy sank into one of the chairs.
  76. Tracey's heart sank to her boots.
  77. Thomas sank into a deep depression.
  78. Not all of this sank in with Betty.
  79. Steve opened it and his heart sank.
  80. The realization of his loss sank.
  81. And then' -- his voice sank even.
  82. She sank helplessly into her chair.
  83. She sank back down onto the bench.
  84. Kelvin sank back down to the couch.
  85. She sank back down into her chair.
  86. Percy Phelps sank back in his chair.
  87. Her heart sank as Chevalier drove.
  88. He sank down and down, out of sight.
  89. I sank into the leather upholstery.
  90. He was shot and sank to the ground.
  91. He stared at it and his heart sank.
  92. The Official sank back in his chair.
  93. They sprung a leak, then they sank.
  94. He sank back helpless in his chair.
  95. I sighed and sank back into the sofa.
  96. Jess swore and sank down on his bed.
  97. Mrs Traynor sank slowly into a chair.
  98. Tom’s boots sank into the marshy.
  99. Chevalier nodded, but his heart sank.
  100. Her heart sank as she thought of Sam.

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