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Frasi con import (in inglese)

  1. Import video to your PC.
  2. First, notice that we use the import.
  3. Our mission is of such import that it.
  4. What after all is the sage’s import?
  5. It was an Indian import which, legends.

  6. So, they have to import Korean women to.
  7. Geeta, they fail to grasp its real import.
  8. First you need to import the raw video into.
  9. Import auto parts and clear it out of customs.
  10. The import fees would be a mite prohibitive.
  11. He worked well whatever the import of his work.
  12. To truly understand the import of what we’ll.
  13. By doing this we can get the true import of these.
  14. Yet, they are blinded to its true content and import.
  15. The import of the moment was not lost on either of them.

  16. First, we import the sys module using the import statement.
  17. Only a few facts of regional import will be included here.
  18. Things changed as the item grew in import, as entire news.
  19. I was at a loss to see the import of his apparent concerns.
  20. Now reread verse 8:13 to better understand its full import.
  21. You refer to the words’ obvious import, Tavares said.
  22. She’d frozen; obviously there was some import to that scar.
  23. The first oil crunch in 1973 brought a few small import cars.
  24. Who could import the cheapest oil in the greatest quantities.
  25. It was also against the rules to import magical items into his.

  26. Segregated camps were a US import, causing thousands of deaths.
  27. Fury roiled within her as the full import of the scene took hold.
  28. Great Import, and there is an Aftermath where she shows by Action.
  29. A matter of import with regards to the law, answered Godwyn.
  30. The same credit can be termed as import and export LC depending on.
  31. When Python executes the import sys statement, it looks for the sys.
  32. Wartime restrictions meant that the import of animals and animal.
  33. Among others, the true import of Islam was understood by Tabrej, by.
  34. Learn what countries import these commodities and how much they use.
  35. They had to import and Shorter got to them first, in the water supply.
  36. His words registered into Loranni’s consciousness with awful import.
  37. Then I started to realize the of import lessons failure had taught me.
  38. The king unfurled said scroll and took his time mulling over its import.
  39. News which would no doubt share nothing of real import, of real threat.
  40. The wave was chosen by the manager, if Sim’s guess was of any import.
  41. But the most import question was, what happened to her brother back then.
  42. In Brazil you need a license to import and it can take up to one year to.
  43. At export and at import ports, Hampton containers become routine, expected.
  44. The proper theory of bond financing, however, is of quite different import.
  45. Elliott a moron, as cited, no one but a moron overlooks the import of an.
  46. Finally, save the data file so you can import it into your trading platform.
  47. What had they found out so far that they could use? Almost nothing of import.
  48. When the full import of her words sank in, he was the one rendered speechless.
  49. Tony was obligated to create a logistics operation to export and import auto.
  50. The names are not of as great an import as is the desire of the user of them!.
  51. Juliana was silent for a few moments as the import of the man’s words sunk in.
  52. Those with words of great import can whisper and will be heard around the world.
  53. Leah gripped the arms of her chair involuntarily as the full import of his words.
  54. This means that you can directly import modules located in the current directory.
  55. Note that the initialization is done only the first time that we import a module.
  56. In the early 1980‘s, the Korean government encouraged the import of 400 bears to.
  57. Manifestly, the question of where one focuses their attention is of fundamental import.
  58. We recognize the uselessness of customs and import duties, and are obliged to pay them.
  59. But still there was a lot to do yet; he needed to get all the import licenses for his.
  60. Zarubkin! Abramka cried, as if a truth of tremendous import had been revealed to him.
  61. He setup a deal with a customs inspector that put the import license on hold, and then.
  62. Righteousness and wickedness are distinctions of infinite import in the choice of wills.
  63. The difference between export and import being about eight millions sterling against us.
  64. Sizing the import of the moment, Gautam took to serving the swamiji and his blessed son.
  65. Zarko felt the blood drain into his legs and feet as the full import of her words hit home.
  66. Likewise, the true understanding and import of the ancient Hebrew texts have been purposely.
  67. To truly understand the import of what I demonstrate and demystify, it is vital to grasp that.
  68. True, later on, Jesus did attach a new and significant import to this lightly bestowed nickname.
  69. That is for them the import of the Christian doctrine, and to that they reduce Christ's teaching.
  70. In each comparison we shall comment only on those aspects that have a special meaning and import.
  71. This occurs when you import data into SAS and the date is in one column and the time is in another.
  72. After the dust settled down, I began to analyze the import of the events of my tumultuous life.
  73. Contemplate the true import of the Doctrine of Two Spirits to understand that most are unwittingly.
  74. She was seeing only Scarlett hardly heard his words, certainly their full import went over her head.
  75. The import of this is the fact that both Egyptian and Hebrew symbology make it clear that wisdom is.
  76. He felt that the import of his speech was of such magnitude that every word of it would have weight.
  77. It was then that she realized the import of her impulsiveness and blamed herself for her indiscretion.
  78. All we could see was starlight shining upon the desert once more, as if nothing of import had occurred.
  79. Of all the twelve, he came the nearest to grasping the real import and significance of Jesus' teaching.
  80. Sir, what is the nature and import of this proclamation? In my humble conception both legislation and war.
  81. The committee are forbid to export negroes from Africa, or to import any African goods into Great Britain.
  82. Many observations were made, the import of which was a cried Madame de Villefort, it is really frightful.
  83. And as she thought this, the import of Syd’s song occurred to her and flashes of desire raced through her.
  84. The statement I do not swear adverts us to the import and the greatness of what is referred to after it.
  85. So much for one misunderstanding of the scientific men, in relation to the import and aim of Christ's teaching.
  86. Elon gave no warning of any darker import and Maria was beginning to believe that nothing was going to happen.
  87. All zoos in Israel have been put on high alert and warned not to import penguins in case the terrorists extend.
  88. To send money from our program, we need to import the private key of the Bitcoin address from the previous example.
  89. The disgust with the Japanese internment had added local import to the continuing wrongs imposed on Native people.
  90. Probably, a little while before the Spring elections, terms of very fair import will be proffered to Great Britain.
  91. Denmark is just dependent enough on wind power that when the wind is not blowing right they must import electricity.
  92. Although it was forbidden to import, produce or sell alcohol in Alaska, no-one in Skagway took the slightest notice.
  93. But in considering individual companies a special factor of opposite import must sometimes to be taken into account.
  94. There are a number of import export business models in economics that describe or try to describe international trade.
  95. Something of great import was going to happen, or if the wills of those present had anything to do with it, it would.
  96. Primitive societies, fascinated with the birth canal, seem to have missed the import of the feminine head, covered or not.
  97. These are conversion issues specific to Excel that may arise when you are trying to import or export data to or from Excel.
  98. The agreement even stated that The Golden Termite Paint Company could export, just not import, which worked out perfectly.
  99. Next, we will look at some scripts that can be used to automate the virtual machine import, export, and snapshot processes.
  100. There was a colored-vinyl single of Suffragette City and an expensive live recording with a sticker that said Import.
  1. They had moved into importing.
  2. Most recently, the government has been importing.
  3. The United States begins importing more Brazilian oranges.
  4. China is the world’s top importer of soybeans, importing 37.
  5. They plan to continue importing bears, pledging to increase numbers to 30.
  6. He was there to meet an American businessman who was interested in importing.
  7. Rather than importing moon bears from Russia and other countries to preserve a.
  8. Not only had Crass and Robert confessed to importing and burning pirated movies.
  9. We start with importing the required modules and declaring a few Enum parameters [j.
  10. Which is what we are doing for we are importing around two thirds of our petroleum needs.
  11. By importing the idea of disposable people, who can be hired and fired into modern society.
  12. In 1778, in the Virginia Congress he led efforts to successfully ban importing slaves into Virginia.
  13. So rather than importing 20 million tons of cement per year, the proposed [rule] will lead to cement.
  14. But be sure to prepare the new paper wallet ahead of time before importing bitcoins from the old paper wallet.
  15. The Black Hand has now been importing slave girls from the past for close to two months now, relative Imperium time.
  16. Drummle would bring never so slight a certificate from the lady, importing that he had the honor of her acquaintance, Mr.
  17. While still a delegate to Virginia in colonial times, Jefferson successfully pushed for a ban on importing slaves into the state.
  18. We contacted a garage that dealt with cars from the VW family and asked about the cost of importing and converting a Skoda Octavia.
  19. Tess had nothing to say against the proposal, and the next she heard of this plan for importing old Talbothays' joys was two or three.
  20. Roger slowly sipped the hundred and fifty-year-old brandy that he was known for importing from Khafra to Amber and rolled it on his tongue.
  21. It seems he sold one of his holiday homes to one Joey Wallace, who got fifteen for importing the white stuff, which is where it gets interesting.
  22. Consoles and the games for them are easily acquired however, as there is a robust grey market importing and distributing them across the country.
  23. So rather than importing 20 million tons of cement per year, the proposed [rule] will lead to cement imports of more than 48 million tons per year.
  24. An advantage of offline transaction signing instead of just importing keys from paper wallets is that a cold-to-hot storage transition never happens.
  25. They abound, therefore, in the rude produce of land ; and instead of importing it from other countries, they have generally a large surplus to export.
  26. If I’m correct, all the work that we are doing here is based on importing logic into the unconscious mind, so we already have this logic part in place.
  27. Disguise this question as you will, sir, and still it will clearly appear to be a contest between a few importing States and the people of the United States.
  28. To feed their zombie horde, they are, ironically, importing all their children's previous villages and nations as a natural food source, with help from Warganic's.
  29. The revolution, by its policy of encouraging the local industries had given a death blow to all importing enterprises and Amy's boyfriend decided to move on to Greece.
  30. Harry was making millions of dollars importing literally tons of kef and hashish into Australia, all of it coming out of Lebanon through one of Yusuf’s discrete connections.
  31. Thus the prohibition of importing either live cattle or salt provisions from foreign countries, secures to the graziers of Great Britain the monopoly of the home market for butcher's meat.
  32. Such a man could come from no place, no society, without importing something to amuse; his journeys and his acquaintance were all of use, and Susan was entertained in a way quite new to her.
  33. In 1700, the prohibition of importing bone lace into England was taken oft; upon condition that the importation of English woollens into Flanders should be put on the same footing as before.
  34. Not that he ever said anything, or did anything, openly importing hostility; I only noticed that he always beat his sparks in my direction, and that whenever I sang Old Clem, he came in out of time.
  35. They insisted upon importing their own foreign culture and preserving it without absorbing one single cultural lesson from the people who had been already living on this continent for over 10,000 years.
  36. First, of the absolute prohibition of exporting wool from England: secondly, of the permission of importing it from Spain, duty free: thirdly, of the prohibition of exporting it from Ireland to another country but England.
  37. If this bank is removed, the Secretary of the Treasury must nationalize the bank paper of the great importing States; for, I presume, Congress will never decide what State paper shall be used by the officers of the General Government.
  38. In modern times, with the exception of importing cheap(er) labor from (Mexico) or migrating to friendlier working environments in (Right to Work States), a growing number of companies are fulfilling their labor requirements by (Outsourcing) abroad.
  39. If you want to spend only some of your saved bitcoins and keep the rest in a paper wallet, after importing your private key into a hot wallet, you should immediately store the remainder of your bitcoins in a new paper wallet (paper wallets are one-time use only).
  40. Every European nation has endeavoured, more or less, to monopolize to itself the commerce of its colonies, and, upon that account, has prohibited the ships of foreign nations from trading to them, and has prohibited them from importing European goods from any foreign nation.
  41. They seem, however, to have found some difficulty in importing European wines from the places of their growth; and they could not well import them from Great Britain, where they were loaded with many heavy duties, of which a considerable part was not drawn back upon exportation.
  42. Importing the destruction of volcanic devastation into a new land that had been cleaned and scoured by countless Ice Ages until it was so clean, so freshly alive and so innocent of evil; all the living creatures in North America were easy prey for the white Europeans to slaughter them.
  43. They have not only obtained a monopoly against the consumers, by an absolute prohibition of importing woollen cloths from any foreign country; but they have likewise obtained another monopoly against the sheep farmers and growers of wool, by a similar prohibition of the exportation of live sheep and wool.
  44. The former are under the necessity of importing and of consuming more of the foreign manufactures, than the Southern States; and though they are a hardy race, they are not able to encounter the severities and rigors of the Northern winters without a much greater quantity of clothing than is necessary for the people in the Southern climates.
  45. Duties cannot be collected, unless vessels importing dutiable merchandise arrive in port; whatever, therefore, tends to secure their safe arrival may be exercised under the general power; the erection of light-houses does facilitate the safe arrival of vessels in port, and Congress therefore can exercise this right as incidental to the power to lay imposts and duties.
  46. Tull was a shady character in the business of importing opium,.
  1. Yes, I had it imported.
  2. I had it imported from Europe.
  3. Meanwhile, all the imported U.
  4. He was imported from abroad for a lot of.
  5. The Texan’s had even imported some of.
  6. Expensive imported water in plastic bottles.
  7. The rug beneath had been imported from Persia.
  8. Sweden today is imported from Turkey and the U.
  9. During the 2004-2005 period, China imported 25.
  10. Real imported tobacco, confiscated from Customs.
  11. He told me he imported DVDs, sold them to a few.
  12. Note: This dish demands the use of imported pasta.
  13. It had to be imported, for English dyers did not.
  14. These solid, hardwood, oak planks imported all the.
  15. By the late 1960’s the Swissy was being imported.
  16. You may have imported them under a variety of names.
  17. Paul had imported the movie sometime around midnight.
  18. This kind of baiting was imported into Pakistan (the.
  19. He had Italian marble imported from Rome for columns.
  20. What? Is this fine imported rum, then? Fill it!.
  21. Most of it is imported, from Australia or New Zealand.
  22. Imported or new birds that are infected can wreak havoc.
  23. It was imported by Daniel Trinchillo, who sold it to Dr.
  24. Coyotes took advantage of the new food sources imported.
  25. But behold, the absorbing scene had been imported hither.
  26. First, we see the usage of dir on the imported sys module.
  27. In 2000 they imported more electricity than they exported.
  28. The captured content will be imported into a new collection.
  29. Ebony Island, and those imported from here fetch a high price.
  30. Have you not imported this or the spirit of it in some ship?
  31. The Tamils were originally imported from India as cheap labor.
  32. Unfortunately, we cannot all drive imported cars with letters.
  33. He’s holding a can of Arb Ale, a drink imported from Narviid.
  34. Food imported into America today is still being sprayed with DDT.
  35. The Modigliani above the imported Tuscan marble fireplace offered.
  36. By producing goods that would otherwise be imported, public works.
  37. Notice that the list of imported modules is also part of this list.
  38. Others offered a medley of fruit, including items clearly imported.
  39. The captured content will be imported into a new collection with the.
  40. The specimen shown here was imported by Wayne Thompson and measures 3.
  41. East India Company opened saloons to promote imported alcoholic drinks.
  42. The stone required to build this bar/club had to be imported from Turkey.
  43. It has a style imported from any country of the world do not know roomy.
  44. The account of what was imported under register, he assures us, is exact.
  45. Their leader had died of an imported pathogen just three local years ago.
  46. Anyway, it had to be imported from Italy and was no cheaper than parchment.
  47. The high duties upon foreign manufactures, and upon all goods imported by.
  48. Some feel that it is action if they sell imported fabric for greater profit.
  49. A module can be imported by another program to make use of its functionality.
  50. Domestic credit: loans involving goods that are neither exported nor imported.
  51. Have you imported grain from any of these people in the last two years?
  52. This bill provides for the doubling of the duties on all imported merchandise.
  53. He hung it neatly on a peach tree he had imported as a sapling from Massachusetts.
  54. It is true, sir, that many imported articles are consumed in every part of the Union.
  55. I believe that it is one of those computers that are imported from the future, sir.
  56. Compsilura concinnata is a fly that was imported from Europe to combat the gypsy moth.
  57. They complain of this war, and you give them double duties on all imported merchandise.
  58. Greeks, considering that some Greek poleis had previously imported a lot of slaves from.
  59. They may, however, upon paying certain duties,be imported and warehoused for exportation.
  60. If any goods are imported, not mentioned in the book of rates, they are taxed at 4s:9¾d.
  61. WICKER HOUSE PURPORTED to be a wholesale showroom for imported wicker and rattan furniture.
  62. Lawrence, an ancient cyborg who had imported the first of the Brazilian pills at any cost.
  63. After all, Spanish cedar was expensive, having to be imported from its native South America.
  64. The price which the town really pays for the provisions and materials annually imported into.
  65. The same circumstances will enable it to lay an impost on one-third of our imported articles.
  66. The future, which once opened to us beyond the requiems, has now been imported into the present.
  67. Today, that trade constitutes less than 5% of the total petroleum imported by the United States.
  68. Everything had to be imported to this ancient planet; its only two exports were control and death.
  69. The NAFTA rules restrict the amount of inspections that can be performed on goods imported into our.
  70. One of the results of this ship-culture was the culture of sadism and slavery imported into America.
  71. He imported 7,000 cattle from England and dispersed them, free of charge, to settlers near his lines.
  72. As the CD is being imported, you’ll see the status at the top and a green check mark in a green circle.
  73. A colleague of William Carey imported his missionary society structure from England to the States in 1793.
  74. Later, Roqford told Ben that this giant, Og, had been imported by the warden to intimidate the prisoners.
  75. The regulator’s judgment is the law, even as to the shape of bananas that may be imported into its domain.
  76. The imported virtual machine will be given a new unique identifier and not the one in the configuration file.
  77. His last words were balm: they seemed to imply that it imported something to him whether I forgot him or not.
  78. Those iron plates were imported by me from France and were set in openings left in the double layer of bricks.
  79. She took to the study of some of the less-complicated imported articles to try to discover their construction.
  80. Heth obtained possession of the land; and, having imported two Scotch miners, commenced working the coal again.
  81. Her robe was made of holographic silk, which was imported from the future and was in high demand everywhere now.
  82. He also tasked me to try in combat a number of tactics and doctrines imported from the future by Nancy Laplante.
  83. In actual truth, it was based upon the most inhuman, brutal, human slavery and bondage of imported African slaves.
  84. The English God-given right to get drunk any time they pleased came from their maritime history of imported wealth.
  85. Pitkin,) that the consumption of imported articles is much greater in one section of the country than in the other.
  86. Only the beer and wine were imported from France, but I did bring over two tons of them with me across the Atlantic.
  87. But there is nothing so wild that they haven't either thought of themselves or imported from Paris or somewhere else.
  88. When birds are imported from another country, they are required to undergo a period of isolation called quarantine.
  89. Then, again, there is the situation of the city--to find a place where nothing need be imported is wellnigh impossible.
  90. We imported about ninety-six thousand hogsheads, and the home consumption was not supposed to exceed fourteen thousand.
  91. They say that the only grain in most of these silos these days has been imported from South Africa, said Bonkers.
  92. That arsenal, carefully hidden among her furniture imported from Paris, had then followed Patricia Love to Los Angeles.
  93. Most religions provide an answer and there are two main scientific theories, the created theory and the imported theory.
  94. The surplus produce of America imported into Europe, furnishes the inhabitants of this great continent with a variety of.
  95. Would the lady be interested in examining some fine embroidered silk? We have the best imported Chinese silk in Cholon.
  96. The demand must be great; for Spain and Portugal in times of peace have regularly imported grain for their own consumption.
  97. This would be the case, even upon the supposition that the whole French goods imported were to be consumed in Great Britain.
  98. This will open a list of all the songs on all the albums you have either imported from your computer or purchased on iTunes.
  99. Potashes imported 28,946 barrels, on hand 13,000 barrels: rice 39,000 imported, and there remain on hand very large supplies.
  100. Speaker, from an apprehension that doubling the duties on imported articles will not effectually open the eyes of the people.
  1. Imports account for around a third.
  2. Alas, sweet lady, what imports this song?
  3. What imports the nomination of this gentleman?
  4. He imports security and surveillance equipment.
  5. Well mayst thou know now what his speech imports.
  6. The word nectar imports what is pure and immaculate.
  7. How did you get it? Imports of this sort are prohibited.
  8. The AECA places major restrictions and quotas on ivory imports.
  9. In 1994, the United States began to phase out quotas on imports.
  10. Got it? Imports will be managed by Aslam, he's perfect for the job.
  11. That too was getting them nowhere; detectable imports were negligible.
  12. The register of external trade will indicate all imports and exports for Namibia.
  13. According to 2010 figures, the United States imports about 65 percent of its oil.
  14. However, at the end of the 80's imports had become deregulated and our local large.
  15. The idea of sovereignty imports the exercise of discretion—of judgment—of will.
  16. Their food was a mix of fish, processed algae protein and regular imports from Callisto.
  17. These affected ports handle a very large percentage of the imports and exports for the U.
  18. In the year 1798, the total imports and exports of Great Britain amounted to £94,952,000.
  19. Bassett is a vertically integrated furniture company (imports, manufactures, wholesales and distributes).
  20. The following screenshot shows how the Import-VM cmdlet imports a virtual machine into your environment:.
  21. The other exports the accommodation and subsistence of a great number, and imports that of a very few only.
  22. One of the factors, which imports a certain uncertainty in determining time estimations is weather conditions.
  23. Trading is essentially based on demand and supply and it is what results in imports and exports of each country.
  24. Meanwhile Amy started dating seriously the scion of a well-known Greek family with interests in clothing imports.
  25. And every savvy porn customer will know those are bottom of the barrel imports and take their business elsewhere.
  26. The increase in power station demand was marked by an equivalent increase in steam coal imports, which rose from 10.
  27. As you can see, this application imports the GreetingFactory class and the Greeting interface from the model project.
  28. Carey, Chinese Imports of Saudi Oil Will Rise 19% This Year to 50 Million Tons, in Bloomberg News, 29 settembre 2010.
  29. The word record imports that which is recorded about man, I mean, the listed deeds he has rendered in his lifetime.
  30. He kept total control of that city unlike Albans where the Governor controlled the Oldland’s imports and Newland’s exports.
  31. The one exports what can subsist and accommodate but a very few, and imports the subsistence and accommodation of a great number.
  32. With Mexican imports falling and Canadian supply barely staying level, America needed more natural gas and it needed it in a hurry.
  33. They were sitting in Samantha’s car, in the parking lot, among a sad collection of ancient pickup trucks and dirty little imports.
  34. To the surprise and profound emotion of Mai, Nancy stopped her carriage in front of a boutique that specialized in oriental imports.
  35. By such sacrifice, it gained God’s Satisfaction with it, and therefore it was called ‘Ardh’ in Arabic which imports this meaning.
  36. Congress cannot make the duties here on imports less or greater than elsewhere in the United States—imports and taxes must be equal, &c.
  37. Looking at the trade statistics, Namibia already imports 25% of its products (2006), and the rate is growing at 53% per year for African states.
  38. So rather than importing 20 million tons of cement per year, the proposed [rule] will lead to cement imports of more than 48 million tons per year.
  39. For the same year the expenditure for her navy amounted to £13,654,013, or about one-seventh of the total imports and exports, or fourteen per cent.
  40. It’s better to have more exports than imports, as exports help grow a country’s economy and reflect the overall health of its manufacturing sector.
  41. When neither of them imports from from other to a greater amount than it exports to that other, the debts and credits of each may compensate one another.
  42. It was surrounded by a broad belt of farmland, which had been interspersed with occasional areas of woodlot, most of it second-growth terrestrial imports.
  43. Also, as producing unit, it is fragmented, acting each one for itself in that its survival or profit is what imports it, even if it has to end with the planet.
  44. As its name imports, it is of an exceedingly rich, mottled tint, with a bestreaked snowy and golden ground, dotted with spots of the deepest crimson and purple.
  45. After about a year of frenzied imports the Libyan markets appetite was satiated and the slackening in orders commenced while my production was at full throttle.
  46. The following example imports the virtual machine by copying its files to the default virtual machine and the virtual hard drive storage locations of the Hyper-V host.
  47. A revenue derived altogether from duties on imports must always be unequal in its operation on different parts of the country, and different classes of the community.
  48. The statement that imports the package come immediately after the packaging statement and its main function is to import the package by saving more time to its location.
  49. The government had stopped imports of new cars because it had opened factories and was churning out old model Fiats which it renamed Nasr, the Egyptian word for victory.
  50. There were acres of Viennese torte under mountains of whipped cream, exotic imports from the tropics such as pineapple and oranges, and even the lowly banana made a joyful comeback.
  51. Morgan, Chinese coal imports were 168 percent higher in April of 2009 than they were a year earlier, refined copper imports jumped 148 percent, and iron ore imports were up 33 percent.
  52. Allied with their stranglehold on Earth’s imports from space, that means that they have for all intents and purposes won the war today, with the destruction of our orbital fortresses.
  53. It was the manufacturer and original vendor for the devices and Abacus Trading Company was the buyer and middleman for the ultimate transfer and sale of the stuff to Osaka Imports in Japan.
  54. Mitchill expressed his sentiments as being favorable to an augmentation of the duties on imports; though he was quite unprepared to give his assent to such increase in the terms proposed by the bill.
  55. Zimbabwe, Africa was experiencing a growing famine because of the central-controlling dictator, Robert Mugabe, and his violent suppression of any entrepreneurial food productivity and of food imports.
  56. As its name imports (smeer, fat; berg, to put up), this village was founded in order to afford a place for the blubber of the Dutch whale fleet to be tried out, without being taken home to Holland for that purpose.
  57. Although the pipeline remains the dominant method of transporting natural gas, LNG is quickly establishing itself as a viable source of natural gas, particularly as domestic production declines and imports increase.
  58. In the nineteenth century the Western powers had bullied China into accepting imports of opium (yes, back then drug smuggling was actually Western government policy!) and forced her to open up her ports to Western trade.
  59. An added benefit of trading natural gas is that unlike crude oil, which the United States still relies heavily on and imports to fill its demand needs, most natural gas used in the United States is produced in North America.
  60. The high price of exchange, too, would naturally dispose the merchants to endeavour to make their exports nearly balance their imports, in order that they might have this high exchange to pay upon as small a sum as possible.
  61. In recent years, China, Kuwait, and South Korea have all opted to grow food on land they control abroad rather than rely on imports, and already some of the best farmland in poor countries has been spoken for by foreign interests.
  62. Such was the purity and fairness of the mercantile character that in no other country in the world was the revenue arising from duties on imports so punctually paid, so easily and cheaply collected, and with the aid of so few officers.
  63. After a good lunch, Roger went up to his favorite deck ten to contemplate the beauty of the city and the port, in particular Princess Wharf where the ship was berthed and where eighty percent of New Zealand’s imports and exports are.
  64. If energy (oil) independence is measured by the percentage of oil a country imports, then the United States is more energy-independent than both Germany (which imports 80 percent of its oil) and Japan (which imports more than 90 percent).
  65. Turkey, a past ally of Israel, was now officially boycotting all imports from Israel and was threatening to send troops with air defense missiles to protect the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and its international airport, from Israeli airstrikes.
  66. The ordinary course of exchange, therefore, being an indication of the ordinary state of debt and credit between two places, must likewise be an indication of the ordinary course of their exports and imports, as these necessarily regulate that state.
  67. Our exports, in consequence of these different frauds, appear upon the custom-house books greatly to overbalance our imports, to the unspeakable comfort of those politicians, who measure the national prosperity by what they call the balance of trade.
  68. Senegal, which imports more than 80 percent of its rice and was rocked by food riots in 2008, has responded to the crisis with a government blueprint for agricultural self-sufficiency in staple goods called the Great Offensive for Food and Abundance.
  69. England may be obliged to send out every year money to Holland, though its annual exports to that country may exceed very much the annual value of its imports from thence, and though what is called the balance of trade may be very much in favour of England.
  70. Rory carefully told his mother all about his investigation of the illegal Drug distribution and sales racket in South Africa – emphasizing the fact that the bulk of the incoming drugs were being brought through Customs, hidden in Heavy Machinery imports, which made all importers in this category, suspect until proven otherwise.
  71. They stated on oath that the exports to the United States were about twelve millions sterling, and that the imports were about four millions on an average for the years 1802, 1803, 1804, when there were no decrees against American commerce, and consequently it took its own natural channel and supplied each market according to its natural consumption.
  72. But when one of them imports from the other to a greater value than it exports to that other, the former necessarily becomes indebted to the latter in a greater sum than the latter becomes indebted to it: the debts and credits of each do not compensate one another, and money must be sent out from that place of which the debts overbalance the credits.
  73. Because the African Veldt being in the tropics escaped the effects of the Ice-Ages? Because this eco-system is the original dominant eco-system of the earth …? Because it exports species, lifestyles and adaptations but never imports them? Why? The size of its animals has become smaller: but then again… so has the size of all mammals over the earth.
  74. The bank that has systematically destroyed the economies of the poorest nations in the world by financial bribery; corrupting the dictators and rulers with offers of loans which comes only provided they destroy their own infrastructures-economy and allow global imports to take over a monopoly of the most basic services and products like milk and electricity.
  75. No State shall, without the Consent of the Congress, lay any Imposts or Duties on Imports or Exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing it’s inspection Laws: and the net Produce of all Duties and Imposts, laid by any State on Imports or Exports, shall be for the Use of the Treasury of the United States; and all such Laws shall be subject to the Revision and Controul of the Congress.
  76. The reasons assigned by the Secretary for this new and heavy tax on our citizens are, that as the greater part of our duties on imports are collected on goods coming from Great Britain and her colonies, and as those duties will cease with the revival of the non-importation, it becomes necessary, in order to prevent a defalcation in the revenue, to tax the production of other countries much beyond the present rate.
  77. But it would seem by the arguments I have heard advanced in this House that there were only the latter class to be provided for, and, as I presume British precedent and authority will be admitted by the gentleman from Massachusetts to be good evidence, I will inform him and the House, what was the concurrent testimony of the English merchants before the bar of the House of Commons on the subject of exports and imports of the United States.
  78. A much more sober and judicious writer, Mr Anderson, author of the Historical and Chronological Deduction of Commerce, very justly observes, that upon examining the accounts which Mr Dobbs himself has given for several years together, of their exports and imports, and upon making proper allowances for their extraordinary risk and expense, it does not appear that their profits deserve to be envied, or that they can much, if at all, exceed the ordinary profits of trade.
  79. I did think it unnecessary at that time; but as the course of business seems to look towards a repeal of the embargo, in order that the whole subject of non-intercourse may be incorporated in the bill before the House, I move that the Committee of the Whole be discharged from the consideration of the bill, and that it may be referred to a committee, in order that it may be made in fact what the title imports it to be, completely, a bill for non-intercourse between this country and those nations having in force decrees affecting our neutral rights.

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