moment frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con moment (in inglese)

1. In the moment of Now.
2. I think for a moment.
3. He took a moment to.
4. Theo sat for a moment.
5. I thought for a moment.
6. He thinks for a moment.
7. Sally sat for a moment.

8. He had a bad moment.
9. At the moment of the.
10. He thought for a moment.
11. I panicked for a moment.
12. Do not say the moment.
13. He paused for a moment.
14. He ponders for a moment.
15. In a moment of weakness.
16. After a moment or two.
17. The Power of the Moment.
18. She thought for a moment.
19. An infinity in a moment.
20. In a moment it was gone.
21. For a moment the sun's.
22. At that moment i heard.
23. Alex thinks for a moment.
24. She's out at the moment.
25. I hesitated for a moment.
26. For a moment there was.
27. With great moment of God.
28. The moment you make the.
29. He was quiet for a moment.
30. Elena paused for a moment.
31. There was moment of fugue.
32. Whoa! Hold on a moment.
33. Just at that moment, he.
34. That was a sticky moment.
35. Hold on a moment, Cat.
36. Nick thought for a moment.
37. For a moment, she stared.
38. It was an electric moment.
39. Let me think for a moment.
40. Yurie thought for a moment.
41. He’s silent for a moment.
42. He was silent for a moment.
43. And not a moment too soon.
44. I’ll only be a moment.
45. Now, where the moment he.
46. In a moment, I got it too.
47. After a moment, he smiles.
48. The moment Shreya told me.
49. Then, after a moment, he.
50. And in that moment I knew.
51. Just breathe for a moment.
52. Timmo thought for a moment.
53. I won't have a dull moment.
54. I’ll be back in a moment.
55. Not the music from a moment.
56. Think about it for a moment.
57. She hesitated for a moment.
58. At a moment the phone rings.
59. I'll use glue in a moment.
60. Bru was silent for a moment.
61. She is a moment in the eye.
62. For a moment, nobody moved.
63. A long and unspoken moment.
64. He paused for a long moment.
65. Lost it there for a moment.
66. For a moment it looked as.
67. But at that moment I felt.
68. She considered for a moment.
69. Alex is thrown for a moment.
70. At this moment, Homer was.
71. The moment you give atten-.
72. That moment was one of them.
73. A moment defined in history.
74. Imagine with me for a moment.
75. But just at the moment his.
76. Leave that for the moment.
77. Finally the last moment came.
78. She considered that a moment.
79. Reese was quiet for a moment.
80. After a moment or two they.
81. For a moment, we say nothing.
82. Kay looked down for a moment.
83. In this moment he hated her.
84. It seemed like a mere moment.
85. For a moment she sat shaking.
86. Her breath went for a moment.
87. Colling thought for a moment.
88. The moment had come at last.
89. There is power in the moment.
90. In that moment, I hated him.
91. I consider this for a moment.
92. For a moment, he was scared.
93. I blink at him for a moment.
94. Kenichi thought for a moment.
95. For a moment Jean was sure.
96. He looked at me for a moment.
97. It was a moment near madness.
98. The moment of repentance is.
99. Ow! Just a moment, that is.
100. At the very last moment, my.

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