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    1. Why anger the gods anyway? Isn't the Plague enough to deal with, why incur their wrath?"

    2. However, any harm that you incur here will be carried over to your corporeal being

    3. In justice to their creditors, however, their own capital ought in this case to be sufficient to insure, if I may say so, the capital of those creditors; or to render it extremely improbable that those creditors should incur any loss, even though the success of the project should fall very much short of the expectation of the projectors

    4. She trusted him such that she didn’t read the small print, no doubt concerning the reason this procedure was still not cleared by the medical council, and thus any deleterious effects would not incur professional liability on behalf of the administrator

    5. Thirdly, by the forfeitures and other penalties which those unfortunate individuals incur, who attempt unsuccessfully to evade the tax, it may frequently ruin them, and thereby put an end to the benefit which the community might have received from the employment of their capitals

    6. brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter

    7. And further, he does not seem to be terribly concerned about the unconstitutional provisions of the Act, such as individual mandates requiring individuals to purchase health insurance or incur a fine and/or a prison term

    8. Atheism/Agnosticism: Wherein lays the difference? The former is perhaps the more intellectually honest of the two in the manner an Atheist categorically denies the existence of God, unlike Agnostics, who, unwilling to incur the (potential) wrath of an ―improbable‖

    9. “Yes,” continued Charles, “and that is probably why we have limits on the expenditures that you are forced to incur if your car flunks

    10. I propose that 45% of the net sum will accrue to you at the conclusion of this deal in so far as I do not incur further expenses

    11. estimate the legal costs they will incur from law suits from environmental groups trying to stop

    12. We have heard about the Khakhan—we don’t want to incur his

    13. concern that to hate another today for who they are may actually incur a karmic debt of living

    14. construction they can not estimate the legal costs they will incur from law suits from environmental groups trying to stop construction

    15. Public disagreed in principle with the tax on tea, what penalty did he incur by refusing to pay? Nothing

    16. The stray dogs, that incur the state no costs to live on

    17. Any surprise attack might incur Soviet cas�ualties and that would lead to greater Soviet participation in the war

    18. and reactions to incur new relationships (including friendships)

    19. more likely to incur wrath than applause

    20. business, they will never incur losses and

    21. the hospital will incur heavy losses in

    22. “Would you incur the wrath of Amber to keep it?” Corwin’s voice was steel

    23. Though Jesus appreciated the manifestation of sympathy in this dark hour when his friends were in hiding, he did not want these kindhearted women to incur the displeasure of the authorities by daring to show compassion in his behalf

    24. Returning to the platform, his face red with anger, his body trembling through shame, the man was openly reprimanded by Dzerzhinsky with the words “Go after them, unless you wish to incur the wrath of Comrades Lenin and Stalin

    25. These cost more because you will incur product listing fees as well as a monthly subscription fee

    26. Then add on any other costs you will incur; All materials and consumables, special equipment

    27. 7K At 20% average credit card interest these debts incur the following per return loss of income for interest

    28. the interest in the currency that you are long, and will incur an expense for the currency that you are short

    29. The more rejections you incur, the closer you will get to an acceptance

    30. Therefore, many of the costs we incur in capital structure are not representative of a

    31. the cost of capital is regulated by several relationships that create a jagged curve and limit the amount of debt that a firm can incur

    32. When earnings are retained and become part of stockholders’ equity, they incur the

    33. firms who do not incur new debt will still have a change in their respective costs of debt

    34. rate the firm would actually pay if it chose to incur new debt

    35. when they decided to incur long-term debt in an effort to boost earnings and share price

    36. But I sure didn’t think that the task assigned to him was of his nature, and I’m not really sure that Jereriah even understood just what his commission was to incur

    37. The real cost of debt is the next interest rate that a corporation can incur after

    38. corporation decides to incur debt at this rate, interest expense will be tallied and

    39. to incur such risk

    40. have been to effortlessly increase its capacity and incur the cost increases that were

    41. “young” firm in the industry, and has not established itself enough to incur the massive

    42. of equity is optimal, funding with retained earnings will not incur flotation costs nor will it potentially dilute the market value with new issues; any new stock issue represents a

    43. assume that shareholders desire to incur the risk of postponing immediate consumption for

    44. themselves out; more debt will incur a higher cost and increase bankruptcy costs

    45. moral quandary; and how we can understand the obligations we incur

    46. noted companies that have prepared for an IPO incur several

    47. The buyer will incur considerable costs in this investigation and they will

    48. that would incur additional costs, create delays or expose the buyer to actual

    49. changes are difficult to implement, the investment will incur greater risks

    50. the buyer will incur the costs of the due diligence plus the legal fees associated

    1. In case of hospitalisation, the expenses that are incurred will be taken care of by this policy subject to the limit of the cover

    2. In case of medical insurance, the individual is covered only to the extent of the actual expenses incurred on medicine/hospitalisation (up to a maximum limit of the sum assured)

    3. This payment is irrespective of the actual expenses incurred by the individual

    4. Neither I, nor the company are responsible for damages incurred from using this manual incorrectly

    5. “If we are full during the Summer Season, we'll be putting $1,400 against the costs we incurred building the bungalows

    6. incurred and be on you way

    7. surely the loss incurred by my small church is insignificant

    8. “That was his dream years ago---I happen to have that tidbit of intel firsthand---and it hasn't changed over the intervening intervals of setbacks he's incurred

    9. The dangers to which a false coiner is everywhere exposed, if he lives in the country of which he counterfeits the coin, and to which his agents or correspondents are exposed, if he lives in a foreign country, are by far too great to be incurred for the sake of a profit of six or seven per cent

    10. upon the bullion which was to be coined into more than eight hundred and fifty thousand pounds, or incurring an annual loss of more than £21,250 pounds, would not probably have incurred the tenth part of that loss

    11. Bond must be given that the wool to be carried coast-ways is to be landed at the particular port for which it is entered outwards; and if my part of it is landed without the presence of an officer, not only the forfeiture of the wool is incurred, as in other goods, but the usual additional penalty of 3s

    12. for every pound weight is likewise incurred

    13. In 1722, this company petitioned the parliament to be allowed to divide their immense capital of more than thirty-three millions eight hundred thousand pounds, the whole of which had been lent to government, into two equal parts; the one half, or upwards of £16,900,000, to be put upon the same footing with other government annuities, and not to be subject to the debts contracted, or losses incurred, by the directors of the company, in the prosecution of their mercantile projects ; the other half to remain as before, a trading stock, and to be subject to those debts and losses

    14. Some additional expense would necessarily be incurred, both by the different register-offices which it would be proper to establish in the different districts of the country, and by the different valuations which might occasionally be made of the lands which the proprietor chose to occupy himself

    15. The expense of all this, however, might be very moderate, and much below what is incurred in the levying of many other taxes, which afford a very inconsiderable revenue in comparison of what might easily be drawn from a tax of this kind

    16. An immediate and great expense must be incurred in that moment of immediate danger, which will not wait for the gradual and slow returns of the new taxes

    17. I incurred a lot of credit card debt during the period that my ex-husband wasn’t paying child support and when I wasn’t making enough money to take care of everything

    18. Any (American) company operating abroad and selling cheaply made products at ―home‖ at an exorbitant profit, should, in my opinion, be hit with the stiffest import tariffs imaginable to help defray the social costs incurred by the taxpayer for individuals who have otherwise lost their jobs or are (under-employed)

    19. commercial airliners; ramming two into the World Trade Center, (bringing both towers down and leaving thousands of people dead in its wake), one into the Pentagon, (that fortunately incurred far less damage) and another that crashed in rural Pennsylvania before reaching its final destination after passengers heroically seized control of the airliner from the hijackers; leaving everyone dead on board

    20. Private Mott of the 5th, was given fifty lashes and almost bled to death for, and I quote: ’Not being vigilant enough in the persecution of vile deeds that promoted sin, incurred the wrath of the Gods or were an affront to the Pantheon and the Ruling Council’

    21. income for itself ( there is some small amount provided if a person in the household has work incurred

    22. Removing this responsibility from hospitals would significantly reduce the costs incurred in collecting

    23. It wastes already incurred investments and it gives margin for fraudulent deviations with political and illicit actions; besides causing economic recession that transforms in scrap iron immense productive parks

    24. For example, usage of particular free tool increases effort in project, but the other commercially available are costlier and it would outweigh the current cost incurred by the increased effort, then we will just accept the risk

    25. incidental charges that may be incurred

    26. Considering that the interest incurred on a term loan

    27. It has accepted global warming as a fact and has issued regulations to reduce the production of carbon dioxide without regard for the costs incurred by utilities to accomplish that

    28. Look at it this way, the costs that you incurred during

    29. That is at least 60 days after the costs were incurred

    30. Presumably I entered the same amount for transportation to the airport as I had incurred from it the previous day

    31. These two deductions recognize the costs incurred by companies in drilling and mining

    32. Among other claims foregone by Ingalls were huge Unabsorbed Overhead and Non-Recurring Engineering costs that they had incurred upfront but which were to have been amortized over nine, not five ships

    33. levels of spending that more that 90% of our $17 plus trillion debt has been incurred since 1974

    34. resort on Midway was forced to close because of expenses incurred as a result of stricter U

    35. damage that our kind has cumulatively caused, has all incurred

    36. obtained before he incurred a devastating stroke that left him,

    37. benefits appropriate to the costs being incurred? All of this is ironical because it is both “very

    38. The agent of the Harad Ghul was frustrated at the casualties incurred by the warriors and addressed his soldiers

    39. and all local, state and federal taxes incurred in the course of his/her business as

    40. increased costs they had incurred by reducing the workforce

    41. are the cost incurred from development to

    42. leather straps of his backpack, and the amount of abrasion he incurred with every

    43. Helen and Colleen both wore large bandages covering their injuries incurred in the crash

    44. Log those ships and crews as being on authorized administrative leave pending repairs to their ships from damage incurred by collisions with battle debris

    45. The members were made up of a selection of leading international scientists, and a further delay was incurred as they were given time to read through the proposals before attending an assembly to confer their approval, which took place at the Pentagon

    46. incurred the wrath of a god

    47. To make a long story short, it appeared as though my father incurred a serious internal injury

    48. responsible for any and all damages incurred

    49. not including any injuries incurred by their pimps or the Johns

    50. Mau’s Rage, which lasted nearly a week, incurred 8,392 deaths and 2,694 injuries

    1. The banks, they seem to have thought, could extend their credits to whatever sum might be wanted, without incurring any other expense besides that of a few reams of paper

    2. Those other banks, therefore, were enabled to get very easily out of that fatal circle, from which they could not otherwise have disengaged themselves without incurring a considerable loss, and perhaps, too, even some degree of discredit

    3. In countries where interest is permitted, the law in order to prevent the extortion of usury, generally fixes the highest rate which can be taken without incurring a penalty

    4. upon the bullion which was to be coined into more than eight hundred and fifty thousand pounds, or incurring an annual loss of more than £21,250 pounds, would not probably have incurred the tenth part of that loss

    5. We marched out tired but relieved that we had been through our first time in these positions without incurring serious injury or death well apart from the Lieutenant but his stupidity didn’t count

    6. America could have destroyed the Soviet Union many times over, without incurring the ultimate risk

    7. This was the first time she’d been able to look closely at his features without incurring his anger

    8. The Chief Inquisitor who in his long years of service had witnessed and performed countless acts of relentless and inhuman torture, was apparently terrified at the prospect of incurring the Patriarch’s wrath

    9. “Even at the risk of incurring his superior’s wrath?”

    10. From the days of the slaughter and destruction and death of the giants, from the souls of whose flesh the spirits, having gone out, shall destroy without incurring judgement so shall they destroy until the day of the consummation, the great judgement in which the age shall be consummated, over the Watchers and the godless, yes, shall be wholly consummated

    11. From the days of the slaughter and destruction and death of the giants from the souls of whose flesh the spirits having gone out shall destroy without incurring judgement so shall they destroy until the day of the consummation the great judgement in which the age shall be consummated over the Watchers and the godless yes shall be wholly consummated

    12. If this account had been established by a Texas state chartered non-profit organization then it could receive funds without incurring federal and state tax liabilities and unwanted attention from the DHS and IRS

    13. You will be incurring a cost for

    14. had quite reached the level required for the incurring of so tremendous a

    15. incurring loss in revenue

    16. “The Seven Stars…how would he have heard of that?” The Healer turned his graying head to his Queen’s face and was not afraid of incurring her ire

    17. They destroyed several of the P A F ships without incurring significant damage to themselves

    18. Overcoming the automated defenses by force of numbers and incurring heavy losses, the Swordsman ground forces took the vacant facility and set up their operations center

    19. called, incurring an investigation into the matter

    20. Our first step with Goodvernment is to stop the war, bring the troops home, and stop incurring debt

    21. this book is that by incurring more rejection, we will be sharing our opportunity more, and thus enjoy more success

    22. Since incurring debt implies the risk of default (failure to pay interest expense in a

    23. Since interest is a tax deductible expense, in the absence of bankruptcy, a firm can increase its value simply by incurring more and

    24. Since incurring debt implies a tax deduction, the new rate of interest is multiplied

    25. earnings can reduce share issues without incurring accounting costs

    26. have the capability of incurring more debt

    27. improbable that ConocoPhillips would begin incurring greater long-term debt to capital

    28. It would seem the idea was to get Clegg into a restricted situation without incurring the wrath of Mighty Joe Young and to that extent they were successful

    29. Sometimes, the incurring of debt is not a strategic play

    30. Evidently, the incurring of long-term debt obligates the company to a series of interest payments that raises the risk

    31. While this author believes that incurring debt tends to encourage more subsequent debt,

    32. expansion, it is incurring the least amount of risk for the greatest amount of potential

    33. investor is putting capital into a firm that is incurring debt, he or she is taking a higher

    34. occurs when product demand is low, and the firm is also incurring more debt

    35. We must guard against incurring obligations that don’t suit us or

    36. He however could not avoid or refuse combat without incurring the wrath of Grand Administrator Li

    37. We will have to show some ingenuity in order to stop them without incurring heavy casualties

    38. We are nothing but tools for them to be utilized to their maximum efficacy and then discarded without incurring any additional costs such as healthcare, social security, and pensions what have you

    39. front line realised that they were now in serious danger, and backed away, incurring the wrath of

    40. Incurring injuries can pass as one of the greatest nightmares of many

    41. Before beginning, be sure you are capable of moderately to maximally exerting your body without incurring injury

    42. (without fearing incurring the wrath of God) that

    43. The punishment for incurring any significant write-off had always been the axe, and ten million ranked as more than significant

    44. continue incurring debt and paying it off responsibly

    45. He wasn't sure if he was more shocked by the fact that she was risking incurring his

    46. That a pretty cumbersome and inefficient process and needless to say that you’ll be incurring some kinds of fees for the two transfers

    47. Ours is in the form of the temporary “losses” we're incurring when the selected team enters a losing streak

    48. You won’t panic and do some weird unplanned things when you’ll be incurring some operating costs because you know that’s already incorporated in the formula and that you’ll still be profitable at the end of the year

    49. Men may die without incurring the pity of their fellows, still sharers in great business enterprises from which their capital cannot be or has not been withdrawn, and which is left chiefly at death for public uses; yet the day is not far distant when the man who dies leaving behind him millions of available wealth, which was free for him to administer during life, will pass away "unwept, unhonored, and unsung," no matter to what uses he leaves the dross which he cannot take with him

    50. Over a beer I moaned to Al about paying off one debt by incurring another one to him, but he said there was

    1. The government, therefore, when it defrays the expense of coinage, not only incurs some small expense, but loses some small revenue which it might get by a proper duty; and neither the bank, nor any other private persons, are in the smallest degree benefited by this useless piece of public generosity

    2. Besides the forfeiture of the goods, the exporter incurs the penalty of 3s

    3. Everything always occurs with intermediation of Bank3Sector whose Social Statute prohibits any draft type in physical money or any contract of services that it incurs in cash payment

    4. But whoever is consecrated to eat any of these, not intending to sin or transgress, incurs no guilt

    5. In another verse, He says: “but whoever is constrained to eat any of these not intending to sin or transgress, incurs no guilt

    6. While interest expense is partially controllable by the amount of debt a firm incurs and the type and source of loans,

    7. firm incurs long-term debt, the stockholders forfeit a claim on the firm’s assets

    8. The reason for the lower “price” of short-term debt is that the lender incurs less

    9. However, the borrower incurs much greater

    10. And he that disobeys Al’lah and His Messenger strays far indeed and incurs a great loss

    11. In fortress ‘Al-Inshiqaq’ (The Sundering), the Almighty revealed to us some verses which indicate His Majesty and Charity so that we may approach Him and get our spirits purified, besides He acquainted us that the unbelieving denier incurs a painful torture because of the malice and evil he puts in his spirit

    12. Anyone who disobeys Al’lah and His Envoy strays far indeed, and incurs a great loss

    13. Loving in the abstract is the easy insight, but enlightenment only incurs as act

    14. Every business in the world incurs some operating costs in different forms like employee payroll, fixed and variable costs etc

    15. When an oyster incurs an irritant, like from a piece of sand, it turns it into something beautiful, a pearl

    16. Is someone who pursues God's approval the same as someone who incurs God's wrath and his refuge is Hell-the miserable destination?

    17. But I later discovered that each kill incurs

    18. This sin incurs an irreversible sentence

    19. And hence it follows that as the flesh of the wife is one and the same with that of her husband the stains that may come upon it, or the injuries it incurs fall upon the husband's flesh, though he, as has been said, may have given no cause for them; for as the pain of the foot or any member of the body is felt by the whole body, because all is one flesh, as the head feels the hurt to the ankle without having caused it, so the husband, being one with her, shares the dishonour of the wife; and as all worldly honour or dishonour comes of flesh and blood, and the erring wife's is of that kind, the husband must needs bear his part of it and be held dishonoured without knowing it

    20. Their method requires frequent profitable trades, after transaction costs, and incurs far higher taxes than the long-term investor pays

    21. A business sometimes incurs expenses that may fairly be considered as applicable to a number of years following rather than to the single 12-month period in which the outlay was made

    22. The combination of the backoff intervals and the retransmission of the packets themselves (sometimes more than once) incurs delays that are multiplied by the number of packets transmitted by each computer and by the number of computers on the network

    23. 'Spontaneous liabilities is our term for those liabilities the company incurs in the course of its business: accounts payable, wages payable, accrued expenses, accrued taxes, and occasionally a few other items

    24. Supposing that Target incurs $1 per share expense for this transaction and its subsequent liquidation, Target’s workout value for the common stockholders will be $31 per share

    25. Here’s a method used to calculate break-even sales: If a business generates $1 million of sales and has a 30 percent gross profit margin (GPM) and incurs $200,000 in fixed costs, it will earn $100,000

    26. Of course, Vanguard also incurs these costs, but because of low index fund turnover, these expenses are much less than that of conventional actively managed funds

    27. On the other hand, the purchase and sale of an ETF incurs both commissions and spreads, and so is slightly more expensive to own

    28. In view of the vast moral and social influence of woman, the Congress urges upon every woman throughout the world to sustain, as wife, mother, sister, or citizen, the things that make for peace, as otherwise she incurs grave responsibilities for the continuance of the systems of war and militarism, which not only desolate but corrupt the home-life of the nation

    29. Indeed, the very significance of the social life-conception consists in this,—that a man, realizing the cruelty of the struggle of individuals among themselves, and the peril that the individual incurs, seeks protection by transferring his private interests to a social community; whereas the result of the system of conscription is that men, after having made every sacrifice to escape from the cruel struggle and uncertainties of life, are once more called upon to undergo all the dangers they had hoped to escape, and moreover, the community—the State for which the individuals gave up their previous advantages—is now exposed to the same risk of destruction from which the individual himself formerly suffered

    30. According to Frémy-Ligneville, the most familiar authority on the subject, the architect incurs no responsibility whatever, either for his own estimates or those of other people, unless he intentionally and fraudulently misleads his client by a pretended estimate

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