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Frasi con find (in inglese)

  1. I had to find a.
  2. I did not find yet.
  3. I have to find him.
  4. I have to find her.
  5. He went to find Kit.

  6. I needed to find a.
  7. I could find a job.
  8. Where to Find Your T.
  9. She wants to find him.
  10. She had to find Sierra.
  11. I always find it best.
  12. Sit: You shall find her.
  13. We can always find out.
  14. We will find out soon.
  15. She was quite a find.

  16. Find out your real being.
  17. He would find out four.
  18. I just need to find out.
  19. I want to find them all.
  20. I would have to find it.
  21. You may still find them.
  22. He would find out soon.
  23. Tell them to find it.
  24. He has to find an answer.
  25. Find out what he’s up.

  26. But I could find no more.
  27. We have to find out more.
  28. Find it out and see-its.
  29. I swear we’ll find him.
  30. She had to find him again.
  31. Find out what had caused.
  32. The truth is hard to find.
  33. We'll find out where my.
  34. Listen to it and find her.
  35. Where can I find him?
  36. She wanted her to find a.
  37. There was nothing to find.
  38. But you cannot find what.
  39. Where to find the integ-.
  40. For they did not find it.
  41. They would find out later.
  42. Thru her you can find him.
  43. I find both very pleasant.
  44. I hope you find happiness.
  45. That deed was a true find.
  46. Find out what is correct.
  47. He would find out in Cuzco.
  48. Jason vowed to find out why.
  49. Find out who you are, the.
  50. They'd never find us there.
  51. For it is joy to find her.
  52. We find out here the same.
  53. It wasn't hard to find her.
  54. She had to find her Mother.
  55. I still couldn’t find it.
  56. Let me go, I must find him.
  57. But I was soon to find out.
  58. Click Here to Find Out More.
  59. He could not find the words.
  60. How did you find me?
  61. Maybe we should find out how.
  62. As a result you could find.
  63. I have to find Sephiroth.
  64. Therefore, you find me here.
  65. First, she had to find Jewel.
  66. You will find a variety of.
  67. Come let’s find her again.
  68. Hopefully he can find us.
  69. I never could find the words.
  70. Q: Does it find the answers?
  71. If you can find a dojo that.
  72. Let's find the Albanian Fuck.
  73. Find a place where you have.
  74. Find out why you are unhappy.
  75. Man can search for and find.
  76. However, I find it plausible.
  77. He seemed surprised to find.
  78. What you will find is despair.
  79. But there was nothing to find.
  80. Otto wondered about their find.
  81. They did not find Mr Snuggles.
  82. There you'll find a dog with.
  83. When you find this to be true.
  84. Maggie would have to find her.
  85. We’d better find her fast.
  86. I find that hard to believe.
  87. Elior, she could not find him.
  88. She struggles to find a reason.
  89. She expected to find him alone.
  90. And whom I wanted him to find.
  91. He asked where he could find.
  92. The world would soon find out.
  93. I hope you find what you want.
  94. Find out in the next chapter!.
  95. There you should find the key.
  96. Perhaps, to find a Hero at all.
  97. I want to find that connection.
  98. Follow the drafts to find them.
  99. Unless the Fixer can find the.
  100. I hope you can find a place.
  1. I was finding a way in.
  2. He is surer of finding.
  3. He was finding his way.
  4. Finding them is not easy.
  5. We pray about finding it.
  6. I was intent on finding.
  7. Then she told of finding.
  8. Of the Finding of the Ring.
  9. This Love is finding its way.
  10. There is losing and finding.
  11. Finding the tools you need.
  12. Easily finding what she was.
  13. Finding the Words in Traffic.
  14. Finding the Symbol was first.
  15. Vincent took ages finding a.
  16. Finding a good trend is the.
  17. As for Rebecca, finding her.
  19. Jeremy had set about finding.
  20. Upon finding out this bitter.
  21. Finding aught, he casts about.
  22. Finding something to love is.
  23. And besides, after finding Mr.
  24. The hard part is finding them.
  25. Finding proper homes for the.
  26. Finding hope in lines of rhyme.
  27. That meant finding a secluded.
  28. It’s never easy, finding out.
  29. Finding a job was another story.
  30. I was finding it hard to be a.
  31. There's no way of finding out.
  32. Finding a new church became a.
  33. It is better than her finding.
  34. He has trouble finding a girl-.
  35. One consistent finding is that.
  36. This finding of decreased D2/3.
  37. And finding that of fifty seeds.
  38. Finding Your Place in the World.
  39. Try finding humor in a situation.
  40. Finding the Perfect House Share.
  41. To be so obsessed about finding.
  42. Oh the sweetness of finding His.
  43. Its only a matter of finding it.
  44. Finding none, he turned to Carla.
  45. After finding the cause, you can.
  46. After finding a station and much.
  47. Finding it locked, he had frowned.
  48. But the empirical finding that 64.
  49. Effectively, you are finding out.
  50. She was finding it hard to breathe.
  51. Leave alone finding the touch of.
  52. I am still finding out about them.
  53. Finding better tools to kill with.
  54. Finding The Motivation To Succeed.
  55. But he was dead set on finding out.
  56. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple.
  57. I am finding that Barbara is very.
  58. And, that one was for finding me.
  59. He'd have no problems finding that.
  60. Not after finding out Paul was gay.
  61. And I thought finding a commoners.
  62. Parts of it are about finding out.
  63. Finding a way onto the station was.
  64. When the group spoke about finding.
  65. Probably still finding ways to lose.
  66. But we’re not finding out here.
  67. That finding suggests that many of.
  68. Finding the number of affected rows.
  69. That’s like finding water in the.
  70. Finding my way back to Dad is easy.
  71. Finding that, you would immediately.
  72. He was finding it hard to breathe.
  73. Finding a job is such a daunting task.
  74. Finding out what Truth is all about?
  75. Finding Indicators That Work for You.
  76. Finding a stately spruce, Selma and.
  77. And Jamie and I are finding that out.
  78. Finding the time would be my problem.
  79. Finding and Releasing the Heart-Wall.
  80. It was dark and finding the intruder.
  81. Smith was finding it hard not to laugh.
  82. I was now intent on finding out what.
  83. They’ll have a hard time finding him.
  84. Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home.
  85. Aren’t you late in finding God?
  86. He was well on his way to finding out.
  87. The authors interpreted this finding.
  88. It seems the government is finding it.
  89. It saves us the trouble of finding you.
  90. I'm finding it hard to speak to myself.
  91. She was finding food out on these wilds.
  92. Happy searchers finding what they want.
  93. Finding and dealing with the Investors.
  94. Finding own mistakes is self appraisal.
  95. Finding out lots of interesting things.
  96. It’s one of the costs of finding out.
  97. That was the police finding at the time.
  98. I am finding this out, little by little.
  99. Finding Wzokhilain was no problem at all.
  100. Finding no marks he stared at the image.
  1. My past has found me.
  2. He found it easy to.
  3. She had found a hand.
  4. He found more day work.
  5. He had found it again.
  6. But he still found us.
  7. They found a blue box.
  8. But then she found you.
  9. Look what else I found.
  10. That's how I found you.
  11. He found he could not.
  12. I found my father, too.
  13. What he found was abuse.
  14. As with a new found love.
  15. Only if she found out.
  16. She has found the tooth.
  17. That night ya found me.
  18. That was all he found out.
  19. I learned and found out.
  20. I think the wind found us.
  21. I found myself at Baggies.
  22. Her feet found the ledge.
  23. They also found a heavy.
  24. I found a place to rest.
  25. He found none on her face.
  26. Billy has found a new low.
  27. Torbin found he could move.
  28. He found her in her office.
  29. We found out the truth.
  30. This is how we found it.
  31. I have found an apartment.
  32. He's found his own freedom.
  33. They found a place to park.
  34. I hope you found it useful.
  35. I found that rather ironic.
  36. They found the cabin empty.
  37. Again these are found in I.
  38. And I found that though God.
  39. We found that to be strange.
  40. Your son will be found!.
  41. I found that one was missing.
  42. But I found one just a bit.
  43. We found Sparrow after that.
  44. Was found in one of the.
  45. I found my way through the.
  46. One of the latest found was.
  47. But of course they found out.
  48. We have found that our most.
  49. But he found nothing obvious.
  50. Without what is found there.
  51. We checked each inn we found.
  52. I found this out by picking.
  53. I found out about that later.
  54. Jacobs also found out about.
  55. I found something in her bag.
  56. New life I have found in Him.
  57. But I haven’t found a man.
  58. No one had found out anything.
  59. But wasn’t found by them all.
  60. We soon found him in an alley.
  61. She found a ladder and climbed.
  62. These can be found in canola.
  63. No evidence of Alan was found.
  64. Show me where you found it.
  65. He found this most intriguing.
  66. He may have even found heaven.
  67. He found it and pulled it out.
  68. Teresa has found her moonstone.
  69. Nothing much, she was found.
  70. Stones Are Found in the River.
  71. She found herself settling in.
  72. I only found out this morning.
  73. It was obvious what we'd found.
  74. I found out that the Jews and.
  75. She found the one easily enough.
  76. Michael found Ash lying nearby.
  77. I found the aviary and opened.
  78. She found Luray was just quiet.
  79. Finally, he found what he was.
  80. So he never found the bicycles.
  81. In fact she found she liked it.
  82. I knew the Goddess found this.
  83. We found this when we searched.
  84. I found this rather frustrating.
  85. They had found him in Tanyvilas.
  86. Both were found guilty of fraud.
  87. Ming found her lying peacefully.
  88. What have you found so far?
  89. His gaze found hers and kept it.
  90. The NN still hasn’t found him.
  91. Christmas had finally found him.
  92. For example, I have found that.
  93. We took all the money we found.
  94. You found where they are holding.
  95. Um, they found it on the porch.
  96. She still found it deeply moving.
  97. But trouble found us the next day.
  98. By those who think they've found.
  99. I eventually found that I could.
  100. It was when he found Jack again.
  1. It is he who finds.
  2. But the boy finds it.
  3. Hope he finds it funny.
  4. Pass me our finds, Johnny.
  5. I do hope he finds another.
  6. If God finds a heart that.
  7. Her hand finds his forearm.
  8. Forrest finds out I helped.
  9. The one who finds out as to.
  10. He finds her insurance card.
  11. Whoever finds me will kill.
  12. She finds solace in the rain.
  13. Where my soul finds its home.
  14. What he finds, he cannot see.
  15. In the hut he finds a whole.
  16. He who finds his life is one.
  17. The question finds its answer.
  18. Arlan soon finds out that he.
  19. When a реrѕоn finds true.
  20. Dupree finds out that we know.
  21. No one finds out about the.
  22. He finds nothing but unpropi-.
  24. Every time John finds himself.
  25. I hope she finds some peace now.
  26. Finds not that, half of ages….
  27. Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful.
  28. Her mother finds the roots useful.
  29. I hope this letter finds you well.
  30. While not every study finds that.
  31. He finds Colleen lying on a couch.
  32. Devon finds a bench in the hallway.
  33. Each cell finds a compatible mate.
  34. He finds that he is losing weight.
  35. One finds it difficult to recognize.
  36. She finds them the water they need.
  37. Greg, I hope this finds you well.
  38. Then he finds a corresponding stock.
  39. A piano pupil who finds memorizing.
  40. He who finds his life shall lose it.
  41. He says nature always finds a way.
  42. The Devil finds work for idle hands.
  43. And soon it finds itself in the flesh.
  44. Somewhere along the line, she finds.
  45. It won’t be long before he finds us.
  46. He too finds himself in need at times.
  47. She finds his lips, they begin to kiss.
  48. He finds the house more agreeable now.
  49. When he finds he will become troubled.
  50. The girl finds it amusing and gruesome.
  51. He who finds his life—shall lose it.
  52. Finally finds one that’s open a crack.
  53. As a child one finds ways to cope and.
  54. He who finds his life— shall lose it.
  55. One must take the world as one finds it.
  56. A spirit of love both seeks and finds.
  57. If my mother finds out she’ll throw a.
  58. If he finds it then we are in all danger.
  59. Soul seeks soul, gropingly, and finds it.
  60. Seems they have Fae lore he finds useful.
  61. We shall sleep wherever evening finds us.
  62. The animal unerringly finds what he needs.
  63. He finds it and swims back to the surface.
  64. When he reaches back he finds a huge bump.
  65. And yet no one finds this to be difficult.
  66. Saturday afternoon finds Maggie at the club.
  67. If Joe finds us here, he’ll kill us both.
  68. A quick scan of the dates and she finds it.
  69. With her right hand, she finds the railing.
  70. He finds the dead alone truly satisfactory.
  71. In future times the fool finds that he is.
  72. What one finds is that there is actually a.
  73. One finds that people have a sense of trust.
  74. One finds that material wealth comes easily.
  75. The second she finds a mate she’ll change.
  76. The snowball finds its mark, the beautiful.
  77. But if he finds the needle, He shouted.
  78. It is a great water before it finds the Sea.
  79. When by the laws of his being he finds the.
  80. And finds his trusty Thisby's mantle slain;.
  81. The physics paternity however finds it wise.
  82. Aaron finds a half duplex for rent in Burbank.
  83. That’s what the Oneness finds lovable, and.
  84. You’ll finds out that many notions contain.
  85. D -105-gasoline that the horse finds offensive.
  86. At 1 the market first finds support on the 75.
  87. He finds them, and Volkheimer plucks them out.
  88. When he finds out what we intend to do there.
  89. There was one difference between the two finds.
  90. She finally finds a doorway with light beyond.
  91. He goes after her, finds her, brings her back.
  92. He finds the strength to pull himself together.
  93. Was he raking leaves? I hope he finds it soon.
  94. That one finds love if love is in one’s heart.
  95. This is the condition all life finds itself in.
  96. He finds that walking up and down the corridor.
  97. Cherrie finds him his shirt and shoes and socks.
  98. He finds consolation in one and only one thing.
  99. He shifts on his feet and finds her eyes on his.
  100. Joanne had told about the Cyprus finds and had.

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