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Frasi con informant (in inglese)

  1. The many lies of an RCMP informant.
  2. He merely said that he had an informant.
  3. I know the FBI has an informant there as.
  4. They had an informant at police headquarters.
  5. According to the informant, the accused heroin.

  6. Rafferty found a pleasant smile for his informant.
  7. He returned his thoughts to catching the informant.
  8. Novak said an informant in Canada had passed him.
  9. It was immediately clear that his informant had been.
  10. One had learned the Wicker House layout from an informant.
  11. Further, he had learned from an anonymous informant that a.
  12. A single informant could bring down a massive organization.
  13. Thought you should hear what your informant was up to, Jenna.
  14. So, he had not been an enforcer informant but one of Mitsy’s.
  15. Warrants were issued as soon as the informant finished his tale.

  16. That’s courtesy of your informant, the beat cop told him.
  17. To the RCMP in Victoria, Richard Young was a trusted informant.
  18. We need to pay our informant networks and information is expensive.
  19. I take it we have secure communications with our informant?
  20. Novak said that an informant told him that you were in charge of an.
  21. Miss Phillips wasn’t your only informant in the UK, was she?
  22. Have you heard from our informant since you stopped by to see her?
  23. The informant has informed me that McLeods gone underground with his.
  24. My informant said that a mountain range would become visible in the west.
  25. He asked his informant, the butler, whether the doctor had been sent for.

  26. I only repeat what I have been told, and like my informant I can do no more.
  27. Ive been told by an informant that this man is secretly investigating the.
  28. Nita’s informant among the GPs provided her with the inoculation serum months ago.
  29. The informant says that partial plate number was taken off a Mercedes, he said.
  30. The biggest news was, an informant in Cairo had pin-pointed a big meeting chaired, and.
  31. John would become the informant, and Alice would become the dying, incompetent patient.
  32. Is it possible that Novaks informant might have known that Phillip Harrison was the.
  33. The dealers had a tip from their police informant who had spotted Alf on the CCTV system.
  34. Rest assured that I shall discreetly write to Rome of this, without identifying my informant.
  35. Yakov, didnt you say that an informant told Novak that there was an investigation into the.
  36. He knew that Jason would always be one step ahead of him, because Mason was the informant for him.
  37. I know, Detective: One informant that I had inside his organization disappeared a few months ago.
  38. Sadly, our chosen informant turned out to be a numbskull who had no comprehension of map or direction.
  39. On hearing of his uncle’s death he suddenly grew as white as a sheet, and turned towards his informant.
  40. This should be filled out by an informant, NOT the patient was typed in bold at the top of the first page.
  41. And as nearly as I can reconstruct it, he’d gone to speak with an informant without taking any backup.
  42. Here every secret can be betrayed by a confidant turned eye witness, paid informant, or celebrity rewarded.
  43. Nutting had a famous foxhound named Burgoyne—he pronounced it Bugine—which my informant used to borrow.
  44. The more he thought about her, the more he realised that she could easily have been the mysterious informant.
  45. The scared informant glanced around at the hard faces in the room with fear, who were all staring at him now.
  46. Eagerness was evinced in his voice, his expression, the attitude in which he leaned toward his fair informant.
  47. But I had never had a Deep Throat sort of informant that put my by-line on the front pages of the world media.
  48. It would be a mistake to let on that both his information and his semi-senile informant were far from reliable.
  49. Final score - three : nil Our informant had wandered over and resumed his self-appointed commentary duties.
  50. Any wacky informant could say anything about a celebrity and it would end up in the FBI’s files as fact.
  51. Guided by an informant amongst Gregor’s men, Teal had a good idea of how business should go and briefed everyone.
  52. And the testimony of the jailhouse informant is not exactly something you base an entire case around, now, is it?
  53. At the trial it became known that an informant had tipped off the FBI as early as 2/6/92 of a plot to bomb the towers.
  54. Well, said his informant, when the barn burned, the horseflesh caught fire, so the dog ate the burned horseflesh, died.
  55. Calvin wondered if the person who’d organized the hit had an informant inside Intel Wing—a truly disturbing thought.
  56. First of all, they made their move before I expected it; my informant was compromised and killed before he could tell me.
  57. The prince hardly knew anything, for this was the first informant from the household whom he had met since the estrangement.
  58. You can thank me later, you dolt! What kind of an asshole jumps on an informant like that? Without provocation as well!.
  59. The boy had survived, but he had never had much of a chance until a year ago, when Revenge took him on as a confidential informant.
  60. Ere many minutes had elapsed, I was again on my feet, however, and again searching something—a resource, or at least an informant.
  61. I did not wish to seem too eager, or to let my informant know or guess too much, so thanking him in the usual manner, I strolled away.
  62. We had her under surveillance for a week or two because we had an informant tell us that she was giving the Vultures information about us.
  63. Kinsela let the moment drag out for a second or two, then said, Who was the informant who referred Keith Herman to you, Lieutenant?
  64. One’s informant had told him when shipments would move out of Wicker House to the hub of the larger enterprise, final destination unknown.
  65. My understanding is that our informant is a Zimbabwean, and that it is one of his fellow countrymen who is at present holding the papers.
  66. We were the first journalists on the scene thanks to Rodger’s informant and were allowed into the prison once we had shown our media passes.
  67. If Major Case’s confidential informant was telling the truth, all of our planning and manpower would culminate in the takedown of a legendary bad guy.
  68. Sir James, indeed, though much relieved concerning Dorothea, had been on the watch to learn Ladislaw's movements, and had an instructed informant in Mr.
  69. Recalling what the Argonian informant had said about his dockside sources, Brynjolf was eager to pick up what he could from every itinerant conversation.
  70. The informant was not clear with his vehicle description, but suggested a recent model van or off-road vehicle was the probable mode of transportation.
  71. His informant worked in the operations room at police headquarters in Sydney and was paid handsome sums for the occasional intelligence that he passed on.
  72. First I was caught smoking pot then I was alleged to have been in Canberra by an anonymous informant and fronted the parole board receiving a second chance.
  73. It is not a question of if the antelope is going to get whacked faster than a newly discovered FBI informant within the Mafia, but rather of when.
  74. According to their informant, he certainly wasn’t at the Trade Mission that afternoon, but he would not have spotted Roger Lloyd even if he had been there.
  75. The newspaper informant had received Carol Freeman’s name from Carol herself, although she already had access to that information through the two reporters.
  76. What is there to it? All that lead and tin my informant told me was in the coffin dray – they were obviously fixing on passing pewter for silver shillings.
  77. I HAD PLENTY of other tough questions to ask Tokunbo about the Tiger and his gang of savage boys, but he was Flaherty’s informant, and I followed his protocol.
  78. They were mad when they heard he was talking to an informant that should have been theirs but as long as they got to make the collar, they didn't care too much.
  79. Mary Moore saw her more frequently, and she probably played the role of Joe’s confidante and informant about Rosemary’s needs and the care she was receiving.
  80. It was unwritten law in China, so my informant told me, that when one man saved another’s life he became responsible for that life to the end of its existence.
  81. The informant should be rewarded financially but you know that if money is his first consideration then you have a bad source that may lie to you to get more money.
  82. When with due circumspection Napoleon was informed that Moscow was empty, he looked angrily at his informant, turned away, and silently continued to walk to and fro.
  83. Eunice also supposedly told the FBI informant that Monroe is very vulnerable now because of her rejection by Arthur Miller and also Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra.
  84. Eight suspects had been listed in the investigation of Aaron-Rey’s death, but there had been no evidence, no proof, no confession—and no informant had come forward.
  85. Supposedly, he was talking some pretty heavy stuff to one of the girls who happened to be an informant for the DEA about having a good time with some candy at his place.
  86. Her downfall was actually to call us, when we used an informant in Quetta to help her, not knowing that the bastard was a double agent for the Pakistani intelligence services.
  87. All who were at Winghoof were already sworn to Justice, so it’s unlikely that the informant was one of them, but they will be Read by our investigators as a routine precaution.
  88. Field and Wilding were less than pleased that two of their key players had disappeared: Ritter, their chief informant, and Vinnie, their number one tyrant, out driving a new Jaguar.
  89. I still had a suspicion that he might be an FBI or police informant, and that one or the other was helping to protect him, but I didn’t know that for sure, and maybe I never would.
  90. Catherine evinced a child's annoyance at this neglect; repaid it with contempt, and thus enlisted my informant among her enemies, as securely as if she had done her some great wrong.
  91. Catherine evinced a child’s annoyance at this neglect; repaid it with contempt, and thus enlisted my informant among her enemies, as securely as if she had done her some great wrong.
  92. He alone will reveal it at the appointed time: none knows its appointed time, I am no other than an informant, I know nothing about its time, but there are indications that precede it.
  93. Though Graisco felt that Moe’s passion for the subject bordered on zealotry, he was willing to play along in this role in order to endear himself to this potentially valuable informant.
  94. Lynnette Lagrande sent Keith Herman to you for the purpose of arranging the murder of Jennifer and Lily Herman, isn’t that right? Lynnette Lagrande was your so-called confidential informant.
  95. The informant who suggested he might have has disappeared as tracelessly as the terrorists themselves, and we believe the information laid against Father Sairahs was actually fed to us by the terrorists.
  96. He was lucky to escape the noose, but being an educated man and a charming fucker to boot, as soon as he landed on Van Diemen's Land he turned informant and gradually worked his was up to Chief Constable.
  97. What revelations did it contain? The identity of a highly placed informant? A list of bribes to foreign officials? Evidence of wrongdoing by the CIA’s administration? It was impossible not to speculate.
  98. Attorney was apparently hours away from finalizing an immunity deal with a second informant anyway, and once that happened, Daddy’s chance at a plea bargain would expire, along with the symbolic power of refusing it.
  99. Our informant tells us that a hundred copies have been made of each and that they have them ready to drop into the mail to the leading hundred papers, not only of this city but of the state, in time for them to appear Sunday.
  100. The word informant, the closed door, and her pounding heart all contributed to a feeling of conspicuous guilt, like she was hiding in some Eastern European city, in possession of illegal documents, and the police were on their way, sirens blaring.

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